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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2735

Chapter 2735 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Eya, J. C., 1996: 'Broken-skull disease' in African catfish Clarias gariepinus is related to a dietary deficiency of ascorbic acid

Digat, B.; Caffier, D., 1996: 'Brown rot' of potatoes, bacterial wilt of tomatoes warning about a formidable disease of solanaceous plants

Correra, C., 1997: 'Buffalo milk Mozzarella', but only if it is 'Campania'

Hadert, T., 1997: 'Bush Magic' Play Park

Boissevain, J., 1996: 'But we live here!': perspectives on cultural tourism in Malta

Kruger, A., 1995: 'Buying victories is positively degrading': European origins of government pursuit of national prestige through sport

Baldet, P., 1994: 'CEMAG', a new transplanting machine for forest tree seedlings

Rentsch, F., 1996: 'Casei' cultures inhibit propionic fermentation

Section 3, Chapter 2735, Accession 002734008

Dukes, P. D, Sr; Fery, R. L., 1997: 'Charleston Hot', a southern root-knot nematode-resistant, yellow-fruited cayenne pepper with a compact plant habit

Eddy, E. M., 1995: 'Chauvinist genes' of male germ cells: gene expression during mouse spermatogenesis

Anonymous, 1996: 'Cheese packed fresh from the block' booms in France. Even manufacturers go in for wrapping

Assadi, M., 1996: 'Chickens', 'Greens', and 'Raggi balls': A discourse on Kentucky Fried Chickens. (KFCs)

Luppino, M.; Vasciminno, G., 1996: 'Coloured canker' - a danger for the survival of plane trees

Perret, P.; Koblet, W., 1996: 'Compaction chlorosis' of grapes - restricted root growth as the cause (part 1)

Way, R. D.; Brown, S. K., 1997: 'Cortland' apple

Thompson, T. E.; Goff, W. D.; Nesbitt, M. L.; Worley, R. E.; O' Barr, R. D.; Wood, B. W., 1997: 'Creek' pecan

Ramming, D. W.; Tarailo, R.; Badr, S. A., 1995: 'Crimson Seedless': a new late-maturing, red seedless grape

Heszky, L. E.; Simon Kiss, I., 1995: 'Dama', the first plant variety of biotechnology origin in Hungary, registered in 1992

Goodhand, J.; Chamberlain, P., 1996: 'Dancing with the prince': NGO's survival strategies in the Afghan conflict

Dann, G. M. S., 1994: 'De higher de monkey climb, de more 'e sho 'e tail': tourists' knowledge of Barbadian culture

Anonymous, 1996: 'Deep fill' filling equipment - the TFC model line

Gee, O. H.; Probert, R. J.; Coomber, S. A., 1994: 'Dehydrin-like' proteins and desiccation tolerance in seeds

Lane, R. P.; McCarter, S. M.; Kuhn, C. W.; Deom, C. M., 1997: 'Dempsey', a virus- and bacterial spot-resistant bell pepper

Woodward, R., 1996: 'Deprivation' and 'the rural': an investigation into contradictory discourses

Gamova, I. A.; V' yunkova, S. N., 1996: 'Dersin' - a particleboard without formaldehyde

Sparks, D., 1997: 'Desirable' pecan

Ma XiaoHe; Chen Fan; Tang RenJian; Han JanDeng, 1996: 'Double increase model': a new method of industrialization of agriculture

Mehl, P.; Plankl, R., 1995: 'Double policy interaction' as a determinant of agricultural structure in the Federal Republic of Germany. The case of programmes to promote environmentally sustainable agricultural production

Remy, J., 1997: 'Dowryless' young farmers: should unaided farm enterprises be given help?

Pal, P.; Ray, I.; Mitra, R.; Basu, R. N., 1996: 'Dry' physiological seed treatments for improved performance of wheat (Triticum aestivum) and sunflower (Helianthus annuus)

Perry, L. P.; Adam, S.; Huh, M. R., 1996: 'Dunvegan' foamflower

Rechinger, K. B.; Siegumfeldt, H.; Jakobsen, M., 1997: 'Early events' in starter cultures

Lavi, U.; Sharon, D.; Kaufman, D.; Saada, D.; Chapnik, A.; Zamet, D.; Degani, C.; Lahav, E.; Gazit, S., 1997: 'Eden' - a new avocado cultivar

Hoekman, A., 1994: 'Electronic apple' records damage from sorting machines

Roversi, A., 1996: 'Elisa': a very late sweet cherry variety

Guy, B. R., 1996: 'Endura' caucasian clover: progress towards commercial seed production

Fan Hong; Mangan, J. A., 1995: 'Enlightenment' aspirations in an oriental setting: female emancipation and exercise in early twentieth-century China

Galindez Giron, I.; Carcavallo, R. U.; Valderrama, A., 1994: 'Erwinilas' or interommatidial setae in the subfamily Triatominae (Hemiptera, Reduviidae) (1)

Janin, P., 1996: 'Everything changes to stay the same'. Change and continuity in small family-based cocoa and coffee production units in Cameroon from 1989 to 1994. A comparison of Bamileke and Beti examples

Reif, A.; Katzmaier, R.; Knoerzer, D., 1996: 'Extensification' in the care of managed landscape. A discussion of the concept in the context of common pastures in the southern Black Forest

Savino, V.; Terlizzi, B. di; Lagnese, R.; Carboni, M., 1996: 'False Sharka' on Chinese-Japanese plums in Marche and Apulia

Geheb, K.; Binns, T., 1997: 'Fishing farmers' or 'farming fishermen'? the quest for household income and nutritional security on the Kenyan shores of lake Victoria

Harbaugh, B. K.; Scott, J. W.; Rubino, D. B., 1996: 'Florida Blue' semi-dwarf lisianthus (Eustoma grandiflorum (Raf.) Shinn.)

Scully, B. T.; Raid, R. N.; Nuessly, G. N.; Wolf, E. A., 1997: 'Florida XP-7': a yellow shrunken 2 sweet corn hybrid and the male inbred parent 'UFISH 8008'

Stern, R. A.; Nadler, M.; Gazit, S., 1997: 'Floridian' litchi yield is increased by 2,4,5-TP spray

Paulose, K. D., 1995: 'Forests and rural development' involvement of Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Limited

Rao, T. H., 1996: 'Four waters' concept in watershed management in India

Bassi, D.; Marangoni, B.; Tagliavini, M., 1996: 'Fox', a new series of clonal rootstocks for pear

Kozlov, A. V.; Bini, A.; Gallesi, D.; Giovannini, F.; Iannone, A.; Masini, A.; Meletti, E.; Tomasi, A., 1996: 'Free' iron, as detected by electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy, increases unequally in different tissues during dietary iron overload in the rat

Caron Wickli, C., 1996: 'Freshly cut and packaged cheese'

Section 3, Chapter 2735, Accession 002734053

Simpson, G., 1996: 'Get what you can while you can': landowner and government relations in the forest industry of West New Britain, Papua New Guinea

Hurlimann, M.; Jufer, H., 1996: 'Getting to grips with the future together': PRA projects in the alpine regions of Switzerland

Lahav, E.; Slor, E., 1997: 'Gitit' a new Surinam cherry cultivar

Noe, N.; Eccher, T., 1996: 'Golden Delicious' apple fruit shape and russeting are affected by light conditions

Millar, D.; Ayariga, R.; Anamoh, B., 1996: 'Grandfather's way of doing': gender relations and the yaba-itgo system in Upper East Region, Ghana

Parameswaran, M., 1995: 'Green energy' from Jerusalem artichoke

Scott, P. R.; Kinder, A. E.; Blake, N. A.; Hawe, C., 1997: 'Gut-tie' in a recently castrated steer

Ibrahim, A. M.; Al Suliman, A. I.; Al Zeir, K. A., 1996: 'Hamdan' and 'Qasim' desert-adapted winter squashes

Kumuk, T.; Crowder, L. van, 1996: 'Harmonizing' T & V extension: some experiences from Turkey

Fairbanks, R., 1997: 'Health Walks'

Nauright, J.; Black, D., 1996: 'Hitting them where it hurts': Springbok-All Black rugby, masculine national identity and counter-hegemonic struggle, 1959-1992

Fleming, S., 1995: 'Home and away': sport and south Asian male youth

Knight, J., 1996: 'Honey don't touch, it's not meant to be touched!'

McMeeking, D.; Purkayastha, B., 1995: 'I can't have my mom running me everywhere': adolescents, leisure, and accessibility

Tjeerdsma, B. L., 1995: 'If-then' statements help novice teachers deal with the unexpected

Caplan, P., 1995: 'In my office we don't have closing hours': gendered household relations in a Swahili village in northern Mafia Island

Merrett, C., 1996: 'In nothing else are the deprivers so deprived': South African sport, apartheid and foreign relations, 1945-71

Ramos, M., 1995: 'Incora' in relation to the new Agricultural Law

Abrams, N. D., 1995: 'Inhibited but not crowded out': the strange fate of soccer in the United States

Ireson, W. R., 1996: 'Invisible walls: village identity and the maintenance of cooperation in Laos'

Khanizadeh, S.; Buszard, D.; Carrise, O.; Thibodeau, P. O., 1996: 'Joliette' strawberry

MacWilliam, S., 1996: 'Just like working for the dole': rural households, export crops and state subsidies in Papua New Guinea

Bloyce, D., 1997: 'Just not cricket': baseball in England, 1874-1900

Takeda, K. Y.; Tanaka, J. S.; Sekioka, T. T.; Hamilton, R. A., 1996: 'Kaala' and 'Waialua' peppers

Sharma, S. B.; Varaprasad, K. S.; Balasubramanian, P.; Kumar, C. V. S., 1996: 'Kalahasti malady' on groundnut outside Andhra Pradesh, India

Shin YongUk; Hwang JeongHwan; Yae ByeongWoo; Kim WheeCheon; Moon JongYoul; Kim JungHo, 1995: 'Kamhong', a mid-season apple cultivar with high sugar content

Thompson, T. E.; Grauke, L. J.; Reid, W.; Smith, M. W.; Winter, S. R. , 1997: 'Kanza' pecan

Brodsgaard, H. F., 1995: 'Keep-down', a concept of thrips biological control in ornamental pot plants

Jamieson, A. R., 1996: 'Kent' strawberry

Heine, M. K.; Wamsley, K. B., 1996: 'Kickfest at Dawson City': native peoples and the sports of the Klondike Gold Rush

Orr, A.; Magor, N.; Islam, A. S. M. N., 1995: 'Kine khowa' : targeting and evaluating farming systems research in Bangladesh

Moore, J. N.; Clark, J. R., 1996: 'Kiowa' blackberry

Jungbauer, J., 1996: 'Kobold' blooms earlier after cool short days

Linscombe, S. D.; Jodari Karimi, F., 1996: 'Lafitte' released as new rice variety

Shaw, N. L.; Monsen, S. B., 1995: 'Lassen' antelope bitterbrush

Galletta, G. J.; Maas, J. L.; Enns, J. M.; Scheerens, J. C.; Rouse, R. J.; Heflebower, R. F, Jr, 1996: 'Latestar' strawberry

Wehner, T. C.; St Amand, P. C.; Lower, R. L., 1996: 'M 17' gummy stem blight resistant pickling cucumber inbred

Finn, C.; Strik, B.; Lawrence, F. J., 1997: 'Marion' trailing blackberry

Littlejohn, G. M.; Walt, I. D. van der; Berg, G. C. van den; Waal, W. G. de; Brits, G., 1995: 'Marketable product' approach to breeding Proteaceae in South Africa

Reisch, B. I.; Pool, R. M.; Martens, M. H.; Luce, R. S.; Remaily, G.; Zabadal, T. J., 1997: 'Marquis' grape

Harbaugh, B. K.; Scott, J. W., 1996: 'Maurine Blue' lisianthus (Eustoma grandiflorum (Raf.) Shinn.)

Meng, XianFan, 1996: 'Men in nonagricultural occupations and women on the land' and the development of women

Kumar, V. A., 1995: 'Milk - what a surprise!'

Kumar, V. A., 1996: 'Milk - what a surprise!' (The concluding part)

Mori, P., 1995: 'Minor' insect pests of olive

Suzuki, S., 1996: 'Mokkou Bara' (Rosa banksiae Aiton fil.)

Section 3, Chapter 2735, Accession 002734102

Section 3, Chapter 2735, Accession 002734103

Mangan, J. A., 1996: 'Muscular, militaristic and manly': the British middle-class hero as moral messenger

Dunn, N., 1995: 'Naturalness' is at the forefront of the ingredients exhibition

Ellis, J.; Williams, D., 1995: 'New' competitive strategies in the world airline industry

Takeda, K. Y.; Sekioka, T. T.; Tanaka, J. S.; Fukuda, S. F., 1997: 'Nitta/Molokai' hybrid and 'Nitta/Waimanalo' hybrid eggplants

Polley, M., 1996: 'No business of ours'?: The Foreign Office and the Olympic Games, 1896-1914

Williams, N.; Johnston, R., 1994: 'Not passing through': Aboriginal stakeholders in the rangelands

Anonymous, 1997: 'Nursery weed control' bibliography

Frewer, L. J.; Hedderley, D.; Howard, C.; Shepherd, R., 1997: 'Objection' mapping in determining group and individual concerns regarding genetic engineering

Kessel, I. van; Oomen, B., 1997: 'One chief, one vote': the revival of traditional authorities in post-apartheid South Africa

Mason, T., 1996: 'Our Stephen and our Harold': Edwardian footballers as local heroes

Werbner, P., 1996: 'Our blood is green': cricket, identity and social empowerment among British Pakistanis

Section 3, Chapter 2735, Accession 002734116

Clark, J. R.; Moore, J. N.; Draper, A. D., 1996: 'Ozarkblue' southern highbush blueberry

Kalaimani, T., 1995: 'PAL' and 'TAL' activity and sugarcane genotype resistance to red rot

Morisot, A., 1996: 'PP. Rose': an empirical model to predict the potential yield of cut roses

Horton, P. A., 1997: 'Padang or Paddock': a comparative view of colonial sport in two imperial territories

Section 3, Chapter 2735, Accession 002734122

Ponte, J. J. da; Almeida, D. M. de, 1994: 'Pampo', a cowpea cultivar resistant to the angular leaf spot (Isariopsis griseola)

Moya Lopez, C. E.; Mayotte, P. T., 1996: 'Paradiso principum' - a palm paradise in Cuba

Flade, J.; Unger, A., 1996: 'Particleboards' for mediaeval intarsia. Investigation of coloured marbling on a 16th century cabinet

Ricci, A., 1995: 'Personalize' irrigation? It's feasible with the CER services and Bonifica Renana

He, J.; Chee, C. W.; Goh, C. J., 1996: 'Photoinhibition' of Heliconia under natural tropical conditions: the importance of leaf orientation for light interception and leaf temperature

Nicholls, P. H., 1994: 'Physicochemical evaluation: the environment' an expert system for pesticide preregistration assessment

Spence, J.; Vercher, Y.; Gates, P.; Harris, N., 1996: 'Pod shatter' in Arabidopsis thaliana, Brassica napus and B. juncea

Anonymous, 1995: 'Positive release' for 350,000 litres per day

Madison, M. G., 1997: 'Potatoes made of oil': Eugene and Howard Odum and the origins and limits of American agroecology

Bell, R. L.; Zwet, T. van der; Blake, R. C.; Chandler, C. K.; Scheerens, J. C., 1996: 'Potomac' pear

Summers, W. L., 1996: 'Prairie Dawn' fresh-market tomato inbred

Summers, W. L., 1996: 'Prairie Pastemaker' processing tomato inbred

Lindgren, D. T.; Viehmeyer, G.; Uhlinger, R., 1996: 'Prairie Petite' lilac

Lindgren, D. T.; Uhlinger, R., 1996: 'Prairie Pink' Dianthus

Summers, W. L., 1996: 'Prairie Schooner' inbred cherry tomato

Galletta, G. J.; Maas, J. L.; Enns, J. M.; Scheerens, J. C.; Rouse, R.; Heflebower, R. F, Jr, 1996: 'Primetime' strawberry

Granger, R. L.; Khanizadeh, S.; Groleau, Y.; Fortin, C. N.; Janick, J.; Goffreda, J. C.; Korban, S. S., 1997: 'Primevere' apple

Lindgren, P., 1994: 'Proficiency in Forestry'. Experience from a project on the strategic development of proficiency in a forest-management district

Walker, A. R. P., 1997: 'Public nutrition': who is listening, responding, and acting?

Moore, P. P.; Sjulin, T. M.; Shanks, C. H, Jr, 1995: 'Puget Reliance' strawberry

Neeta Shrivastava; Padhya, M. A., 1995: 'Punarnavine' profile in the regenerated roots of Boerhaavia diffusa L. from leaf segments

Ogilvie, I. S.; Arnold, N. P., 1996: 'Quadra' rose

Daubeny, H. A.; Kempler, C., 1995: 'Qualicum' red raspberry

Walker, A. B.; Moriss, S. D., 1996: 'Quality products from a quality environment': some practical and policy issues

Evans, G. E.; Gough, R. E.; Metcalf, H., 1996: 'Quonset' juniper

Kruger, M., 1997: 'Raising the Game': the history of school sport in Great Britain

Jeyaranjan, J., 1996: 'Revisit' approach to rural dynamics: towards a critique

Russell, A. C.; Ovenden, G. E.; Duchene, C., 1995: 'Rex', a new white field pea (Pisum sativum L.) for Canterbury, New Zealand

Shibuya, E., 1997: 'Roaring mice against the tide'. The South Pacific Islands and agenda-building on global warming

Pater, M. J., 1995: 'Rocker' tanglehead (Heteropogon contortus Beauv. ex Roem. and J. A. Schultes): an improved cultivar for conservation

Griggs, P., 1995: 'Rust' disease outbreaks and their impact on the Queensland Sugar Industry, 1870-1880

Ewen, J., 1996: 'SAMP' model for water and solute movement in unsaturated porous media involving thermodynamic subsystems and moving packets: 1. Theory

Ewen, J., 1996: 'SAMP' model for water and solute movement in unsaturated porous media involving thermodynamic subsystems and moving packets: 2. Design and application

Decoin, M., 1997: 'SIVAL gold': portraits of four innovations. On spraying, before spraying, without spraying and after harvest

Lavi, U.; Kaufman, D.; Sharon, D.; Gazit, S.; Tomer, E., 1997: 'Shelly': a new mango cultivar

Oshins, M. L., 1996: 'Skip' Sack and Applebee's: how pub ventures went public

Loxley, W., 1996: 'Sluts' or 'sleazy little animals'?: Young people's difficulties with carrying and using condoms

Falabrino, G. L.; Auteri, P.; Armani, G.; Livolsi, M.; Scaparro, F., 1995: 'Snack with a taste of yoghurt': appeal by Assolatte to the Jury of Self-discipline for advertising

Popescu, F., 1994: 'Soil water-production' relationship for maize in the coastal zone of southern Dobrudja

Lacatus, V.; Roman, L.; Popescu, N.; Botez, C.; Voican, V., 1995: 'Soil-less' nutrient substrates for growing bell peppers under plastic tunnels

Wong, K. M., 1996: 'Species capture' through taxonomic inventories: what wisdoms do the tallies suggest? Some case studies relevant to Borneo

Collicutt, L. M.; Ronald, W. G., 1996: 'Starburst Sensation' lily

Stokes, M., 1996: 'Strong as a Turk': power, performance and representation in Turkish wrestling

Davies, E. V., 1997: 'Sudden death' in a dairy heifer

Sparks, D., 1996: 'Sumner' pecan

Schanz, H., 1996: 'Sustainability' in forestry as an expression of norms and values in society

Morales, M. R.; Simon, J. E., 1997: 'Sweet Dani': a new culinary and ornamental lemon basil

Visser, R.; Pertlik, E., 1996: 'Syncrofalke' automated skyline hauler

Lavi, U.; Sharon, D.; Kaufman, D.; Gazit, S.; Tomer, E., 1997: 'Tango': a new mango cultivar

Hung, J. C. C.; Pecker, C. O.; Wild, N. J., 1996: 'Tarantula eyes'

Fery, R. L.; Dukes, P. D., 1996: 'Tender Cream' southernpea

Pevetz, W., 1997: 'The Alpine myth': 1996 annual conference of the International Commission for Alpine Protection (CIPRA) in Igis (Tyrol), (with additions from other sources)

Parratt, C. M., 1996: 'The making of the healthy and the happy home': recreation, education, and the production of working-class womanhood at the Rowntree Cocoa Works, York, c.1898-1914

Rudebeck, L., 1997: 'To seek happiness': development in a West African village in the era of democratisation

Siddall, M. E.; Reece, K. S.; Graves, J. E.; Burreson, E. M., 1997: 'Total evidence' refutes the inclusion of Perkinsus species in the phylum Apicomplexa

Kartomi, M. J., 1995: 'Traditional music weeps' and other themes in the discourse on music, dance and theatre of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand

Luhe, N. von der, 1997: 'Training and Visits' and land use planning: are they complementary or incompatible

Reisch, B. I.; Pool, R. M.; Robinson, W. B.; Henick Kling, T.; Gavitt, B. K.; Watson, J. P.; Martens, M. H.; Luce, R. S.; Barrett, H. C., 1997: 'Traminette' grape

Yokota, Y.; Inoue, M., 1996: 'Transmigrasi-HTI' in Indonesia: focusing on a case study in southern Sumatra

Pryor, T.; Brock, D., 1996: 'Trisomic' 10S maize lines

Sherman, W. B.; Lyrene, P. M., 1996: 'TropicSweet' apple

Glodde, V., 1995: 'Two-lane' into the future

Sherman, W. B.; Lyrene, P. M., 1997: 'UFGold' peach

Argente, G., 1992: 'Une zone assainie'. What is that?

Campion, B., 1995: 'Venere' and 'Alarico', new scarlet runner bean (Phaseolus coccineus L.) cultivars with determinate growth habit

Callahan, B., 1997: 'Veni, VD, vici'?: reassessing the Ila syphilis epidemic

Roma Mitra, 1995: 'Vidanga' (Embelia ribes) - an Ayurvedic drug can help family planning

Wilson, K. B., 1995: 'Water used to be scattered in the landscape': local understandings of soil erosion and land use planning in southern Zimbabwe

Alexandrescu, O., 1994: 'Water-yield' relations based on experimental field irrigation data

Anonymous, 1996: 'We are going over completely to Emmental cheese'

Lockhart, D. G., 1997: 'We promise you a warm welcome': tourism to Malta since the 1960s

Schilizzi, S. G. M.; Boulier, F., 1997: 'Why do farmers do it?' Validating whole-farm models

Adair, D., 1995: 'Wings across the world': the heyday of competitive long distance flying in Australia, 1919-1934

Taylor, C.; Kenausis, G.; Katakis, I.; Heller, A., 1995: 'Wiring' of glucose oxidase within a hydrogel made with polyvinyl imidazole complexes with +/2+

Schlederer, R., 1995: 'Wise Use' on the River March: the Distelverein's management of the RAMSAR project

Mason, J. B., 1996: 'Within a decade no child will go to bed hungry?'

Coronas Vida, L. J., 1996: 'Woodman spare that tree'. An unpublished paper by Julio Senador Gomez on forest policy in the Restoration period

Zhu Ling; Jiang ZhongYi, 1995: 'Yigong-Daizhen' in China: a new experience with labor-intensive public works in poor areas

Zhu Ling; Jiang ZhonGyi, 1995: 'Yigong-daizhen' in China: a new experience with labour-intensive public works in poor areas

Funayama, S.; Murata, K.; Nozoe, S., 1996: (+)-3'-O-Acetylisopteleflorine, a quinoline alkaloid from Orixa japonica

Section 3, Chapter 2735, Accession 002734220

Section 3, Chapter 2735, Accession 002734222

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Verdcourt, B., 1996: (1226) Proposal to reject the name Dolichos pubescens L. (Leguminosae)

Turland, N., 1996: (1227) Proposal to conserve the name Hedysarum cornutum L. (Onobrychis cornuta Desv.; Leguminosae) against Hedysarum spinosum L

Pennington, T. D., 1996: (1228-1230) Three proposals to conserve or reject species names in the genus Inga (Leguminosae)

Turland, N.; Kirschner, J.; Stepanek, J., 1996: (1244-1246) Proposals to reject the names Trifolium agrarium, T. filiforme and T. procumbens (Leguminosae)

Davis, A. P., 1997: (1307) Proposal to conserve the name Galanthus elwesii (Amaryllidaceae) with a conserved type

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Section 3, Chapter 2735, Accession 002734244

Section 3, Chapter 2735, Accession 002734245

Sanna, S. R.; Carta, A.; Casu, S., 1997: (Co)variance component estimates for milk composition traits in Sarda dairy sheep using a bivariate animal model

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Section 3, Chapter 2735, Accession 002734251

Agosti, D.; Austin, C.; Gokcen, O. A.; Konig, W. A.; Morgan, E. D.; Scott, E. D.; Wehner, R., 1996: (S)-2-Methyl-1-hexanol, characteristic mandibular gland substance of ants of the Cataglyphis bicolor group

Kaminsky, R.; Schmid, C.; Grether, Y.; Holy, A.; Clercq, E. de; Naesens, L.; Brun, R., 1996: (S)-9-(3-hydroxy-2-phosphonylmethoxypropyl)adenine : a purine analogue with trypanocidal activity in vitro and in vivo

Section 3, Chapter 2735, Accession 002734254

Tokoro, M.; Takahashi, M.; Yamaoka, R., 1994: (Z,E,E)-dodecatrien-1-ol: a minor component of trail pheromone of termite, Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki

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Fishman, M. A.; Segel, L. A., 1996: .

Weiss, Louis M., 1995: And now microsporidiosis

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Dirkx, G. H. P., 1997: And from a single farmstead and holding no more than one flock of sheep shall be held Historic grazing of common grazing grounds in Gelderland and Overijssel

Anonymous, 1995: 0IE Bulletin - November 1995

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Section 3, Chapter 2735, Accession 002734844

Section 3, Chapter 2735, Accession 002734845

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Anonymous, 1996: ===

Anonymous, 1994: ===

Anonymous, 1994: ===

Anonymous, 1995: ===

Anonymous, 1995: ===

Anonymous, 1996: ===

Anonymous, 1996: ===

Anonymous, 1996: ===

Anonymous, 1997: ===

Anonymous, 1993: ===

Anonymous, 1997: ===

Anonymous, 1997: ===

Anonymous, 1994: ===

Anonymous, 1995: ===

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Section 3, Chapter 2735, Accession 002734962

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