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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2742

Chapter 2742 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anil Kumar; Srinivasan, C.S.; Nataraj, T., 1994:
A preliminary note on the occurrence of dwarf mutants in robusta coffee (Coffea canephora Pierre ex. Froehner)

Badawi, F.S.; Alkass, J.E.; Juma, K.H., 1994:
A preliminary observation on the pre-weaning growth of Hamdani and its cross with Chios sheep

Yamanaka, M.; Mochida, Y., 1996:
A preliminary pollen analytical study of the hollow deposits in the cool temperate zone of the south Hakkoda Mountains

Shen ChengQuan; Fan JiMin; Liu DuNan; Chen ChongGui; L.C.aoFan, 1993:
A preliminary report of research on high production technique of Phyllostachys niduaria Munra

Lin XiaoMin; Hou WenBang; Zhou LiHong; Shang HongSheng, 1995:
A preliminary report of studies on the host range of Blumeria graminis f.sp. tritici

L.H.Zhi; Huang Hui; Zhao ShuZhang, 1995:
A preliminary report of the evaluation and utilization of elite germplasm resources of semi-winter wheat

Zhang ErQuan; Zhao Yu, 1995:
A preliminary report on Ca levels in soils and the effect of Ca application on peanut

Y.X.ngXiang; Y.Q.Ming; L.Z.en; Bao HuanYu; Chen DaoMao; Jin LiFen; Zhang Ye; Chen WeiMin; Wang QiAng, 1996:
A preliminary report on citrus pests in Zhejiang Province

G.B.nKang; Xia ZhengJun; W.A.Min; Jin ZhongShi; Wang XinHua, 1995:
A preliminary report on control of cotton seedling disease with the series of mixtures of MBA (Miaobaoan)

Zheng XiaoLian; Zhao GuangYao; Mao ZhengChuan;, 1995:
A preliminary report on identifying the pathogen of Jujube fruit shrink disease

Bhattacharyya, D.R.; Handique, R.; Dutta, P.; Prakash, A.; Sharma, C.K.; Mahanta, J.; Srivastava, V.K., 1996:
A preliminary report on larval mosquito survey in Dibrugarh town of Assam

Chen HuanYu; Xiao HongYing, 1995:
A preliminary report on screening Bacillus thuringiensis strains with high toxicity to diamond back moth

Zhang XueWei; Huang XueSen; G.Q.nSheng; Jiao DingLiang; N.L., 1995:
A preliminary report on screening the resistance of watermelon varieties to Fusarium wilt

Wan GuoDong, 1993:
A preliminary report on the forage divisions of the Wuwei district of Gansu Province

L.FuLing, 1993:
A preliminary report on the introduction of forages and the grass/grain/cotton rotation in 3 counties of the northern Shandong seaboard

Sindelar, J., 1995:
A preliminary report on the native species composition of forests in the Czech Republic

Mostafa, G.; Islam, S., 1996:
A preliminary report on the polytene chromosomes and radiation induced chromosomal abnormalities in melonfly, Bactrocera cucurbitae (C0q.) (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Ahmed, S.A., 1995 :
A preliminary report on the prognostic value of selected diagnostic enzymes among certain malignant and schistosomal malignant patients

Usha Prasad, 1996:
A preliminary report on the pteridophytic flora of Dalma Hills near Jamshedpur of East Singhbum District, Bihar

Zeng BaoAn; Wei YiQin; M.S.Qin, 1996:
A preliminary report on the utilization of V-type male sterility in spring wheat

Penland, J.G.; Sandstead, H.H.; Alcock, N.W.; Dayal, H.H.; Chen, X.C.; Li, J.S.; Zhao, F.; Yang, J.J., 1997:
A preliminary report: effects of zinc and micronutrient repletion on growth and neuropsychological function of urban Chinese children

Zhang XiaoJun; M.F.ngSheng; Huang GuanWu; Mao ZhengXuan; Shademanov, P.K., 1996:
A preliminary research on biochemical breeding technique in cotton

Sui ShuXiang, 1995:
A preliminary research report on breeding of the Verticillium wilt resistant cotton variety

Hirata, M.; Kariya, H.; Fukuyama, K.; Higashiyama, M., 1996:
A preliminary simulation approach for evaluating the effects of land use, animal number and target liveweight gain on the dairy heifer system at the Sumiyoshi Livestock Farm

Chan, S.S.; Wong, Y.C.; Hodgkiss, I.J., 1996:
A preliminary study of C-reactive protein in the diagnosis and monitoring of Lyme disease

Shenoy, R.K.; Sandhya, K.; Suma, T.K.; Kumaraswami, V., 1995:
A preliminary study of filariasis related acute adenolymphangitis with special reference to precipitating factors and treatment modalities

Vries, H.H. de; Kamping, A.; Delden, W. van, 1994:
A preliminary study of genetic variation in isolated populations of the ground beetle Agonum ericeti (Coleoptera: Carabidae)

Shen JueFen; Yang AiGuo; Yan JingPing, 1996:
A preliminary study of gonad development in the bay scallop (Argopecten irradians)

Zheng ChangMin, 1996:
A preliminary study of growth and development of ratooned rice and its yield components

Zhu DaHe;; Wang YouHuai; Qin Bing; Zhang YunFeng, 1996:
A preliminary study of hepatic carcinomas induced by Schistosoma japonicum and diethylnitrosamine in rabbits

Vazquez Freire, M.J.; Lamela, M.; Calleja, J.M., 1996:
A preliminary study of hypoglycaemic activity of several polysaccharide extracts from brown algae: Fucus vesiculosus, Saccorhiza polyschides and Laminaria ochroleuca

Zhang XiaoHong; Zhang DaDi; G.B.Wen, 1995:
A preliminary study of methamidophos loss in rice fields

Adebooye, O.C., 1996:
A preliminary study of onion (Allium cepa L.) cultivation in a south west location in Nigeria

D.J.nJie; Yang HuaiYi; Chi JianWen; L.L.anCheng, 1995:
A preliminary study of selected strains of the Chinese dwarf cherry tree

Zhao TianBiao, 1995:
A preliminary study of the distributional grouping of rodents from Inner Mongolia

Kohlmann, B., 1994:
A preliminary study of the invasion and dispersal of Digitonthophagus gazella (Fabricius, 1787) in Mexico (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae)

H.J.Xing; Zhu ShouQian; Gan YueHong, 1995:
A preliminary study of the net photosynthesis of Masson's pine

Begum, A.; Khan,; Bose, S.K.nti, 1996:
A preliminary study of the population of eumenid and pompilid wasps in Dhaka University campus

Wang ZhaoQi; B.Y.Fen, 1995:
A preliminary study of the spatial distribution and sampling technique for rust disease

Fang GuiZhen; Liu YiXing; Cui YongZhi, 1996:
A preliminary study of the technique of fixating recovery from compressed poplar wood with MF resin

Fan JiangWen; Liu YuHong; Liao GuoFan, 1993:
A preliminary study of wild red clover growing in Hongchiba Region

Zhou LiuChang; X.F.Xing; Zhao ChunLong; Jiang ZhengKun; Zhang LinHua, 1995:
A preliminary study of yield function models of multiple agronomic practices for rape cultivar Huiyou 50

Kang XueGeng et al., 1994:
A preliminary study on Monochoria korsakowii regel of paddy field in SongLiao ecological region

Jiang HuaFang; Wang FuLiang; Tan Qi, 1995:
A preliminary study on Trichoderma spp. and dominant T. species in Lentinus growing

L.Z.iGuang; Huand JinLong; A.L.Qun, 1995:
A preliminary study on Xieji technology of meteorological prediction in crop system

Shi Abao; Wang FaMing; Chen YuLin; L.F.n; Chen ZhiYi; Wang YuHuan, 1997:
A preliminary study on active substances of inductive infection of Magnaporthe grisea

L.Y.nMing; Liang ZhenXing; Mei Nan, 1996:
A preliminary study on activity of dehydrogenase in roots of winter wheat during the growing period

Jiang GuanMin; Luo YaoWu; Zhang JiYi, 1996:
A preliminary study on anther culture of hybrids between autotetraploid sorghum and johnsongrass

L.X.uLian; Zhu XiangSan; Yuan Feng, 1995:
A preliminary study on asparagus aphids

Jiang HuaiZhong; Yan SiQi, 1996:
A preliminary study on beneficial bacteria for Rhizoctonia rot (Rhizoctonia solani AG-4) control

Techakumphu, M.; Tantasuparak, W., 1994:
A preliminary study on boar semen quality and fertilization rate

Wang ShouLiang; Chu JuRen; Zhang ShuLian, 1995:
A preliminary study on cell-mediated immune responses of volunteers or mice to inactivated rabies vaccine

Liang KeGong; W.X.aoFei, 1995:
A preliminary study on corn rust

Widodo, S.E.; Shiraishi, M.; Shiraishi, S., 1995:
A preliminary study on cross breeding of acid citrus with reference to juice qualities and physical fruit characteristics

Zhou ShuQing; Hou TianJue; Bai Ru, 1995:
A preliminary study on damage of rust disease in alfalfa and model of its economic threshold

Dong ZhiQiang; Guo HaiJun; Lin YongZeng; L.Z.enShan, 1996 :
A preliminary study on difference in biochemical and physiological indexes of different drought-resistant varieties of cotton

D.J.Shan; Tang ShouZheng, 1996:
A preliminary study on dynamics of the coefficient of variation of the tree diameter of even-aged stands

Song, C.H.; Wang, X.L.; Zheng, D.S., 1995:
A preliminary study on early maturity winter wheat

L.Gang, 1995:
A preliminary study on epidemic factors of wheat stripe rust in eastern Gansu

Sherchand, J.B.; Shrestha, M.P.; Shrestha, B.L.; Banerjee, M.K.; Shakya, S., 1995:
A preliminary study on field trials with insecticide-treated mosquito-nets for malaria control in rural endemic communities of Nepal

Wang YouKui; L.X.aoMing; Bai ZhiQiang; Liu XingMing; Lin Hai, 1996:
A preliminary study on forest disease organisms in the Natural Reserve of the Qilian Mountains

Zheng ZhiGuo; Lou Di; Zhang Suo; Jiang JianMin; Tang Yi; Shen BingRong; T.L.Ming; Lou WenXian, 1997:
A preliminary study on identification of snails infected with Schistosoma japonicum by monoclonal antibody

Rajapakse, C.N.K.; Wijesekara, H.T.R.; Norman, A.H., 1995:
A preliminary study on immature nutfall of coconut with reference to pest damage

Cheng QingZheng, 1997:
A preliminary study on influence of particleboard properties with different reinforcing materials

Yan Lei; Zuo XinPing; Ruziguli ; Hou YanYan, 1995:
A preliminary study on isoenzyme patterns of Leishmania isolated from Xinjiang, China. I. Distribution of zymodemes

Yan Lei; Zuo XinPing; Ruziguli ; Hou YanYan, 1995:
A preliminary study on isozyme patterns of Leishmania isolated from Xinjiang, China II. Isoelectrofocusing analysis

Kong QingDong; F.X.nFa; Yang BaoGuo; Y.Y.anYing; K.W.iDong, 1995:
A preliminary study on lotus breeding method

Liu TianMing; L.H.a, 1995:
A preliminary study on mechanism of resistance of grapevines to Plasmopara viticola

Y.L.angMing; Jiang ZhiHong; Y.J.anHua, 1996:
A preliminary study on parallel oriented special bamboo strip board made of small diameter bamboo

Jia KeGong; Zhao JinTing; L.C.angGui; Zhang WenXia; Liu ZhiRu, 1996:
A preliminary study on peach meadow orchard

Chen BaoZhang; Wang XiangKun, 1995:
A preliminary study on phytolith of caryopses of rice and its significance

L.J.Ping; Jin SheLin; H.G.anFang; Wan AnMing, 1995:
A preliminary study on population dynamics and economic threshold of wheat aphids in Gangu County, Gansu Province

Xue Ming; L.Z.aoHui; L.Q.ang; Liu AnMin, 1996:
A preliminary study on predatory function of Coccinella septempunctata to the cruciferous vegetable aphids (Lipaphis erysimi and Myzus persicae)

H.Q.ongYing; Zhang DongFang; Wang RunHua, 1995:
A preliminary study on preventing browning of sucker explants from banana by ascorbic acid pre-treatment

Liu XiuYing; Dai YunLian, 1997:
A preliminary study on pulping and paper making with biotreated poplar wood

Qian XiuWei, 1996:
A preliminary study on rapid propagation of chrysanthemum (Dendranthema morifolium)

W.H.ngGan; Huang JianWen; Qiao YanYou; Yan XiaoJun; Chen LinHong, 1995:
A preliminary study on remote sensing detection of damage by the pine caterpillar

Zhang BaoYing, 1994:
A preliminary study on root rot disease of Rhodiola sachalinensis

Jiang YiWei; H.Q.a; W.G.oSheng; Wang YongJian; Zhang LiRong, 1996:
A preliminary study on screening methods for sweet pepper cultivars tolerant of low temperature and low light intensity

Shi JianRong; Wang YuZhong; Chen HuaiGu; Shen ShuWen, 1995:
A preliminary study on synergistic action of the combination of triadimefon and carbendazim on Fusarium graminearum and its mechanism

Sun XinQuan; Chen WenLong; Chen ZhiBing; H.J.Long; Y.W.nJuan, 1996:
A preliminary study on the artificial diet of an aphidophagous coccinellid, Harmonia axyridis (Pallas) and its use to control strawberry aphids under plastic covering

Zhang JingTing; Deng XiShi; Shi LianRang; Wang LeiCun; Tian QiMing, 1995:
A preliminary study on the biological characteristic and the mainly external conditions for setting seedless fruit of Pyrus communis L. cv. Flemish Beauty; H.B.oRu; Zhang XingLou; Feng HeJing, 1995:
A preliminary study on the biological characteristics of yellow Pleurotus ostreatus

Huang YongJu; Zhao HeJu; Wang YuYe, 1995:
A preliminary study on the change of endogenous hormones in rape (Brassica napus L.) hybrids and its relation to heterosis

Zhang GangYing; Yang HuaiWen; Huang Gang, 1996:
A preliminary study on the control of Blattella germanica (Dictyoptera: Blattellidae), with Metarhizium anisopliae

Yang ShizHang; Lin Lin; Gou Yang; W.M.ngNai, 1997:
A preliminary study on the control of Rhus chinensis pest, Ophrida spectabilis with Beauveria bassiana

M.S.uYing; Zhang XiuRong; Zhang RangTang; Yan Shi, 1996:
A preliminary study on the controlling effect of Lema scutellaris against Commelina communis with notes on its feeding behaviour

Luo YuPing; Huang ZhangXin; W.J.aJiao, 1995:
A preliminary study on the decline of resistance to pesticides in Plutella xylostella

Liao ZhongWen; Lin DongJiao; Wang JianLin, 1996:
A preliminary study on the difference of P fertilizer availability in red earths and relative characteristics of soil chemistry

Jing JinXue; Shang HongSheng; L.Z.engQi; Wang MeiNang, 1997:
A preliminary study on the differentiation of the resistance in wheat cultivar to stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis)

Zhang WeiTao; Liu XiangMin; Shen ShaoHua; Zhang Wei; Zhu Ling, 1994:
A preliminary study on the division of cultivation districts of Eucommia ulmoides in China

Hassanin, N.I.; Hassan, F.M., 1996:
A preliminary study on the effect of Nigella sativa L. seeds on hypoglycemia

Zou FuZhen; S.X.aoQing, 1996:
A preliminary study on the effects of six pesticides on Lagenidium giganteum (Oomycetes: Lagenidiales)

Tang KeJian; Sun RuChuan; Bai QiPeng; Y.S.un; Cai TieCheng, 1995:
A preliminary study on the fumigation effect of aluminium phosphide and methyl bromide on rice water weevils

Wang, Yun, 1994:
A preliminary study on the geographical provenance of Zizyphus mauritiana

Brule, T.; Aldana Aranda, D.; Sanchez Crespo, M.; Colas Marrufo, T., 1996:
A preliminary study on the growth performance of juvenile red grouper reared in a recirculating-water system

De, S.; Shukla, V.J.; Ravishankar, B.; Bhavsar, G.C., 1996:
A preliminary study on the hepatoprotective activity of methanol extract of Paederia foetida leaf

Cheng HongLiang; H.X.Ping; Pan GuangZhao, 1997:
A preliminary study on the high yield, high quality and high efficiency of transplanted cotton grown under direct film mulching

Hua Lei; Hua BaoZhen, 1995:
A preliminary study on the host biotypes of the peach fruit borer

Lin DingBo; Zhuo ZhiFu; Chai YiQiu; L.S.uYing; Zhang JunQi, 1996:
A preliminary study on the modification of protein synthesis in Citrus unshiu Marc. under high temperature stress

L.Y.Ping; Shen Hong; G.Z.eng; Zuo Jiake, 1997:
A preliminary study on the oviductal cytokines in controlling the development of mammalian early embryos

Yang ZaiXue; Guo ShiPing, 1996:
A preliminary study on the population dynamics of Rattus norvegicus

Pang Victor Fei; Lee Maud WanYing; Lin AeNing; Liu JiuanJudy, 1994 :
A preliminary study on the purification of swine interleukin 2 from serum-contained activated lymphocyte-conditioned media

Pan CunMao, 1995:
A preliminary study on the rational utilization of land in Changji Hui autonomous prefecture, Xinjiang

Pan XueQing; L.Z.angChun; L.X.nLong, 1989:
A preliminary study on the relationship between biomass and environmental factors in natural grassland in Hulunbeir

L.DeYing, 1995:
A preliminary study on the seed dormant mechanism in buffalograss

Zhang Sui; X.W.nXia; Xue YinGen; Chen XiuYing; Wang JinRong, 1995:
A preliminary study on the sensitivity of rice sheath blight fungi (Rhizoctonia solani) to jinggangmycin in Zhengzhou suburbs

Chen GuoFa; Zhang QingHe; L.Z.angYuan; Miao ZhenWang; Wang LiZhong; Anderbrant, O., 1997:
A preliminary study on the sex pheromone of Diprion jingyuanensis Xiao et Zhang

Chen RongLai; Pan WeiQun; Gao ShuTai; G.D.Long; Gao DeYin, 1996:
A preliminary study on the technique of foliar spraying of concentrated N on cotton during the boll period

Y.Z.engZhong; Kang XinGang; L.F.Sheng; Zhou YunQi; L.D.ngLan, 1996:
A preliminary study on the techniques used in the control method

Sun LiYan; Han YiFan, 1995:
A preliminary study on the the chemical composition of Populus deltoides varieties with differing resistance to Bactrocera horsfieldi

Ding ShiYou; G.H.ngYa; Q.L.Jia; Chen ZhangLiang, 1995:
A preliminary study on the use of RFLP analysis of PCR amplified products in the systematic investigation of the subtribe Astragalinae (Fabaceae)

Chen JiaLong; Cai GuangTing; Liu ChenGrui, 1996:
A preliminary study on the wet-deformation properties of bamboo-based concrete formwork

Chen ZhanKuan; Zhi YuBao; Y.M.ngLin; Wang JinLan, 1996:
A preliminary study on transformation of an engineered male sterility gene in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

Zhang Hui; Ding Wei; Wang YiLin, 1996:
A preliminary study on utilization of dominant nuclear sterile flax in breeding

Kruger, F.J.; Stassen, P.J.C.; Snijder, B., 1995:
A preliminary study on variation in the maturity parameters of avocados from the Kiepersol/Hazyview area

Cao, Q.G., 1991:
A preliminary study on water resource conservation potential of Phyllostachys pubescens stands

Fox, E.W.; Hobbs, D.; Stinson, J.; Rogers, G.M., 1995:
A preliminary survey of North Carolina slaughterhouse bulls for Tritrichomonas foetus

Mastura, A.B.; Ambu, S.; Chandra, S.; Kiew, B.H.; Rosli, R., 1995:
A preliminary survey of frogs for Spirometra sp. infection - a food borne human parasite

Dutta, S.K.; Dutta, B.C., 1995:
A preliminary survey of insect pests of rapeseed-mustard in Central Brahmaputra valley zone of Assam

Mckay, K.E.; Murray, M.G., 1997:
A preliminary survey of leaf arthropods on oak trees on the islands of Loch Lomond

Parameswaran, S.; Mohd, A.N.; Chandrawathani, P., 1994 :
A preliminary survey of myiasis in peninsular Malaysia

Salin, V.; Thurow, A.P.; Elmer, N., 1997:
A preliminary survey of users of agricultural economics information: procedures and results

Wang ZengHong; Chen BaoLian, 1996:
A preliminary trial of interplanting mushrooms and rice

Numaguchi, K., 1997:
A preliminary trial to induce maturity and spawning of the common oriental clam UL Meretrix lusoria UL out of spawning season

Zanella, A.; Sartori, G.; Calabrese, M.S.; Nicolini, G.; Mancabelli, A., 1997:
A preliminary typology of beech and mixed beech-fir forests of Trentino, NE Italy. An integrated environmental study and a framework for phytosociological classification

Sheikh, M.S.; Kalita, J., 1995:
A preliminary work on Eupterote undata (Lepidoptera: Eupterotidae), defoliator of Gmelina arborea, Roxb. in Assam

Laricheva, E.; Arkhipov, A.; Nechaeva, S.; Shapovalov, D., 1995:
A preparation from blue-green algae

Albaladejo, C.; Casabianca, F., 1995:
A prerequisite for participation: changing the representations of farmers' knowledge

Kaminska, M.; Szyndel, M.S., 1995:
A presumable carlavirus infection of Eucharis grandiflora

Hardi, T.W.T., 1995:
A preventative measure against subterranean termite attack on Acacia mangium

Emmett, J.L.; Havitz, M.E.; McCarville, R.E., 1996:
A price subsidy policy for socio-economically disadvantaged recreation participants

McCrindle, C.M.; Hay, I.T.; Kirkpatrick, R.D.; Odendaal, J.S.; Calitz, E.M., 1996:
A primary health care approach to an outbreak of cutaneous larva migrans

Crawford, T.B.; Wardrop, K.J.; Tornquist, S.J.; Reilich, E.; Meyers, K.M.; McGuire, T.C., 1996:
A primary production deficit in the thrombocytopenia of equine infectious anemia

L.SuFan, 1996:
A primary report on the identification of aneuploids and triploids in tea germplasm

Liu DeWu; Yang GuanFu; L.J.aQi; Zhang XiQuan, 1996:
A primary study on six pig breeds using random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD)

Mei XiuYing; D.J.Shan; Fan JunFeng; Zhou YongXue, 1994:
A primary study on the drought resistance of the blades of Paulownia hybrid clones

Wei ShyanChiin, 1995:
A primary study on the granulation of milk powder with a granulating plate

Lund, H.G.; Thomas, C.E. (Technical Coordinators); Bailey, R.G.; Brickell, J.E.; Clerke, W.H.; Cunningham, R.S.; Czaplewski, R.L.; DeLost, S.J.; Evanisko, F.; Greenlee, H.R.; Howard, P.; Moore, R.; Ragus, J.F.; Spears, B.M.; Valentine, W., 1995:
A primer on evaluation and use of natural resource information for corporate data bases

Stumvoll, M.; Overkamp, D.; Gerich, J.E., 1995:
A primer on tracer methods for the study of glucose metabolism in man

Allen, L.R., 1996:
A primer: benefits-based management of recreation services

Rosatte, R.C.; Macinnes, C.D.; Williams, R.T.ylor; Williams, O., 1997:
A proactive prevention strategy for raccoon rabies in Ontario, Canada

Grandjouan, G.; Cour, P.; Gros, R., 1996:
A probabilist calibration and classification of pollen taxa along a climatic gradient

Siegel, E.; Dowlatabadi, H.; Small, M.J., 1995:
A probabilistic model of ecosystem prevalence

Robson, J.M.B.; Wood, R.N.; Sullivan, J.J.; Nicolaides, N.J.; Lewis, B.R., 1995:
A probable foodborne outbreak of toxoplasmosis

Sudarsanam, G., 1994:
A probe into the diagnosis of medicinal values in ethnobotany

Nichola, T.; Sanders, J.H., 1996:
A probit analysis of the determinants of adoption when inputs are rationed: the Gezira experience with hybrid sorghum

Mokoena, M.R.; Mekuria, M.; Ngqaleni, M., 1997:
A probit analysis of women farmers' access to farm land and credit in the Northern Province

Variyam, J.; Blaylock, J.S.allwood, D., 1996:
A probit latent variable model of nutrition information and dietary fiber intake

Barton, I.R., 1996:
A problematic low-temperature shift catalyst reduction

Kanga, L.H.B.; Plapp, F.W.J., 1995 :
A procedure for monitoring resistance in cotton pests

Kofer, J.; Fuchs, K.; Deutz, A., 1996:
A procedure for realizing the milk hygiene regulation BGBl. No. 897/1993 in Styria

X.W.i; Winistorfer, P.M.; Moschler, W.W., 1996:
A procedure to determine water absorption distribution in wood composite panels

Ishida, T.; Price, J.C., 1996:
A procedure to infer complex refractive index and mean particle radius of soils from visible and near-infrared reflectance data

Irwin, L.L., 1994:
A process for improving wildlife habitat models for assessing forest ecosystem health

Anonymous, 1996:
A production level which is difficult to estimate

Buchner, E., 1995:
A production method for limiting the transmission of geminivirus by the whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) in tomatoes in Comayagua Valley, Honduras

Goussios, D., 1995:
A productive relationship between tourism and livestock farming: an example of local development in the small mountain town of Metsovo (Greece)

Henningham, J., 1995:
A profile of Australian sports journalists

Morris, E.; Doyle, O.; Clancy, K.J., 1995:
A profile of Trichoderma species I - mushroom compost production

Morris, E.; Doyle, O.; Clancy, K.J., 1995 :
A profile of Trichoderma species II - mushroom growing units

V.C.i Cuong; Ly; V.V.n Noi; Petheram, R.J., 1996:
A profile of a cattle rearing domain in the Red River Delta

Chadha, B.S.; Singh, S.; Singh, G.; Saini, H.S.; Harchand, R.K., 1995:
A profile of amylase producing Streptomyces albaduncus

Hall, C.R.; Litzenberg, K.K., 1995:
A profile of chief agribusiness and food executives

Morrison, A.M.; Braunlich, C.G.; Cai, L.A.; O.L.ary, J.T., 1996:
A profile of the casino resort vacationer

Damitio, J.W.; Schmidgall, R.S., 1996:
A profile of the lodging financial executive

Melchior, G.; Quijada, M.; Garay, V.; Valera, L., 1996:
A progeny test of saqui-saqui (Bombacopsis quinata (Jacq.) Dugand) of about 26 years of age without thinning

Jensen, J.S.; Kjaer, E.D.; Roulund, H., 1996:
A progeny trial with domesticated Picea sitchensis (Bong.) in Denmark

Kaduk, J.; Heimann, M., 1996:
A prognostic phenology scheme for global terrestrial carbon cycle models

Lazar, C.; Caliman, D.; Zambila, G., 1995:
A program for computer assisted processing of the graphic records of the soil resistance to penetration

Hasenauer, H.; Moser, M.; Eckmullner, O., 1995:
A program for modelling forest growth reactions

Nunes, D.S.; Imamura, P.M., 1996:
A program for organizing field research data and bibliography on medicinal plants

Williams, A.G., 1996:
A program for visualizing 2-dimensional time stream data

Vanekova, Z., 1994:
A programme for prognosis and forecasting of Plasmopara viticola, Uncinula necator and Botrytis cinerea on grapevine - GALATI vitis

Solarska, E.; Czaplicki, E.; Jastrzebski, A., 1997:
A programme of hop protection from diseases, pests and weeds

Ogilvy, S., 1995:
A programme of research into integrated farming in the UK

Rangelov, V.; Andonov, K., 1996:
A programmed approach to developing an optimized microclimate in pig keeping

Thomas, M.; Jain, S.; Kumar, G.P.; Laloraya, M., 1997:
A programmed oxyradical burst causes hatching of mouse blastocysts

Khamraev, N.R., 1995:
A project for irrigating the arid territories of central Asia

Wohab, M.A.; Borhan, S.; Khan, F.R.; Satter, M.A.; Sultan Ahmmed, 1997:
A promising animal-drawn plough

Zhang, T.R.; Li, C.; Ren, Q.D.; Fan, Y.G., 1995:
A promising chestnut variety - Mengshan Kueili

Bai, N.R.; Devika, R.; Regina, A., 1996:
A promising dwarf rice mutant induced through gamma irradiation

L.G.oKang; Yang GenLiang; Luo ZhuShen; Zhang NingNing; Lin YunFang, 1996:
A promising few-seeded selection of Pongan, 86-1

Mishra, C.M., 1994:
A promising groundnut based intercropping system for dryland tracts of Madhya Pradesh

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A promising herbicide

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A promising midseason pear variety - Bayuehong

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A promising new apricot cultivar - Zunhua Xingbaixing

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A promising new mid-late apple variety - Qinxing

L.XiuGen, 1996:
A promising new red-skinned pear variety - Hongxiangsu

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A promising recombinant antigen for the early detection of heartworm infection

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A promising short cut for assessing biodiversity

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A promising technique for the reclamation of dense sodium affected soils

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A promising walnut selection - NY83-05

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A promising way for improving the cutting mechanisms of frame-saws

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A promoter element active in run-off transcription controls the expression of two cistrons of nad and rps genes in Nicotiana sylvestris mitochondria

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A proposal for citrus clonal protection in Guyana

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A proposal for developing chromosome arm-specific Mutator stocks for transposon tagging

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A proposal for major research work on crop germplasm resources during the Ninth Five Year's Plan based on past experience

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A proposal for re-evaluating the most probable number procedure for estimating numbers of Bradyrhizobium spp

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A proposal for sustainable development of the Taihu Basin

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A proposal for the classification of the carrying capacity of field hunting grounds in Slovakia

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A proposal for the silvicultural management of large burnt forest areas in Katowice Regional State Forest Directorate

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A proposal for the use of oil analysis in diesel engine maintenance and rehabilitation in Zambia

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A proposal to set up an international scientific network for information on horticultural economics

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A proposed asparagus descriptor list for genebank management

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A proposed method for measuring the effect of soil quality on productivity

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A proposed model for the identification and development of sporting talent in New Zealand

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A proposed model of the organizational buying process for the hospitality industry

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A proposed new criterion for beet seed breeding

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A proposed protocol for checking the suitability of Lactobacillus acidophilus cultures for use during feeding trials with chickens

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A proposed rule of thumb for controlling annoying vibrations in residential floors

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A proposed soil-quality indicator

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A proposition for rural planning for amenities in a hilly rural area - a case of Ena City near an urban region, Gifu Prefecture

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A prospective survey for central line skin-site colonization by the pathogen Malassezia furfur among hospitalized adults receiving total parenteral nutrition

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A prospective trial of thalidomide for the treatment of HIV-associated idiopathic esophageal ulcers

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A protein G-related cell surface protein in Streptococcus zooepidemicus

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A protein less sensitive to trypsin, guanidinated casein, is a potent stimulator of exocrine pancreas in rats

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A protein of the SR family of splicing factors binds extensively to exonic Balbiani ring pre-mRNA and accompanies the RNA from the gene to the nuclear pore

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A protein-fat supplement in feed mixtures

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A prototype for a decision support system based on rules and fuzzy logic for choosing criteria for timber hauling

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A prototype for sorting leaves and stems of officinal plants

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A prototype needle-incisor for refractory timber

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A prototype tunnel sprayer for high density apple plantings

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A provision of education on child care to female farm labourers

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A pseudorabies virus mutant with deletions in the latency and early protein O genes: replication, virulence, and immunity in neonatal piglets

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A public choice perspective on agricultural policy reform: implications of the New Zealand experience

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A purified mariner transposase is sufficient to mediate transposition in vitro

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A putative cortisol receptor in the rainbow trout erythrocyte: stress prevents starvation-induced increases in specific binding of cortisol

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A putative receptor protein kinase gene in Ipomoea trifida

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A puzzle of staggering turkeys, and its differential diagnosis

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A qualitative analysis of the impact of induction assistance on first-year physical educators

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A qualitative evaluation of the U.S. timber bridge market

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A qualitative study of cultural policies in Quebec's municipalities

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A qualitative study on adolescent food choice and eating patterns

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A quality and environmental management system developed by farmers

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A quality assessment scheme for blood glucose monitoring: competition improves performance

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A quality management system for a dairy

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A quality plan for milk

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A quality profile of the Australian wool clip

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A quantitative analysis of demand for meat items in Greece, 1965-1992

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A quantitative analysis of lignin distribution in the internodes by micro-surgical tissue separation in sorghum (Sorghum bicolor Moench) and maize (Zea mays L.)

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A quantitative analysis of the effect of log quality on log price

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A quantitative analysis of the interactions between climatic response and intraspecific competition in European beech

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A quantitative genetic analysis of thermal sensitivity in the locomotor performance curve of Aphidius ervi

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A quantitative method to evaluate neutralizer toxicity against Acanthamoeba castellanii

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A quantitative method using FT-IR to detect explosives and selected semivolatiles in soil samples

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A quantitative morphological study of the recovery of cat lingual nerves after transection or crushing

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A quantitative study of human water contact in a hilly rural endemic area of Schistosoma japonicum

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A quantitative study of the epiphytic vegetation on pollarded trunks of Fraxinus excelsior at Havra, Osteroy, western Norway

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A quantitative study of the residual effect of nitrogen in a wheat/maize rotation

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A quantitative study on dynamics of sporulation of frogeye leaf spot caused by Cercospora sojina

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A quantitative study on the controlling effect of jinggangmycin to rice sheath blight

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A quantitative test for developmental neutrality of a transgenic lineage marker in mouse chimaeras

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A quarter century of environmental law and policy

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A quest for quality

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A quick drying treatment as an alternative for improvement of accuracy of field estimates of rice grain moisture with a capacitance meter

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A quick method for embryo transplantation in sheep

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A quick method for the isolation of plant DNA suitable for RAPD analysis

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A quick, easy, accurate method of quantifying vineyard trellis fill

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A quick-test for screening resistance to transmission of grapevine fanleaf virus by Xiphinema index

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A radiation-induced, heritable microchromosome

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A radiative transfer model applied to a young, sheltered, beech plantation

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A radiographic method to assess the severity of canine hydronephrotic kidney

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A radiological diagnosis for a Gabonese patient

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A random model approach to interval mapping of quantitative trait loci

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A random set of maize simple sequence repeat markers

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A randomized trial to evaluate the effectiveness of dietary advice by practice nurses in lowering diet-related coronary heart disease risk

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A range extension of Homalodisca coagulata (Say) (Hemiptera: Clypeorrhyncha: Cicadellidae) to southern California

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A rangeland grasshopper insurance program

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A rapid access motif database (RAMdb) with a search algorithm for the retrieval patterns in nucleic acids or protein databanks

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A rapid adaptation to low salinity of inland-colonizing populations of the littoral grass Leymus arenarius

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A rapid analytical method for the estimation of artemisinin in Artemisia annua

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A rapid analytical method of pesticide residues in food using gel permeation chromatography

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A rapid and convenient method for analysing alpha -amylase activity in wheat using an auto-analyzer and its application to estimation of maximum amylograph viscosity

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A rapid and gentle method for isolation of genomic DNA from pathogenic Nocardia spp

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A rapid and sensitive method for on-site estimation of small amount of carbonate in soils

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A rapid and simple flour-disk bioassay for testing substances active against stored-product insects

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A rapid and simple nested PCR assay for the detection of Pneumocystis carinii in sputum samples

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A rapid and simple screening test for potential inhibitors of tocopherol-mediated peroxidation of LDL lipids

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A rapid bioassay to detect mycotoxins using a melanin precursor overproducer mutant of the ciliate Tetrahymena thermophila

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A rapid colorimetric micromethod for histidine determination in seeds of crop plants

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A rapid cycle of peach production

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A rapid detection for sterigmatocystin-producing fungus strains by thin-layer chromatography

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A rapid diagnostic test for Trichomonas vaginalis infection

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A rapid dot-enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for detection of Ranikhet disease virus

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A rapid extraction method to detect peach latent mosaic viroid by molecular hybridization

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A rapid field-laboratory bioassay to assess the infectivity of Meloidogyne spp. second stage juveniles

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A rapid increase in the level of binding protein (BiP) is accompanied by synthesis and degradation of storage proteins in pumpkin cotyledons

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A rapid method for assessing infestations of cabbage stem flea beetle larvae in winter oilseed rape and implications for control

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A rapid method for detection of potato gangrene

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A rapid method for determination of Aroclor 1260 in cattle adipose tissue

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A rapid method for determination of blood glucose concentration in cattle

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A rapid method for determining the viability of plant cells using a mixture of fluorescein diacetate and calcofluor white

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A rapid method for estimating the carbon concentration of fulvic acids

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A rapid method for hop propagation in vitro

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A rapid method for identification of yeasts from kefyr at species level

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A rapid method for predicting alfalfa quality in the field

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A rapid method for screening insecticides in the laboratory

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A rapid method for the detection of sibling species in samples of black fly larvae (Diptera: Simuliidae)

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A rapid method for the determination of chemical properties of growing media

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A rapid method for the estimation of gallic acid

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A rapid method for the estimation of potential immobilization of N after the addition of cattle slurry to soil

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A rapid method for the estimation of rodent infestation in sugarcane and wheat crops

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A rapid method for the identification of Candida at the species level by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy

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A rapid method for the indirect determination of the clay content by X-ray fluorescence spectroscopic analysis of rubidium in soils

Schnug, E.; Haneklaus, S., 1997:
A rapid method for the indirect determination of the clay content by x-ray fluorescence spectroscopic analysis of rubidium in soils

Schnug, E.; Haneklaus, S., 1996:
A rapid method for the indirect determination of the organic matter content of soils

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A rapid method for the isolation of genomic DNA from Aspergillus fumigatus

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A rapid method of determining the role of forest in regulating runoff

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A rapid method of estimating soil erosion using trapped sediment: a case study from a forest road on the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee

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A rapid test revolutionises product safety

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A rapid, simple and economic technique to predict the nutritive value of rice straw of different cultivars

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A rare Selaginella P. Beauv. from Kumaon Himalaya

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A rare type of chromosomal abnormality - the tandem translocation

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A rash and chemical burns in a cowboy exposed to permethrin

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A rational approach to determine the crop growing period on probabilistic basis

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A rational approach to the determination of the shear strength parameters of unsaturated soils

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A rational management of mountain summer pasture: the experience in Malga Juribello

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A re-evaluation of the methionine requirement of the commercial layer

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A real delight

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A real need: changing concept of extension and structure of extension services in Turkey joining the European and Customs Union

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A region of the coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus 1a polyprotein encoding the 3C-like protease domain is subject to rapid turnover when expressed in rabbit reticulocyte lysate

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A regional masterplan for irrigation development

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A relationship turned sour: the sugar row between Russia and Ukraine

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A reliable and rapid shaking extraction system for determination of the oil content in olive fruit

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A reliable, precise method to differentiate species of root-knot nematodes in mixtures on the basis of ITS-RFLPs

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A remote sensing and modeling integrated approach for the management of irrigation distribution systems

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A research on butterflies in National Nanling Nature Reserve

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A research project on the mechanization of olive culture

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A residuals market grows, chip by chip

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A response to crime's war on tourism

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A restructuring process

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A return to the wild high-density conditions

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