A survey of cultivated oaks (Quercus) of the subgenus Cyclobalanopsis

Muir, N.

New Plantsman 3(4): 216-236


ISSN/ISBN: 1352-4186
Accession: 002743843

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Of the 2 subgenera comprising Quercus, Cyclobalanopsis and Quercus, the former is by far the smaller. It is endemic only to E. and SE Asia and the lower Himalayan ranges, but from warm temperate zones to beyond the equator within this region its members are the only species of Quercus that occur. Cyclobalanopsis comprises some 90 species which, where truly native, form an important component of the natural and planted landscape. All members of the subgenus are evergreen and their acorns mostly ripen in the first year. Of the 27 subsections, only 5 are represented in British collections covering some 7 species. Cyclobalanopsis species have been greatly valued in Japanese horticulture and their cultivation has gradually gained international interest. They are considered attractive evergreens for both private gardens and public areas. Nine species grown in the British Isles and western Europe are described with advice on cultivation.