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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2750

Chapter 2750 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Agricultural restructuring and integrated rural development in Estonia

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Agricultural restructuring and sustainability: a geographical perspective

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Agricultural revenue: an improvement of 10.8% in 1995

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Agricultural risk, insurance and income: a study of the impact and design of India's comprehensive crop insurance scheme

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Agricultural science and education in the USA

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Agricultural science for biodiversity and sustainability in developing countries: proceedings of a workshop, April 3-7, 1995, Tune Landboskole, Denmark

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Agricultural sciences in the post-modern period: an attempted orientation with the inclusion of economic and socio-ethical aspects

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Agricultural scientists design better future

Anonymous, 1996:
Agricultural scientists' perceptions on national water policy

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Agricultural sector adjustment programs in Africa and the environment

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Agricultural sector modelling

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Agricultural situation in 1997

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Agricultural situation in Russia (at the middle of 1996)

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Agricultural situation in Russia 1995

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Agricultural social reform in Holland

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Agricultural social security in Germany after the 1995 agrosocial reform

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Agricultural soil manipulation: the use of bacteria, manuring, and plowing

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Agricultural solid wastes for the removal of heavy metals: adsorption of Cu(II) by coirpith carbon

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Agricultural state turns to microchips - the role of government and the problems of transition

Anonymous, 1995:
Agricultural statistics 1995

Anonymous, 1996:
Agricultural statistics 1995-96

Anonymous, 1997:
Agricultural statistics 1997

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Agricultural statistics and environmental issues

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Agricultural statistics in Norway in 1994

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Agricultural structure - now think of the years after 2000

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Agricultural structure 1995 - data and facts

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Agricultural structure and sustainability: family production around the world

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Agricultural structure and sustainable development in the red earth hilly area of south China

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Agricultural structures in France: the importance of partnership management

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Agricultural studies on raising of Sesamum indicum with Dalbergia sissoo

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Agricultural supply response and structural adjustment in Ghana and Burkina Faso - estimates from macro-level time-series data

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Agricultural support in Eastern Europe: discussion

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Agricultural surface water management (ASWM) in southwest Florida

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Agricultural sustainability through balanced fertilisation

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Agricultural syndicates in the Canary Islands in the first third of the twentieth century

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Agricultural system responses to environmental stress

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Agricultural systems and deforestation: a Trans-Andean perspective

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Agricultural systems research in Africa and Australia: some recent developments in methodology

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Agricultural taxation: what can we expect from the current reform?

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Agricultural technology development and transfer in Ethiopia: challenges and experiences

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Agricultural technology transfer in Nigeria - emerging issues and lessons for other African countries

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Agricultural tenancy and resource-use efficiency: a micro level analysis

Anonymous, 1996:
Agricultural tractor tyres are polyvalent

Anonymous, 1996:
Agricultural trade

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Agricultural trade and the environment: domestic versus global perspectives

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Agricultural trade in southern Africa: opportunities for cooperation and economic development

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Agricultural trade liberalisation and the Uruguay Round

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Agricultural trade liberalisation in the Uruguay Round: implications for Sri Lanka

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Agricultural trade liberalization in the Uruguay Round: one step forward, one step back?

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Agricultural trade policies in the Andean Group: issues and options

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Agricultural trade policy for the four-year period 1990-1994

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Agricultural trade policy in Asia-Pacific - a study meeting report. APO study Meeting 24-31 October 1995, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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Agricultural trade policy in Asian developing countries

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Agricultural trade: entering a new era?

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Agricultural transformations, trade levies and attempts at industrial development in Burundi

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Agricultural transition revisited: issues of land reform and farm restructuring in East Central Europe and the former USSR

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Agricultural trends and issues to 2001

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Agricultural type and activity and environmental protection. An information system for a policy of self-sustainable environmental development

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Agricultural use of alcohol distillery wastes

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Agricultural use of sewage sludge and its regulation

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Agricultural use of sewage sludge and municipal waste and the environment

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Agricultural use of the residues from sugarcane agroindustry. Part 3: Economic evaluation of handling systems

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Agricultural uses of by-products and wastes

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Agricultural utilization of residues from sugarcane agroindustry. 2. The use of vinasse

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Agricultural utilization of residues from sugarcane agroindustry. Part 1: The use of filter cake

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Agricultural valuation models and their use for various different types of farm in the Cordoba rural areas

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Agricultural vulnerability and adaptation to global warming in China

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Agricultural vulnerability and poverty alleviation in Bangladesh

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Agricultural wastes

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Agricultural water conservation legislation: will it save water?

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Agricultural water management technology in Asia and the Pacific: Report of an APO Seminar 12th-16th July, 1994, Colombo, Sri Lanka

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Agricultural wind erosion and air quality impacts: a comprehensive research program

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Agricultural worker exposure to and absorption of permethrin applied to cabbage

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Agriculturalists and independent operators faced with retirement

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Agriculturalists, agriculture and forestry. Proceedings of a Colloquium held in Paris, France, 12-13 December 1994

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Agriculture 'out' of the rural?

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Agriculture and E.U. policies in rural areas: past and future

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Agriculture and German reunification

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Agriculture and communication strategies at the regional level

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Agriculture and cooperation

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Agriculture and development

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Agriculture and economic growth in Vietnam

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Agriculture and economic recovery in African countries

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Agriculture and environment

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Agriculture and environment in the European Union: some regulative and economic notes

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Agriculture and environment policy. Proceedings of the conference of the German Society for Agricultural and Environmental Policy in Suhl on the 2nd of October 1995

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Agriculture and environment: terms of the debate

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Agriculture and federation

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Agriculture and food industry: convergence between public policies and business strategies?

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Agriculture and food: food for all

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Agriculture and husbandry in Sudan: destruction of autochthonous land rights

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Agriculture and landscape, which project? The experience of programmes for sustainable development in agriculture

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Agriculture and livestock production in the Maghreb

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Agriculture and livestock rearing in the Sudan: the dismantling of native land rights

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Agriculture and natural resource management: gender perspectives for policy choice

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Agriculture and nitrate concentrations in Maryland community water system wells

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Agriculture and public relations - the rural debate and its consequences

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Agriculture and rural development in a deeper and wider European Union

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Agriculture and rural infrastructure

Anonymous, 1995:
Agriculture and rural poverty

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Agriculture and service functions - a building law examination of current developments

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Agriculture and spatial organization in the region of Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo State

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Agriculture and sustainable development in the reforming Indonesian economy: a CGE approach

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Agriculture and sustainable resource management in New Zealand: a case study of agrochemical use

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Agriculture and territory: new orientations for agricultural policy

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Agriculture and the Greek rural environment

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Agriculture and the citizen

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Agriculture and the countryside in the Korea Republic

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Agriculture and the domestication of industry in rural Bulgaria

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Agriculture and the environment

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Agriculture and the environment - a new debate within farmer's union

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Agriculture and the environment - contributions from engineering for better cooperation

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Agriculture and the environment in Denmark

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Agriculture and the environment. A synthesis of findings

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Agriculture and the environment: for a sociology of devices

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Agriculture and the environment: the case of fertilizer

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Agriculture and the environment: the demand for conflict resolution mechanisms

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Agriculture and the future of rural space in Switzerland. New policy for rural zones and economic approach of the role of agriculture

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Agriculture and the government's agricultural policies in the USA

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Agriculture and the loss of biodiversity

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Agriculture and the macroeconomy: representing selected linkages with a VAR model

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Agriculture and the migration of labour to a capital city: the case of Gaborone, Botswana

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Agriculture and tributary structure in Brazil: conservatism, patrimony protection and production penalisation

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Agriculture and water constraints in Algeria

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Agriculture as a provider of services - solutions for new income sources. KTBL-forum on April 23rd 1997 in Veitshochheim

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Agriculture as a strategy in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Agriculture as one the main causes of forest decline

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Agriculture between free trade and ecology: guidelines for an agricultural policy solution

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Agriculture fact book 1996

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Agriculture in Green Belts of urban centres

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Agriculture in Africa's transformation countries: the example of Benin

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Agriculture in African countries in transition: the example of Benin

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Agriculture in Algeria: from independence to adjustment (1963-1992)

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Agriculture in Denmark and in the United States - can we compete successfully with the United States in a freer market?

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Agriculture in Eastern Europe in 1995

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Agriculture in Eastern Europe: communism, the transition and the future

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Agriculture in Iceland

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Agriculture in North Rhine-Westphalia - analysis and projection of change in agricultural structure 1980-2003

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Agriculture in Ventura county: its impact on the county economy

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Agriculture in future: demand-supply perspective for the ninth five-year plan

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Agriculture in national accounting systems

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Agriculture in the CIS: a description of agriculture in the Commonwealth of Independent States

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Agriculture in the CIS: a statistical handbook. A compilation of the key statistical data on agriculture in the Commonwealth of Independent States

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Agriculture in the Cuban economy

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Agriculture in the Czech Republic and Poland: land, labour and income

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Agriculture in the Dolisie region, Congo: situation and perspectives on development - the case of a small peripheral town

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Agriculture in the United Kingdom 1995

Anonymous, 1997:
Agriculture in the United Kingdom 1996

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Agriculture in the market economy

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Agriculture in the rangelands: a study of economic viability

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Agriculture in the regional integration process in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Agriculture in the tax reform

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Agriculture in the twenty-first century: agronomic and economic perspectives

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Agriculture in transitional countries in Africa - the example of Benin

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Agriculture industry linkages in the economy of Uttar Pradesh

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Agriculture needs more weed scientists

Anonymous, 1995:
Agriculture of Russia for 1994

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Agriculture on the urban fringe

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Agriculture resurges in metropolitan America

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Agriculture sector and new economic policy

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Agriculture to the year 2000: an opportunity to humanize growth

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Agriculture under trade policy reform: a quantitative assessment for India

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Agriculture versus tourism in rural areas of the Polish Carpathians

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Agriculture's contribution to overall economic growth: an application of Kaldor's first growth law to Ghana

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Agriculture's environmental externalities: DEA evidence for French agriculture

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Agriculture's links to biodiversity

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Agriculture's share to the emissions of trace gases - possibilities for reduction?

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Agriculture's stake in federal income tax reform

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Agriculture's underdog

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Agriculture, agroindustry and the quality system

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Agriculture, environment and CAP: problems and perspectives

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Agriculture, environment and economy: 1996 edition

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Agriculture, environment and the rural community: a personal view

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Agriculture, foraging and wildlife resource use in Africa: cultural and political dynamics in the Zambezi Valley

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Agriculture, forestry and environmental protection in land use planning

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Agriculture, forestry and fisheries

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Agriculture, markets, and economic development

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Agriculture, methyl bromide, and the ozone hole: can we fill the gaps?

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Agriculture, minimum prices policy and stabilization plans in the 90's

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Agriculture, natural resources and environment

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Agriculture, policy and environmental degradation: the case of the Argolid Valley

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Agriculture, rural areas and the environment. Proceedings from a seminar organized in Nantes, 27 and 28 October 1994 by the French Society for Environmental Law

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Agriculture, rural society and the land question in Portugal

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Agriculture, society and environment: discourses on sustainability

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Agriculture, sustainability and environment. Proceedings of the seminar of the Tunisian Association of Former Students of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Zaragoza (ATA-IAMZ), Tunis (Tunisia), 2-3 December 1993

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Agriculture, the food industry and the right to compete

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Agriculture, trade, and the environment: discovering and measuring the critical linkages

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Agriculture, water and environment in the Aral Sea Basin

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Agriculture, water and nitrate: the French approach

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Agriculture-environment interaction - challenges for research

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Agriculture-fertilizer interface in Asia-Pacific region: issues of growth, sustainability and vulnerability

Anonymous, 1997:
Agriculture. Pesticides. The pesticides (maximum residue levels in crops, food and feeding stuffs) (amendment) regulations 1997

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Agriculture: a look ahead

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Agriculture: approaching sustainability

Anonymous, 1996:
Agriculture: outlook for 1996/97

Anonymous, 1997:
Agrificated ABC: an approach of allocation of fixed costs to individual crops

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Agritechnica. Milking news

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Agritourism, rural and nature-oriented tourism: instruments for a regional policy

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Agritourism. Direct sales. Strategies for group action

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Agritox more effective in tank mixes

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Agro climatic regional planning in India. Volume I: concept and applications

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Agro climatic regional planning in India. Volume II: theme and case studies

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Agro processing and infrastructure development in hilly area: a case of fruit and vegetable processing

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Agro-climatic change and European soil suitability: regional modelling at monthly time-steps

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Agro-climatic disasters from 1945 to 1993 in Taiwan and research direction

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Agro-climatic indices for predicting phenology of wheat (Triticum aestivum) in Punjab

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Agro-climatic zones of India

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Agro-diversity on a farming frontier: Kofyar smallholders on the Benue plains of central Nigeria

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Agro-ecological characterization of Mediterranean regions: methodologies

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Agro-ecological checking of the soils in market-gardens and orchards as part of land monitoring

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Agro-ecological effects of exclusion of grazing on common land in the Poitou marshes (France)

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Agro-ecological impacts on wheat husbandry

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Agro-ecological knowledge at different scales

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Agro-ecological management in the northern Andes (Peru)

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Agro-ecological measures looked at from an economic point of view: interim evaluation of a project in a traditional agricultural region of Saxony

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Agro-ecological study of grasslands based in subterranean clover in the 'Bour Favorable Atlantique' region

Anonymous, 1996:
Agro-ecological zoning guidelines

Anonymous, 1995:
Agro-ecology, cultivation and uses of cactus pear

Sen, A.M.; Sinha, A.; Sarkar, D., 1995:
Agro-economic evaluation of micro-watershed under National Watershed Development Programme for Rainfed Areas (NWDPRA) in West Bengal

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Agro-economic relationship between component crops in a mash-mung intercropping system

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Agro-economic research results and environmental regulations: phosphorus applications in sweet corn and lettuce in the Everglades

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Agro-engineering in the agro-universities

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Agro-export production and peasant land access: examining the dynamic between adoption and accumulation

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Agro-exports and the rural resource poor in Latin America: policy options for achieving broadly based growth

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Agro-food marketing

Anonymous, 1996:
Agro-food small and medium enterprises in a large integrated economy: proceedings of the 44th Seminar of the European Association of Agricultural Economists, Thessaloniki, Greece, 11-14 October 1995

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Agro-forestry for soil conservation in the mined land of U.P. Himalaya

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Agro-industrialization and social change within the Australian context: a case study of the fast food industry

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Agro-industry and self-reliance strategies in village Thailand

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Agro-industry and upland agriculture: issues and constraints

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Agro-landscape changes in north-east Germany: ecological and socioeconomic consequences

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Agro-meteorological data collection system for agricultural management in Bavaria

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Agro-pastoralism: an underestimated regional food production system

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Agro-pedological characterization of Mediterranean regions: methodologies and examples of practical applications

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Agro-tourism and rural recreation in Tuscany

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Agro-tourism in Greece: the case of women agro-tourism co-operatives of Ambelakia

Kartali, J., 1997:
Agro-trade between CEFTA countries and Hungary

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Agro-waste soil amendments for the control of Meloidogyne javanica on tomato

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Agrobacterium T-DNA mutation causes the loss of GUS expression in transgenic tobacco

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Agrobacterium VirE2 protein mediates nuclear uptake of single-stranded DNA in plant cells

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Agrobacterium and plant genes affecting T-DNA transfer and integration

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Agrobacterium mediated transformation of almond: in vitro rooting through localized infection of A. rhizogenes w. t

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Agrobacterium rhizogenes and A. tumefaciens co-transformation to obtain grapevine hairy roots producing the coat protein of grapevine chrome mosaic nepovirus

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Agrobacterium rhizogenes-mediated induction of adventitious rooting from Pinus contorta hypocotyls and the effect of 5-azacytidine on transgene activity

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Agrobacterium rhizogenes-mediated transformation of Rubia peregrina L.: in vitro accumulation of anthraquinones

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Agrobacterium rhizogenes-mediated transformation of kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa) by direct formation of adventitious buds

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Agrobacterium rhizogenes-mediated transformation of scented geranium

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Agrobacterium tumefaciens T-complex transport apparatus: a paradigm for a new family of multifunctional transporters in eubacteria

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Agrobacterium tumefaciens VirB7 and VirB9 form a disulfide-linked protein complex

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