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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2744

Chapter 2744 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ozgen, Y.; Aytug, A., 1992:
A study of children's playgrounds and equipment in relation to the habits of the users

Mustafa, S.; Gad-El-Rab, M.O., 1996:
A study of clinical and allergic aspects of rhinitis patients in Riyadh

Chen D.N.u, Z.G.o Qing; X.W.nxian; Liu Yanhong; Cheng Xingmin; W.J.qing, 1996:
A study of complementary techniques for snail control

Riviere, V.; Pyneeandee, D.; Jacquin, E., 1996:
A study of cost effective transport systems for mechanically harvested chopped cane in Mauritius

Rohani, S., 1994:
A study of costs and benefits of sugar beet production in Hamedan province

Y.X.aoLin; Cao YiPing; Wang JingGuo, 1995:
A study of crop tissue testing methods for nitrogen

Wang ShiJie; Liu ShuangYue; Kang MingHui; Hang XiangQian, 1996:
A study of cytoplasmic effect in the AL-type cytoplasmic male sterile wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Kosir, B., 1995:
A study of damage to hauling steel wire ropes on the example of tractor wood extraction

Pauk, J.; Stefanov, I.; Fekete, S.; Bogre, L.; Karsai, I.; Feher, A.; Dudits, D., 1995:
A study of different (CaMV 35S and mas) promoter activities and risk assessment of field use in transgenic rapeseed plants

Herczig, B.; Meszaros, Z., 1994:
A study of dispersion and migration of Lepidoptera by light trap pairs

Lecoindre, P.; Chevallier, M.; Peyrol, S.; Boude, M.; Montclos, H. de, 1995:
A study of dog stomach Helicobacter spp. and their pathogenicity

Xiang BiXia; Cheng MingHao; L.X.aoLin; Jin Qiang; Liu YangQing; Xie XiaoLi, 1995:
A study of drought resistance in the rootstock germplasms of apple

Yang Qi; Wang JinLing, 1995:
A study of dynamic changes in nitrogen and dry matter in different soyabean cultivars at the reproductive stage

Mossak, I.I., 1996:
A study of early flowering in mango, part 1

Torkamani, J.; Hardaker, J.B., 1996:
A study of economic efficiency of Iranian farmers in Ramjerd district: an application of stochastic programming

Baruah, D.K.; Sarker, A.B.; Bora, N.N., 1996:
A study of economics of milk production in Assam

Rajput, S.S.; Gupta, V.K.; Lohani, R.C., 1996:
A study of effect of holes on strength of timber

Olkowski, A.A.; Classen, H.L.; Riddell, C.; Bennett, C.D., 1997:
A study of electrocardiographic patterns in a population of commercial broiler chickens

A.A.ousi, T.I.; Daoud, M.S.; A.B.yati, M.M., 1994:
A study of endoparasites of turkeys in Mosul - Iraq

Babalar, M.; Pourghasem, R., 1995:
A study of ethylene production at time of harvest and during storage in Golden Delicious apple

Pourghasem, R.; Babalar, M., 1995:
A study of ethylene production of Golden Delicious apples during fruit growth and development

Darrow, W.K., 1995:
A study of eucalypt clonal and hybrid material planted in the sub-humid zones of Kwazulu-Natal: results of the first six years

Liu ZhengChu; Peng YuanDe; Sun QingXiang, 1995:
A study of factors affecting retting of jute and kenaf

Karwasra, J.C.; Arora, V.P.S., 1995:
A study of farm-retail price spread of wheat and rice in India

Martinez Galera, M.; Martinez Vidal, J.L.; Egea Gonzalez, F.J.; Gil Garcia, M.D., 1997:
A study of fenpropathrin residues in tomatoes and green beans grown in greenhouses in Spain

Carbis, C.R.; Rawlin, G.T.; Grant, P.; Mitchell, G.F.; Anderson, J.W.; McCauley, I., 1997:
A study of feral carp, Cyprinus carpio L., exposed to Microcystis aeruginosa at Lake Mokoan, Australia, and possible implications for fish health

Fernandez Abella, D.; Villegas, N., 1995:
A study of fertility and prolificacy in spring in ewes synchronized with CIDRs and MAP-impregnated vaginal sponges

Higuchi, H.; Kobayashi, H.; Matsumura, I.; Yamada, M., 1996 :
A study of field disperse and machine use in rice production. A comparative analysis among flat/delta, hilly and mountainous areas in the east of Tottori prefecture

Decraene, L.P.R.; Vanvinckenroye, P.; Smets, E.F., 1997:
A study of floral morphological diversity in Phytolacca (Phytolaccaceae) based on early floral ontogeny

Wang JunYing; Zhao ChunJiang; Yang BaoZhu, 1996:
A study of floret development and degeneration in winter wheat

Hackett, C., 1996:
A study of forest scientists' perceptions of trees' environmental relationships: implications for predicting growth

Geng XingYuan; Mao DaRu, 1994:
A study of fuzzy evaluation approach to soil fertility in fertilizer recommendation

Shukla, S.; Khanna, K.R., 1995:
A study of gene action for opium yield and morphine content in Papaver somniferum L

Paul, E.M.; Capiau, K.; Jacobs, M.; Dunwell, J.M., 1995:
A study of gene dispersal via pollen in Nicotiana tabacum using introduced genetic markers

Bora, G.C.; Singh, S.; Tomer, Y.S.; Singh, V.P., 1996:
A study of gene effects for earliness in faba bean (Vicia faba L.)

Kanthaswamy, V.; Mohideen, M.K.; Thamburaj, S., 1995:
A study of generation mean analysis in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill)

Zygoyiannis, D., 1994:
A study of genetic and phenotypic parameters for milk yield and milk characteristics in indigenous and crossbred goats in Greece

Piassi, M.; Silva, M. de A. e; Regazzi, A.J.; Torres, R. de A.; Soares, P.R.; Torres Junior, R.A. de A., 1995:
A study of genetic divergence in eight groups of laying hens, using multivariate analysis techniques

Rehout, V.; Hradil, R.; Dvorak, J.; Citek, J., 1996:
A study of genetic diversity in a population of crossbred Bohemian Red cattle - a disappearing genetic resource

Giovambattista, G.; Golijow, C.D.; Ripoli, M.V.; Roccia, I.L.; Dulout, F.N.; Lojo, M.M., 1995:
A study of genetic variance in a geographically isolated herd of Argentine Criollo cattle on mountain pasture

Zhang ZhanEn; Deng JiaQi, 1995:
A study of glucose biosensor based on immobilization of glucose oxidase in electrochemically polymerized poly(3,3'-diaminobenzidine) film on platinized glassy carbon electrode

L.J.angGuo; Qing XianGuo; L.Y.Ping, 1995:
A study of gradient differences in rice fields and the economic effect of some cropping system models

Carreck, N.L.; Christian, D.G., 1997:
A study of grain dormancy and viability in spring barley

Allen, S.K.; Johnson, R.R., 1995:
A study of hazards associated with playgrounds

Jing YuanShu; Liu NaiZhuang; W.H.ngYan, 1995:
A study of heat balance and water use efficiency in intercropped Paulownia

X.D.oYing; Duan QinJiang; Sun JinLan et al., 1997:
A study of hepatocellular carcinoma on synergy among the combined infections of schistosomiasis and HBV

Bai YongFei; X.Z.iXin, 1994:
A study of herbage regrowth on the typical steppe in Inner Mongolia

Edis, D.; Hull, M.R.; Cobb, A.H.; Sanders Mill, G.E., 1996:
A study of herbicide action and resistance at elevated levels of carbon dioxide

Wang JianLin; H.S.uYin; L.J.anGuo, 1996:
A study of hereditary parameters of the main characters of naked barley in Tibet

Yadav, T.P.; Parkash Kumar; Lekh Raj; Thakral, N.K., 1997:
A study of heterosis in toria (Brassica compestris var. toria)

Shvemberger, I.N.; Ermilov, A.N.; Smagina, L.V.; Ginkul, L.B.; Romanov, S.R.; Glebov, O.K., 1996:
A study of homologous recombination of DNA in somatic cells. 3. Intrachromosomal recombination of aminoglycoside phosphoribosyltransferase in transgenic mice

Nicholson, E., 1996:
A study of how outdoor leafy salad producers have responded to consumer demand for 'safe and cheap' produce. A study tour of USA, Spain, Italy and Holland during 1994-95

Zhang TingZhen; Y.H.ngMou; Cui Jie, 1996:
A study of hybrid sterility and death of young offspring of Populus x tomentosa and a method of overcoming these

Ae, S.A., 1996:
A study of hybridization between Colias erate and C. eurytheme (Pieridae)

Baveja, U.K.; Basak, S.; Thusoo, T.K., 1995:
A study of immune profile in human hydatid diseases

Sun, Q.Y.; Hou, Y.; Liu, G.Y.; Yang, Q.Z.; Qin, P.C., 1995:
A study of in vitro fertilization of oocytes from heifers and cows

H.B.oCheng; Chen FengXiang; Chen WeiSheng; L.C.eng, 1996:
A study of inbred depression and the possible ways of utilization of heterosis in rapeseed (Brassica chinensis)

Yan Bin; Dai QiuJie; Liu XiaoZhong; Huang ShaoBai; Wang ZhiXia; Wang ZongLi, 1995:
A study of increasing salt resistance in rice using calcium

Jia Ming, 1993:
A study of increasing the effectiveness of improving saline meadows

Wei ShengLin; Qin XuanNan, 1996:
A study of indicators for physiological diagnosis of lemon gummosis

Jindal, N.; Arora, R.; Bhushan, B.; Arora, S., 1995:
A study of infective aetiology of chronic diarrhoea in children in Amritsar

Poorna, V.; Kulkarni, P.R., 1995:
A study of inulinase production in Aspergillus niger using fractional factorial design

Herrera, R.S.; Lauzan, J.R.; Cruz, R.; Martinez, R.O., 1996:
A study of king grass (Pennisetum purpureum sp) mutants obtained by nuclear techniques and chemical mutagens. V. Pigments

Herrera, R.S.; Cruz, R.; Martinez, R.O., 1993:
A study of king grass (Pennisetum purpureum sp.) mutants obtained by nuclear techniques and chemical mutagens. II. Morphological indicators

Herrera, R.S.; Cruz, R.; Martinez, R.O., 1994:
A study of king grass (Pennisetum purpureum sp.) mutants obtained by nuclear techniques and chemical mutagens. III. Agronomical indicators

Wang ShuQiang; Liu YuHong; Chen ZongYu, 1993 :
A study of linear programming of fence grazing

Amouye, N., 1993:
A study of local communities, their practises, and their participation in forest stewardship and management. Case study of Batouri district

Moghazi, H.E.M.; Ismail, E.S., 1996:
A study of losses from field channels under arid region conditions

Kasap, H.; Akbaba, M.; Kasap, M.; Luleyap, U.; Alpaslan, N.; Alptekin, D., 1995:
A study of malaria and Anopheles sacharovi in Tuzla, Adana, Turkey

Lipuzic, E., 1995:
A study of mastitis in housed cows and cows at pasture in the Tolmin area

Everett, C.A.; Searle, J.B.; Wallace, B.M., 1996:
A study of meiotic pairing, nondisjunction and germ cell death in laboratory mice carrying Robertsonian translocations

Ohman, A.; Davydov, R.; Backlund, B.M.rie; Langel, U.; Graslund, A., 1996:
A study of melittin, motilin and galanin in reversed micellar environments, using circular dichroism spectroscopy

Gai JunYi; Cui ZhangLin, 1997:
A study of methods and criteria of identification of resistance to leaf-feeding insects in soyabean breeding

Guk JongBong; A.C.oeGyong, 1995:
A study of methods of increasing the weed control effect in paddy fields

Hwang, H.M.; Maloney, S.W., 1996:
A study of microbial transformations of trichloroaniline and p-cresol using size-fractionation technique

Pan ZhenQiang; Q.A.; Zhu WeiZhong; Zhang YuZhong, 1995:
A study of micronuclei frequency in root-tip cells of faba bean induced by adding water-soluble substances from cigarette smoke

Prins, R.M.rais, G.; Pretorius, Z.; Janse, B.; Marais, A., 1997:
A study of modified forms of the Lr19 translocation of common wheat

Tang, W.; Gui, Y.L.; Guo, Z.C., 1995:
A study of morphogenesis in tissue cultures of Fritillaria ussuriensis Maxim

Menzies, F.D.; Bryson, D.G.; McCallion, T.; Matthews, D.I., 1995:
A study of mortality among suckler and dairy cows in Northern Ireland in 1992

Chih, H.W.; Lin, H.S.; Tang, K.S.; Cheu, S.C., 1996:
A study of multiple factors related to Enterobius vermicularis infection among pre-school children in Ta-Liao district of Kaohsiung County

Chen TianHua;; Lai HuanLin; Wang ZhangRong; Wang QiMing, 1994:
A study of natural hybridization between Pinus thunbergii Parl. and P. massoniana Lamb. around Nanjing

Wang PuQin; Wang YanYin, 1991:
A study of nematode parasites of amphibians and reptiles from Fujian, China, with descriptions of one new family, one new genus and two new species

Luccia, A. di; Satriani, A.; Sacchi, R.; Gigli, S.; Ferrara, L., 1994:
A study of neutral lipids from river buffalo meat

Jin, Q.F.; Rowarth, J.S.; Scott, W.R.; Sedcole, J.R., 1996:
A study of nitrogen use in a browntop (Agrostis capillaris L.) seed crop

Martinic, I., 1995 :
A study of noise exposure of workers during log skidding

Smith, T.; Thomson, R., 1996:
A study of non-prescribed supplementation use and dietary practices of patients recently diagnosed with cancer

Tomlinson, I.P.M., 1996:
A study of nonrandom mating in a British population of the two-spot ladybird with a high frequency of the melanic morph

Meng XiangDong; Jiang XianMing, 1993:
A study of nutrient absorption by western celery (Apium graveolens var. dulce (Miller) Pers)

Zhang ShaoLing; Meng Ming E.; Wang DongSheng; Yang XiaoLi; Sun Zhen; Wang ZhenXiang, 1995:
A study of nutritional diagnosis of short branched apples in Henan

Orgi, M.; Blaha, J., 1996:
A study of nutritive value of Nigerian feeds

Neri, F.; Vassali, P.; Brigati, S., 1997:
A study of organoleptic quality in pears

Prakash, O.; Mahipal ; Kherde, R.L., 1995:
A study of perception of training needs of landless farm women in scientific dairy farming practices

Leng YanJia; H.M.ngSheng, 1995:
A study of phlebotomine sandflies in Yunnan Province. IV. Sergentomyia (Neophlebotomus) kueichenae sp. nov. (Diptera: Psychodidae)

L.A.Ni; Deng YiCai; Zhu HuiYing; X.M.aoYan; L.M.ngQi, 1993:
A study of physiological and biochemical changes of mangoes during cold storage

Qian Yi; Gan YongPing; Zhang ZhinYu; Chin JingFing, 1995:
A study of planning for optimum exploitation, sowing of grasses and animal husbandry in grassland of the oasis edge in the desert region of northern Xinjiang, China

Kovacs, B.; Gyori, Z.; Prokisch, J.; Loch, J.; Daniel, P., 1996:
A study of plant sample preparation and inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry parameters

García-Zapata, M.T.; Guedes, D.M.; das Virgens, D.; Marsden, P.D., 1996:
A study of plaster binding to prevent cracking which favours Triatomine infestation

Ankomah, P.K.; Crompton, J.L.; Baker, D.A., 1995:
A study of pleasure travelers' cognitive distance assessments

Hao Gang; H.C.iMing, 1996:
A study of pollen morphology of Hydrangeoideae (Hydrangeaceae)

Tang, Y.; Guan,; Zhou, L., 1995:
A study of pollen morphology of the genus Cycas from China

Zhao Yun; Wang TianJiao; Pan Tao; Wang MaoLin, 1995:
A study of pollen preservation for Orychophragmus violaceus

L.J.anWei; Chen Fang; Ning HuiChang; Chen XingChun, 1996:
A study of potash application on oilseed rape in Hubei Province

Pardini, G.; Ferruzi, G.; Secchiari, P.; Pistoia, A.; Trimarchi, G.; Ferrari, F., 1996:
A study of potential forage production systems for unfavourable conditions in central Italy

Adam, S.; Batson, S., 1997:
A study of problems associated with the delivery of enteral feed in critically ill patients in five ICUs in the UK

Wang ZhongHui, 1997:
A study of public policy influences upon the development of China's rural enterprises 1978-1992

Liang, S.; Chen,; Fei Pang, V., 1995:
A study of pulmonary arterial changes and pulmonary thrombosis in heartworm-infested dogs

Wang, B.; Fan, B., 1995:
A study of rabbit embryo cloning by nuclear transplantation

Lin TengChiu; Hsia YueJoe; King HenBiau, 1996:
A study of rainfall interception of a national hardwood forest in northeastern Taiwan

Cheng, J.D.; Lin, W.K.; Su, R.R., 1994:
A study of rainfall-runoff relationships on an upstream watershed in Central Taiwan using geographical information and the HEC-1 hydrograph package

Kim NamHun; Lee WonYong, 1995:
A study of recycle of waste wood after cultivating oak mushroom (II) - On the structure of cellulose crystal transformation of the waste wood

Walthall, Charles L., 1997:
A study of reflectance anisotropy and canopy structure using a simple empirical model

Roy, P. le; Przyblyski, W.; Burlot, T.; Bazin, C.; Lagant, H.; Monin, G., 1994:
A study of relationships between glycolytic potential of muscle and production traits in the Laconie and Penshire lines

Cao, H.; Mukherjee, T.K.; Koh, C.L., 1994:
A study of restriction fragment length polymorphism in some sheep breeds

Ghosh, P.K.; Syamal, M.M., 1997:
A study of seed extraction methods in tomato

Reddy, K.; Rolston, M.P.; Scott, W.R., 1996:
A study of seed production in phalaris (Phalaris aquatica L.)

Rusov, C.; Zivkovic, R.; Soldatovic, B.; Jojic Malicevic, L.; Stanimirovic, Z., 1996:
A study of selenium genotoxicity in the micronucleus test on mice

Kermani, A., 1996:
A study of semi-rigid and non-linear behaviour of nailed joints in timber portal frames

Sewa Rural Research Team, 1996:
A study of sensitivity of P. falciparum to chloroquine in a rural area of Bharuch District, Gujarat

Guillen, M.D.; Manzanos, M.J., 1996:
A study of several parts of the plant Foeniculum vulgare as a source of compounds with industrial interest

Hassen, H.; Zoghlami, A.; Sassi, S., 1994:
A study of several wild species of forage legumes in central Tunisia: geographical distribution and relations with environmental conditions

Lagarde, E.; Pison, G.; Enel, C., 1996:
A study of sexual behavior change in rural Senegal

Amjed, M.; Donker, J.D.; Jung, H.G., 1996:
A study of soaking vs spraying methods of alkaline hydrogen peroxide to improve digestibility of crop residues

Pandey, D.N., 1996:
A study of socio-economic status of rural women in the project area of U.P. Land Development Corporation Limited, Lucknow (a micro study)

Colomer, J.C.; Morell, C.; Sanchez, J.; Boluda, R.; Artigao, A., 1995:
A study of soil degradation within the E.F.E.D.A. project

M.K.B.attacharya; K.N.B.ra, 1995:
A study of soil microfungi of Kabimganj district, Assam

L.L.Hui; Dong YuChen, 1995:
A study of somaclonal variation in tissue culture of intergeneric hybrids

Kreber, B.; Haslett, A.N., 1997:
A study of some factors promoting kiln brown stain formation in radiata pine

Belmans, K.; Keulemans, J., 1996:
A study of some fruit skin characteristics in relation to the susceptibility of cherry fruit to cracking

Nyang' ao, J.M.N.; Olaho Mukani, W.; Maribei, J.M.; Omuse, J.K., 1997:
A study of some haematological and biochemical parameters of the normal dromedary camel in Kenya

Viberg, U.; Ekström, G.; Fredlund, K.; Oste, R.E.; Sjöholm, I., 1997:
A study of some important vitamins and antioxidants in a blackcurrant jam with low sugar content and without additives

Wang, W.M.n; Yeh, H.W.n; Wang, M.K.ang; Chen,, 1996:
A study of some late-Miocene paleosols in the Penghu Islands

Aboutabl, E.A.; Abdelhakim, G.; Moharram, F.A., 1996:
A study of some pharmacodynamic actions of certain Melaleuca species grown in Egypt

Voican, A.V.; Delian, E., 1995:
A study of some physiological processes of germination in pea seeds under water stress

Habib, M.H., 1996:
A study of some variables related to farmer's environmental awareness in Qalyoubia Governorate

Chen ShenKuan, 1995:
A study of soyabean cultivars resistant to ophiomyia root-miner

Jiang MuLan; Zhang XueJiang; Song YuPing; H.X.aoJia, 1995:
A study of soyabean rhizobia serotypes and their natural distribution in China

Lal, R.B.; Srivastava, V.K.; Chandra, R., 1996:
A study of spectrum of iodine deficiency disorders in rural area of Uttar Pradesh

Popova Ralcheva, S.; Alexandrov, A., 1996:
A study of steroid hormone receptors in some organs in Plymouth Rock cocks

Kolte, B.R.; Sadekar, R.D.; Kolte, A.Y., 1996:
A study of stocking density and its effect on growth of young meat type rabbits (New Zealand white) under Vidarbha agroclimatic conditions

Guimaraes, C.; Bento, L.S.M.; Mota, M., 1996:
A study of sugar colourants through ion exchange and salt regeneration

Chen QinLuan; Xiang JiangBo; Wang HuiHui; Pan Tao, 1989:
A study of surface water resources and grassland environment in the Inner Mongolia with remotely sensed method

Chui Ping; L.Y.Hua; Zheng ZiYing; Liu JingQuan, 1995:
A study of taxonomy on sugarbeet germplams resources using constellation map

Shi ShuYan, 1996:
A study of temperature conditions favourable for crop growth in the early 1990s in Heilongjiang

Moffett, I.J.J.; Crozier, W.W., 1996:
A study of temporal genetic variation in a natural population of Atlantic salmon in the River Bush, Northern Ireland

Boichard, D.; Coquereau, J.A.; Amigues, Y.; Mezec, P. le, 1994:
A study of the BLAD genetic defect in Holstein cattle

Khan, J., 1995:
A study of the Heywoods Holiday Village Development Project

Anonymous, 1995:
A study of the actual income gap between urban and rural inhabitants

Worrall, F.; Parker, A.; Rae, J.E.; Johnson, A.C., 1997:
A study of the adsorption kinetics of isoproturon on soil and subsoil, D.A.A.o; A.B.gieh, N.H., 1996:
A study of the antimicrobial activity of the miswak ethanolic extract in vitro

Tytler, P.; Ireland, J.; Murray, L., 1997:
A study of the assimilation of fluorescent pigments of microalgae Isochrysis galbana by the early larval stages of turbot and herring

Jiang RongFeng; Tao YiShou; Zhang QiGang, 1995:
A study of the availability of trace elements applied to fine sandy soils in Heilongjiang

Anonymous, 1996:
A study of the balance between supply and demand of grain in China

Theodoridis, G.; Papadoyannis, I.; Hermans Lokkerbol, A.; Verpoorte, R., 1995:
A study of the behaviour of some new column materials in the chromatographic analysis of Cinchona alkaloids

Abbas, Q.; Kumar, P., 1994:
A study of the behaviour of the buffalo louse, Haematopinus tuberculatus Burmister (Insecta: Anoplura)

W.K.iChen; Chen WenJiang; Tang LinHua; Deng Da; Lin MingHe; Cai XianZheng; Pan YuRong; G.Z.engCheng; Yan WeiXuan; Huang MingShan; Zhu WeiDong; Sheng HuiFeng; Chen Xiong, 1995:
A study of the behavioural characteristics of staying on the mountain and its relationship to malaria infection in Li and Miao minorities in Hainan Province

Qian FanJun; Y.R.ngZhuo; Zhang FuShou; Liu LiLing, 1995:
A study of the bioecology of Dichomeris bimaculatus

Davoudi, Z., 1995:
A study of the bioecology of plum sawfly (Hoplocampa flava) on the outskirts of Karadj City

Huang HaiXin, 1995:
A study of the bioecology of the flower buds of Magnolia biondii

Y.ZhanRen, 1994:
A study of the biological characteristics of Ziziphus mauritiana in a hot and dry valley

Gon RiDong; G.A.Song, 1995:
A study of the biological characteristics of mulberry shoot gall midge and methods of control

Tee, E.S.; Lim, C.L.; Chong, Y.H.; Khor, S.C., 1996:
A study of the biological utilization of carotenoids of carrot and swamp cabbage in rats

Shu ZhengYi, 1996:
A study of the biology of Aschersonia aleyrodis Webber

Zhou YouSheng; Shen FaRong; Zhao HuanPing; Shi Qiong, 1995:
A study of the biology of Contarinia citri Barnes and its integrated management

Wang, C.; Zhang, Y., 1996:
A study of the breeding goal for Beijing DeKalb pigs - reduced total breeding value

Zhang, C.; Huang, H.; Kuang, Y., 1995:
A study of the cause of the mango black tip disorder

L.G.iBao;; Cui Zhuan, 1996:
A study of the characteristics of K uptake by sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) plants and application techniques of K fertilizers

Sauvain, M.; Rerat, C.; Moretti, C.; Saravia, E.; Arrazola, S.; Gutierrez, E.; Lema, A.M.; Munoz, V., 1997:
A study of the chemical composition of Erythroxylum coca var. coca leaves collected in two ecological regions of Bolivia

X.C.iLian; Huang XiaoShu; Wang CaiXia; Tang JiHua;, 1996:
A study of the collection, drying and storage of maize pollen

Nazarova, D.N.; Kondakova, O.A.; Malyshenko, S.I.; Kaplan, I.B.; Nazarova, Y.V.; Talianskii, M.E., 1995:
A study of the complementation mechanism of the systemic spread of the red clover mottle disease virus by the tobacco mosaic virus

Munguia, R.; Sotelo, M.; Viana, A., 1996:
A study of the consumer's acceptance of two promising strains of bean in Nicaragua

Q.Y.Xing; Chen YuanMing; L.A.Yun; Song ZhiFu; Qiao KeXin; Guo ShaoXi, 1996:
A study of the control of the sex ratio of cattle

D.S.ouYu; Tian EnPing; Wen Min; Feng Qian, 1995:
A study of the cultural techniques for high-yield, good-quality and high efficiency cultivation of pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Piao TieFu; Gao Shan; L.G.oQuan; Yuan YaPing, 1995:
A study of the damaging effect of 4-nitroquinoline-1-oxide on wheat

Bayarri, S.; Herrera, A.; Arino, A.A.; Lazaro, R.; Conchello, P., 1997:
A study of the degradation in vitro of organochlorine compounds by the meat starter micro-organism Micrococcus varians

Schweingruber, F.H.; Voronin, V., 1996:
A study of the dendrochronology and soil chemistry of the forest damage area at Norilsk, Siberia, and consequences for the interpretation of large-scale crown assessment inventories

Sumartono, 1995:
A study of the development of Trypanosoma evansi in vitro

Yuan Tong; Wang Hao; Yan WenBin, 1996:
A study of the development of the flower and inflorescence in sesame

Purujiap, 1997:
A study of the development process of nomadic production methods

L.G.anRong; Liu QiXin; L.B.ngXiu, 1996:
A study of the difference in the zymograms of esterase isozymes in rice genotypes

Ozcel, M.A.; Sesen, R.; Alkan, M.Z., 1996:
A study of the distribution of Bulinus truncatus, the intermediate host of Schistosoma haematobium, in Akcakale, a town of Sanlrfa

Reid, A., 1996:
A study of the distribution of Charaxes butterflies in the Arabuko Sokoke-Forest

Hubert, J.P., 1996:
A study of the diversification of farm activities resulting from demographic and land pressures. A case study of Burundi

Banev, B.; Blagoev, A.; Khristov, R.; Peichev, K., 1995:
A study of the dynamics of milk ejection during machine milking of cows

F.Q.ngLin; Luo YongJing, 1995:
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A study of the efficiency and the environmental significance of different rates of fertilizers and lime used on a mountain pasture on grey forest soil

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A study of the efficiency and the environmental significance of different rates of fertilizers and lime used on a pasture on mountain meadow soil

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A study of the environmental health status, living conditions and basic needs of an informal settlement community in the Cape Peninsula

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A study of the evaluation of protein quality of improved varieties of bajra

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A study of the expression and purification of Toscana virus N protein

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A study of the herd-prevalence of Salmonella-infection in fattening pigs as a source of food contamination in Germany

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A study of the importance of forage trees on the native grazing land

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A study of the incidence of insects on a Leucaena leucocephala plantation intercropped with maize at 15 and 40 days after sowing

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A study of the inheritance of plant height in indica dwarf upland rice

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A study of the inheritance of the character glassy waxless and its utilization in cabbage

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A study of the managerial conditions influencing the purchase and sale of farmland by owner farmers after the Second World War

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A study of the mechanical behaviour and anatomical changes under several deflection rates in sugi wood

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A study of the mechanisms for the encouragement of rural share cooperative enterprises

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A study of the microbiological quality of sheep raw milk

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A study of the microscopic characteristics of fracture surface of MDI-bonded wood fiber/recycled tire rubber composites using scanning electron microscopy

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A study of the partial substitution of potassium by sodium in rice

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A study of the patterns of rural labour movement in Wenzhou

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A study of the population dynamics and movement patterns of Japanese monkeys in Nikko, Japan

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A study of the potential contamination of agrochemicals in the Po Plain

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A study of the runoff mechanism of nutrient salts from paddy fields

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A study of the seasonal variation of malaria using the circular distribution method

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A study of the seed proteins of Gossypium arboreum by disc electrophoresis

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A study of the sensitivity and specificity of the ELISA with bovine Setaria G antigen in determination of the serum antibody in the human bancroftian filariosis

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A study of the sex ratio of the ticks (Acarina, Ixodidae) of Serbia

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A study of the spatial distribution of livestock pressure in the Oliphant's Drift area, south-east Botswana, using Landsat TM

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A Study of the Stationary Volumetric Elastic Modulus during Dehydration and Rehydration of Stems of Pea Seedlings

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A study of the toxicity of Oxytropic kansuenisis in sheep

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A study of three serodiagnostic methods in the detection of antibody of trichinosis

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A study of tourism on university campus sites

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A study on adjustment and control of environment factors in the summer and autumn vegetable cultivation in greenhouse

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A study on adsorption and desorption of soil water vapor

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A study on agricultural implements in Saudi Arabia

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A study on agroecological and economic zoning in Miyun and Daxing counties, Beijing

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A study on antifungal activity of essential oils from Ephedra sinica and Asarum heterotropoides var. mandshuricum

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A study on appraising disease resistance of wheat varieties by applying genetic programming

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A study on bending moment resistance of particleboard corner joint in carcass furniture

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A study on bioactivity of Sumiseven

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A study on biological characters of sorghum germplasms in Henan province

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A study on building programmable bioclimatic facilities

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A study on callus induction and differentiation in Tal wheat anther culture

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A study on carcass and meat quality of culled cows of two breeds

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A study on characteristics of recent flood damages and advancement of disaster prevention potential

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A study on combinations of Cynodon dactylon cv. 67 and Panicum maximum cv. Likoni during the establishment

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A study on constant-voltage generators for small tractors

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A study on control methods of Hippota dorsalis

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A study on control technology of Drosicha corpulenta

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A study on cultivation cross breeding and development of the alstroemeria

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A study on cutting mass propagation of Larix leptolepis Gordon by hedging and heritabilities of its rooting traits

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A study on determination of methionine and cystine in salt-rich food and feed

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A study on development thresholds and thermal constants of Aphidius gifuensis and Diaeretiella rapae

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A study on developmental zero and total effective temperature of Lycoriella pleuroti

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A study on different kinds of damage to Varroa jacobsoni in Apis mellifera ligustica colonies

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A study on different methods of intraherd estimation of breeding value using simulated data

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A study on disposal pattern of wheat in Varanasi district of eastern Uttar Pradesh

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A study on fermented cultures of Verticillium lecanii and the efficacy of the fungus metabolites on insect pests

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A study on forecast models for furniture sales

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A study on grid based distributed rainfall runoff models

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A study on introduction of legumes in the subtropical red soil hilly land region in China

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A study on laminated door and window with small-diameter and quick-growing woods as raw materials

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A study on pathology of the disease caused by Torulopsis mogii in giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii)

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A study on planter's suction seed feed mechanism with combined inhaler

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A study on possible essentiality nature of tin and rubidium

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A study on power of Steinernema spp. for control of Euzophera batangensis

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A study on quantitative comparison of chromosomal C-bands between the Jiulong and Maiwa yak

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A study on radiation interception, albedo, net radiation, crop growth and yield in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

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A study on reproduction in Italy

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A study on several basic problems of sustainable agriculture

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A study on several nutritional compositions of sweet potato germplasm in south China

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A study on sexuality of the Ganoderma species

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A study on shiitake germ's culture and heat transfer model of plastic bag culture

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A study on shrub control on the shade slope of Mid-Tianshan mountains

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A study on skeletal deformities due to fluorosis

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A study on soil seed banks at the different succession stages of south subtropical forests

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A study on some indications of caesarean section in some farm animals

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A study on some productive and reproductive traits on Egyptian sheep implanted with zeranol

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A study on suitable sample size in the conservation of landraces of soyabeans

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A study on superovulation induced by porcine semen inhibin in yellow cows

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A study on surface quality of curtain plybamboo overlaid with PF impregnated paper and relative factors

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A study on susceptibility of chicken embryo to Panya duckling parvovirus

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A study on technique for controlling cotton boll rot by regulatory agent EMC

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A study on technology transfer of paddy cultivation in the Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania

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A study on the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve National Park (Rajasthan) with reference to its existing flora

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A study on the Weibull parameters expressing the diameter distribution of plantations

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A study on the air flow and odor emission rate from a simplified open manure storage tank

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A study on the biochemical changes during the fermentation of soibum

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A study on the biology and population dynamics of Pristiphora laricis (Hartig)

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A study on the biology of Myzus persicae (Sulzer) (Homoptera: Aphidae) under laboratory conditions

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A study on the biology of Myzus persicae (Sulzer) (Homoptera: Aphididae) under outdoor conditions

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A study on the breeding of donkeys in France. Historical aspects

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A study on the callus induction and plant regeneration of different sorghum explants

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A study on the characteristics of La Sota strain of Newcastle disease virus adapted to grow in a cell line from bovine embryo kidney (BS/BEK)

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A study on the characteristics of Myrica rubra in nodulation and nitrogen fixation

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A study on the characteristics of groundwater contamination of the Nanji landfill and its surrounding hydrogeologic system

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A study on the chemical constituents of the headspace volatiles from the flower of Jasminum sambac (L.) Aiton by an adsorption-thermal desorption sampling device

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A study on the cognitive functions of school children with normal IQ and histories of severe and early malnutrition

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A study on the combining ability of processing quality characters in wheat germplasm resources

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A study on the compound species action threshold of rangeland grasshoppers

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A study on the comprehensive exploitation and utilization of chicken manure resources

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A study on the concentration of immunoglobulins in Korean human milk by an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay

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A study on the concentrations of some mineral elements in native feeds for carnivorous fur-bearing animals

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A study on the conditions for the fractionation of rice proteins by sequential extraction with different solvents

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A study on the cultivation of mixed genotypes of rice

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A study on the cultural technology for water conservation and yield of Dongfeng 1 wheat

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A study on the culture of embryo and protoplast in loquat and their carbon sources

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A study on the cutterhead energy consumption of a forage chopper

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A study on the demand for tuna by Japanese families

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A study on the determination of the collapse load under the probabilistic load incremental method

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A study on the development of a supporting system for self-government bodies in middle-mountain areas - application of identified mapping model of the feed forward neural network

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A study on the development of a system for optimizing land by using a recurrent neural network

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A study on the development of agricultural cooperation/collectivization in China

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A study on the development of the technology and quality characteristics of cheese with herbs

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A study on the diagnosis of boron nutrition and the effect of boron application to ramie (Boehmeria nivea L.)

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A study on the direct effect of short duration high temperature on changes to the ultrastructure of floral organs and flag leaf in wheat

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A study on the disinfecting effect of fowl disinfectant-II on harmful germs in chickens

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A study on the distributional properties of milk protein loci in young bulls by semen typing

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A study on the diversity of oak forest in the Lower Huaihe Valley

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A study on the division of vegetation types and evaluations of regional naturality and management intensity in Dagang Mountain, Jiangxi Province, China

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A study on the dry matter yield and quality of Festulolium braunii at different growth stages

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A study on the economies of scale and economies of diversification for rice farming in Taiwan

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A study on the effect of biological fertilization, nitrogen rates and weed control on yield and its components of wheat

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A study on the effect of four typical regional meals of India on the bioavailability of aspirin and acetaminophen

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A study on the effect of soil and soilless culture on greenhouse cucumber production

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A study on the effect of spatial scale on the parameters of a sediment transport equation for sheetwash

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A study on the effect of the fungicide difenoconazole in controlling purple blotch (Alternaria porri) of onion

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A study on the effectiveness of some statistic-genetic parameters in predicting hybrid performances for grain yield and its components in maize

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A study on the effects of N, P2O5 and K2O application on growth and dry matter yield in a mixed sward of Ladino clover and crabgrass (Digitaria sanguinalis (L.) Scop.)

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A study on the effects of N, P2O5 and K2O application on the vegetation and dry matter yield in the mixed sward of orchardgrass and crabgrass (Digitaria sanguinalis (L.) Scop.)

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A study on the effects of calcium deficiency on ultrastructure of groundnuts

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A study on the effects of crossing native yellow cows with Sahiwal bulls

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A study on the effects of different heat treatments on curd and whey quality in white pickled cheese

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A study on the effects of foliar spray of Auxin Dongnong-1 on flax yield and quality

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A study on the effects of linecrossing and parental line differences in Jing Star broilers

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A study on the effects of mixtures of raw materials in the manufacture of cheese with herbs on cheese parameters using ANOVA and MANOVA techniques

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A study on the effects of phosphorus and manganese contents of the diet on some tissues in broilers

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A study on the effects of silicon, zinc and magnesium on the nutrient status in rice plants

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A study on the effects of soil salinity, sodicity and their combinations on early seedling growth in wheat

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A study on the efficient forest pattern to obstruct the debris flow

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A study on the epidemiological characters and control measures of human plague in Gansu Province

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A study on the establishment of labour saving mechanization for rice farming - effect of integrated mechanization for rice farming

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A study on the establishment of trematodes of Notocotylidae family. I. Genetical homogeneity of Notocotylidae cloned from one mollusc specimen

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A study on the establishment of trematodes of Notocotylidae family. II. Establishment in definitive hosts and relationship with the genotype of trematodes

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A study on the evaluation of cucumber fruit crispness

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A study on the exine ultrastructure of pollen grain of some species in genus Glycine

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A study on the exploitation of special intersubspecific compatible germplasms in Oryza sativa L. spp. indica and O. sativa L. spp. japonica

Kar, A.P., 1994:
A study on the export of Indian tea

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A study on the exudate of antibiotic bacterium 91 (JK-91-b) against Thanatephorus cucumeris caused rice sheath blight

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A study on the feasibility of banana grouping culture in Taiwan

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A study on the flavour compounds and sensory properties of yoghurts prepared from soya milk

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A study on the flora of the islands of Zhejiang Province

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A study on the fluorescence properties of kinetin

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A study on the food and nutrition intake status in Gwalior city

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A study on the foreign direct investment of wood-based industry in Taiwan

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A study on the front-hitch system of tractor

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A study on the full application of the Labour Standards Law in forestry

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A study on the fundamental nature of Monascus pigments and the procedures for their separation

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A study on the generational differentiation of the pine caterpillar Dendrolimus punctatus (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae)

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A study on the genes of watermelon cultivars for anthracnose resistance by the principle and procedures of interorganismal genetics

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A study on the growth curve of and maximum profit from layer-type cockerel chicks

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A study on the host range of wheat powdery mildew in the northern 11 provinces (regions and cities)

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A study on the incidence and etiology of bovine mastitis in Sudan

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A study on the incidence of PSE and DFD meat in pigs slaughtered at the municipal abattoir at Ponta Delgada

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A study on the indices determining drought-resistance in winter wheat

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A study on the induction of drought resistance in maize by spermidine

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A study on the influence of dormant pruning on cytokinin levels in new roots of apple

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A study on the landuse pattern and ground water potential through remote sensing technique

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A study on the life cycle of Monosteira unicostata (M.R) and its control in Syria

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A study on the longitudinally-placed threshing unit in a combine harvester for threshing prior to cutting

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A study on the management conditions and economics of scale in swine management

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A study on the marketing activities of red pepper farms in Yongyang region

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A study on the mechanism of phalloidin-induced tension changes in skinned rabbit psoas muscle fibres

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A study on the mineral status of beef and dairy cattle and buffalo in central Thailand

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A study on the mosquito emergence from the underground sewerage system in some areas of Delhi

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A study on the nutritional knowledge, food habits, food preferences and nutrient intakes of housewives living in an urban area and a rural area

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A study on the nutritive value of pollen from the Chinese Masson Pine (Pinus massoniana) and its effect on fecal characteristics in rats

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A study on the occurrence and control of Apamea sordida Hufn in Shanxi

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A Study on the Phylogeny of the Dyer's Woad Rust Fungus and Other Species of Puccinia from Crucifers

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A study on the physico-chemical speciation of heavy metals in waters of rivers, and lakes in the Changjiang River Valley, China

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A study on the physiological and biochemical effects of the new plant growth regulators ABTs No. 6 and No. 7 on increasing rape yield

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A study on the physiological characteristics of the water in excellent eucommia plant

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A study on the population dynamics of Rhopalosiphum padi on wheat

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A study on the possibility of early harvest of some second crop plants grown after wheat at Samsun

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A study on the possibility of expansion of the size of farm management in land extensive agriculture - reexamination of analytical models and a case study of rice farming in 'A' Prefecture of Kyushu region

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A study on the possibility of organic farming in central Taiwan

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A study on the possibility of using HPLC for the determination of 2,4-D in tomatoes

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A study on the possibility of using the tetrazolium and germination tests to detect irradiated wheat

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A study on the possibility of using yeast in animal nutrition. 1. The effects of bakers' yeast on ruminal fermentation and degradation

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A study on the prediction of the population dynamics of broad bean aphids

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A study on the preparation of direct vat lactic acid bacterial starter

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A study on the presence of Bacillus larvae spores carried by adult honey bees to identify colonies with clinical symptoms of American foulbrood disease

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A study on the preservation of Campylobacter jejuni

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A study on the prevalence of Stygeromyia maculosa (Diptera: Muscidae) in Tamil Nadu, India

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A study on the prevalence of coccidia and the distribution of coccidiosis in village chickens in South and East Kalimantan

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A study on the prevalence of mosquitoes in Faridabad

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A study on the production efficiency of 30 commercial pig herds. II. The relationship among production indices

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A study on the production of agricultural residues in Italy

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A study on the profitability of landscape tree culture. (I)

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A study on the project for agricultural development in the arid areas in Mexico

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A study on the proper planting density of the compact type maize varieties

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A study on the prospects for rearing calves under outdoor and indoor conditions

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A study on the pupation pattern of three pyralid caterpillars in a maize field

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A study on the quality classification of meat from the carcasses of 2-year-old purebred and crossbred bulls, and physical and chemical analysis of meat

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A study on the reasonable materials handling system of wooden furniture industries

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A study on the recent growing of a rapidly propagating olive cultivar mis-named improved Nabali and its effect on impeding the West Bank olive industry

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A study on the relation between bollworm incidence and precipitation in Fuyang District

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A study on the relationship between apple shoot-tip culture and explant excision time

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A study on the relationship between the quantity of honeydew and the rm of green peach aphid

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A study on the relationships between the growth of tea and endogenous hormones IAA and ABA

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A study on the resistance of diamondback moth to Bacillus thuringiensis in Guangdong

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A study on the resistance of some vinifera grape varieties to chlorosis grafted on Berlandieri x Rupestris 99R rootstock

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A study on the reuse of purified waste water. III. Remarks on the reuse

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A study on the rhythmic changes of phototactic behaviour and compound eye structure of adult corn borer

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A study on the role of neem, haldi, sajina and garlic oil (Nutriderm oilReg.) in pyoderma and infective dermatitis

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A study on the seed dormancy of Euonymus carnosus and its commutation

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A study on the selection of introduced good varieties of Morus alba L

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A study on the selective preference of food additives by Mus musculus (albino)

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A study on the soil and water conservation function of artificial Pinus tabulaeformis forests in a moderately calcareous mountainous region

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A study on the spatial distribution pattern of Cnidocampa flavescena (Walker) and its application

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A study on the stability of parameters in Grey forecasting models of malaria incidence

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A study on the stain-marking method for wild silkworms

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A study on the stone cells of pear fruits

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A study on the sugarcane weevil

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A study on the supplemental pollination of pistachios in the Mediterranean region

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A study on the technology and production costs of substrate culture of muskmelon

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A study on the technology of keeping fruits and vegetables fresh by utilizing natural cooling resource

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A study on the theory and strategy for food production in the suburbs of Beijing (II)

Zhu DeHui; Zhao ChunJiang; L.H.ngXiang, 1995:
A study on the theory and strategy for high yield in food production in Beijing suburbs

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A study on the transfer coefficient of caesium-137 in domestic milk

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A study on the types of symptom of maize yellow spot (Curvularia lunata)

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A study on the ultrastructure in microspores of Chinese cabbage at the early period of embryogenesis

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A study on the upland and beef mixed farming by a fuzzy possibility programming

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A study on the uptake of trivalent and hexavalent chromium by paddy (Oryza sativa): possible chemical modifications in rhizosphere

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A study on the use of futures markets to manage price risk of cattle and beef industry in the U.S. and Japan

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A study on the use of pea protein in a starter diet for calves

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A study on the use of wheat heterosis in the Beijing area - an analysis of heterosis in certain important wheat varieties and lines

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A study on the vector efficacy of Ctenophthalmus quadratus in the transmission of plague

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A study on the vibration of an elastic sphere

Yui, M., 1995:
A study on the visitor center of national park of the west in the United States

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A study on the water mites (Hydrachnellae, Acari) fauna of Sultan Sazlg (Kayseri)

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A study on the wheat productivity criteria for the breeding of drought tolerant cultivars

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A study on the wild resources of Abelia chinensis and its usage value in landscape architecture

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A study on the wood durability of short rotation eucalyptus plantation

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A study on the yield and quality of temperate grasses evaluated in Cuba

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A study on the yield-increasing effect of multiple trace element fertilizer containing chelated amino acids applied to cotton

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A study on thermophilic and thermotolerant microfungal flora of dung found in sheep and cow stables in some districts and villages of Erzurum province

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A study on three cestode species of subfamily Dipylidinae from stray cats of Tehran

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A study on tissue culture for micro-propagation of cut rose variety Samantha

Hua ZhiFu, 1995:
A study on tobacco seed disinfection

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A study on transferring of monoecious and virescent characters to the breeding lines of muskmelon (Cucumis melo L.)

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A study on transplanting grape plantlets cultured in vitro with a lump of soil supporting medium

Fang ShiJie, 1995:
A study on truck tail shaft

Wang MingJiu; M.C.angShong, 1994:
A study on two methods for estimating carrying capacity of grassland

Jiang XiaoMei; Zhang LiFei; Zhou Yin, 1995:
A study on tyloses and gums in the vessels of Chinese hardwoods

Chiou ChyiRong, 1997:
A study on using elevation and land use type distributions to establish the scheme of the working circles on the national forest land

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A study on using fertilizing without plough in bamboo plantations

Chiou ChyiRong, 1996:
A study on using the fuzzy multicriteria decision process for classifying Landsat TM data in areas of mountainous terrain

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A study on vibration and noise in wet multiple disc brakes

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A study on village classifications analysis from the regional resources in rural area

Chakrbarti, S.K.; Gaharwar, K.S., 1995:
A study on volume estimation for Indian teak

Chakrabarti, S.K.; Gaharwar, K.S., 1996:
A study on volume estimation of Pterocarpus marsupium

Yoshida, I.; Inosako, K., 1996:
A study on water quality of Lake Koyama

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A study on wheat growth and N balance under different irrigation and fertilizer treatments using 15N tracer

Liu ZhiYong; Sun QiXin, 1995:
A study on wheat male sterility induced by antibiotics including streptomycin

Kiec, J., 1995:
A study on wild oat (Avena fatua L.) biology. Part 1. Interspecies variability of wild oat

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A study on wood plastic composites

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A study on yield loss caused by sheath blight of medium rice

S.Q.; Duan YuQuin; Liu JinXu; L.Z.aoHai, 1994:
A study on zinc contents in feedstuffs for livestock and poultry in China

Esiyok, D., 1996:
A study to determine suitable broccoli cultivars in Bornova region

Akdag, C., 1997:
A study to determine suitable sowing dates for beans in Tokat

Currie, W.J., 1995:
A study to strengthen research/extension/information linkages for the support of agriculture in the South Pacific

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A study using fixed site trials on the combined application of potassium fertilizer and straw on major Henan soil types

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A style-specific 120-kDa glycoprotein enters pollen tubes of Nicotiana alata in vivo

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A subgenomic RNA associated with cherry leafroll virus infections

Beale, T.J.; Snijders, J.P., 1996:
A subregional development bank for southern Africa

Dreyer, L.L.; Marais, E.M.; Walt, J.J.A. van der, 1995:
A subspecific division of Pelargonium reniforme Curt. (Geraniaceae)

Anonymous, 1996:
A substitute for creme fraiche and buttermilk in dressings

Gray, N.F., 1996:
A substrate classification index for the visual assessment of the impact of acid mine drainage in lotic systems

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A subunit interaction in chloroplast ATP synthase determined by genetic complementation between chloroplast and bacterial ATP synthase genes

Shan Ren, 1994:
A success in extracting catechins from living cells at laboratories

Babylatha, A.K.; Amma, S.P.; Pushkaran, K.; Nalini, P.V., 1996:
A successful attempt on hybridization among banana cultivars

Deeprose, J., 1997:
A successful blend

Luo DaPeng; Shang LeYuan; Liu XiLi; You Xiance, 1996:
A successful control programme for falciparum malaria in Xinyang, China

Fitz Maurice, W.A.; Fitz Maurice, B., 1996:
A successful search for Mammillaria sinistrohamata Bod. and M. wagneriana Bod

Stohr, C.U.lrich, W., 1997:
A succinate-oxidising nitrate reductase is located at the plasma membrane of plant roots

Vicente, J.S.; Viudes-de-Castro, M.P., 1996:
A sucrose-DMSO extender for freezing rabbit semen

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A sucrose-rich diet affects triglyceride metabolism differently in pregnant and nonpregnant rats and has negative effects on fetal growth

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A sudden death syndrome induced in poults and chicks fed diets containing Fusarium fujikuroi with known concentrations of moniliformin

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A sugar transporter from Medicago truncatula: altered expression pattern in roots during vesicular-arbuscular (VA) mycorrhizal associations

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A suitability assessment of a drill with band sowing assembly for sowing haricot bean seeds

Pandey, D.K., 1996:
A suitable liquid preservative for enhancing longevity of orthodox seeds

Suwan, N.; Rongsriyam, Y.; Tippawangkosol, P.; Choochote, W., 1993:
A suitable technique for in vitro development of Dirofilaria immitis from the second stage larvae to the infective larvae

Niemann, P.; Biller, R.H., 1996:
A suitable technique for the implementation of photocontrol of annual weeds

Ben Ya' acov, A., 1995:
A sum-up of experiments with seedling avocado rootstock and scion sources. III. Selection of West Indian seedling rootstocks for the Ettinger cultivar

Ben Ya' acov, A., 1996:
A sum-up of experiments with seedling avocado rootstocks and scion sources. IV. Selection of Mexican seedling rootstocks for the Ettinger cultivar

Pagan, J.D.; Jackson, S.G.; Caddel, S., 1996:
A summary of growth rate in Thoroughbreds in Kentucky

Pagan, J.D.; Jackson, S.G.; Caddel, S., 1996:
A summary of growth rates of Thoroughbreds in Kentucky

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A super win

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A survey of healthy native stocks of anadromous salmonids in the Pacific Northwest and California

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A survey of identified kairomones and synomones used by insect parasitoids to locate and accept their hosts

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A survey of insects and population fluctuations of pests occurring on cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.) in Rio Branco (AC)

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A survey of levels of radioactivity in UK produced beverages

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A survey of line clearance operations in Kansas

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A survey of manpower in the hospitality industry in Antalya

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A survey of milk freezing point of dairy cows and goats

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A survey of natural radionuclides in UK and European beers

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A survey of plants for presence of cholinesterase activity

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A survey of plants used in Jordanian traditional medicine

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A survey of poplar sawmills in Hainaut, Belgium

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A survey of radiocaesium contamination levels and estimations of dietary intake of edible wild fungi

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A survey of solid products from starch hydrolysis

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A survey of sperm mediated DNA-transfer in farm animals

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A survey of student assessment in hospitality education: implications for the future

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A survey of studies on the reduction of vibration of high handled chainsaws

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A survey of study and utilization of wild fruits in Yunnan province

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A survey of subterranean system of monopodial bamboo stand

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A survey of the Drosophila (Diptera: Drosophilidae) of Castle Eden Dene, county Durham

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A survey of the MIA mouse plague

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A survey of the amount of soil mineral nitrogen in UK fruit plantations

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A survey of the conditions for cultivation and production of organic cotton in Bajo Mayo in the province of San Martin, Peru

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A survey of the dynamics of the organization of inhabited space in a village in North Vietnam

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A survey of the flora and fauna of Pulau Punyit, Brunei Darussalam

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A survey of the galls occurring at Pershore College of Horticulture

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A survey of the genus Festuca L. (Poaceae) in Italy. I. The species of the summit flora in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and Apuan Alps

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A survey of the goat genome transcribed in the lactating mammary gland

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A survey of the incidence of root rot disease of cotton in Sindh

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A survey of the nutritional status of vineyards in some denomination of origin zones of Tuscany in order to interpret soil and leaf analysis data

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A survey of the occurrence of native vegetation remnants on Mauritius in 1993

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A survey of the presence of a new infectious bronchitis virus designated 4/91 (793B)

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A survey of the present-day supply of fortified food products in Germany

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A survey of the quality of mechanised log making in New Zealand

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A survey of the quality of soyabean seeds produced in the state of Mato Grosso

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A survey of the reproductive biology of the Myrtoideae (Myrtaceae)

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A survey of the reproductive status of dairy cows and its relationship with blood parameters and general and gynaecological condition. An explorative data analysis

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A survey of the selenium status of beef cows in Alberta

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A survey of the species of Myrmica belonging to the groups rubra, rugosa, arnoldii, luteola and schencki (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) from the central and eastern Palaearctic

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A survey of the use of natural heritage data in local land-use planning

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A survey of the wood anatomy of the Araliaceae

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A survey of ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) from Zham, Tibet, China

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A survey of weeds associated with irrigation canals and adjacent inundated rice fields at Finca El Cerrito, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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A survey of wild bees in the Zona da Mata of Minas Gerais I. Pasture in the Vicosa region (Hymenoptera, Apoidea)

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A survey on Cantabrian mires (Spain)

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A survey on cold resistance of pear resources and transfer of cold resistance and other superior properties in Nanguo pear to its F1 hybridized descendants (P. ussuriensis Maxim.)

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A survey on concrete floors in pig houses and their degradation

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A survey on crop protection practices of redgram farmers of Basavanapalya village in Magadi Takuk, Karnataka

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A survey on red rice infestation and its effect on the yield of paddy in farmers' fields

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A survey on the Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. of Cucurbitaceae

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A survey on the bloodsucking activities of tabanids in the mountains of Fujian Province, China

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A survey on the colony distribution of rock bees, Apis dorsata Fab. on different colour backgrounds

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A survey on the distribution of vascular epiphytes of East Sikkim forest with reference to host specificity

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A survey on the existence of competition from wild oat in fields of winter cereals in north Jiangsu province

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A survey on the mutation of plantlets regenerated from multiple shoots in strawberry

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A survey on the occurrence and flight periods of fruit fly species (Diptera: Tephritidae) in a fruit growing area in southwest Nicaragua, 1994/95

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A survey on the parasitic protozoa of rodents from Xiamen Offujian province and Tacheng of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China

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A survey on the status of Pego do Altar reservoir: a tool for its effective management

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A survey on the use of medication during caesarean section in the cow

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A survey on virus and virus diseases of sweet and sour cherry in Albania

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A survey portfolio for the characterization of rice pest constraints

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A survey study for the appraisals of some wool traits in Barki sheep along the north-western desert of Egypt

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A survey study on the starch, protein and lipids of vegetative parts of corn plant in comparison with those in corn grain

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A survey to assess the extent of soil water erosion in lowland England and Wales

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A survival strategy

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A survival study of Escherichia coli in a South African river using membrane diffusion chambers

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A suspected plasmagene as the cause of a new melon mosaic disease in China

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A sustainable future for Melanesia? Natural resources, population and development

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A sustainable integrated farming system for drylands

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A sustainable rural economy

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A sustainable transport policy for tourism on small islands: a case study of Malta

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A swarm of tasty treats

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A sweet idea for export

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A sweet solution

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A sweet, cold world

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A swivelling and self-levelling forestry machine cab

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A symbolic framework for the description of tree architecture models

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A symmetric approach to Canadian meat demand estimation

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A symposium on the informal sector: a survival or a chance for the future?

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A syndrome of multiorgan hyperplasia with features of gigantism, tumorigenesis, and female sterility in p27Kip1-deficient mice

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A synonym for Triatoma melanosoma Martinez, Olmedo & Carcavallo, 1987 (Hemiptera, Reduviidae)

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A synopsis of 10 years' measurement of deposition in German forests, S.L.J.; A.S.ehbaz, I.A., 1997:
A synopsis of Arabidopsis (Brassicaceae)

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A synopsis of Dryadorchis Schltr. (Orchidaceae)

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A synopsis of Ipomoea (Convolvulaceae) in the Americas

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A synopsis of Jacquinia (Theophrastaceae) in the Antilles and South America

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A synopsis of Korthalsella (Viscaceae)

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A synopsis of Stephanopodium (Dichapetalaceae)

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A synopsis of information on the Russian wheat aphid, Diuraphis noxia (Mordwilko). (Revised edition)

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A synopsis of the Rhigonematidae (Nematoda), with an outline classification of the Rhigonematida

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A synopsis of the Rhigonematoidea (Nematoda), parasites of diplopods

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A synopsis of the genera Pomaderris, Siegfriedia, Spyridium and Trymalium (Rhamnaceae) in Western Australia

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A synopsis of the genus Dalbergia (Fabaceae: Dalbergieae) in Brazil

Eggli, Urs, 1997:
A synopsis of woody Portulacaceae in Madagascar

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