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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2745

Chapter 2745 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Smith, N.D.; Kocienski, P.J.; Street, S.D.A., 1996:
A synthesis of (+)-herboxidiene A

Shing, T.K.M.; Yang Jun, 1995:
A synthesis of (+)-oblongolide

H.T.eLok; Chein RongJie, 1997:
A synthesis of 6-myoporol

Wikel, S.K., 1996:
A synthesis of current concepts regarding the immunology of the host-arthropod interface

Harrington, D.H.; Reinsel, R.D., 1995:
A synthesis of forces driving structural change

Kulik, A.V., 1993:
A synthetic 'cobweb' as a capture belt

Zhong XiQiong; Y.Z.enBang, 1996:
A synthetic appraisal of drought-resistance of sugarcane and its drought-resistant physiology indexes

Kim YoungKyoon, 1995:
A synthetic approach towards crotonitenone

Hammond, J.M.; Oke, P.G.; Coupar, B.E.H., 1997:
A synthetic vaccinia virus promoter with enhanced early and late activity

Charron, C.S.; Cantliffe, D.J.; Wheeler, R.M.; Manukian, A.; Heath, R.R.; Wheeler, R.M., 1996:
A system and methodology for measuring volatile organic compounds produced by hydroponic lettuce in a controlled environment

Bekhta, P., 1995:
A system approach the investigation of particleboard

Frydendal, I.; Jorgensen, L.B., 1996:
A system for automatic measurement of beet top in the tarehouse

Akhatova, I.A., 1995:
A system for breeding horses for dairy purposes

Bjorneberg, D.; Kanwar, R.; Melvin, S., 1994:
A system for collecting subsurface tile flow data

Lee KyeongHak, 1995:
A system for evaluation and allocation of forest functions

Kindiger, B.; Dewald, C., 1996:
A system for genetic change in apomictic eastern gamagrass

Goettlein A.; Hell U.; Blasek R., 1996:
A system for microscale tensiometry and lysimetry

Chen Jian; Chen ZhongHui; Castelli, G.; Vaccaroni, M., 1997:
A system for selecting crops and farm machinery

Kelly, P.J.; Palmer, A.L., 1996:
A system for the measurement and analysis of the spatial distribution of seeds from seed meters

Faulds, W.; Crabtree, R., 1995:
A system for using a Malaise trap in the forest canopy

Ikeda, Yukihiro, 1997:
A system for year-round flowering of Lilium rubellum Baker by manipulating chilling temperatures, storage duration, and planting time

Kaila, S., 1996:
A system model based on aggregation for comparing outcomes and costs in artificial forest regeneration

Kovalenkov, V.G.; Tiurina, N.M., 1996:
A system of biocoenotic monitoring of resistance of harmful and beneficial arthropods to pesticides (on the basis of studies in the northern Caucasus region of Russia and Tajikistan)

Anonymous, 1996:
A system of economic accounts for food and agriculture

Marczuk, A., 1995:
A system of efficiently planning transport operations connected with the purchase of grain. The effects of store localization on transport costs

Alekperov, C.; Barukhin, F.; Ben Asher, J.; Ephrath, J., 1995:
A system of microirrigation for optimum fertilizing study in Hippeastrum spp

Chkhaidze, G.I., 1991:
A system of tea-plantation pruning under the conditions of the USSR subtropics

Gulin, S.D.; Shul' gin, V.V.; Yakovlev, S.A., 1996:
A system of warming up an engine with a heat accumulator

Cui ShiYou, 1995:
A system theory of comprehensive agricultural productivity

Reichard, D.; Zhu, H.D.wner, R.; Fox, R.; Brazee, R.; Ozkan, H.; Hall, F., 1996:
A system to evaluate shear effects on spray drift retardant performance

Law, J.; Buist, G.; Haandrikman, A.; Kok, J.; Venema, G.; Leenhouts, K., 1995:
A system to generate chromosomal mutations in Lactococcus lactis which allows fast analysis of targeted genes

Moncrieff, J.; Massheder, J.; Bruin, H.D.; Elbers, J.F.iborg, T.H.usinkveld, B.K.bat,, S.S.egaard, H.V.rhoef, A., 1997:
A system to measure surface fluxes of momentum, sensible heat, water vapour and carbon dioxide

Reichard, D.L.; Zhu, H., 1996:
A system to measure viscosities of spray mixtures at high shear rates

Viljoen, J.P.S.; Vermaas, H.F.; Welling, J., 1995:
A systematic approach to kiln drying: proposal to improve final lumber quality and minimise drying time

Wang HsiaoLin, 1996:
A systematic approach to natural recreational resource management

Peppelenbos, H.W., 1995:
A systematic approach to research on modified atmosphere packaging of produce

Liu, Z.; Cashion, L.M.; Twu, J.J., 1997:
A systematic comparison of relative promoter/enhancer activities in mammalian cell lines

Carbonara, S.; Fano, G. de, 1996:
A systematic representation of metropolitan areas: the case of the Central Apulia system

Zaat, J.O.M.; Mank, T.G.; Assendelft, W.J.J., 1997 :
A systematic review on the treatment of giardiasis

Sonke, B.; Simo, A.K., 1996:
A systematic revision of the genus Rothmannia (Rubiaceae-Gardeniae) in Cameroon

Azcan, N.; Kara, M.; Baser, K.H.C.; Krmer, N.; Kurkcuoglu, M.; Ozek, T.; Gulbaba, G.; Aslan, S.; Gunses, K., 1995:
A systematic study of essential oils of Eucalyptus species grown in Turkey

Barker, N.P., 1995:
A systematic study of the genus Pseudopentameris (Arundinoideae: Poaceae)

M.Y.n; Chen JunYu, 1995:
A systematic study on breeding cultivars for establishing a new rose group-rejuvenation rose group (Rj.)

Li, H.; Zheng, Z., 1996:
A systematic study on the genus Dichomeris Hubner, 1818 from China (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)

Rodman, J.H.; Robbins, B.; Flynn, P.M.; Fridland, A., 1996:
A systemic and cellular model for zidovudine plasma concentrations and intracellular phosphorylation in patients

Beauregard, R.; Beaudoin, M.; Ait Kadi, D.; Mongeau, J.P., 1997:
A systemic modeling approach to reengineering sawmills: a supplier's perspective

Edgerton, B.; Webb, R.; Wingfield, M., 1997:
A systemic parvo-like virus in the freshwater crayfish Cherax destructor

Rey, B.D.s, S., 1997:
A systems analysis of inter-annual changes in the pattern of sheep flock productivity in Tanzanian livestock research centres

Alvo, P.; Savoie, P.; Tremblay, D.; Emond, J.P.; Turcotte, G., 1996:
A systems approach for the evaluation of ethanol production based on forages

Aggarwal, P.K.; Kalra, N.; Bandyopadhyay, S.K.; Selvarajan, S., 1995:
A systems approach to analyse production options for wheat in India

Lauwers, L.H.ylenbroeck, G.V.n; Martens, L., 1998:
A systems approach to analyse the effects of Flemish manure policy on structural changes and cost abatement in pig farming

Geerligs, J.W.G.; Ensing Wijn, M.E.; Lith, J.H., 1996:
A systems approach to regional knowledge networks

Parnell, C.B.J.; Lesikar, B.J.; Shaw, B.W., 1994:
A systems approach to regulating air pollution from grain handling facilities

Hansen, J.; Jones, J., 1996:
A systems framework for characterizing farm sustainability

Scolnik, P.A.; Bartley, G.E., 1996:
A table of some cloned plant genes involved in isoprenoid biosynthesis

Suszkiw, J., 1997:
A tag-team knockout for fungi

Nash, N., 1997:
A tale of two epis

Mount, H.; Paetzold, R.F.; Cortes Colon, M., 1997:
A tale of two hurricanes on St. John Island

Civeyrel, L.; Simberloff, D., 1996:
A tale of two snails: is the cure worse than the disease?

Siracusa, L.D.; McGrath, R.; Ma, Q.; Moskow, J.J.; Manne, J.; Christner, P.J.; Buchberg, A.M.; Jimenez, S.A., 1996:
A tandem duplication within the fibrillin 1 gene is associated with the mouse tight skin mutation

Accili, D.; Fishburn, C.S.; Drago, J.; Steiner, H.; Lachowicz, J.E.; Park, B.H.; Gauda, E.B.; Lee, E.J.; Cool, M.H.; Sibley, D.R.; Gerfen, C.R.; Westphal, H.; Fuchs, S., 1996:
A targeted mutation of the D3 dopamine receptor gene is associated with hyperactivity in mice

Stonehouse, D.P., 1996:
A targeted policy approach to inducing improved rates of conservation compliance in agriculture

Segall, B., 1997:
A taste of the Mediterranean

Fowler, P., 1996:
A taste of things to come: changes in European agricultural policy and their impact on the South

Ropa, D., 1996:
A tasty team: raisins and confection

Kelley, C.L.; Marquette, R.P., 1996:
A tax primer for bed and breakfasts

Yue, Q.; Fang, Q.C.eng; Liang,, 1996:
A taxane-11,12-oxide from Taxus yunnanensis

Yao, X.; Taylor, T.; Taylor, E., 1997:
A taxodiaceous seed cone from the Triassic of Antarctica

Morita, H.; Wei Lan; Gonda, A.; Takeya, K.; Itokawa, H., 1997:
A taxoid from Taxus cuspidata var. nana

Dowe, J.L.; Cabalion, P., 1996:
A taxonomic account of Arecaceae in Vanuatu, with descriptions of three new species

Friesen, N., 1996:
A taxonomic and chorological revision of the genus Allium L. sect. Schoenoprasum Dumort

Turner, H.; Ham, R.W.J.M. van der, 1996:
A taxonomic and pollen morphological revision of the genus Gongrodiscus (Sapindaceae)

Magnusson, C.; Kulinich, O.A., 1996:
A taxonomic appraisal of the original description, morphology and status of Bursaphelenchus kolymensis Korentchenko, 1980 (Aphelenchida: Aphelenchoididae)

Chaudhary, L.B., 1996:
A taxonomic evaluation of Lotus corniculatus Linn. (Leguminosae-Papilionoideae) in India

Munir, A.A., 1996:
A taxonomic review of Lantana camara L. and L. montevidensis (Spreng.) Briq. (Verbenaceae) in Australia

Baldizzone, G., 1996:
A taxonomic review of the Coleophoridae (Lepidoptera) of Australia

Rye, B.L., 1996:
A taxonomic review of the genera Lachnostachys, Newcastelia and Physopsis (Chloanthaceae) in Western Australia

Forster, P.I., 1995:
A taxonomic revision of Calycopeplus Planch. (Euphorbiaceae)

Heenan, P.B., 1996:
A taxonomic revision of Carmichaelia (Fabaceae-Galegeae) in New Zealand (part II)

Archer, R.H.; Wyk, A.E. van, 1997:
A taxonomic revision of Cassine L. s. str. (Cassinoideae: Celastraceae)

Assadi, M., 1996:
A taxonomic revision of Elymus sect. Caespitosae and sect. Elytrigia (Poaceae, Triticeae) in Iran

Craven, L.A., 1996:
A taxonomic revision of Heliotropium (Boraginaceae) in Australia

Archer, R.H.; Wyk, A.E. van, 1997:
A taxonomic revision of Robsonodendron, a new genus in the Cassinoideae (Celastraceae)

Marr, K.L.; Bohm, B.A., 1997:
A taxonomic revision of the endemic Hawaiian Lysimachia (Primulaceae) including three new species

Hill, K.D., 1996:
A taxonomic revision of the genus Cycas (Cycadaceae) in Australia

Andersen, N.M.; Chen PingPing, 1995:
A taxonomic revision of the ptilomerine genus Rhyacobates Esaki (Hemiptera: Gerridae), with five new species from China and adjacent countries

X.ZhengHui, 1996:
A taxonomic study of the ant genus Pachycondyla from China (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Ponerinae)

Yin HuiFen; Huang FuSheng, 1996:
A taxonomic study on Chinese Polygraphus Erichson with descriptions of three new species and a new subspecies (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

Liu, M.J.; Cheng, C.Y., 1995:
A taxonomic study on the genus Ziziphus

Andrassy, I., 1993:
A taxonomic survey of the family Anatonchidae (Nematoda)

Mosyakin, S.L., 1996:
A taxonomic synopsis of the genus Salsola (Chenopodiaceae) in North America

Binggeli, Pierre, 1996:
A taxonomic, biogeographical and ecological overview of invasive woody plants

Sariscsany, M.J., 1996:
A teacher development workshop

Baldwin, F.L.; Gealy, D.R.; GuyC.B.Jr.; Talbert, R.E., 1996:
A team approach to improved weed management in rice

Santos, S.L.M. dos; Machado, C.C.; Leite, H.G., 1995:
A technical and economic analysis of Eucalyptus extraction in plain areas with a forwarder

Valverde, S.R.; Machado, C.C.; de Rezende, J.L.P.; Souza, A.P. de; Antiqueira, A.C., 1996:
A technical and economical analysis of timber skidding using a skidder in a full tree harvesting system

Green, T.; Hall, D., 1991:
A technical and social appraisal of the LHDA community forestry project proposal

Davies, H.M.S., 1996:
A technical report on the distribution of strain in the hoof wall of a standing horse before and after trimming

Rivas Platero, G.G., 1997:
A technical sheet. Mycorrhizas

Sebesta, Z.; Snipen, L.; Kristoffersen, B.; Omre, J.C., 1995:
A technical, biological, and economic comparison of different growing and heating systems in greenhouse rose production, based on model calculations

Bedi, J.S.; Ravinder Kaur; Sokhi, S.S., 1995:
A technique for axenic culture of Puccinia romagnoliana - a potential bioherbicide for purple nutsedge

Bangi, A.P.; Bello, E.D.; Bramhall, G., 1991:
A technique for calculating kiln-schedule modifications to reduce kiln-drying time of some Philippine lumber species

Sugito, Y., 1996:
A technique for cultivating strawberry plants (Fragaria sp.) in pots

Gates, R.S.; Taraba, J.L.; Ferguson, N.S.; Turner, L.W., 1997:
A technique for determining ammonia equilibrium and volatilization from broiler litter

Wen, D.; Hetzel, G.H.; Perumpral, J.V., 1994:
A technique for determining tractor axle housing strength for adding ROPS on older tractors

Bush, Mitchell, 1996:
A technique for endotracheal intubation of nondomestic bovids and cervids

X.J.ngYou; Tong YuHui; Wang ZhangMing; Yang QiuPing; W.Z.engWang, 1995:
A technique for inoculation of rice Phyllosticta leaf blight

Duay, P.R., 1996:
A technique for installing mating nuclei with Africanized honey bees

Khitrov, N.B.; Chechuyeva, O.A., 1995:
A technique for interpreting the macroscopic and microscopic structure of soil

Bedi, J.S.; Donchev, N., 1995:
A technique for macroconidia production by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. orthoceras, a biocontrol agent for orobanche

Shahar, R.; Shamir, M.; Johnston, D.E., 1997:
A technique for management of bite wounds of the thoracic wall in small dogs

Rew, L.J.; Cussans, G.W.; Mugglestone, M.A.; Miller, P.C.H., 1996:
A technique for mapping the spatial distribution of Elymus repens, with estimates of the potential reduction in herbicide usage from patch spraying

Goodin, D.G.; Henebry, G.M., 1997:
A technique for monitoring ecological disturbance in tallgrass prairie using seasonal NDVI trajectories and a discriminant function mixture model

Ferreira, A.V.; Van Der Merwe, H.J.; Slippers, S.C., 1996:
A technique for obtaining liver biopsies from mature sheep

Eriksson, G., 1996:
A technique for screening of drought tolerance in Quercus suber

Zoysa, A.K.N.; Loganathan, P.; Hedley, M.J., 1997:
A technique for studying rhizosphere processes in tree crops: soil phosphorus depletion around camellia (Camellia japonica L.) roots

Mejias Guisado, A.; Chacon Ortega, A.; Macarro Carillo, M.J., 1993:
A technique for the future: solarization. Control of the root knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) using solar energy

Six, D.L.; Paine, T.D., 1996:
A technique for the introduction of fungi to bark beetle mycangia

Strong, D.T.; Sale, P.W.G.; Helyar, K.R., 1997:
A technique for the non-destructive measurement of nitrate in small soil volumes

Fourie, A.B.; Papageorgiou, G., 1995:
A technique for the rapid determination of the moisture retention relationship and hydraulic conductivity of unsaturated soils

Benjamin, L.; Peach, L.W.erden, I.-Van; Oppelaar, A., 1996:
A technique to estimate the radial extent of active mineral absorption by individual plants in carrot stands

Zwieniecki, M.; Boersma, L., 1997:
A technique to measure root tip hydraulic conductivity and root water potential simultaneously

Mott, L.; Shaler, S.M.; Groom, L.H., 1996:
A technique to measure strain distributions in single wood pulp fibers

Bobrowski, V.L.; Eckert, M.I.; Viegas, J.; Augustin, E.; Peters, J.A., 1996:
A technique to obtain metaphasic chromosomes in asparagus (Asparagus officinalis L.) spear cells

Nagorcka, B.N.; Dollin, A.E.; Hollis, D.E.; Beaton, C.D., 1995:
A technique to quantify and characterize the density of fibres and follicles in the skin of sheep

Miller, H.L.; Porter, D.R., 1997:
A technique to quantitatively measure the leaf streaking symptom of Russian wheat aphid infestation

Gregg, D.; Saddler, J.N., 1996:
A techno-economic assessment of the pretreatment and fractionation steps of a biomass-to-ethanol process

Warner, W.; England, J., 1995:
A technological science perspective for sociology

Rybak, M.; Muszynska, J.; Skubida, P.; Marcinkowski, J., 1995:
A technology for bee venom collection

Cooper, D.J.; Erickson, J.R., 1996:
A technology vision and research agenda for America's forest, wood, and paper industry

Dutil, L.; Belanger, D.; Couillard, C.M., 1997:
A telephone survey of eel fishermen regarding external lesions and mortalities of American eels (Anguilla rostrata) from Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River basin, Canada

Dumont, G., 1996:
A telephone survey on attitudes of pet owners and non-owners to dogs and cats in Belgian cities

Stamp, Nancy E., 1993:
A temperate region view of the interaction of temperature, food quality, and predators on caterpillar foraging

Panneton, B.; S.L.urent, G.; Boivin, G., 1995:
A temperature control system for the study of insect cold resistance

Shelton, W.L.; Mims, S.D.; Clark, J.A.; Hiott, A.E.; Wang, C., 1997:
A temperature-dependent index of mitotic interval ( tau 0) for chromosome manipulation in paddlefish and shovelnose sturgeon

Herman, J.D.; Waites, J.E.; Ponitz, R.M.; Etzler, P., 1994:
A temporal and spatial resolution remote sensing study of a Michigan Superfund site

Lehman, P.S.; Smith, W.W.; Inserra, R.N., 1996:
A ten-year assessment of benefits to the citrus nursery and soil pit industries in Florida from regulatory research on Tylenchulus species

Xu, S.; Xia, Z.; Zhan, F.; Xu, L., 1995:
A ten-year follow-up observation on serum antibody level in schistosomiasis patients treated with praziquantel

Horak, I.G.; Fourie, L.J.; Boomker, J., 1997:
A ten-year study of ixodid tick infestations of bontebok and grey rhebok in the Western Cape Province, South Africa

Lucas, P., 1996:
A tendency for production costs to decrease

Tokunaga, Tk, 1997:
A tensiometer for measuring hydraulic potentials on surfaces of porous rock

Zhao ShuKai, 1995:
A tentative analysis of the autonomous mechanism of migration of rural labour

Chagnon, R.; Vincent, C., 1996:
A test bench for vacuuming insects from plants

Mazhowu, G.W.A.; Ushewokunze Obatolu, U., 1996:
A test for acaricide resistance in cattle ticks in Zimbabwe

Swinton, S.M.; Lyford, C.P., 1996:
A test for choice between hyperbolic and sigmoidal models of crop yield response to weed density

Boning, R.A.; Bultman, T.L., 1996:
A test for constitutive and induced resistance by tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea) to an insect herbivore: impact of the fungal endophyte, Acremonium coenophialum

Morris, T.R.; Sharp, P.J.; Butler, E.A., 1995:
A test for photorefractoriness in high-producing stocks of laying pullets

Schoefl, U.A.; Zinkernagel, V., 1997:
A test method based on microscopic assessments to determine curative and protectant fungicide properties against Septoria tritici

Nelson, M.D.; Buech, R.R., 1996:
A test of 3 models of Kirtland's warbler habitat suitability

Seibert, J.; Bishop, K.H.; Nyberg, L., 1997:
A test of TOPMODEL's ability to predict spatially distributed groundwater levels

Brzeski, V.J.; Doyle, R.W., 1995:
A test of an on-farm selection procedure for tilapia growth in Indonesia

Angelovicova, M.; Michalik, I., 1997:
A test of enzymic preparation in relation to performance and commercial utilization of feeds in broiler chickens

Mansor Jusoh; Jaafar, A.H., 1994:
A test of estimation efficiency differential: comparison of several groups of firms

Akers, RP.; Getz, WM., 1992:
A test of identified response classes among olfactory receptor neurons in the honey-bee worker

Tahar, G., 1995:
A test of interdependence between urban-rural migrations and unemployment

Williams, Trevor, 1996:
A test of kin recognition in a heteronomous hyperparasitoid

Brack, C.L.; Marshall, P.L., 1996:
A test of knowledge-based forest operations scheduling procedures

Preszler, R.W.; Price, P.W., 1995:
A test of plant-vigor, plant-stress, and plant-genotype effects on leaf-miner oviposition and performance

Carlson, W., 1995:
A test of pollen competition using TB-9Sb

Coleman, R.A.; Barker, A.M.; Fenner, M., 1997:
A test of possible indirect mediation of wound-induced resistance in cabbage against Pieris brassicae

Wiant, H.V.J.; Cristan, R.R., 1991:
A test of quick estimates of merchantable logs and tree grades

Wilson, J.B.; Allen, R.B.; Hewitt, A.E., 1996:
A test of the Humped-back theory of species richness in New Zealand native forest

Cintra, Renato, 1997:
A test of the Janzen-Connell model with two common tree species in Amazonian forest

Schmitt, J.; Mccormac, A.C.; Smith, H., 1995:
A test of the adaptive plasticity hypothesis using transgenic and mutant plants disabled in phytochrome-mediated elongation responses to neighbors

Kenny, Neil T., 1996:
A test of the general-purpose genotype hypothesis in sexual and asexual Erigeron species

Bindi, M.; Porter, J.R., 1994:
A test of the growth simulation model AFRCWHEAT2 on winter wheat varieties grown in extreme climatic conditions

Smith, David L., 1996:
A test of the herbivore optimization hypothesis using muskoxen and a graminoid meadow plant community

Paris, Q.; Giardini, G., 1994:
A test of the law of the minimum

Dye, C.; Lines, J.D.; Curtis, C.F., 1996:
A test of the malaria strain theory

Fielding, C.A.; Coulson, J.C., 1995:
A test of the validity of insect food-plant and life-history records: Lepidoptera on heather (Calluna vulgaris)

Papaioannou, A.; Theodorakis, Y., 1996:
A test of three models for the prediction of intention for participation in physical education lessons

Kantrud, H.A.; Newton, W.E., 1996:
A test of vegetation-related indicators of wetland quality in the prairie pothole region

Dong ShuangLin; M.L.Hua; L.C.unHua, 1996:
A test on the resistance of Bt transgenic cotton to cotton bollworm, corn borer and black cutworm

Zhao MingLi; Qiao Feng; Gao ShuTing; Shi YanSheng; Zhao NaSiTu; Dong ZhongFu; Hao Jun; D.S.enYun, 1994:
A test on the use of rodenticides against Microtus brandti

Ren LuQuan; Cong Qian; W.L.anKui; Fang Ying, 1997:
A test study on adhesion and resistance reduction of bionic nonsmooth bulldozing plates

Garedal, L.; Lundegardh, B., 1997:
A test system with limited beds for evaluation of growing methods, applied to ecologically cultivated greenhouse tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Booth, C., 1995:
A test to determine the response of Pinus radiata to the application of nitrogen

Ivanovic Marincovich, D.; Castro Gómez, C.G.; Ivanovic Marincovich, R., 1997:
A test to measure the degree of knowledge on food and nutrition at the onset of elementary school

Martin, S.K.; Lewers, K.S.; Palmer, R.G.; Hedges, B.R., 1996:
A testcross procedure for selecting exotic strains to improve pure-line cultivars in predominantly self-fertilizing species

Lee, K.; Fajardo, M.A.; Braun, R.E., 1996:
A testis cytoplasmic RNA-binding protein that has the properties of a translational repressor

Ramakrishnan, G.; Vines, R.R.; Mann, B.J.; Petri, W.A., 1997:
A tetracycline-inducible gene expression system in Entamoeba histolytica

Pinto, A.C.; Antunes, O.A.C.; Pizzolatti, M.G.; Rumjanek, V.M., 1996:
A tetranorfriedolabdane diterpene from Vellozia stipitata

Vegad, J.L., 1995:
A textbook of veterinary general pathology

Weckerle, K., 1996:
A theme for the next decade: sport - movement - health

Tanaka, A., 1995:
A theoretical analysis of the influence of the soil's water retentivity and conductivity on water supplying power

Galetto, A., 1995:
A theoretical analysis of the intensification of milk production systems

Levedahl, Jw, 1995:
A theoretical and empirical evaluation of the functional forms used to estimate the food expenditure equation of food stamp recipients

Alston Mills, B.P.; Thompson, M.P., 1996:
A theoretical approach to possible biological functions of the milk-whey proteins, alpha -lactalbumin and beta -lactoglobulin

Perkins, P.V., 1996:
A theoretical approach to the assessment of boron phytotoxicity resulting from the amelioration of minespoil with pulverised fuel ash

Yang, J.; Prince, S.D., 1997:
A theoretical assessment of the relation between woody canopy cover and red reflectance

Clark, R.; Dahua, Z., 1995:
A theoretical ballast and traction model for a wide span tractor

Sweeting, T., 1995:
A theoretical base for using environmental design

Guthery, F.; Bingham, R., 1996:
A theoretical basis for study and management of trampling by cattle

Wegrzyn, S., 1996:
A theoretical basis to estimate genetic variance components in the factorial mating design

Nakano, T., 1996:
A theoretical description of creep behavior during water desorption

Sheley, R.L.; Svejcar, T.J.; Maxwell, B.D., 1996 :
A theoretical framework for developing successional weed management strategies on rangeland

Holt, R.D.; Polis, G.A., 1997:
A theoretical framework for intraguild predation

Rossiter David G., 1996:
A theoretical framework for land evaluation

Beal, D., 1996:
A theoretical market model for national parks of different ecological character managed by one agency

Hirata, T.M.kino, Y.I.hikawa, Y.K.tsuura, S.H.segawa, Y., 1996:
A theoretical model for designing modified atmosphere packaging with a perforation

Steege, M.W. ter; Stulen, I., 1997:
A theoretical model for explaining the effect of physical manipulation on nitrate uptake in spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.)

Makino, Y.; Iwasaki, K.; Hirata, T., 1996:
A theoretical model for oxygen consumption in fresh produce under an atmosphere with carbon dioxide

L.W.i; Dong RenJie; Tang ChuZhou; Zhang ShuMin, 1997:
A theoretical model of thermal environment in solar plastic greenhouses with one-slope

Sani, L.; Gregori, E., 1997:
A theoretical predictive model for afforestation in the Trifinio area of central America

Stannard, D.I., 1997:
A theoretically based determination of Bowen-ratio fetch requirements

Sidahmed, Mm, 1996 :
A theory for predicting the size and velocity of droplets from pressure nozzles

Chambers, M.J.; Bailey, R.E., 1996:
A theory of commodity price fluctuations

Kinnucan, H.W.; Hui Xiao, 1996:
A theory of nonprice export promotion with application to USDA's subsidy programs

Dang GuoYin, 1996:
A theory of social stability and it application to rural social analysis

Cabrera, M.C.; Real del Sol, E.; Ortega, O.; Ortega, A.; Espinosa, B.; Martinez, G., 1996:
A therapeutic powdered product

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A tractor-mounted irrigation system simulator for chemigation research

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A transient method for determining dynamic viscoelastic properties of solid foods

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A transportable system for the on-line measurement of NOx (NO, NO2)-emission from soils

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A triad agricultural revolution saves sub-Saharan Africa

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A triazole compound extends the vase life of Geraldton waxflower

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A trio of AOC cheeses

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A tropical montane cloud forest: the highland oak forest of Costa Rica

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A unified procedure for the correction of liquid junction potentials in patch clamp experiments on endo- and plasma membranes

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A unique strong fibrinolytic enzyme (katsuwokinase) in skipjack Shiokara, a Japanese traditional fermented food

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A unique system for continuous manufacture of ghee and khoa

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A unique wheat variety - Raj 3077

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A unique, terminally glucosylated oligosaccharide is a common feature on Leishmania cell surfaces

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A vaccine for HIV type 1: the antibody perspective

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A vaccine for schistosomiasis: there is more

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A Vacuolar-Type H+-ATPase in a Nonvacuolar Organelle Is Required for the Sorting of Soluble Vacuolar Protein Precursors in Tobacco Cells

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A vacuole-associated annexin protein, VCaB42, correlates with the expansion of tobacco cells

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A valuable edible tuberous legume for hills

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A valuable product from whey with zeolite

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A value analysis model for farm equipment manufacturers

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A variable rate, direct nozzle injection field sprayer

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A variegated variation in sweet orange

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A variogram approach for estimating Hurst's coefficient within the characterization of tree growth

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A vascular wilt of fragrant sumac caused by Fusarium oxysporum

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A vital role for fungicides in cereal production

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A way to estimate the frequency of rainfall-induced mass movements

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A young man with chronic meningitis

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ACSM's exercise management for persons with chronic diseases and disabilities

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AIDS: etiology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention

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AIDS; new developments. IV. Changes in primary medical care due to new possibilities of treating HIV-infected patients

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AKW 1071 - a new bread wheat variety for Vidarbha

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ALCA and regionalization in Latin America

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ANF and the processed food industry

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ANSWERS-2000: runoff and sediment transport model

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AONBs in the landscape - a charter for action

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AOP, IGP, and accreditations of specificity: a future which is still uncertain

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APACHE II scoring for predicting outcome in cerebral malaria

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APCA Conference of 3-4 June 1997

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APEC trade liberalization in the agricultural sector

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APEC: absorbing U.S. ag exports

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APO's efforts for sustainable development of the environment

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APSIM: a novel software system for model development, model testing and simulation in agricultural systems research

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APV Duo-Safety plates for pasteurizers

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APV Unit Systems, the innovative steps ahead

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APV pigging system

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APX-1 can substitute for its homolog LAG-2 to direct cell interactions throughout Caenorhabditis elegans development

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AQUATOOL, a generalized decision-support system for water-resources planning and operational management

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ARBRE: from coppice establishment to gasification and generation of electricity

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ARF1, a transcription factor that binds to auxin response elements

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ARIBLE: A dynamic model for simulating stress resistance in durum wheat

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ARNEWS annual report 1994

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ARNEWS assesses the health of Canada's forests

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ARO81: a polymorphic X-linked bovine microsatellite

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ARS Pesticide Properties Database

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ARS register of plant names. Spring 1997 supplement

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ARS researchers discover another potential biopesticide

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ASABF, a novel cysteine-rich antibacterial peptide isolated from the nematode Ascaris suum

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ASAE standards 1997: 44th edition

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ASAM pulping of Eucalyptus camaldulensis and TCF bleaching of the resulting pulps

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ASCE 7-93 wind load and its application in the design of metal plate connected wood trusses

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ASD 19 (AS 781/1) - new medium duration high yielding rice variety for southern districts of Tamil Nadu

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ASEAN livestock and feed markets

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ASEAN wheat markets: prospects for their liberalisation

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ASIALAND: the management of sloping lands for sustainable agriculture in Asia (Phase 2, 1992-1994)

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ASTM standards related to environmental site characterization

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ATCC filamentous fungi

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ATEMI reg mark C - a new fungicide for apples and pears against scab and powdery mildew

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ATHYS: hydrological spatial computing tool kit

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ATP measurement in compost

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ATP proposition `Analysis of interactions between climatic risks and economic risks in the technical choices made by agriculturalists

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ATP-dependent auxin- and auxinic herbicide-induced volume changes in isolated protoplast suspensions from Sinapis arvensis L

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ATP-Dependent Regulation of an Anion Channel at the Plasma Membrane of Protoplasts from Epidermal Cells of Arabidopsis Hypocotyls

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ATPase activity and molecular chaperone function of the stress70 proteins

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ATec, versatile computer software for technical assistance in animal husbandry

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AVHRR map products for crop condition assessment: A Geographic Information Systems approach

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AVM-1000 frame image measuring station

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AVMA Animal Welfare Forum. The welfare of cats

Anonymous, 1997:
AVMA Animal Welfare Forum: human-canine interactions

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AVRDC soybean releases

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AVRDC's tomato improvement project

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AZT in the treatment of feline immunodeficiency virus infection, Part 1

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AZT inhibits the transmission of human T cell leukaemia/lymphoma virus type I to adult peripheral blood mononuclear cells in vitro

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Ab initio studies of the exocyclic hydroxymethyl rotational surface in alpha -D -glucopyranose

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Abalone aquaculture

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Abamectin bait for Caribbean fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae)

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Abandoned land in relation to erosion processes and changes in vegetation cover

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Abandonment of a structural farm guideline - more opportunities for competitive, market oriented, environmentally friendly businesses

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Abandonment of traditional fishing technology: conflicts between generations and exhaustion of resources - case study of the Wagenia in Zaire

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Abathymermis fiseri n. sp. and Abathymermis shocki n. sp. (Nematoda: Mermithidae) from midge (Diptera: Chironomidae) imagos emerging from Lake Itasca, Minnesota, USA

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Abattoir observations of the weights of stomachs and their contents in pigs slaughtered at known times after their last feed

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Abaxial surface and emulsified leaf pH of cotton, Gossypium spp

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Abdominal actinomycosis: a case report

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Abdominal adiposity and physical fitness are major determinants of the age associated decline in stimulated GH secretion in healthy adults

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Abdominal angiostrongyliasis: prophylaxis by the destruction of infective larvae in food treated with salt, vinegar or sodium hypochlorite

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Abdominal circumference contributes to absence of wasting in Brazilian children

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Abdominal complications of Ascaris lumbricoides in children

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Abdominal complications of intestinal angiostrongyliasis

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Abdominal cystic hydatid disease (CHD): classification of sonographic appearance and response to treatment

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Abdominal distension in a cat

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Abdominal distention caused by bilateral dysgerminomas

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Abdominal fat determines growth hormone-binding protein levels in healthy nonobese adults

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Abdominal fat in pure and crossbred meat-type chicken

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Abdominal mycotic aneurysm due to Streptococcus zooepidemicus

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Abdominal obesity related to diet, morbidity and exercise

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Abdominal pigmentation in Drosophila melanogaster females from natural Indian populations

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Abdominal surgery in foals: a review of 119 cases (1977-1994)

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Abdominal tip movements during oviposition by two parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) as an index of predicting the sex of depositing eggs

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Abdominal vagotomy does not block carbohydrate-conditioned flavor preferences in rats

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Abdominal ventilatory pattern in crickets depends on the stridulatory motor pattern

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Abdominal vibrations in a primitively eusocial wasp Belonogaster juncea juncea (Vespidae: Polistinae)

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Aberrant methylation of an imprinted gene U2af1-rs1(SP2) caused by its own transgene

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Aberrant migration of Ancylostoma caninum to the os penis of a dog

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Aberrant oviposition behaviour of rice hispa, Dicladispa armigera (Coleoptera : Chrysomelidae) influenced by diflubenzuron

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Aberrant seedlings of Vitex negundo Linn

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Abhilash (IET-5882), a promising lowland drill sown variety in Karnataka

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AbiG, a genotypically novel abortive infection mechanism encoded by plasmid pCI750 of Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris UC653

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Abies alba provenance research in the Netherlands

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Abies borisii-regis Mattf. as confirmed experimentally

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Abies sibirica in the Ural region is attacked by the S type of Heterobasidion annosum

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Abietane diterpenoids from Plectranthus grandidentatus

Zundel, P.; Needham, T., 1996:
Abilities required by professional foresters in practice

Black, K.G.; Huckett, B.I.; Botha, F.C., 1995:
Ability of Pseudomonas fluorescens, engineered for insecticidal activity against sugarcane stalk borer, to colonise the surface of sugarcane plants

Chen ChangYong; Plummer, K.M.; Howlett, B.J., 1996:
Ability of a Leptosphaeria maculans isolate to form stem cankers on Indian mustard (Brassica juncea) segregates as a single locus

Mellado, M.; Hernandez, J.R., 1997:
Ability of androgenized goat wethers and does to induce estrus in goats under extensive conditions during anestrus and breeding seasons

May, J.D., 1995:
Ability of broilers to resist heat following neonatal exposure to high environmental temperature

Surel, O.; Famelart, M.H., 1995:
Ability of ceramic membranes to reject lipids of dairy products

Harms, R.H.; Russell, G.B., 1996:
Ability of commercial laying hens producing different egg outputs to meet their methionine and energy requirements when fed the same diet

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Ability of different flavonoids to inhibit the procoagulant activity of adherent human monocytes

Huang JianGuo; Lapeyrie, F., 1996:
Ability of ectomycorrhizal fungus Laccaria bicolor S238N to increase the growth of Douglas fir seedlings and their phosphorus and potassium uptake

Piesman, J.; Dolan, M.C.; Schriefer, M.E.; Burkot, T.R., 1996:
Ability of experimentally infected chickens to infect ticks with the Lyme disease spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi

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Ability of flumazenil, butorphanol, and naloxone to reverse the anesthetic effects of oxymorphone-diazepam in dogs

Scott, G.B.; Lambe, N.R.; Hitchcock, D., 1997:
Ability of laying hens to negotiate horizontal perches at different heights, separated by different angles

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Ability of lime/fertiliser spreader equipment to apply sewage pellets/granules to restocking sites at Kielder: a desk study

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Ability of native ectomycorrhizal fungi from northern Spain to colonize Douglas-fir and other introduced conifers

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Ability of neonatal human Lactobacillus isolates to remove cholesterol from liquid media

Scheffer, T.; Morrell, J., 1997:
Ability of polyethylene boots to protect the belowground portion of small stakes against decay

Blechtova, Alice, 1995:
Ability of some micromycetes to cause necrosis of apple tree bark in vitro

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Ability of some varieties and strains of Poa pratensis L. to produce hybrid progeny

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Ability of sucklers of nonvaccinated and vaccinated sows to become immunised against swine fever

Reusken, C.B.; Neeleman, L.; Bol, J.F., 1995:
Ability of tobacco streak virus coat protein to substitute for late functions of alfalfa mosaic virus coat protein

Mahacek, V., 1996:
Ability of various methods to determine phosphorus status of soils

Ali, M.A., 1996:
Ability to recover from the tungro virus infection of a widely cultivated rice variety 'Biplab' in Bangladesh

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Abiotic and biotic degradation of dithiopyr in golf course greens

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Abiotic characteristics of sewage fertilized fish ponds

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Abiotic controls of trophic cascades in a simple grassland food chain

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Abiotic factors affecting carbohydrate utilization by fish

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Abiotic factors affecting the germination of therophytes used for fodder

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Abiotic induction of changes to glucosinolate profiles in Brassica species and increased resistance to the specialist aphid Brevicoryne brassicae

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Abiotic stress and the relative importance of interference and facilitation in montane bunchgrass communities in western Montana

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Abiotic stresses of extra-short-duration pigeonpea

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Abnormal cell divisions in leaf primordia caused by the expression of the rice homeobox gene OSH1 lead to altered morphology of leaves in transgenic tobacco

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Abnormal coloration in some milk products

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Abnormal eating attitudes and behaviours in two ethnic groups from a female British urban population

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Abnormal ovarian patterns as a cause of subfertility in dairy cows: protocols for early detection and treatment

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Abnormal thyroid function tests in infants with congenital hypothyroidism: the influence of soy-based formula

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Abnormal vaginal projections causing infertility in the camel (Camelus dromedarius)

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Abnormalities and overgrowths of the claws in native cows, buffaloes, and Friesian cows

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Abnormalities and overgrowths of the claws in sheep and goats in Assiut province

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Abolishing poverty and hunger: a South Asian perspective

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Abomasal disorders in dairy cattle

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Abomasal nematodes in goats from the subtropical island of Grand Canary (Spain)

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Abomasal parasites in tule elk (Cervus elaphus nannodes) from Grizzly Island, California

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Abomasal ulceration in calves, a clinical study

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Aboriginal fire regimes in Queensland, Australia: analysis of the explorers' record

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Aboriginal overkill and native burning: implications for modern ecosystem management

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Aboriginal people of the tropical savannas: resource utilization and conflict resolution

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Aborigines and pastoralism in north-western Australia: historical and contemporary perspectives on multiple use of the rangelands

Yamamoto, M.; Matsumoto, R.; Okudai, N.; Yamada, Y., 1997:
Aborted anthers of Citrus result from gene-cytoplasmic male sterility

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