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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2738

Chapter 2738 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dubouzet, Joseph G.; Etoh, Takeomi; Arisumi, Ken Ichi; Yoshitake, T. Tetsuo, 1996: A diagnostic test to confirm interspecific Allium hybrids using random amplified polymorphic DNA from crude leaf DNA extracts

Anonymous, 1996: A diagnostic tool to make farms more profitable

Abakah, E. M., 1996: A diagnostic view of biotechnology and agricultural production in developing countries

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Schmidt, P.; Ludt, C.; Kuhn, C.; Buitkamp, J., 1996: A diallelic tetranucleotide repeat, (GT3)5 or 6, within intron 1 of the ovine interferon- gamma gene

Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737005

Palus, J. A.; Borneman, J.; Ludden, P. W.; Triplett, E. W., 1996: A diazotrophic bacterial endophyte isolated from stems of Zea mays L. and Zea luxurians Iltis and Doebley

Yepes, I.; Mendez, I. E.; Aviles, J., 1995: A dichotomous key for identification of legumes from vegetative characters (VEGETLEG)

Maneechote, Chanya; Preston, Christopher; Powles, Stephen B., 1997: A diclofop-methyl-resistant Avena sterilis biotype with a herbicide-resistant acetyl-coenzyme A carboxylase and enhanced metabolism of diclofop-methyl

Ikejima, Kenichi; IImuro, Yuji; Forman, Donald T.; Thurman, Ronald G., 1996: A diet containing glycine improves survival in endotoxin shock in the rat

Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737010

Tew, By; Xu, X; Wang, Hj; Murphy, Pa; Hendrich, S., 1996: A diet high in wheat fiber decreases the bioavailability of soybean isoflavones in a single meal fed to women

Pelletier, Xavier; Belbraouet, Slimane; Mirabel, Didier; Mordret, Francis; Perrin, Jean Luc; Pages, Xavier; Debry, Gerard, 1995: A diet moderately enriched in phytosterols lowers plasma cholesterol concentrations in normocholesterolemic humans

Erhardt, Jg; Lim, Ss; Bode, Jc; Bode, C., 1997: A diet rich in fat and poor in dietary fiber increases the in vitro formation of reactive oxygen species in human feces

Anonymous, 1997: A dietary intervention trial for nutritional management of cardiovascular risk factors

Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737015

Tian, H. G.; Nan, Y.; Hu, G.; Dong, Q. N.; Yang, X. L., 1996: A dietary survey of the Chinese population in urban and rural areas of Tianjin

Pizzi, A.; Tekely, P.; Panamgama, L. A., 1996: A different approach to low formaldehyde emission aminoplastic wood adhesives

Ribeiro, C. A. A. S., 1996: A differential equation growth model for uneven-aged stands

Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737020

Zhou ZhongJian; Jiang WeiBin; Ma Kai, 1994: A differentiation of fig's names

Guarda, G.; Colauzzi, M.; Tassoni, F.; Zuffellato, F.; Cartini, S.; Pizzoli, L. (Coordinators), 1997: A difficult 1996 for the Italian potato

Herzog, H., 1996: A difficult future for Swiss exports

Powers, P. S.; Chiarle, M.; Savage, W. Z., 1996: A digital photogrammetric method for measuring horizontal surficial movements on the Slumgullion earthflow, Hinsdale County, Colorado

Roshier, D; Lee, S; Boreland, F., 1997: A digital technique for recording of plant population data in permanent plots

Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737027

Wen, Dong Xu; Chen, Zhong Liang, 1996: A dimeric sinapaldehyde glucoside from Ilex rotunda

Wijeratne, E. M. Kithsiri; Hatanaka, Yasumaru; Kikuchi, Tohru; Tezuka, Yasuhiro; Gunatilaka, A. A. Leslie, 1996: A dioxoaporphine and other alkaloids of two annonaceous plants of Sri Lanka

Herman, Lmf; Block, Jhge-De; Waes, Gmavj, 1995: A direct PCR detection method for Clostridium tyrobutyricum spores in up to 100 milliliters of raw milk

Plihon, F.; Taillandier, P.; Strehaiano, P., 1995: A direct and simple method for rapidly counting viable chains of Leuconostoc in batch cultures

Yoo, Kil Sun; Pike, Leonard M.; Hamilton, Brian K., 1997: A direct headspace sampling technique to rapidly measure low boiling point volatile terpenoids in carrots

Srivastava, P; Costello, Ta; Edwards, Dr, 1996: A direct, approximate solution to the modified Green-Ampt infiltration equation

Kaiser, C., 1997: A directed percolation model for clogging in a porous medium with small inhomogeneities

Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737038

Ceccatelli, M.; Di Ciolo, S.; Peruzzi, A., 1996: A discontinuous plough for reafforestation

Umans, L., 1993: A discourse on forestry science

Feather, P; Hellerstein, D; Tomasi, T., 1995: A discrete-count model of recreational demand

Fincher, J.; Smith, M. L., 1994: A discriminant-function approach to ecological site classification in northern New England

Nega, S. B.; Gilly, A., 1996: A discs of raw carrots method to isolate Thielaviopsis basicola (Berk. et Br.) Ferr. from soil and infected root tissue

Beven, K. J., 1996: A discussion of distributed hydrological modelling

Lu YunFu; Lu XiaoNan; Shui JianGuo; Chen XiQing; Wang ShiYu; Ge YongJin; Lu DeSheng, 1995: A discussion of interplanting models for multiple cropping and their adjustment methods based on the productivity of red upland areas

Bastien, Y., 1997: A discussion of silvicultural treatments of beech in open, mixed high stands

Walker, S., 1996: A discussion of the consumer acceptance of genetic transformation in roses

Zhang TianZhen, 1995: A discussion of the inheritance of Dong-A genetic male sterility and its fertility-maintaining line (MB) in Upland cotton

Gurhan, R.; Onurbas, A., 1994: A discussion of the power and energy requirements of P.T.O. driven and drawn tillage equipment

Yuan Peng, 1996: A discussion of the reform of the property rights system for rural town enterprises in the near future

Tjomsland, M., 1996: A discussion of three theoretical approaches to modernity: understanding modernity as a globalising phenomenon

Jozsa, L. A.; Middleton, G. R., 1994: A discussion of wood quality attributes and their practical implications

Sun ZhiDong; Cao GuangDi; Chen YiPing; Xu ZhengYi; Hu JuEr, 1996: A discussion on the practical results of selfed bulk breeding of cotton in Cixi County

Xu BangFa; Xu Chao; Zhu DeMing, 1997: A discussion on the temperature-increasing effect of wide film mulching and the LAI of cotton

Rey V, V. E., 1995: A disease of French bean in Meta

Singh, A.; Bishnoi, S. S.; Rishi, N., 1996: A disease of chickpea caused by a cucumo virus in Himachal Pradesh

Popkova, K. V.; Dzhalilov, F. S., 1995: A disease of greenhouse tomato

Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737058

Zheng, Zhenwei; Murai, Norimoto, 1997: A distal promoter region of the rice seed storage protein glutelin gene enhanced quantitative gene expression

Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737060

Croese, John; Fairley, Stephen; Loukas, Alex; Hack, John; Stronach, Pam, 1996: A distinctive aphthous ileitis linked to Ancylostoma caninum

Mudgett, Mb; Clarke, S., 1996: A distinctly regulated protein repair L-isoaspartylmethyltransferase from Arabidopsis thaliana

Bemporad Giorgio A.; Alterach Julio; Amighetti Flavio F.; Peviani Maximo; Saccardo Italo, 1997: A distributed approach for sediment yield evaluation in Alpine regions

Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737064

Weber, W. J, Jr; Huang, W. L., 1996: A distributed reactivity model for sorption by soils and sediments. 4. Intraparticle heterogeneity and phase-distribution relationships under nonequilibrium conditions

Huang, W.; Schlautman, M. A.; Weber, W. J, Jr, 1996: A distributed reactivity model for sorption by soils and sediments. 5. The influence of near-surface characteristics in mineral domains

Weber, W. J, Jr; Young, T. M., 1997: A distributed reactivity model for sorption by soils and sediments. 6. Mechanistic implications of desorption under supercritical fluid conditions

Young, T. M.; Weber, W. J, Jr, 1997: A distributed reactivity model for sorption by soils and sediments. 7. Enthalpy and polarity effects on desorption under supercritical fluid conditions

Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737069

Huang WeiLin; Young, T. M.; Schlautman, M. A.; Yu Hong; Weber, W. J, Jr, 1997: A distributed reactivity model for sorption by soils and sediments. 9. General isotherm nonlinearity and applicability of the dual reactive domain model

Laurance, William F., 1997: A distributional survey and habitat model for the endangered northern bettong Bettongia tropica in tropical Queensland

Khalil, Ashraf T.; Gedara, Sahar R.; Lahloub, Mohamed F.; Halim, Ahmed F.; Voehler, Markus, 1997: A diterpene from Nepeta septemcrenata

Nakano, Kimiko; Oose, Yoshiko; Masuda, Yuuko; Kamada, Hikari; Takaishi, Yoshihisa, 1997: A diterpenoid and triterpenes from tissue cultures of Tripterygium wilfordii

Kuwabara, Tomohiko; Masuda, Tetsuya; Aizawa, Sachiko, 1997: A dithiothreitol-sensitive tetrameric protease from spinach thylakoids has polyphenol oxidase activity

Runyen Janecky, Laura J.; Sample, Allen K.; Maleniak, Tricia C.; West, Susan E. H., 1997: A divergently transcribed open reading frame is located upstream of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa vfr gene, a homolog of Escherichia coli crp

Loper, G. M., 1995: A documented loss of feral bees due to mite infestations in S. Arizona

Buhariwalla, F.; Cann, B.; Marrie, T. J., 1996: A dog-related outbreak of Q fever

McGrath, P. F.; Lister, R. M.; Hunter, B. G., 1996: A domain of the readthrough protein of barley yellow dwarf virus (NY-RPV isolate) is essential for aphid transmission

Paarlberg, R. L., 1996: A domestic dispute: Clinton, Congress, and environmental international policy

Waine, G. J.; Mazzer, D. R.; Brandt, E. R.; Mcmanus, D. P., 1997: A dominant B-cell epitope on the 22 kDa tegumental membrane-associated antigen of Schistosoma japonicum maps to an EF-hand calcium binding domain

Stock, A. E.; Ellington, J. E.; Fortune, J. E., 1996: A dominant follicle does not affect follicular recruitment by superovulatory doses of FSH in cattle but can inhibit ovulation

Wilkinson, Jack Q.; Lanahan, Michael B.; Clark, David G.; Bleecker, Anthony B.; Chang, Caren; Meyerowitz, Elliot M.; Klee, Harry J., 1997: A dominant mutant receptor from Arabidopsis confers ethylene insensitivity in heterologous plants

Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737083

Sedinov, V. A., 1995: A dosing unit for materials that do not flow easily

Charles, S. D.; Sreevatsan, S.; Bey, R. F.; Sivanandan, V.; Halvorson, D. A.; Nagaraja, K. V., 1996: A dot immunobinding assay (dot-ELISA) for the rapid serodiagnosis of Salmonella enteritidis infection in chickens

Kapoor, S.; Singh, A.; Pandey, R., 1996: A dot immunobinding assay for detection of rotavirus in faeces of neonatal bovine calves

Watts, R., 1996: A double edged scythe

Park ChungBerm; Kim YulHo; Park HeeWoon; Hur HanSun; Lee JungIl; Kim YunSun; Lee BongHo, 1996: A double purpose of grain and leaves with good quality and high yielding perilla variety Saeyeopcildlkkae

Liu, T. M. E.; Su, S. J., 1995: A double staining method to study infection of Alternaria alternata and responses of tobacco

Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737090

Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737091

Steiner, Manfred; Khan, A. Hakim; Holbert, Don; Lin, Robert I.San, 1996: A double-blind crossover study in moderately hypercholesterolemic men that compared the effect of aged garlic extract and placebo administration on blood lipids

Craig, J. M.; Lloyd, D. H.; Jones, R. D., 1997: A double-blind placebo-controlled trial of an evening primrose and fish oil combination vs. hydrogenated coconut oil in the management of recurrent seasonal pruritus in horses

Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737094

Hancke, J.; Burgos, R.; Caceres, D.; Wikman, G., 1995: A double-blind study with a new monodrug Kan Jang: decrease of symptoms and improvement in the recovery from common colds

Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737096

Jensen, Gl; Miller, Rh; Talabiska, Dg; Fish, J; Gianferante, L., 1996: A double-blind, prospective, randomized study of glutamine-enriched compared with standard peptide-based feeding in critically ill patients

Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737098

Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737099

McComb, J. A.; Newell, C.; Lullfitz, G., 1996: A double-flowered Geraldton wax (Chamelaucium uncinatum Schauer) with an anomalous flower in the ovary

Greenwood, Kerry L.; Daniel, Heiko, 1996: A double-puncture technique for improving the accuracy of puncture tensiometer measurements

Ryan, Patrick; Shankly, Frank L., 1996: A double-strand break in a herpesvirus genome stimulates targeted homologous recombination with exogenous, cloned viral sequences

Dutilleul, Pierre; Pinel Alloul, Bernadette, 1996: A doubly multivariate model for statistical analysis of spatio-temporal environmental data

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Corey, R. J., 1996: A drama-based model of traveler destination choice

Anonymous, 1995: A drive in the country? Proceedings of a workshop held at Aston Business School

Ascenzi, R; Gantt, Js, 1997: A drought-stress-inducible histone gene in Arabidopsis thaliana is a member of a distinct class of plant linker histone variants

Yudin, V. K.; Shleger, V. I., 1994: A dry feed produced in Finland

Osokina, T. I.; Strelkova, M. V., 1996: A dry nutrient medium for the culture of Leishmania promastigotes

Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737112

Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737113

Lamming, G. E.; Mann, G. E., 1995: A dual role for progesterone in the control of cyclicity in ruminants

Paillart, Jean Christophe; Berthoux, Lionel; Ottmann, Michele; Darlix, Jean Luc; Marquet, Roland; Ehresmann, Bernard; Ehresmann, Chantal, 1996: A dual role of the putative RNA dimerization initiation site of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 in genomic RNA packaging and proviral DNA synthesis

Zhou, Wentong; Goldberg, Erwin, 1996: A dual-function palindromic sequence regulates testis-specific transcription of the mouse lactate dehydrogenase c gene in vitro

Peressotti, Alessandro; Ham, Jay M., 1996: A dual-heater gauge for measuring sap flow with an improved heat-balance method

Davis, A. J.; Sutton, S. L., 1997: A dung beetle that feeds on fig: implications for the measurement of species rarity

Raja, K. B.; Pountney, D.; Bomford, A.; Przemioslo, R.; Sherman, D.; Simpson, R. J.; Williams R.; Peters T. J., 1996: A duodenal mucosal abnormality in the reduction of Fe(III) in patients with genetic haemochromatosis

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Li, Xi Wei; Owen, Jeff, 1996: A dust segregation rate test system

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Schwartz, Z., 1996: A dynamic equilibrium pricing model: a game theoretic approach to modelling conventions' room rates

Zou, Shimin; Yu, Yun Sheng, 1996: A dynamic factor model for multivariate water quality time series with trends

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Gyasi-Agyei, Y; Troch, Fp-De; Troch, Pa, 1996: A dynamic hillslope response model in a geomorphology based rainfall-runoff model

Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737133

Smit, M.; Lombard, J. P., 1996: A dynamic linear programming planning model for mixed livestock-pasture-grain farms

Claus, S.; Wernecke, P.; Pigla, U.; Dubsky, G., 1995: A dynamic model describing leaf temperature and transpiration of wheat plants

Schell, W. R.; Linkov, I.; Myttenaere, C.; Morel, B., 1996: A dynamic model for evaluating radionuclide distribution in forests from nuclear accidents

Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737137

Syriopoulos, T. C., 1995: A dynamic model of demand for Mediterranean tourism

Crepinsek, Z., 1996: A dynamic model of growth, development and yield of hops (Humulus lupulus L.) related to some environmental parameters

Macovei, M., 1994: A dynamic model of the agricultural, articulated tractor - drawn implement system

Xu, X.M.; Butt, D. J.; Van Santen, G., 1995: A dynamic model simulating infection of apple leaves by Venturia inaequalis

Woodward, S. J. R., 1996: A dynamic nutrient carryover model for pastoral soils and its application to optimising fertiliser allocation to several blocks with a cost constraint

Lippus, Ac; Jalvingh, Aw; Metz, Jhm; Huirne, Rbm, 1996: A dynamic probabilistic model for planning housing facilities for sows

Koziollek, P.; Knackmuss, H. J.; Taeger, K.; Pagga, U., 1996: A dynamic river model for biodegradability studies. Investigations with selected aromatic compounds at low concentrations and comparison with aquatic batch tests

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Kudryavtsev, N. A., 1995: A effective method

Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737149

Kim JaeNyoung; Ryu, E. K., 1996: A facile synthetic method of herbicidal 2,3-dihydro-3-methylene-2-substituted-phenyl-1H-isoindol-1-one derivatives

Zazueta, F. S.; Xin, J.; Wheaton, T. A.; Jackson, J. L., 1994: A facility to study the use of electronic systems for irrigation in Florida citrus production

Stark, Kenneth R.; James, Anthony A., 1995: A factor Xa-directed anticoagulant from the salivary glands of the yellow fever mosquito Aedes aegypti

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Morel, F., 1995: A factory which will please the insurers

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Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737159

Sick, C; Schultz, U; Staeheli, P., 1996: A family of genes coding for two serologically distinct chicken interferons

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Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737164

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Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737214

Sandal, L. K.; Steinshamn, S. I., 1995: A feedback approach to management of renewable resources

Sussman, Md; Maes, Rk; Kruger, Jm; Spatz, Sj; Venta, Pj, 1995: A feline herpesvirus-1 recombinant with a deletion in the genes for glycoproteins gI and gE is effective as a vaccine for feline rhinotracheitis

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Section 3, Chapter 2738, Accession 002737221

Ackerman, W. L.; Dermen, H., 1996: A fertile colchiploid from a sterile interspecific Camellia hybrid

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