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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2753

Chapter 2753 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Thorp, B.H.; Dick, L.; Jefferies, D.; Houston, B.; Wilson, J., 1997:
An assessment of the efficacy of the Lixiscope for the detection of tibial dyschondroplasia

Hine, N.R.; Pilidis, G.A., 1995:
An assessment of the efficiency of a macrophyte-based biological treatment plant to treat wastewater from a wood impregnated factory

Guobadia, E.E., 1996:
An assessment of the impact of The Structural Adjustment Programme on the poultry industry in Nigeria

Lugeye, S., 1995:
An assessment of the impact of the Sokoine Extension Project on farmers' food production in Morogoro, Tanzania

Harmuth, P., 1996:
An assessment of the new methods for determining the risk of infections by diseases in cereals

Cooney, K.A.; Nyirabukeye, T.; Labbok, M.H.; Hoser, P.H.; Ballard, E., 1996:
An assessment of the nine-month lactational amenorrhea method (MAMA-9) in Rwanda

Guzman, P.E. de; Narciso, Z.V.; Lara, R.D.; Adriano, M.S.; Magsaysay, C.G.; Magbitang, J.A.; Pedro, R.A., 1996:
An assessment of the nutritional status of selected Filipino urban elderly

Stachowiak, P., 1995:
An assessment of the occurrence of curculionids (Coleoptera: Anthribidae, Rhinomaceridae, Apionidae, Curculionidae) in different forest environments, as an element of ecological monitoring in northeastern Poland

Trudgill, David L., 1995:
An assessment of the relevance of thermal time relationships to nematology

Baker, R.H.A.; Cannon, R.J.C.; Walters, K.F.A., 1996:
An assessment of the risks posed by selected non-indigenous pests to UK crops under climate change

Saleem, A.M., 1997:
An assessment of the sugar economy of Pakistan

Haverty, M.I.; Forschler, B.T.; Nelson, L.J., 1996:
An assessment of the taxonomy of Reticulitermes (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) from the southeastern United States based on cuticular hydrocarbons

Fernandez, T.V.; Thomas, G.; Vardhanan, Y.S.ibu; Kumar, R.M.noj, 1996:
An assessment of the toxicity levels of BHC on four aquatic organisms

Richardson, H.; Fleming, C.; Palmer, J.; Chen, E.; Lannigan, R., 1996:
An assessment of the utilization of diagnostic parasitology laboratory services in Ontario

McCaffrey, S.C., 1996:
An assessment of the work of the International Law Commission

Amin, N.; Roy, M.K., 1996:
An assessment of training needs of the field functionaries of a rural development programme in Bangladesh

Paschalis, P.; Porter, B., 1994:
An assessment of tree damage during skidding operations in immature Scots pine stands

Maine, M.J. de, 1996:
An assessment of true potato seed families of Solanum phureja

Soulsby, J.A., 1996:
An assessment of vegetation cover and soil erosion hazard in Malawi using landsat MSS imagery

D'Avanzo, B.; L.V.cchia, C.; Katsouyanni, K.; Negri, E.; Trichopoulos, D., 1997:
An assessment, and reproducibility of food frequency data provided by hospital controls

van Harmelen, J.; Wood, R.; Lambrick, M.; Rybicki, E.P.; Williamson, A.L.; Williamson, C., 1997:
An association between HIV-1 subtypes and mode of transmission in Cape Town, South Africa

Wess, L.; Eastwood, M.; Busuttil, A.; Edwards, C.; Miller, A., 1996:
An association between maternal diet and colonic diverticulosis in an animal model

Sudhakar, S.V.S.; Gore, A.K.; Deshmukh, S.N., 1993:
An association of haemoglobin polymorphism with some economic traits and milk constituents in Sahiwal and Jersey x Sahiwal crossbred cattle

Glazko, V.I.; Owen, J.B.; Dewi, I.A.; Axford, R.F.E., 1997:
An association of haemoglobin protein (HBB) with ovulation rate in Cambridge sheep

L.S.eur, D.; Binka, F.; Lengeler, C.; D.S.vigny, D.; Snow, B.; Teuscher, T.; Toure, Y., 1997:
An atlas of malaria in Africa

Adair, R.J.; Edwards, P.B., 1996:
An attack strategy against Chrysanthemoides monilifera, a weed of native vegetation in Australia

Kurkin, K.A., 1995:
An attempt at ecological classification of flood meadow vegetation. Keys for identification of ecological and genetic syntaxa in meadows of the Oka River floodplain and efficient ways to use them

Bielanska Osuchowska, Z., 1997:
An attempt at proving the interrelationships between the liver and placenta during prenatal development in pig

Pagella, M., 1996:
An attempt at summarizing and some final considerations on market policies and regional agricultural policies

apinski, B.; Apolinarska, B.; Budzianowski, G.; Cyran, M.; Rakowska, M., 1996:
An attempt at tetraploid triticale improvement

E.Shafie, N.M., 1994:
An attempt for production of Domiati cheese with higher yield and acceptable quality

E.A.ab, A.I.; E.M.rimi, A.A., 1997:
An attempt for treatment of infertility in mares of cross-breed in Libya

Yuasa, K.; Hatai, K., 1994:
An attempt of classification by biological characteristics of some pathogenic water moulds from freshwater fishes

Jambhale, N.D., 1994:
An attempt of hybridization between Carthamus tinctorius and Helianthus annuus aided by grafting

Buraczewski, A., 1996:
An attempt to analyse the state of assets and finances of state forest division on the basis of the annual financial report

Florek, E.; Leciejewska, A., 1995:
An attempt to apply some hive products for benzene poisoning prevention

Szramka, H., 1996:
An attempt to assess the economic situation in forest divisions after the introduction of new principles for the finance/economics of state-owned forests

Day, M.; Zhang, B.L.; Martin, G.J.; Asselin, C.; Morlat, R., 1995:
An attempt to characterize the date and zone of production of wines using metal and isotope tracers

Alexander, B.; Jaramillo, C.; Usma, M.C.; Quesada, B.L.; Cadena, H.; Roa, W.; Travi, B.L., 1995:
An attempt to control Phlebotomine sand flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) by residual spraying with deltamethrin in a Colombian village

Togashi, J.; Suzuki, T.; Namai, T., 1996:
An attempt to control the soft rot of Chinese cabbages with avirulent strain of Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora

Burke, C.R.; Verkerk, G.A.; MacMillan, K.L., 1996:
An attempt to create an 'anoestrous cow' model by restricting feed allowances in non-lactating cyclic cows

E.Sebay, Y., 1995:
An attempt to delineate Anacanthotermes ochraceus (burm) foraging territories in Ismailia governorate

Clarke, S.C.; McIntyre, M., 1997:
An attempt to demonstrate a serological immune response in patients infected with Cyclospora cayetanensis

Lemaitre, A.; Chaussod, R.; Tavant, Y.; Bruckert, S., 1995:
An attempt to determine a pool of labile organic matter associated with the soil microbial biomass

Szramka, H., 1996:
An attempt to determine the cost structure of the economic and forest activity in the state forest divisions in the initial period of the implementation of the pro-ecological model of forestry

Burazczewski, A.; Kaczynski, K.; Molinski, K., 1995:
An attempt to determine the optimal values of labour consumption indices in logging with the help of a linear regression with non-equality limitations

Niedzwiadek, S.; Zon, A., 1996:
An attempt to determine the pattern of winter hair cover of the raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides Grey) using linear measurements

Kuzminski, H.; Dobosz, S.; Pelczarski, W.; Kozio, M., 1996:
An attempt to determine the suitability of three artificial feeds for the feeding of Baltic whitefish larvae (Coregonus lavaretus L. forma baltica) in the conditions of salmonid research laboratory in Rutki

Tanaka, H.; Imaizumi, S.; Negishi, H.; Nitta, N.; Honda, M.; Sawaji, M.; Yamada, M.; Fujimori, T., 1994:
An attempt to develop a bioherbicide to control Eleocharis kuroguwai

Gonet, M.; Werstak, K.; Wiackowski, S.K., 1995:
An attempt to estimate the entomofauna of four forest site types in the Swietokrzyski National Park

Haman, J.; Michaek, R.; Pabis, S., 1994:
An attempt to evaluate contribution of agricultural engineering to the development of science and national economy

Borkowska Opacka, B.; Rutkowska Jurga, I.; Truszczynski, M.; Kozaczynski, W., 1996:
An attempt to evaluate the efficacy of vaccines against pasteurellosis in rabbits

Sawicka, B.; Mikos Bielak, M., 1995:
An attempt to evaluate the fluctuation of chemical composition of potato tubers in changing conditions of arable field

Hattemer, H.H.; Ziehe, M., 1996:
An attempt to infer on the origin of a beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) stand in Rheinland-Pfalz (Germany)

Duparque, A.; Pellerin, S., 1994:
An attempt to model the mechanism of root lodging resistance in maize

Uzal, F.A.; Woodman, M.P.; Giraudo, C.G.; Robles, C.A.; Doxey, D.L., 1996:
An attempt to reproduce 'mal seco' in horses by feeding them Festuca argentina

D.XiaoShan, 1996:
An attempt to solve the problem of low return on credit given to poor farm households - preliminary practice of the Grameen Bank in China

Kisiel, R.; Kaliszewicz, D.; Koc, J., 1995:
An attempt to use the production function in determining optimal fertilizer inputs

Ormsby, A.A., 1996:
An attitudinal survey of resident perceptions of conservation at Five Blues Lake National Park, Belize

Rovid, A.H.; Carpenter, S.; Miller, L.D.; Flaming, K.P.; Long, M.J.; Van der Maaten, M.J.; Frank, D.E.; Roth, J.A., 1996:
An atypical T-cell lymphosarcoma in a calf with bovine immunodeficiency-like virus infection

Mandal, S.C.; Ghosh, R.C., 1996:
An atypical case of canine amoebic dysentery

Hamdan, J.S.; Ferrari, T.C., 1995:
An atypical isolate of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis

Weht, S.; Brandan, E.Z.; Ploper, J., 1997:
An atypical species of oidium (Erysiphe) aggressively affecting tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) plants in the greenhouse and three weed species in the field in Tucuman, Argentina

Luck, J.B.rlow, P.; Luck, H., 1997:
An automata-theoretical model of meristem development as applied to the primary root of Zea mays L

Poni, S.; Magnanini, E.; Rebucci, B., 1997 :
An automated chamber system for measurements of whole-vine gas exchange

King, J.A.; Harrison, R., 1995:
An automated chamber system to measure soil respiration

Brown, J.; Ethridge, D.; Hudson, D.E.gels, C., 1995:
An automated econometric approach for estimating and reporting daily cotton market prices

Dobryak, D., 1995:
An automated land information system

White, E.G., 1996:
An automated modular light-trap design

Woodbury, B.; Comfort, S.; Powers, W., 1996:
An automated sampling system for large soil column transport studies

Aranguren, M.; Troya, A.; Zayas, J.; Fernandez, M., 1995:
An automated system for harvest management and quality analysis in citrus fruits

Claassens, A.S.; Walt, R. van der, 1997:
An automated system to supply differential nutrient solutions for research purposes; technical and test data

Bodini, F., 1995:
An automatic cheesemaking plant

Seguis, L.; Puech, C., 1997:
An automatic method for selecting invariable pixels adapted for use in rural semi-arid areas of West Africa

Elsen, H.G.M. van den; Kokot, J.; Skierucha, W.; Halbertsma, J.M., 1995:
An automatic time domain reflectometry device to measure and store soil moisture contents for stand-alone field use

Dissen, E.; Ryan, J.C.; Seaman, W.E.; Fossum, S., 1996:
An autosomal dominant locus, Nka, mapping to the Ly-49 region of a rat natural killer (NK) gene complex, controls NK cell lysis of allogeneic lymphocytes

Crawford, A.M.; Dodds, K.G.; Ede, A.J.; Pierson, C.A.; Montgomery, G.W.; Garmonsway, H.G.; Beattie, A.E.; Davies, K.; Maddox, J.F.; Kappes, S.W., 1995:
An autosomal genetic linkage map of the sheep genome

Callahan, H.L.; Portal, A.C.; Devereaux, R.; Grogl, M., 1997:
An axenic amastigote system for drug screening

Axelrod, D.I.; Govean, F., 1996:
An early Pleistocene closed-cone pine forest at Costa Mesa, southern California

Hong EunHi; Kim SeokDong; Kim HongSig; Yun HongTae; Koh MunHwan; Ryu YongHwan; Lee YoungHo; Choi KyungJin; Kim WookHan; Chung WooKyung, 1995:
An early maturing, good seed quality vegetable soyabean variety Hwaeomputkong

Afghan, S.; Qureshi, S.A.; Nasir, N.M., 1995:
An early maturing, stress tolerant and good ratooning promising variety SPSG-394 developed at Shakarganju sugar research institute, Jhang

Zhou YongNian; Zhou Qun, 1996:
An early pear selection - 81-2-1

Zhang XianDi; Chen LiangPei; Zhang Ming; Sun ZeGang; Luo ChunMei, 1995:
An early ripening honey peach selection Jiangdu 1-6

Carlton, J., 1995:
An early weaning protocol using oral antibiotics

Hamid, K.; Strange, R.N., 1997:
An easy method for isolating the solanapyrone toxins from culture filtrates of Ascochyta rabiei

Walton, R.; Hunter, H., 1997:
An easy method of data visualisation using spreadsheets

Zadoks, J.C.; Anderson, P.K.; Savary, S., 1995:
An eco-regional perspective of crop protection problems

Ferguson, M.; Ackgoz, N.; Ismail, A.; Cinsoy, A.S., 1996:
An ecogeographic survey of wild Lens species in Aegean and south west Turkey

Merchant, D.L.; Stallones, L.; Keefer, S.M.; Rickard, R.S., 1996:
An ecologic analysis of congenital anomalies and agricultural chemicals in Colorado, 1989-1991

Tadesse, M.; Nigatu, L., 1996:
An ecological and ethnobotanical study of wild or spontaneous coffee, Coffea arabica in Ethiopia

Heltai, G.; Debreczeni, K.; Bakonyi, G.; Balint, A.; Notas, E., 1995:
An ecological approach to N-cycling in mesocosm experiments

Rempe, Y.K.; Kovalenko, L.V., 1996:
An ecological assessment of the use of chemical means of protecting plants on a dernopodzolic heavy clayey-loam soil

Haufler, J.B., 1994:
An ecological framework for planning for forest health

Kauffman, J.B.; Beschta, R.L.; Otting, N.; Lytjen, D., 1997:
An ecological perspective of riparian and stream restoration in the Western United States

Barnes, R.F.W.; Lahm, S.A., 1997:
An ecological perspective on human densities in the central African forests

Cao Min; Zhang JianHou, 1996:
An ecological perspective on shifting cultivation in Xishuangbanna, SW China

Farchi, S.; Saba, A.; Turrini, A.; Forlani, F.; Pettinelli, A.; D'Amicis, A., 1996:
An ecological study of the correlation between diet and tumour mortality rates in Italy

Dupont, F.M.A.; Dennill, G.B., 1996:
An ecological study of the damage done to avocado fruits by citrus leafhopper Penthimiola bella (Cicadellidae) and coconut bug Pseudotheraptus wayi (Coreidae) in South Africa

Bezuidenhout, H., 1994:
An ecological study of the major vegetation communities of the Vaalbos National Park, Northern Cape. 1. The Than-Droogeveld section

Khadre, F.G.M.A., 1994:
An ecological study on the regulation of seed germination of Atriplex halimus

Marten, G.G.; Suarez, M.F.; Astaeza, R., 1996:
An ecological survey of Anopheles albimanus larval habitats in Colombia

Blackburn, G.A.; Milton, E.J., 1997:
An ecological survey of deciduous woodlands using airborne remote sensing and geographical information systems (GIS)

Sergeev, G.Y.; Tsimbalov, N.N.; Gonik, G.E.; Kul' nev, A.I.; Sanin, M.A.; Vyalykh, A.K., 1996:
An ecologically safe preparation

Abubikerov, V.A.; Nikitin, N.V.; Raskin, M.S.; Spiridonov, Y.Y., 1996 :
An ecologically safe spraying technology

Grin' ko, N.N.; Tarasenko, V.S.; Strizhak, T.V., 1996:
An ecologically safe system

Bhatti, M.I.; Owen, D., 1996:
An econometric analysis of agricultural performance in Sichuan, China

Hanawa, H.; Willett, L.S.; Tomek, W.G., 1997:
An econometric analysis of the U.S. kiwifruit industry: annual and monthly factors

Lee JunYen; Greber, B.J., 1996:
An econometric analysis of the U.S. wood window and door market

Hofreither, M.; Pardeller, K., 1996:
An econometric analysis of the relationship between farm production and nitrate pollution of groundwater in Austria

Lim, C., 1997:
An econometric classification and review of international tourism demand models

Ahmad, M.B.avo-Ureta, B., 1995:
An econometric decomposition of dairy output growth

Odedokun, M.O., 1995:
An econometric explanation of inflation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Ibanez Puerta, J.; Perez Hugalde, C., 1995:
An econometric model of the agricultural sector: a national and regional (Navarra) application

Kant, S.; Redantz, A., 1997:
An econometric model of tropical deforestation

Stark, C.R.J.; Dowler, C.C.; Johnson, A.W.; Baker, S.H., 1996:
An economic analysis of Georgia cotton production within multiple-crop tillage systems

Ozkan, B., 1997:
An economic analysis of N fertilization in double cropping maize

Van Tassell, L.W.; Yang, B.; Blaylock, A.D., 1996:
An economic analysis of alternative nitrogen fertilization methods for sugarbeets

Ram, G., 1995:
An economic analysis of blue green algae and nitrogen levels on rice

DeSchriver, T.D.; Stotlar, D.K., 1996:
An economic analysis of cartel behavior within the NCAA

Kalyankar, S.P.; Potekar, G.M., 1994:
An economic analysis of farm business in assured rainfall zone of Marathwada

Schmit, T.M.; Reberte, J.C.; Kaiser, H.M., 1996:
An economic analysis of generic egg advertising in California, 1985-1995

Lenz, J.; Kaiser, H.M.; Chung, C., 1997:
An economic analysis of generic milk advertising impacts on markets in New York State

Thiruchelvam, S.; Abeygunawardena, P.; Gunawardena, E.R.N., 1994:
An economic analysis of ground-water use for agriculture in the Jaffna District

Jain, R.K.; Raghuwanshi, R.S.; Raghu, J.S.; Tiwari, K.P.; Ghuraiya, R.S., 1995:
An economic analysis of instability of kharif pulse production in Bundelkhand zone of Madhya Pradesh

Singh, K.M.; Singh, R.K.P., 1995:
An economic analysis of lentil cultivation in north-east alluvial plains of Bihar

Stone, M., 1996:
An economic analysis of lumber manufacturing costs in the interior of British Columbia

Srivastava, G.C.; Prasad, B., 1996:
An economic analysis of marketing of betelvine in Bihar

Katyamba, K.M.; Oluoch Kosura, W.A.; Mbatia, O.L.E., 1996:
An economic analysis of sunflower production: a case of the incentive effects of policies on sunflower production in Zambia

Iniguez Covarrubias, G.; Franco Gomez, M.D.J.; Castaneda Huizar, P., 1996:
An economic analysis of swine waste silage as sheep feed ingredient

Shiyani, R.L.; Singh, R.V., 1996:
An economic analysis of technical efficiency in milk production

Grist, P.G.; Menz, K.M., 1995:
An economic analysis of the commencement time for tapping rubber by smallholders in Imperata areas of Indonesia

Garcia Martinez, A.; Rodriguez Alcaide, J.J.; Reyes Lopez, J.; Martos Peinado, J.; Schilder, E.; Galetto, A.; Sanchez, J.C., 1996:
An economic analysis of the incidence of feeding factors in milk production (Argentina)

Taragola, N.; Lierde, D. van, 1996:
An economic analysis of tomato cultivation in Belgium

Snyder, C.; Schroeder, T.; Havlin, J.; Kluitenberg, G.J., 1996:
An economic analysis of variable rate nitrogen management

Bowling, R.G.; English, B.C., 1994:
An economic and environmental evaluation of conservation compliance on a west Tennessee watershed representative farm

Iswandi, R.M.; Anwar, A.; Nasendi, B.D.; Siregar, H., 1996:
An economic and institutional analysis of an agroforestry system in a private forest development with multipurpose trees and cocoa: a case study in Southeast Sulawesi

Slee, B.; Snowdon, P., 1996:
An economic appraisal of rural development forestry in Scotland

Stephens, M.L.; Hansard, A.W., 1995:
An economic appraisal of timber management options for private forests in northern Tasmania

Rainelli, P., 1997:
An economic approach to soil pollution problems

Islam, Q.M.S.; Kundu, T.K.; Hossain, M.S., 1996:
An economic assessment of chickpea production by improved technology in Bangladesh

Woodard, P.M.; Adamowicz, W.L.; Bolster, O.J., 1994:
An economic assessment of forward looking infrared (FLIR) technology for reducing forest protection costs in Alberta

Runham, S.R.; Town, S.J., 1995:
An economic assessment of mulches in field scale vegetable crops

Samarakoon, S.M.M.; Abeygunawardena, P., 1995:
An economic assessment of on-site effects of soil erosion in potato lands in Nuwara Eliya district of Sri Lanka

Erdenijab, E., 1996:
An economic assessment of pasture degradation

Yalcin, C.; Stott, A.W.; Gunn, J.; Logue, D.N., 1997:
An economic assessment of the impacts of mastitis control procedures used in Scottish dairy herds

Edwards, C.A.; Shuster, W.D.; Huelsman, M.F.; Yardim, E.N., 1995:
An economic comparison of chemical and lower-chemical input techniques for weed control in vegetables

Diebel, P.; Williams, J.; Llewelyn, R., 1995:
An economic comparison of conventional and alternative cropping systems for a representative northeast Kansas farm

Govindasamy, R.; Cochran, M.J., 1997:
An economic evaluation of adoption of the Conservation Compliance Program: a stochastic dominance approach

Anonymous, 1997:
An economic evaluation of basic formula price (BFP) alternatives

Jacques, C.; Stoecker, A., 1997:
An economic evaluation of even-aged forest rotation strategies

Singh, S.K., 1995:
An economic evaluation of fish pond farming in Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh

Schnitkey, G.D.; Hopkins, J.W.; Tweeten, L.G., 1996:
An economic evaluation of precision fertilizer applications on corn-soybean fields

Sumanaratne, N.; Abeygunawardena, P., 1997:
An economic evaluation of the salinity problem in Inginimitiya Irrigation Project

Krenzer, E.G.Jr.; Tarrant, A.R.; Bernardo, D.J.; Horn, G.W., 1996:
An economic evaluation of wheat cultivars based on grain and forage production

Davies, L.; Maynard, A., 1996:
An economic exploration of oral and intravenous ganciclovir in the induction and maintenance treatment of AIDS-related cytomegalovirus retinitis

Anonymous, 1996:
An economic framework for assessing the benefits and costs of land resource assessment in Australia

Gunatilake, H.M., 1995:
An economic impact assessment of the proposed conservation program on peripheral communities in the Knuckles Forest Range of Sri Lanka

Shiyani, R.L., 1996:
An economic inquiry into the impact of dairy co-operatives on milk production

Antonov, G.M.; Saraykin, V.I.; Matyukhin, A.A., 1995:
An economic mechanism for regulation of land relations and land protection

Lescoat, E., 1996:
An economic observatory for the horse chain: why, for whom, how?

Mules, T.; Faulkner, B., 1996:
An economic perspective on special events

Lee KouChung, 1994:
An economic study of afforestation on agricultural land in Taiwan

E.S.eshtawy, M.S.A.; E.H.ndy, A.M.A., 1995:
An economic study of factors affecting egg production at Qalyoubia governorate

Kaneko, N.; Keino, S., 1995 :
An economic study of flower marketing system - cooperative and individual selling of cut rose growers at Kamogawa City

Koshta, A.K.; Chandrakar, M.R.; Agrawal, K.G., 1996:
An economic study of milch stock breeds in Raipur district of Madhya Pradesh

Mendelsohn, R., 1996:
An economic-ecological model for ecosystem management

Roy, S.; Hoda, M.N., 1996:
An economical study of some important grafting techniques in mango (Mangifera indica L.) propagation

Hanna, H.Y.; Colyer, P.D.; Kirkpatrick, T.L.; Romaine, D.J.; Vernon, P.R., 1996:
An economical, environment-friendly approach to reducing nematode damage to cucumbers in infested soil

Collins, H.L.; DiCarlo, S.E., 1995:
An educational tool for understanding the cardiovascular changes associated with diabetes

Atanasov, A.T., 1995:
An effect of Galega officinalis L. extract on platelet aggregation in rats

Barton, L.; Teslik, V.; Rehak, J.; Volek, J., 1996:
An effect of crossing with French beef breeds on meat performance of bulls

Aikawa, T.; Togashi, K., 1997:
An effect of inoculum quantity of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus (Nematoda: Aphelenchoididae) on the nematode load of Monochamus alternatus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) in laboratory

Francis, D.; Davies, M.S.; Braybrook, C.; James, N.C.; Herbert, R.J., 1995:
An effect of zinc on M-phase and G1 of the plant cell cycle in the synchronous TBY-2 tobacco cell suspension

Njiti, V.N.; Torto, G.A.; Gray, L.E.; Lightfoot, D.A., 1997:
An effective greenhouse assay for field resistance to SDS

Ottl, H., 1996:
An effective management system for the dairy industry using Felix III

Osipov, A.I.; Alekseev, Y.V., 1996:
An effective method of detoxification of organophosphorus pesticides

Jeon JaeHeung; Joung YoungHee; Choi KyungHwa; Kim HyunSoon; O.H.unWoo; Park SeWon; Joung Hyouk, 1996:
An effective method of diagnosis of potato leafroll virus by RT-PCR

Daineko, N.M., 1994:
An effective method of improving land

Karelina, O.; Men' shchikov, V.; Zhalnina, N.; Kvashnina, G., 1995:
An effective phytopreparation

Radostev, V.V., 1995:
An effective plant-growth regulator

Lonsdale, J.H.; Saaiman, W.C.; Smith, D.C., 1994:
An effective pre-harvest spray programme for the control of postharvest mango diseases

Pavlova, V.V., 1995:
An effective seed treatment

Unal, F.; Elci, S., 1996:
An effective technique for the production of amphidiploids from the natural hybrid Festuca arundinacea Schreb. (2n = 42) x Lolium perenne L. (2n = 14)

Sun Duo, 1996:
An effective way to recover species diversity of Chinese fir plantations in southern China - residue management cultivation

Mcivor, R.A.drew; Berger, P.; Pack, L.L.e; Rachlis, A.; Chan, C.K., 1996:
An effectiveness community-based clinical trial of Respirgard II and Fisoneb nebulizers for Pneumocystis carinii prophylaxis with aerosol pentamidine in HIV-infected individuals

D'Alessandro, U., 1996:
An efficacy trial of a malaria vaccine in Gambian infants and comparison with insecticide-treated bednets

Han, K., 1996:
An efficient DDAB-mediated transfection of Drosophila S2 cells

Tenuis, B.S.M.; Rohde, A.R.; Victor, M.M.; Viegas, C.J., 1996:
An efficient and stereoselective synthesis of (+)- alpha -cyperone

Beg, O.U.; Holt, R.G., 1997:
An efficient cost-effective protocol for automated fluorescent-DNA sequencing

Lakshmanan, P.L.e, C.; Goh, C., 1997:
An efficient in vitro method for mass propagation of a woody ornamental Ixora coccinea L

Adkins, A.L.; Godwin, I.D.; Adkins, S.W., 1995:
An efficient in vitro regeneration system for Australian-grown chickpea (Cicer arietinum) cultivars

Wang KeQi, 1996:
An efficient labelling algorithm for computer visual measurement of wood surface defects

Hirai, K., 1995:
An efficient method for collecting eggs of Helicoverpa spp. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Campion, B.; Schiavi, M., 1997:
An efficient method for in vitro propagation of peacock plants (Calathea makoyana Nichols)

Mortlock, D.P.; Nelson, M.R.; Innis, J.W., 1996:
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An evaluation of private club members' desires in price, food quality, and level of service

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An evaluation of repetitive summer horticultural oil sprays on selected woody landscape plants

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An evaluation of soil nutrient status following the application of (i) co-composted MSW and sewage sludge and (ii) greenwaste to maize

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An everyday need? Delight in risk

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An ex-post evaluation of sprinkler irrigation schemes in Barmer district of Rajasthan

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An examination of hop cultivars

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An example of biodiversity: the genus Acacia subgenus heterophyllum

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An example of controlled housing temperature in summer

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An example of forest soil development on the parent materials of dust storm loess

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An example of in situ treatment of a forest road surface with a hydraulic binder

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An example of practical application of integrated control in vineyards in l'Herault in 1994

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An example of transfer of proprietary technology from the private sector to a developing country

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An excellent compound against grassy weeds

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An excellent pocket microscope for classifying maize pollen

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An exotic insect dangerous to the native plants of the island of Ischia

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An expanded model of the experience/performance relationship in travel service selling

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An expected development in the world of art and tourism: the Heritage Foundation

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An experience in the use of geoinformation systems in soil science

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An experience of compiling map diagrams of humus type

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An experience of farm reform

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An experiment of feeding broilers with rations without fish meal; Cui Sheng; Zhang HongRong; H.B.oRu, 1996:
An experiment on Ganoderma lucidum culture with maize cob

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An experiment on plant nickel uptake from different soils - a growth trial

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An experiment on the possibility of organic farming (Taichung plot)

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An experiment on the practical effects of urea coated with herbicide in late-cropped rice fields

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An experiment on the utilization of methionine in diets for meat-type birds

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An experiment study to suppress scum formation accompanying the abnormal growth of Nocardia by adding ozone in the aeration tank

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An experiment to control termites and rot root diseases attacking the Dalbergia latifolia plantation in the District Wanayasa, Purwakarta, West Java

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An experiment to cross bambara groundnut and cowpea

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An experiment with buckeyes

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An experiment with the 'non-clearcutting method' used in the state forest at the end of forties

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An experimental analysis of the development of pore-water pressure in an unsaturated compacted soil

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An experimental approach to the pathogenesis of pipestem fibrosis (Symmers' fibrosis of the liver)

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An experimental drying device and the creation of characteristic drying curves

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An experimental estimate of the maintenance energy requirement in children with cystic fibrosis

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An experimental investigation on application of vegetable oils as fuels for diesel engines

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An experimental model to assess the effects of packaging on canker in export bananas

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An experimental set-up to study carbon, water, and nitrate uptake rates by hydroponically grown plants

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An experimental study of the control effect of heterophos on pesticide-resistant bollworms

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An experimental study of the effects of energy intake at breakfast on the test performance of 10-year-old children in school

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An experimental study of the variation of water storage with transpiration in Cryptomeria japonica

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An experimental study on comprehensive techniques of feeding pigs using feed-saving systems

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An experimental study on the rejuvenating aged mango trees in Daqiaotou mango plantation, Jinggu

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An experimental study on transcutaneous absorption of ethylesters of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA; 20:5n-3) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA; 22:6n-3) in pigs

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An Experimental Test of the Rhizopine Concept in Rhizobium meliloti

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An experimental trial of rapid diagnosis of falciparum malaria by detecting histidine-rich protein 2 in blood with a dipstick

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An experimental ventilation function for large greenhouses based on a dynamic energy balance model

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An expert system for analysis of grain bin loads

Chew, J.D., 1993:
An expert system for diagnosis of stand treatment needs

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An expert system for evaluating the effectiveness of vegetation in protecting the ground

Bovio, G.; Camia, A., 1994:
An expert system for evaluating the influence of alternative silvicultural practices on forest fires

Gasparini, P., 1994:
An expert system for evaluating the natural quality of vegetation in forest management planning

Rita, P.; Moutinho, L., 1994:
An expert system for promotion budget allocation to international markets

Pilgrim, A.C.; Sewdass, T., 1996:
An expert system for the clarifier and evaporation station at a sugar factory

Feher, J.; Rajkai, K., 1996:
An expert system to predict climate change induced salinization processes in salt-affected soils

Lee, Y.B.; Cho, S.I.; Ryu, K.S.; Ryu, B.K., 1996:
An expert system to select optimal machinery for rice farming (I) - program to minimize cost in utilization of farm machinery

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An expert systems approach to the socio-economic evaluation of rural land-use policy

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An exploration into NGO approach to pond fisheries development in Bangladesh

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An exploration of Saccharum complex germplasm in Irian Jaya - 1995

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An exploration of profit measurement

Sun KaiLian, 1996:
An exploration of share-right marketing and its effects on township enterprises in Zibo County, Shandong Province

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An exploration of the subjective meaning of leisure using visual representation of activity categories

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An exploratory analysis of liver element relationships in a case series of common loons (Gavia immer)

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An exploratory case-control study of risk factors for bovine spongiform encephalopathy on Swiss dairy farms

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An exploratory examination of some relict hardpans in the coastal lowlands of southern Queensland

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An exploratory study of German visitors to the Caribbean: push and pull motivations

March, R., 1997:
An exploratory study of buyer-supplier relationships in international tourism: the case of Japanese wholesalers and Japanese suppliers

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An exploratory study on cotton insect control by natural enemies

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An exploratory study on the influence of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on the success of weed biological control with insects

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An exploratory study on the relationship between postural deformities and body-image and self-esteem in adolescents: the mediating role of physical activity

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An extended nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium model for tall fescue

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An extended nomenclature of the canine karyotype

You TianFu; Wang ShuLi; Chen ZhiXian, 1997:
An extra early apricot variety - Yuzaoguan

Shi HuaGuo; X.G.oZhong; H.J.nHang, 1996:
An extra early peach variety Yuandong Baitao

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An extracellular cellulase of the brown-rot fungus, Tyromyces palustris

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An extracellular factor of Bacillus thuringiensis that inhibits spore formation

Yadav, R.; Yadav, K.D., 1996:
An extracellular phosphatase from Aspergillus fumigatus

Tanaka, H.; Itakura, S.; Hirano, T.; Enoki, A., 1996:
An extracellular substance from the white-rot basidiomycete Phanerochaete chrysosporium for reducing molecular oxygen and ferric iron

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An extract of soy flour influences serum cholesterol and thyroid hormones in rats and hamsters

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An extraction spectrophotometric analysis method for the determination of Fe, Cu, Zn, and Ni in wastewaters from carbamide production

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An extreme modification of Monocillium: Monocillium curvisetosum n. sp

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An extremely thermostable cellulase from the thermophilic eubacterium Rhodothermus marinus

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An eye-opener for robots. Automated cheese ripening by optical range measurement

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An historical perspective on risks due to gene technology: myths about mutants muddy the waters

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An ice cream containing Lactobacillus bifidus

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An ideal protein for each species. Maximising performance while minimising nitrogen excretion

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An identification key to the tabanids (Diptera: Tabanidae) from the Pantanal, subregion of Nhecolandia, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

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An identified set of visceral muscle bands is essential for the guidance of migratory neurons in the enteric nervous system of Manduca sexta

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An illustrated key to lepidopterous larvae

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An image processing algorithm to find new and old bruises

Shiraishi, M.; Shiraishi, S., 1996:
An image-based germplasm database for Vitis spp

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An immuno-dot blot assay for detection of thermostable protease from Pseudomonas sp. AFT-36 of dairy origin

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An immuno-dot blot assay for the detection of antibodies to bovine leukemia virus envelope protein gp51

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An immunocapture PCR assay adapted to the detection and the analysis of the molecular variability of apple chlorotic leaf spot virus

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An immunohistochemical study of Flexibacter psychrophilus infection in experimentally and naturally infected rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) fry

Cobb, S.P., 1996:
An immunohistochemical study of MHC class II expression, B lymphocytes, T lymphocytes and macrophages in the bovine endometrium

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An immunohistochemical study of the pathology of fatal malaria. Evidence for widespread endothelial activation and a potential role for intercellular adhesion molecule-1 in cerebral sequestration

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An immunohistochemical study of three equine pulmonary granular cell tumors

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An immunohistochemical study on the tissue-specific localization of metallothionein in dogs

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An immunomodulatory C-glucosylated propelargonidin from the unripe fruit of Aegle marmelos

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An immunoregulatory role for neutrophils in CD4+ T helper subset selection in mice with candidiasis

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An impact evaluation of project SNAPP: an AIDS and pregnancy prevention middle school program

Yoon, H.S.; Eor, M.K., 1995:
An implication of the code of liberalisation of capital movements of the OECD on Korean agriculture

Georg, P., 1996:
An important adventure place for games and sport - the wood

Efe, A.; Alptekin, U., 1989:
An important bottomland forest in Turkey: Hacosman

Zahrer, L., 1996:
An important environmental protection package is now tied up

Flynn, N.E.; Wu, G., 1996:
An important role for endogenous synthesis of arginine in maintaining arginine homeostasis in neonatal pigs

Kolbel, M., 1996:
An impression, and some research results, from eastern European virgin forests

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An improved amplification and sequencing strategy for phylogenetic studies using the mitochondrial large subunit rRNA gene

Gerrish, P.; Bralts, V.; Shayya, W., 1996:
An improved analysis of microirrigation hydraulics using a virtual emitter system

Ramírez-Malagón, R.; Ochoa-Alejo, N., 1996:
An improved and reliable chili pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) plant regeneration method

Buhler, M.; Gessler, C.; Boos, J., 1993:
An improved apple scab warning system: consideration of the biological parameters, ascospore presence and leaf growth, in addition to microclimatic factors

Jandl, A.; Kraus, W., 1994:
An improved bioassay to detect nematicidal effects of phytotoxic compounds

Nadler, A.; Lapid, Y., 1996:
An improved capacitance sensor for in situ monitoring of soil moisture

Page, P.; Blonski, C.; Perie, J., 1996:
An improved chemical and enzymatic synthesis of new fructose derivatives for important studies by the glucose transporter in parasites

Balasubramanya, N.N.; Sarwar, M.K.B.; Murthy, M.K.R., 1996:
An improved colorimetric method for estimation of taurine in biological fluids

Kajita, L.S., 1997 :
An improved contaminant resistant clay for environmental clay liner applications

Hong, H.K.e; Kim, C.M.on; Lee, J.S.o, 1995:
An improved device of effective sampling method for larval collection of Aedes togoi

Azcue, J.M.; Rosa, F.; Lawson, G., 1996:
An improved dialysis sampler for the in situ collection of larger volumes of sediment pore waters

Bralts, V.F.; Gerrish, P.J.; Yue, R., 1995:
An improved finite element model for the analysis of microirrigation systems

Spicka, J., 1995:
An improved gas chromatographic method of determination of volatile fatty acids and short-chain alcohols in silages

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An improved general heparinization during haemodialysis in the dog

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An improved histamine assay in fish by using an oxygen sensor and its comparison with the AOAC method

Schaad, N.W.; Wang, Z.K.; Di, M.; McBeath, J.; Peterson, G.L.; Bonde, M.R., 1996:
An improved infiltration technique to test the pathogenicity of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae in rice seedlings

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An improved method for DNA sequencing using plasmid templates

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An improved method for cell and spore counts during aerobic cultivation of crystal toxin producing Bacillus sphaericus

Bear, A., 1995:
An improved method for collecting bird ectoparasites

Verhoeye, F.R.; Descamps, O.; Husson, B.; Hondekijn, J.C.; Ronveaux-Dupal, M.F.; Lontie, J.F.; Heller, F.R., 1996:
An improved method for detection of low density lipoprotein receptor defects in human T lymphocytes

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