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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2760

Chapter 2760 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Callum, K. E., 1995: Archaeology in a region of Spodosols, Part 2

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Section 3, Chapter 2760, Accession 002759013

Anonymous, 1995: Architecture of fruit trees and forest trees, Montpellier (France) 23-25 November 1993

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Section 3, Chapter 2760, Accession 002759020

Section 3, Chapter 2760, Accession 002759021

Wesley, Iv; Schroeder-Tucker, L; Baetz, Al; Dewhirst, Fe; Paster, Bj , 1995: Arcobacter-specific and Arcobacter butzleri-specific 16S rRNA-based DNA probes

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Dmoch, J., 1995: Arctoseius semiscissus (Berlese 1892) (Acarina: Ascidae) foretic on mushroom sciarid flies in Poland - a possible agent for biological control for sciarids in mushroom houses

Mann, J. S.; Sharma, S. C., 1995: Ardu (Ailanthus excelsa Roxb.) is an ideal fodder tree for dry areas

Anonymous, 1995: Ardu (Ailanthus excelsa)

Renard, A. C., 1995: Are 'premiers prix' products always the cheapest?

Section 3, Chapter 2760, Accession 002759032

Greenslade, Penelope, 1997: Are Collembola useful as indicators of the conservation value of native grasslands?

Lukacova, M., 1996: Are Coxiella burnetii and chlamydiae related? Antigenic properties of Coxiella burnetii and chlamydiae

Auth, D. R., 1997: Are ESTs patentable?

Kammerlehner, J., 1995: Are German cheeses and their quality in line with foreign competition?

Thomann, M.; Botzner, B., 1996: Are NAA sprays suitable for growth regulation?

Calisher, C. H.; Sever, J. L., 1995: Are North American Bunyamwera serogroup viruses etiologic agents of human congenital defects of the central nervous system?

Bradeen, J.; Timmermans, M.; Messing, J., 1996: Are P-locus epiallele methylation status and phenotype set during inflorescence or embryo development by maternal influence?

Maze, Kristal E.; Bond, William J., 1996: Are Protea populations seed limited?: Implications for wildflower harvesting in Cape fynbos

Sartorius von Bach, H. J., 1995: Are South African agricultural economists adequately skilled to face future challenges?

Abrol, D. P., 1996: Are Xylocopa species new hosts of the parasitic mite Tropilaelaps clareae (Acari: Laelapidae)?

Section 3, Chapter 2760, Accession 002759043

Pizam, A.; Jansen Verbeke, M.; Steel, L., 1997: Are all tourists alike, regardless of nationality? The perceptions of Dutch tour-guides

Section 3, Chapter 2760, Accession 002759046

Rendell, Wallace B.; Verbeek, Nicolaas A. M., 1996: Are avian ectoparasites more numerous in nest boxes with old nest material?

Stockdale, T., 1996: Are bacterial toxins involved in the aetiology of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies?

Wong, William W.; Butte, Nancy F.; Hergenroeder, Albert C.; Hill, Rebecca B.; Stuff, Janice E.; Smith, E. O'brian, 1996: Are basal metabolic rate prediction equations appropriate for female children and adolescents?

Muller, Christine B.; Voelkl, Wolfgang; Godfray, H. Charles J., 1997: Are behavioural changes in parasitised aphids a protection against hyperparasitism?

Fjeldsa, J.; Ehrlich, D.; Lambin, E.; Prins, E., 1997: Are biodiversity 'hotspots' correlated with current ecoclimatic stability? A pilot study using the NOAA-AVHRR remote sensing data

Kommisrud, E., 1997: Are calving problems more expensive than expected?

Syrett, P.; Fowler, S. V.; Emberson, R. M., 1996: Are chrysomelid beetles effective agents for biological control of weeds?

Peabody, J. W.; Gertler, P. J., 1997: Are clinical criteria just proxies for socioeconomic status? A study of low birth weight in Jamaica

Block, Gladys, 1995: Are clinical trials really the answer?

Murray, A. B.; Milner, R. A., 1996: Are combinations of questions better than individual questions for detecting sensitization to mite allergen?

Amilien, C., 1997: Are countries liable for their forestry practices?

Noome, C., 1995: Are current GMP regulations European or effective?

Van Staden, J., 1996: Are cytokinin glucosides exported from mature deciduous leaves?

Blauhorn, W., 1996: Are daisies good for cutting?

Section 3, Chapter 2760, Accession 002759062

Drummond, Sandra; Kirk, Terry; De Looy, Anne, 1996: Are dietary recommendations for dietary fat reduction achievable?

Gibson, S. A., 1996: Are diets high in non-milk extrinsic sugars conducive to obesity? An analysis from the Dietary and Nutritional Survey of British Adults

Cahill, M. J.; Strong, W. M., 1996: Are district nitrogen recipes obsolete?

Fragoso, C.; Lavelle, P., 1995: Are earthworms important in the decomposition of tropical litter?

Yamada, Y., 1995: Are economic selection indices superior to a desired gains index?

Oliveira, G.; Werner, C.; Correia, O., 1996: Are ecophysiological responses influenced by crown position in cork-oak?

Toonen, J., 1996: Are edible vaccines a solution?

Kight, S. L.; Sprague, J.; Kruse, K. C.; Johnson, L., 1995: Are egg-bearing male water bugs, Belostoma flumineum Say (Hemiptera: Belostomatidae), impaired swimmers?

Szigeti, Z.; Racz, I.; Darko, E.; Lasztity, D.; Lehoczki, E., 1996: Are either SOD and catalase or the polyamines involved in the paraquat resistance of Conyza canadensis?

Cartwright, N. G., 1996: Are environmental quality standards an appropriate risk management tool for pesticides?

Fatzer, R.; Straub, R.; Gerber, V.; Hani, H.; Boujon, C.; Tipold, A.; Herholz, C.; Tschudi, P.; Poncet, P. A.; Gerber, H., 1995: Are equine motor neuron disease (EMND) and grass sickness of the horse different manifestations of the same underlying disease?

Brisson, J., 1996: Are fat and protein contents linked?

Keller, Siegfried; Schweizer, Christian; Brenner, Hermann, 1995: Are females of the cockchafer able to deposit fertile eggs without egg maturation feeding?

Connor, Sonja L.; Connor, William E., 1997: Are fish oils beneficial in the prevention and treatment of coronary artery disease?

Burbulis, I. E.; Pelletier, M. K.; Cain, C. C.; Shirley, B. W., 1996: Are flavonoids synthesized by a multi-enzyme complex?

Section 3, Chapter 2760, Accession 002759078

Regev, U.; Gotsch, N.; Rieder, P., 1997: Are fungicides, nitrogen and plant growth regulators risk-reducing? Empirical evidence from Swiss wheat production

Heitmann, Berit Lilienthal; Kaprio, Jaakko; Harris, Jennifer R.; Rissanen, Aila; Korkeila, Maarit; Koskenvuo, Markku, 1997: Are genetic determinants of weight gain modified by leisure-time physical activity? A prospective study of Finnish twins

Section 3, Chapter 2760, Accession 002759081

Das, Ira; Fraise, Adam; Wise, Richard, 1997: Are glycopeptide-resistant enterococci in animals a threat to human beings?

Roche, H.; Boge, G.; Peres, G., 1996: Are haematological and blood chemistry values of fish good markers for natural and artificial changes in the marine environment?

Hennon, P. E., 1995: Are heart rot fungi major factors of disturbance in gap-dynamic forests?

Gibson, S. A., 1996: Are high-fat, high-sugar foods and diets conducive to obesity?

Section 3, Chapter 2760, Accession 002759086

Peyron, F., 1995: Are immunological therapies of use in severe malaria?

Brandenburg, R. L., 1994: Are insect decision models practical in peanut pest management?

Lee, Y. H.; Hultberg, H.; Sverdrup, H.; Borg, G. C., 1995: Are ion exchange process important in controlling the cation chemistry of soil- and runoff waters?

Peterson, W. L., 1997: Are large farms more efficient?

Gandhi, V. P.; Gyanendra Mani, 1995: Are livestock products rising in importance? A study of the growth and behaviour of their consumption in India

Fleet, Jc, 1995: Are low-sodium diets appropriate for treated hypertensive men?

Sulway, M. R.; Broe, G. A.; Creasey, H.; Jorm, A. F.; Kos, S. C.; Tennant, C. C., 1996: Are malnutrition and stress risk factors for accelerated cognitive decline? A prisoner of war study

Yin, R; Newman, Dh, 1996: Are markets for stumpage informationally efficient?

Montias, J. M., 1995: Are museum's betraying the public's trust?

Schoss, P.; Alt, M., 1995: Are nasal swabs suitable for detection of pneumonia-causing bacteria in pigs?

Hofmann, H., 1995: Are neurological disturbances to be expected after vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis?

Radimer, K. L., 1996: Are nutrition messages in popular women's magazines consistent with dietary recommendations?

Steen, Suzanne Nelson; Wadden, Thomas A.; Foster, Gary D.; Andersen, Ross E., 1996: Are obese adolescent boys ignoring an important health risk?

Anonymous, 1997: Are our farms stable?

Bilinska, Barbara; Lesniak, Marcin; Schmalz, Barbara, 1997: Are ovine Leydig cells able to aromatize androgens?

Kleinschmit, J. R. G.; Kremer, A.; Roloff, A., 1995: Are pedunculate oak and sessile oak two separate species?

Section 3, Chapter 2760, Accession 002759104

Batista, Marcia Regina; Ferraz, Marisol; Bazotte, Roberto Barbosa, 1997: Are physiological changes in meal-fed rats determined by the amount of food ingested in the last meal or due to feeding schedule?

Gjolberg, O., 1995: Are piglet prices rational hog price forecasts?

Basra, Ranjit K.; Basra, Amarjit S.; Malik, C. P.; Grover, I. S., 1997: Are polyamines involved in the heat-shock protection of mung bean seedlings?

Strand, Allan E.; Milligan, Brook G.; Pruitt, Casey M., 1996: Are populations islands? Analysis of chloroplast DNA variation in Aquilegia

White, E. M., 1996: Are ranches an environmental hazard?

Moore, G; Aragon-Alcaide, L; Roberts, M; Reader, S; Miller, T; Foote, T., 1997: Are rice chromosomes components of a holocentric chromosome ancestor?

Kalmokoff, Ml; Bartlett, F; Teather, Rm, 1996: Are ruminal bacteria armed with bacteriocins?

Paynter, Q.; Fowler, S. V.; Hinz, H. L.; Memmott, J.; Shaw, R.; Sheppard, A. W.; Syrett, P., 1996: Are seed-feeding insects of use for the biological control of broom?

Kelly, J. M.; Samuelson, L.; Edwards, G.; Hanson, P.; Kelting, D.; Mays, A.; Wullschleger, S., 1995: Are seedlings reasonable surrogates for trees? An analysis of ozone impacts on Quercus rubra

Raats, M.; Daillant Spinnler, D.; Deliza, R.; MacFie, H., 1995: Are sensory properties relevant to consumer food choice?

Walters, Michael B.; Reich, Peter B., 1996: Are shade tolerance, survival, and growth linked? Low light and nitrogen effects on hardwood seedlings

Section 3, Chapter 2760, Accession 002759117

Kliesen, K. L.; Gilbert, R. A., 1996: Are some agricultural banks too agricultural?

Siepel, Henk, 1995: Are some mites more ecologically exposed to pollution with lead than others?

Green, C. H., 1993: Are species differences in the responses of tsetse flies to colours innate? A laboratory study

Chytry, Milan, 1995: Are species with similar ranges confined to similar habitats in a landscape?

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Klein, E., 1995: Are storms the most important cause of heart rot in spruce?

Silvertown, Jonathan, 1996: Are sub-alpine firs evolving towards semelparity?

Fouche, J. G.; Jouve, L.; Hausman, J. F.; Kevers, C.; Gaspar, T., 1997: Are temperature-induced early changes in auxin and polyamine levels related to flowering in Phalaenopsis?

Prentki, M.; Corkey, B. E., 1996: Are the beta -cell signalling molecules malonyl-CoA and cytosolic long-chain acyl-CoA implicated in multiple tissue defects of obesity and NIDDM?

Bertin, C.; Doumalin, L., 1996: Are the 'internauts' going to invade agriculture?

Cornelissen, A. W. C. A., 1996: Are the 26-kDa somatic and the 24-kDa excretory/secretory antigens of Haemonchus contortus one and the same?

Shvidenko, A.; Nilsson, S., 1997: Are the Russian forests disappearing?

Vogt, Thomas; Zimmermann, Elke; Grimm, Rudi; Meyer, Michael; Strack, Dieter, 1997: Are the characteristics of betanidin glucosyltransferases from cell-suspension cultures of Dorotheanthus bellidiformis indicative of their phylogenetic relationship with flavonoid glucosyltransferases?

Stringari, G.; Moller, F.; Ceschini, A.; Failla, O., 1996: Are the differences among samples from agricultural trials analysed by routine procedures experimental or only analytical?

Palfner, G.; Agerer, R. , 1995: Are the ectomycorrhizas of Xerocomus subtomentosus and X. armeniacus anatomically distinguishable?

Kordis, F., 1985: Are the forests of the Idria region threatened by ice damage?

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Hoa, D. P.; Hojer, B.; Persson, L. A., 1997: Are there social inequities in child morbidity and mortality in rural Vietnam?

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Shaw, J.; Camargo, E. P., 1995: Are trees real?

Cronin, G; Paul, Vj; Hay, Me; Fenical, W., 1997: Are tropical herbivores more resistant than temperate herbivores to seaweed chemical defenses? Diterpenoid metabolites from Dictyota acutiloba as feeding deterrents for tropical versus temperate fishes and urchins

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Riley, C., 1997: Are we selling our souls to the sponsorship dollar?

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Anonymous, 1996: Are you really safe from chemical pesticides?

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Section 3, Chapter 2760, Accession 002759178

Section 3, Chapter 2760, Accession 002759180

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Section 3, Chapter 2760, Accession 002759188

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Section 3, Chapter 2760, Accession 002759190

Section 3, Chapter 2760, Accession 002759191

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Section 3, Chapter 2760, Accession 002759200

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Section 3, Chapter 2760, Accession 002759241

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Section 3, Chapter 2760, Accession 002759247

Section 3, Chapter 2760, Accession 002759248

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