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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2761

Chapter 2761 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Vanderlip, Rl; Hammer, Gl; Muchow, Rc, 1996: Assessing planting opportunities in semiarid subtropical environments

Stewart, C. N, Jr; Excoffier, L., 1996: Assessing population genetic structure and variability with RAPD data: application to Vaccinium macrocarpon (American cranberry)

Lee, D. H.; Clites, A. H.; Keillor, J. P., 1997: Assessing risk in operational decisions using Great Lakes probabilistic water level forecasts

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Whitman, S. D.; Field, W. E., 1995: Assessing senior farmers' perceptions of tractor and machinery-related hazards

Whitman, S. D.; Field, W. E., 1994: Assessing senior farmers' perceptions of tractor and machinery-related hazards

Arave, Cw, 1996: Assessing sensory capacity of animals using operant technology

Yu, M. D.; Mo, J. M.; Kong, G. H., 1995: Assessing soil nitrogen availability in Dinghushan monsoon evergreen broadleaf forest by the ion exchange resin bag method

Section 3, Chapter 2761, Accession 002760009

Section 3, Chapter 2761, Accession 002760010

Sims, J. T.; Cunningham, S. D.; Sumner, M. E., 1997: Assessing soil quality for environmental purposes: roles and challenges for soil scientists

Herold, B.; Truppel, I.; Siering, G.; Geyer, M., 1996: Assessing sources of damage in harvesting and preparation: helped by the PMS-60 pressure ball

Bar On, A., 1997: Assessing sub-Saharan Africa's structural adjustment programmes: the need for more qualitative measures

Rogge, Richard W.; Drewes, Charles D., 1993: Assessing sublethal neurotoxicity effects in the freshwater oligochaete, Lumbriculus variegatus

Houdier, Stephan; Perez, Serge, 1995: Assessing sucrose hydroxyl acidities through semiempirical calculations

Arditi, R.; Glaizot, O., 1995: Assessing superparasitism with a model combining the functional response and the egg distribution of parasitoids

Some, S.; McSweeney, K., 1996: Assessing sustainability in Burkina Faso

Francois, J. F.; McDonald, B.; Nordstrom, H., 1995: Assessing the Uruguay Round

Fry, G. J., 1996: Assessing the benefits of interventions to improve soil moisture conditions using the PARCH Crop Environment Model

Bennett, R.; Tranter, R., 1997: Assessing the benefits of public access to the countryside

Smith, C. W.; Johnston, M. A.; Lorentz, S., 1997: Assessing the compaction susceptibility of South African forestry soils. I. The effect of soil type, water content and applied pressure on uni-axial compaction

Mahmood, A., 1995: Assessing the comparative advantage of Pakistan's edible oil industry under alternative oilseed processing technologies

Mortimer, R.; Sharp, B.; Craig, J., 1996: Assessing the conservation value of New Zealand's offshore islands

Veeck, A., 1997: Assessing the contribution of attitudinal variables in international models of food consumption

Meltzer, M. I., 1996: Assessing the costs and benefits of an oral vaccine for raccoon rabies: a possible model

Bergstrom, Jc; Boyle, Kj; Job, Ca; Kealy, Mj, 1996: Assessing the economic benefits of ground water for environmental policy decisions

Spash, C. L., 1997: Assessing the economic benefits to agriculture from air pollution control

Webster, J. P. G., 1997: Assessing the economic consequences of sustainability in agriculture

Kaewsonthi, Somkid; Harding, Alan G.; Kidson, Chev; Indaratna, Kaemathong, 1996: Assessing the economic impact of a rapid on-site malaria diagnostic test

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Morgan, D.; MacLeod, A., 1996: Assessing the economic threat of Bemisia tabaci and tomato yellow leaf curl virus to the tomato industry in England & Wales

Hay, W. W, Jr, 1996: Assessing the effect of disease on nutrition of the preterm infant

Comeau, A.; Mittelhammer, R. C.; Wahl, T. I., 1996: Assessing the effectiveness of MPP meat advertising and promotion in the Japanese market

Section 3, Chapter 2761, Accession 002760037

Wheeler, T. R.; Ellis, R. H.; Hadley, P.; Morison, J. I. L.; Batts, G. R.; Daymond, A. J., 1996: Assessing the effects of climate change on field crop production

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Anonymous, 1994: Assessing the effects of silvicultural practices on sustained productivity: a proceedings of the IEA/BE workshop '93, May 16-22, Fredericton, N.B., Canada

Lanclos, D. K.; Hertel, T. W.; Devadoss, S., 1996: Assessing the effects of tariff reform on U.S. food manufacturing industries: the role of imperfect competition and intermediate inputs

Reverter, A; Tier, B; Johnston, Dj; Graser, Hu, 1997: Assessing the efficiency of multiplicative mixed model equations to account for heterogeneous variance across herds in carcass scan traits from beef cattle

Azam Ali, S. N., 1995: Assessing the efficiency of radiation use by intercrops

Hofreither, M., 1996: Assessing the environmental contribution of agriculture and forestry

Ahl Goy, P.; Duesing, J. H., 1996: Assessing the environmental impact of gene transfer to wild relatives

Wilson, G. A., 1997: Assessing the environmental impact of the Environmentally Sensitive Areas scheme: a case for using farmers' environmental knowledge?

Gantz, W.; Wenner, L. A.; Carrico, C.; Knorr, M., 1995: Assessing the football widow hypothesis: a coorientation study of the role of televised sports in long-standing relationships

Jabbour, Z. I.; Kouzmina, T. I.; Zavertiev, B. P.; Shapiev, I., 1994: Assessing the functional status of bovine oocytes cultured in vitro

Dash, M., 1996: Assessing the future of non-timber forest products in Guyana

Lopatina, L. M.; Klochkov, S. A., 1995: Assessing the genetic determination of homeostasis of spring wheat varieties

Avery, Michael L.; Fischer, David L.; Primus, Thomas M., 1997: Assessing the hazard to granivorous birds feeding on chemically treated seeds

Section 3, Chapter 2761, Accession 002760052

Roche, C.; Bush, A., 1997: Assessing the impact of advocacy work

Millward, Rod N.; Grant, Alastair, 1995: Assessing the impact of copper on nematode communities from a chronically metal-enriched estuary using pollution-induced community tolerance

Dhillion, S. S.; Roy, J.; Abrams, M., 1996: Assessing the impact of elevated CO2 on soil microbial activity in a Mediterranean model ecosystem

Lippert, M.; Steiner, K.; Payer, H. D.; Simons, S.; Langebartels, C.; Sandermann, H, Jr, 1996: Assessing the impact of ozone on photosynthesis of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) in environmental chambers

Baveco, Johannes M. de Roos, Andre M., 1996: Assessing the impact of pesticides on lumbricid populations: an individual-based modelling approach

Van Der Werf, Hayo M. G., 1996: Assessing the impact of pesticides on the environment

Anonymous, 1995: Assessing the impacts of agricultural biotechnologies: Canadian-Latin American perspectives. Proceedings of a workshop held in Ottawa, Canada, 16-17 May 1995

Baethgen, Walter E.; Magrin, Graciela O., 1995: Assessing the impacts of climate change on winter crop production in Uruguay and Argentina using crop simulation models

Kangas, J.; Lauhanen, R.; Store, R., 1996: Assessing the impacts of ditch network maintenance on water ecosystems on the basis of expert knowledge and integrating the assessments into decision analysis

Goldingay, R.; Daly, G.; Lemckert, F., 1996: Assessing the impacts of logging on reptiles and frogs in the montane forests of southern New South Wales

Petersen, B. J.; Barraj, L. M., 1996: Assessing the intake of contaminants and nutrients: an overview of methods

Coccossis, H.; Parpairis, A., 1995: Assessing the interaction between heritage, environment and tourism: Mykonos

Atwill, E. R., 1996: Assessing the link between rangeland cattle and waterborne Cryptosporidium parvum infection in humans

Hui, JianGuo; McLean Meyinsse, P. E., 1996: Assessing the market potential for specialty meat: goat, rabbit, and quail

Polley, H., 1995: Assessing the mechanical stability of forest trees on the basis of the German Forest Inventory

Hora, G.; Bottcher, P., 1993: Assessing the moisture protection of exterior wood coatings, Comparison of determining dynamic wetting angle and water absorption coefficients

Zarkadas, George C.; Karatzas, Constantinos D.; Zarkadas, Constantinos G., 1996: Assessing the myofibrillar and connective tissue protein contents and protein quality of beef tripe

Section 3, Chapter 2761, Accession 002760071

Martinez Torres, D.; Carrio, R.; Latorre, A.; Simon, J. C.; Hermoso, A.; Moya, A., 1997: Assessing the nucleotide diversity of three aphid species by RAPD

Amirthaveni, M.; Amirtham, P.; Vijayalakshmi, P., 1994: Assessing the nutrient content of selected south Indian breakfast items

Guigoz, Y.; Vellas, B.; Garry, P. J., 1996: Assessing the nutritional status of the elderly: the Mini Nutritional Assessment as part of the geriatric evaluation

Roush, R. T.; Shelton, A. M., 1997: Assessing the odds: the emergence of resistance to Bt transgenic plants

Section 3, Chapter 2761, Accession 002760076

Mikles, M., 1995: Assessing the parameters for delimbing heads in terms of delimbing quality

Orr, S. J.; Wedderburn, M. E., 1996: Assessing the persistence of some pasture legumes in hill country

Facchino, F.; Giuliano, G., 1996: Assessing the pollution potential of pesticides for groundwater

Sverdrup, Harald; Warfvinge, Per; Britt, Douglas, 1996: Assessing the potential for forest effects due to soil acidification in Maryland

Smith, M. C.; Holt, J., 1995: Assessing the potential of head smut as a biological control agent of Rottboellia cochinchinensis using a simple model

Cheek, S., 1994: Assessing the potential use of biological control agents in the UK against plant pests of quarantine concern

Wolterbeek, H. T.; Bode, P.; Verburg, T. G., 1996: Assessing the quality of biomonitoring via signal-to-noise ratio analysis

Section 3, Chapter 2761, Accession 002760086

Malmegren, L., 1997: Assessing the quality of raw semen: a review

Venalainen, M.; Hahl, J.; Poykko, T., 1996: Assessing the quality of young stems in predicting the total monetary yield of Scots pine progenies

Allam, Y. H.; McGrath, M., 1996: Assessing the readiness of Atlanta hotels to host international visitors during the '96 summer Olympics

Uri, N. D., 1996: Assessing the relationship between alternative production practices and energy and other input use in US agriculture

Walburger, A. M.; Foster, K. A., 1997: Assessing the relationship between market factors and regional price dynamics in U.S. cattle markets

Anonymous, 1995: Assessing the relative transfer efficiency of agricultural support policies

Vasilyevskaya, V. D., 1996: Assessing the resistance of tundra cryogenic soils to anthropogenic impact

Condit, R.; Hubbell, S. P.; Foster, R. B., 1996: Assessing the response of plant functional types to climatic change in tropical forests

Hatch, G. P.; Tainton, N. M.; Ortmann, G. F., 1996: Assessing the risk of various stocking strategies in the semi-arid savanna of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Carter, Timothy R.; Saarikko, Riitta A.; Niemi, Kai J., 1996: Assessing the risks and uncertainties of regional crop potential under a changing climate in Finland

Timmons, A. M.; O' Brien, E. T.; Charters, Y. M.; Dubbels, S. J.; Wilkinson, M. J., 1995: Assessing the risks of wind pollination from field of genetically modified Brassica napus ssp. oleifera

Chapman, L. S., 1996: Assessing the sulfur requirements of sugarcane in Queensland

Vanclay, J. K., 1996: Assessing the sustainability of timber harvests from natural forests: limitations of indices based on successive harvests

Lemly, A. Dennis, 1996: Assessing the toxic threat of selenium to fish and aquatic birds

Whitehead, J. C.; Blomquist, G. C.; Hoban, T. J.; Clifford, W. B., 1995: Assessing the validity and reliability of contingent values: a comparison of on-site users, off-site users, and non-users

Rendel, J.; Jackson, R.; Harris, B.; Allison, T.; Shannon, P.; Burton, L.; Tempero, H., 1996: Assessing the value of breeding technologies to dairy farmers

Spackman, M. E.; McKechnie, S. W., 1995: Assessing the value of mitochondrial DNA variation for detecting population subdivision in the cotton bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in Australia

Groh-Wargo, S., 1996: Assessing the vitamin A and carotenoid intake of infants

Singh, K. D.; Janz, K., 1995: Assessing the world's forest resources

Siconolfi, Steven F.; Gretebeck, Randal J.; Wong, William W.; Pietrzyk, Robert A.; Suire, Sheril S., 1997: Assessing total body and extracellular water from bioelectrical response spectroscopy

Cleaves, D. A., 1994: Assessing uncertainty in expert judgements about natural resources

Mcferson, James R.; Lamboy, Warren F.; Kresovich, Stephen, 1996: Assessing user perceptions of genetic resource collections in crucifer crops

Sanders, D. C.; Cure, J. D.; Deyton, P. M.; Gardner, R. G., 1996: Assessing vascularization response of three tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) cultivars to soil type, nutrient stress, and water stress

Gorelova, Yu V.; Rekubratsky, I. V., 1996: Assessing vegetation traits in forest biogeocoenosis: 1. Identifying intracoenotic mosaics and comparing floristic classifications

Gorelova, Yu V.; Rekubratsky, I. V., 1996: Assessing vegetation traits in forest biogeocoenosis: 2. Comparing ecological informativeness of traits

Brivio, P. A.; Zilioli, E., 1996: Assessing wetland changes in the Venice lagoon by means of satellite remote sensing data

Thebaud, Christophe; Finzi, Adrien C.; Affre, Laurence; Debussche, Max; Escarre, Josep, 1996: Assessing why two introduced Conyza differ in their ability to invade Mediterranean old fields

DelGiudice, G. D., 1995: Assessing winter nutritional restriction of northern deer with urine in snow: considerations, potential, and limitations

Calortscher, M., 1997: Assessing yield values as a basis for land re-allocation

Winter, C. K.; Francis, F. J., 1997: Assessing, managing, and communicating chemical food risks

Schill, P.; Gold, C. S.; Afreh Nuamah, K., 1996: Assessment and characterization of constraints in plantain production in Ghana as an example for West Africa

Palko, J.; Yli Halla, M., 1993: Assessment and management of acidity release upon drainage of acid sulphate soils in Finland

Anonymous, 1996: Assessment and management of plant invasions

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Murty, V. V. N.; Takeuchi, K., 1996: Assessment and mitigation of droughts in the Asia-Pacific region

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Hoek, J.; Sukkel, W.; Hylkema, H. J., 1996: Assessment methods for determination of differences in partial resistance in varieties of field vegetables

Kobayashi, S.; Endou, Y., 1996: Assessment methods for forest scenic preferences

Dyson, D. H., 1997: Assessment of 3 audible monitors during hypotension in anesthetized dogs

Mines, R. O, Jr, 1996: Assessment of AWT systems in Tampa Bay area

Jarosik, V.; Pliva, J., 1995: Assessment of Amblyseius barkeri (Acarina: Phytoseiidae) as a control agent for thrips on greenhouse cucumbers

Dennis, H.; Ryan, P., 1996: Assessment of American and British arboricultural climbing techniques

Goto, N.; Yanagisawa, Y., 1996: Assessment of CO2 reduction by technological usage of terrestrial ecosystems - Reforestation and biomass energy

Williams, D.; Andersen, A., 1995: Assessment of Danish and Swedish wood gluing machine technology

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Schneider, K.; Douches, D. S., 1997: Assessment of PCR-based simple sequencing repeats to fingerprint North American potato cultivars

Bernier, L.; Yang, D.; Ouellette, G. B.; Dessureault, M., 1996: Assessment of Phaeotheca dimorphospora for biological control of the Dutch elm disease pathogens, Ophiostoma ulmi and O. novo-ulmi

Eagen, K. A.; Goldman, I. L., 1996: Assessment of RAPD marker frequencies over cycles of recurrent selection for pigment concentration and percent solids in red beet (Beta vulgaris L.)

Ortega, L. M.; Gomez, S.; Arbelaez, G., 1994: Assessment of Streptomyces griseoviridis (Mycostop) as a biocontrol agent of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. dianthi in two standard carnation cultivars under commercial conditions

Meyer, Frank Martin; Harger, J. R. E., 1996: Assessment of UN agency interest areas regarding environmental activities in Indonesia

Carotenuto, R.; Zampelli, G., 1996: Assessment of Virginia Bright tobacco yield in the Benevento region

Prariyachatigul, C.; Chaiprasert, A.; Meevootisom, V.; Pattanakitsakul, S., 1996: Assessment of a PCR technique for the detection and identification of Cryptococcus neoformans

Phillips, Ian; Chapple, Lyndsay, 1995: Assessment of a heavy metals-contaminated site using sequential extraction, TCLP, and risk assessment techniques

Han, Yongmoon; Cutler, Jim E., 1997: Assessment of a mouse model of neutropenia and the effect of an anti-candidiasis monoclonal antibody in these animals

Section 3, Chapter 2761, Accession 002760152

Meynie, J.; Art, T.; Olaerts, J.; Anciaux, N.; Ghafir, Y.; Thomas, Y.; Lekeux, P., 1996: Assessment of a new system for determining lactate in horses

Federighi, M.; Cappelier, J. M., 1995: Assessment of a nucleic acid hybridization system for detection of thermophilic Campylobacter in foods

Beck, Louisa R.; Rodriguez, Mario H.; Dister, Sheri W.; Rodriguez, Americo D.; Washino, Robert K.; Roberts, Donald R.; Spanner, Michael A., 1997: Assessment of a remote sensing-based model for predicting malaria transmission risk in villages of Chiapas, Mexico

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Galvan, M.; De Victorica, J., 1997: Assessment of a water filtration device for household use in rural communities in Mexico

Section 3, Chapter 2761, Accession 002760159

Section 3, Chapter 2761, Accession 002760160

Mahapatra, K. C.; Mishra, C. H. P.; Singh, B., 1996: Assessment of adaptability in early rice varieties

Piehler, Jacob; Brecht, Andreas; Giersch, Thomas; Hock, Bertold; Gauglitz, Guenter, 1997: Assessment of affinity constants by rapid solid phase detection of equilibrium binding in a flow system

Petrelli, G.; Mucci, N.; Siepi, G.; Pace, F., 1996: Assessment of agricultural pesticides for potential carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic reproductive effects

Smidt, Stefan, 1996: Assessment of air pollution stress on forest ecosystems by the example of the Northern Tyrolean Limestone Alps

Gauvreau, H.; Sigler, L.; Abbott, S., 1995: Assessment of airborne molds as a biological hazard for Alberta commercial beekeepers

Hitchins, Anthony D., 1996: Assessment of alimentary exposure to Listeria monocytogenes

Cherfas, Nina B.; Gomelsky, Boris; Ben Dom, Naomi; Joseph, Dan; Cohen, Shlomo; Israel, Itzhak; Kabessa, Marcel; Zohar, Gil; Peretz, Yaqov; Mires, Dan; Hulata, Gideon, 1996: Assessment of all-female common carp progenies for fish culture

Moal, J. F., 1994: Assessment of ammonia losses from slurry landspreading in Brittany

Biancifiori, F.; Nannini, D.; Di Matteo, A.; Belfiore, P., 1996: Assessment of an indirect ELISA in milk for the diagnosis of ovine brucellosis

Das, M. K.; Shukla, R. N., 1996: Assessment of anthropogenic interference in the forest ecosystem of Dhaulkhand Range of Rajaji National Park (UP)

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Cope, S. E.; Schultz, G. W.; Richards, A. L.; Savage, H. M.; Smith, G. C.; Mitchell, C. J.; Fryauff, D. J.; Conlon, J. M.; Corneil, J. A.; Hyams, K. C., 1996: Assessment of arthropod vectors of infectious diseases in areas of U.S. troop deployment in the Persian Gulf

Woods, R. K.; Abramson, M. J., 1995: Assessment of asthma knowledge of Australian dietitians

Section 3, Chapter 2761, Accession 002760174

Section 3, Chapter 2761, Accession 002760175

Srivastava, A.; Singh, H.; Thakur, H. L., 1996: Assessment of avoidable yield loss caused by green peach aphid, Myzus persicae Sulzer and mustard aphid, Lipaphis erysimi (Kalt.) in Brassica

Chapman, R. Bruce; Evans, Alison M., 1995: Assessment of azinphos-methyl resistance in apple leafcurling midge from New Zealand apple orchards

Daniel, J. A.; Smith, S. J.; Sharpley, A. N.; Stewart, B. A., 1995: Assessment of beef cattle manure management in the Southern High Plains

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Pillard, David A., 1996: Assessment of benthic macroinvertebrate and fish communities in a stream receiving storm water runoff from a large airport

Van't Hof, M. A.; Burema, J., 1996: Assessment of bias in the SENECA study

Section 3, Chapter 2761, Accession 002760183

Danso, S. K. A., 1995: Assessment of biological nitrogen fixation

Hurcom, Stephen J.; Harrison, Andrew R.; Taberner, Malcolm, 1996: Assessment of biophysical vegetation properties through spectral decomposition techniques

Baines, D.; Summers, R. W., 1997: Assessment of bird collisions with deer fences in Scottish forests

Craenen, K., 1994: Assessment of black sigatoka resistance in segregating populations

Goff, Will L.; Johnson, W. Carl; Wyatt, Carol R.; Cluff, Christopher W., 1996: Assessment of bovine mononuclear phagocytes and neutrophils for induced L-arginine-dependent nitric oxide production

Rodriguez Martinez, H.; Larsson, B.; Zhang, B. R.; Soderquist, L., 1996: Assessment of bull sperm fertilizing ability

Urbanek Karowska, B.; Wojciechowska Mazurek, M.; Starska, K., 1995: Assessment of cadmium levels in selected groups of food products

Section 3, Chapter 2761, Accession 002760191

Section 3, Chapter 2761, Accession 002760192

Meir, S.; Ronen, R.; Lurie, S.; Philosoph Hadas, S., 1997: Assessment of chilling injury during storage: chlorophyll fluorescence characteristics of chilling-susceptible and triazole-induced chilling tolerant basil leaves

Wu JinGui; Lou DeRen; Ning YunWang; Jiang YongZhong, 1995: Assessment of chloride-containing fertilizers efficiency in farmland

Yoshihara, Toshihiro; Washida, Haruhiko; Takaiwa, Fumio, 1996: Assessment of common regulatory regions required for the endosperm-specific expression of rice storage protein glutelin genes by hybrid promoters

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Tas, E; Leinonen, P; Saano, A; Rasanen, La; Kaijalainen, S; Piippola, S; Hakola, S; Lindstrom, K., 1996: Assessment of competitiveness of rhizobia infecting Galega orientalis on the basis of plant yield, nodulation, and strain identification by antibiotic resistance and PCR

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Rossell, C. Reed, Jr.; Gorsira, Bryan, 1996: Assessment of condition and availability of active red-cockaded woodpecker cavities

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Xie, Shaodong; Hao, Jiming; Zhou, Hongping; Qi, Ling; Yin, Hanhui, 1995: Assessment of critical loads in Liuzhou, China using static and dynamic models

Section 3, Chapter 2761, Accession 002760203

Koclu, T.; Karsavuran, Y., 1996: Assessment of crop yield loss caused by pests

Huber, Michael L.; Henderson, Ralph A.; Finn Bodner, Sue; Macintire, Douglass K.; Wright, James C.; Hankes, Gerald H., 1997: Assessment of current techniques for determining tracheal luminal stenosis in dogs

Pacepavicius, G. J.; Liu, D.; Maguire, R. J.; Ng, H.; Gaynor, J. D.; Okamura, H.; Aoyama, I., 1996: Assessment of cyanazine persistence in water

Section 3, Chapter 2761, Accession 002760207

Nunes, W. M. de C.; Bergamin Filho, A., 1996: Assessment of damage caused by anthracnose (Colletotrichum lindemuthianum) of bean

Harsh, N. S. K.; Tiwari, C. K., 1995: Assessment of damage caused by heart-rot in teak in Madhya Pradesh

Bligaard, J., 1995: Assessment of damage thresholds for cabbage root fly in cauliflower

Wagner, Eric J.; Routledge, M. Douglas; Intelmann, Steven S., 1996: Assessment of demand feeder spacing on hatchery performance, fin condition, and size variation of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss

Section 3, Chapter 2761, Accession 002760212

Almeida, M. E. M.; Gusman, E. C.; Carvalho, P. R. N.; Rusig, O., 1994: Assessment of deodorizer distillate of soyabean oil as a source for extraction of vitamin E

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Welling, J., 1996: Assessment of drying quality of sawn timber

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Chikuni, O.; Nhachi, C. F. B.; Nyazema, N. Z.; Polder, A.; Nafstad, I.; Skaare, J. U., 1997: Assessment of environmental pollution by PCBs, DDT and its metabolites using human milk of mothers in Zimbabwe

Eldridge, D. J.; Kinnell, P. I. A., 1997: Assessment of erosion rates from microphyte-dominated calcareous soils under rain-impacted flow

Section 3, Chapter 2761, Accession 002760235

Marty, M. A.; Dawson, S. V.; Bradman, M. A.; Harnly, M. E.; Dibartolomeis, M. J., 1994: Assessment of exposure to malathion and malaoxon due to aerial application over urban areas of southern California

Luong To Thu; Doan Van Phuc; Anderson, N., 1997: Assessment of fasciolicides and experimental results in cattle in Vietnam

Anonymous, 1996: Assessment of feasible progress in food security

Chance, W. T.; Balasubramaniam, A.; Thompson, H.; Mohapatra, B.; Ramo, J.; Fischer, J. E., 1996: Assessment of feeding response of tumor-bearing rats to hypothalamic injection and infusion of neuropeptide Y

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