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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2764

Chapter 2764 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Zheng JiaXie; Huang Ying, 1997:
Base rot disease of passionfruit and its control in Fujian

Vigil, M.F.; Anderson, R.L.; Beard, W.E., 1997:
Base temperature and growing-degree-hour requirements for the emergence of canola

Sentelhas, P.C.; Nogueira, S. dos S.D.; Pedro Junior, M.J.; Santos, R.R. dos, 1994:
Base-temperature and degree-days for sunflower cultivars

Muttiah, R.S.; Srinivasan, R.; Allen, P.M.; Arnold, J.G., 1996:
Baseflow mapping of the South-Central and Southeastern United States using GIS

Cahill, M.; Gorman, K.; Day, S.; Denholm, I.; Elbert, A.; Nauen, R., 1996:
Baseline determination and detection of resistance to imidacloprid in Bemisia tabaci (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae)

Vijh, R.K.; Pundir, R.K.; Sahai, R., 1995:
Baseline sister chromatid exchange frequency in Bhadawari buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)

Streuli, C.H., 1995:
Basement membrane in the control of mammary gland function

Hogan, M.B.; Patterson, R.; Pore, R.S.; Corder, W.T.; Wilson, N.W., 1996:
Basement shower hypersensitivity pneumonitis secondary to Epicoccum nigrum

Garcia, F.; Vio, F., 1994:
Bases for a food and nutrition policy

Agterberg, G.C.; Henkens, P.L.C.M., 1995:
Bases for phosphate fertilizer recommendations for grasslands

Martinez Rojas, L.; Amaro Gutierrez, R., 1994:
Bases for the use of grain and cereals in the feeding of sheep

Bastianelli, D.; Sauvant, D.; Rerat, A., 1994:
Bases of a simple mechanistic model of digestion in pigs

Brink, A. van den, 1995:
Basic alternatives as 'scenarios' in Dutch land development practice

Anonymous, 1997:
Basic and applied aspects of seed biology. Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Seeds, held at Reading, UK, on 10-15 September 1995

Bauer, E.; Graner, A., 1995:
Basic and applied aspects of the genetic analysis of the ym4 virus resistance locus in barley

Anonymous, 1994:
Basic and applied palynological research. Tenth Symposium of Palynology, Valencia, 19-22 September 1994

Ter Steege, H.; Boot, R.; Brouwer, L.; Hammond, D.; Van Der Hout, P.; Jetten, V.G.; Khan, Z.; Polak, A.M., 1995:
Basic and applied research for sound rain forest management in Guyana

Ezawa, I., 1996:
Basic and practical studies on Ca metabolism and prevention of osteoporosis

Pind' ak, J., 1996:
Basic approaches to the nutrition and feeding of dairy cows

Birus, T., 1996:
Basic aspects of modern measuring technology

Kudinov, V., 1996:
Basic categories and evaluations in the mechanism of regulation of land relations

Gaborcik, N.; Kralikova, D., 1996:
Basic characteristics of seed of a range of genotypes of chickpeas

Luo, Y.; Shi, D.Y.; Xiao, S.S.; Liang, S.J., 1994:
Basic characteristics of soyabean germplasm cultivated on the ridges of rice fields in Fujian province

L.G.nQian; Tang DeRui; H.J.ngFeng; Wang DiHai, 1996:
Basic characteristics of system of Eucommia ulmoides intercropping with clover

Barrios, M.J.; Medina, L.M.; Serrano, C.E.; Jordano, R., 1996:
Basic compositional parameters of cow- and mixed-milk cheeses from the Southern region of Spain

Domingo, E.; Escarmís, C.; Sevilla, N.; Moya, A.; Elena, S.F.; Quer, J.; Novella, I.S.; Holland, J.J., 1996:
Basic concepts in RNA virus evolution

Singh, S., 1995:
Basic concepts of efficient steam generation

Khitskov, I.F., 1994:
Basic conditions for market organization in the agriculture of a region

Zupnik, M.; Pet' kovska, E., 1994:
Basic data on the accumulation, selection and conservation of the gene pool for practical breeding at the Breeding and Research Station in Klcov

Lindstrom, H., 1996:
Basic density in Norway spruce. Part I. A literature review

Lindstrom, H., 1996:
Basic density in Norway spruce. Part III. Development from pith outwards

Lindstrom, H., 1996:
Basic density of Norway spruce. Part II. Predicted by stem taper, mean growth ring width, and factors related to crown development

Kormanovskiy, L.P., 1995:
Basic directions of scientific and technical policy in agricultural production

Skurjat, A.F., 1994:
Basic elements of environmental protection with reference to the application of plant protection chemicals in Byelorussia

Dobrovol' skiy, V.V., 1996:
Basic features of the geochemistry of Arctic soil formation

Barillari, G.; Albonici, L.; Manzari, V., 1997:
Basic fibroblast growth factor modifies the interactions between endothelial cells/fibronectin: implications for the progression of AIDS-associated Kaposi's sarcoma

Goncharov, V.D., 1994:
Basic guidelines for improving utilization of labour resources in processing enterprises

Maca, E.; Klima, J., 1997:
Basic indicators of trends in agricultural development in the Czech Republic

Zoffoli, J.P.; Richardson, D.; Chen, P., 1995:
Basic information for the integrated management of scald, a physiological disorder of apples and pears

Kada, R., 1995:
Basic issues and methodology for environmental policy in agriculture: an evaluation of external economies provided by agriculture and rural communities

Anonymous, 1996:
Basic law for forest policy

Damodaran, K.; Naidu, M.V.; Jagadeesh, H.N., 1995:
Basic mechanical properties of coconut wood

Sundaram, I.S., 1996:
Basic needs approach to development

Istomin, A.V.; Krasnopevtsev, V.M., 1994:
Basic nutrition of school children in the contaminated territory after the Chernobyl accident

Hayashi, S.; Sakaue, O., 1997:
Basic operation of tomato harvesting system using robot - manufacture of two-finger harvesting hand with auxiliary cutting device and basic experiment for harvest

Posypanov, G.S.; Kashukoev, M.V.; Zherukov, B.K., 1994:
Basic parameters for optimal supply of water, phosphorus, boron and molybdenum to peas and soyabeans for active symbiotic nitrogen fixation

Paudyal, R.M., 1995:
Basic physiological parameters of the yak and chauri: a review

Koryakin, V.N., 1995:
Basic principles and standards for felling in the Pinus koraiensis/hardwood forests of the Russian Far East

Gonzalez del Tango, M.; Garcia de Jalon, D., 1995:
Basic principles for the restoration of rivers and river banks

Keizer, M.G., 1996:
Basic principles of chemical speciation calculations

Szalay, G.; Kaufmann, S.H.E., 1996:
Basic principles of immunity against intracellular bacteria and protozoa

Wills, J.M., 1996:
Basic principles of nutrition and feeding

Chudobova, I.; Vrbova, E., 1996:
Basic principles of optical fiber biosensors and their application in determination of D-glucose

Faci Gonzalez, J.M.; Playan Jubillar, E., 1994:
Basic principles of surface irrigation

Gryadov, S.I.; Podgorbunskikh, P.E., 1996:
Basic problems and directions in developing a system of economic units in the agrarian sector of the economy

Conti, F.; Urbini, G.; Zorzi, G., 1996:
Basic processing technologies and composting plant design in Italy

Sekino, N.; Inoue, M., 1995:
Basic properties of particleboards made of steam-pretreated wood flakes

Dombovari, J.; Oncsik, M., 1995:
Basic questions of radioecology in environmental protection

Perfil' ev, N.V., 1995:
Basic soil cultivation and the humus status of dark-grey forest soils of the Northern Trans-Urals

Nikitchin, D.I.; Minkovskii, A.E.; Aksenov, I.V., 1995:
Basic soil cultivation under sunflower

Inoue, E.; Kashima, J.; Takahashi, K.; Sakai, J.; Kim, Y.K., 1994:
Basic studies on active noise control of a Japanese head feeding combine

Matsuoka, T.; Miyauchi, K.; Yano, T., 1996:
Basic studies on the quality evaluation of agricultural products (Part 2). The evaluation of color and gloss decrease on the surface of eggplants

Lei PerngKwei; Wang FungWung, 1996:
Basic studies on utilization of biogas for power generation in hog farms

Shibata, Y.; Nishizaki, K.; Otani, R., 1995:
Basic studies on weeding without herbicide (part 2). Crop recognition by inference of crop distribution using fuzzy theory

Matsuda, Y.; Toyoda, H.; Nakahara, T.; Ogata, Y.; Ouchi, S., 1996:
Basic study for application of microprojectile bombardment to the production of transgenic rose plants

Nakano, K.; Kawano, T.; Kida, T.; Murata, S.; Uchino, T.; Inoue, S., 1996:
Basic study on microwave drying of rough rice

Liptay Renter, I., 1996:
Basic terms of sensory evaluation. Feel, smell, taste

Dragaytsev, V.I., 1994:
Basic ways of resource-saving in agriculture

Silva, F.P. da; Silva, M. das D.D., 1995:
Basic-population evaluation of Eucalyptus pellita F. Muell. in Dionisio (MG) and Conceicao da Barra (ES), Brazil

Buchwald, R., 1996:
Basicline purple moorgrass meadows (Molinietum caeruleae) and their adjacent vegetation in the Alb-Wutach region (Upper Rhein, SW Germany). I. Distribution, synsystematics and fallowing of purple moorgrass meadows

Shaoxi, W.; Ningru, G.; Guixiz, L.; Zhuyn, X.; Yong Nain, S., 1997:
Basidiobolomycosis in China successfully treated with itraconazole

Mahe, A.; Huerre, M.; Keita, S.; Traore, F.; Bobin, P., 1996:
Basidiobolomycosis successfully treated with itraconazole

Carme, B.; Nevez, G.; Ebikili, B.; Kokolo, J.; Plassart, H., 1995:
Basidiobolomycosis: a case report of a Congolese child successfully treated by ketoconazole

Almeida, L.C.rlos De; Bastos, C.N.vais; Ferreira, N.P.checo, 1995:
Basidiocarp production of Crinipellis perniciosa in two systems of cacao plantation

Morrell, J.; Freitag, C.; Smith, S.; Corden, M.; Graham, R., 1996:
Basidiomycete colonization in Douglas-fir poles after 3 or 6 months of air-seasoning

Gomez P.L.D., 1993:
Basidiomycetes of Costa Rica. VI. Boletopsidaceae

Gomez P.L.D., 1993:
Basidiomycetes of Costa Rica. VI. Bondarzewiaceae (Agaricales, Russulineae)

Minuto, A.; Garibaldi, A.; Gullino, M.L., 1997 :
Basil: an example of an approach to the protection of a minor crop

Colombo, M.; Fasce, D.; Daolio, E., 1997:
Basil: experimental trial for control of Spodoptera littoralis

Tesi, R.; Frabotta, A.; Nencini, A.; Tallarico, R., 1997:
Basil: foliar fertilizer application and nitrate accumulation

Prestt, A.J., .:
Basin tillage - a review

Verma, R.; Thompson, G.M., 1996:
Basing service management on customer determinants

Il' in, B.A., 1994:
Basis for choosing the road constructions for forest and timber-transport roads

Vondra, V., 1993:
Basis for more objective calculations of chain saw operating costs

Ahrens, W.H.; Panaram, W.R., 1997:
Basis for the thifensulfuron-insecticide synergism in soybeans (Glycine max) and corn (Zea mays)

Braikov, I.; Rusev, R., 1996:
Basis of a method for certification testing of tractor seats

Vagrintseva, V.N.; Khodzhaeva, N.A.; Lazarenko, T.N., 1996:
Basis of an effective system of fertilizer application in a cereals/fallow rotation on chestnut soil

Menzi, H.; Besson, J.M., 1995:
Basis of the revised standard values for the production and composition of animal manures

Thamotharan, M.; Zonno, V.; Storelli, C.; Ahearn, G.A., 1996:
Basolateral dipeptide transport by the intestine of the teleost Oreochromis mossambicus

Ball, J.M.; Mulligan, M.J.; Compans, R.W., 1997:
Basolateral sorting of the HIV type 2 and SIV envelope glycoproteins in polarized epithelial cells: role of the cytoplasmic domain

Kagamizono, T.; Nishino, E.; Matsumoto, K.; Kawashima, A.; Kishimoto, M.; Sakai, N.; H.B.Mei; Chen ZengXiang; Adachi, T.; Morimoto, S.; Hanada, K., 1995:
Bassiatin, a new platelet aggregation inhibitor produced by Beauvaria bassania K-717

Murray, G., 1997:
Bat lyssavirus in Australia - update

Hafez, S.M.; Ebaid, N.M.; Tharwat, M.E.; Abdel Megeed, A.E., 1994:
Bat mites of Egypt (Acari: Spinturnicidae)

Beaucournu, J.C.; Noblet, J.F., 1996:
Bat-flies in the French Alps and surroundings (Diptera, Streblidae et Nycteribiidae)

Kalyuzhnyi, S.V.; Davlyatshina, M.A., 1997:
Batch anaerobic digestion of glucose and its mathematical modeling. 1. Kinetic investigations

Kalyuzhnyi, S.V., 1997:
Batch anaerobic digestion of glucose and its mathematical modeling. 2. Description, verification and application of model

Diez, J.C.; Yokoya, F., 1996:
Batch ethanol fermentation of sugar-cane molasses media by Zymomonas mobilis

Melzoch, K.; Votruba, J.; Rychtera, M.; Habova, V., 1996 :
Batch lactic acid fermentation on lignocellulosic hydrolysate: identification of physiological model

Czaczyk, K.; Trojanowska, K.; Albrecht, A., 1995:
Batch production of propionic acid by immobilized Propionibacterium sp

Samuelsen, O.B.; Lunestad, B.T., 1996:
Bath treatment, an alternative method for the administration of the quinolones flumequine and oxolinic acid to halibut Hippoglossus hippoglossus, and in vitro antibacterial activity of the drugs against some Vibrio sp

Traunspurger, W., 1997:
Bathymetric, seasonal and vertical distribution of feeding-types of nematodes in an oligotrophic lake

Shaheen, L., 1997:
Baton Rouge parish enlists public help in fight against Asian tiger mosquito

Lafforthun, D., 1996:
Bats in your belfry? A nuisance wildlife expert shares his successful methods of dealing with bats

Klemm, R., 1996:
Battery cages or free range? Part II: The influence of capital and labour costs on economic results

Klemm, R., 1996:
Battery cages or hen barns? Part 1: the influence of market performance and variable costs on economic results in egg production

Corbellini, G.; Merzagora, L.; Grassi, B., 1996:
Battista Grassi and malaria

Vaz, A.S. da F.; Silva, D. da C.P. da, 1995:
Bauhinia (Leguminosae - Caesalpinioideae) at the Vista Chinese Forest Reserve, Rio de Janeiro

Summers, R.N.; Guise, N.R.; Smirk, D.D.; Summers, K.J., 1996:
Bauxite residue (red mud) improves pasture growth on sandy soils in Western Australia

Munzert, M., 1994:
Bavarian system of trials with particular regard to provincial (Land) variety trials, including costs

Deege, R.; Forster, H.; Schmidt, R.R.; Thielert, W.; Tice, M.A.; Aadesen, G.J.; Bloomberg, J.R.; Santel, H.J., 1995:
Bay foe 5043: a new low rate herbicide for preemergence grass control in corn, cereals, soybeans and other selected crops

Chen MingHui; Deely, J.J., 1996:
Bayesian analysis for a constrained linear multiple regression problem for predicting the new crop of apples

Simonton, W.G.aham, D., 1996:
Bayesian and fuzzy logic classification for plant structure analysis

Tiffin, R.; Aguiar, M., 1995:
Bayesian estimation of an almost ideal demand system for fresh fruit in Portugal

Frat, M.Z., 1996:
Bayesian methods in animal breeding with different prior specification using Gibbs sampling

Steinberg, L.J.; Reckhow, K.H.; Wolpert, R.L., 1996:
Bayesian model for fate and transport of polychlorinated biphenyls in Upper Hudson River

Asteris, G.; Sarkar, S., 1996:
Bayesian procedures for the estimation of mutation rates from fluctuation experiments

Janss, L.L.; van Arendonk, J.A.; Brascamp, E.W., 1997:
Bayesian statistical analyses for presence of single genes affecting meat quality traits in a crossed pig population

Rudmann, D.G.; Kazacos, K.R.; Storandt, S.T.; Harris, D.L.; Janovitz, E.B., 1996:
Baylisascaris procyonis larva migrans in a puppy: a case report and update for the veterinarian

Fernandez, D.; Lourd, M.; Ouinten, M.; Tantaoiu, A.; Geiger, J.P., 1995:
Bayoud of date palm. A disease threatening date palm cultivation

Scallan, M.F.; Allsopp, T.E.; Fazakerley, J.K., 1997:
bcl-2 acts early to restrict Semliki Forest virus replication and delays virus-induced programmed cell death

Kenny, J.J.; Fischer, R.T.; Lustig, A.; Dintzis, H.; Katsumata, M.; Reed, J.C.; Longo, D.L., 1996:
Bcl-2 alters the antigen-driven selection of B cells in micro kappa but not in micro -only Xid transgenic mice

Fabisiak, J.P.; Kagan, V.E.; Ritov, V.B.; Johnson, D.E.; Lazo, J.S., 1997:
Bcl-2 inhibits selective oxidation and externalization of phosphatidylserine during paraquat-induced apoptosis

Grillot, D.A.; Merino, R.; Pena, J.C.; Fanslow, W.C.; Finkelman, F.D.; Thompson, C.B.; Nunez, G., 1996:
bcl-x exhibits regulated expression during B cell development and activation and modulates lymphocyte survival in transgenic mice

Coelho, A.M.; Franca, G.E. de, 1995:
Be your own maize doctor. Nutrition and fertilizer application

Freire, M.C.C.M.; Monteiro, R., 1994:
Beaches and dunes of Sao Luis Island, Maranhao, Brazil: floristics and topography

Ritchie, J.R.B., 1996:
Beacons of light in an expanding universe: an assessment of the state-of-the-art in tourism marketing/marketing research

Taguchi, H.; Miyaji, M.; Nishimura, K.; Ishikawa, N.; Chen Rui E.; X.M.nLi, 1995:
Bead method for Candida mannan detection in serum. Comparison with avidin-biotin enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Noble, D.O.; Krueger, K.K.; Nestor, K.E., 1996:
Beak trimming of turkeys. 1. Effects of three methods of beak trimming on body weight and mortality of six genetic lines

Noble, D.O.; Nestor, K.E., 1997:
Beak trimming of turkeys. 2. Effects of arc beak trimming on weight gain, feed intake, feed wastage, and feed conversion

Moreno, G.; Moreno, E.; Cadena, G., 1995:
Bean characteristics and cup quality of the Colombia variety (Coffea arabica) as judged by international tasting panels

Hristova, D.; Bakardzhieva, N.; Svrakov, K., 1995:
Bean common mosaic virus in Glycine max

Fribourg, C.E.; Perez, W., 1994:
Bean pod mottle virus (BPMV) affecting Glycine max (L.) Merr. in the Peruvian jungle

Chailloux, M.; Hernandez, G.; Faure, B.; Caballero, R., 1996:
Bean production in Cuba: present situation and immediate prospects

Barros, L.M.G.; Gama, M.I.C.S.; Goncalves, C.H.R. de P.; Barreto, C.C.; Santana, E.F.; Carneiro, V.T. de C., 1997:
Bean tissue culture with a view to introducing foreign genes

Anonymous, 1996:
Beans means genes

Leakey, C.L.A.; Harbach, C.A.J., 1996 :
Beans, fibre, health and gas

Anonymous, 1995:
Beans: agronomy 1993, 1994, 1995

Scholz, A.; Hennings, H.H., 1995:
Bearing capacity for grazing in connection with the rewetting of fens

Niu ZiMian; Wang XianPing;; Chen Hong, 1994:
Bearing habit in various spur-type strains of Red Fuji apple

Asomaning, V.; Amponsah, F.; Attah, M.; Apt, N.; Grieco, M., 1996:
Bearing the weight: the centrality of head loading in a petty trading structure

Yoneda, M.; Maita, K., 1995:
Bears and their damage to beekeeping

Patel, S., 1996:
Beating a path: towards women's central participation in shelter

Treverrow, N., 1996:
Beating borer damage is a race against plant age

Beckmann, R., 1995:
Beating the bollworm

Nielsen, E.J., 1994:
Beautiful beast, Lythrum salicaria

Boland, T., 1996:
Beauty and the peaks

Knauf, T.A.; Wright, J.E., 1994 :
Beauveria bassiana (ATCC 74040): control of insect pests in field crops and ornamentals

Steinkraus, DC.; Tugwell, NP., 1997:
Beauveria bassiana (Deuteromycotina: Moniliales) effects on Lygus lineolaris (Hemiptera: Miridae)

Hanif Gul; Chaughtai, N.M.; Rukhsana Kausar, 1994:
Beauveria bassiana as a biological control agent against forest pests Poeciloceris pictus (Acridae, Orthoptera) and Brachytrupes portentosus (Gryllidae, Orthoptera)

Anonymous, 1997:
Becoming a certified master of apprenticeship

Molitor, C., 1996:
Becoming successful entrepreneurs

Vallen, G.; Rande, W., 1997:
Bed and breakfasts in Arizona: Demographic and operating statistics

Ranganathan, P.; Subramanian, D., 1994:
Bed cultivation of epiphytic orchids

Bettany, G.E.; Ang, B.C.; Georgiannos, S.N.; Halliday, D.; Powell-Tuck, J., 1996:
Bed rest decreases whole-body protein turnover in post-absorptive man

Lang, M.; Zoschg, M., 1996:
Bed system or terraces?

Bailey, D.A.; Nelson, P.V.; Fonteno, W.C., 1996:
Bedding plant fertilization strategies

Gill, S., 1996:
Bedding plant pest control guide

Klug, H., 1996:
Bedevilling agrarian reform: the impact of past, present and future legal frameworks

Cuyler, L., 1996:
Bedless destination

Baharuddin, Kasran, 1996:
Bedload sediment yield in a logged-over tropical forest

Nakamura, J., 1997:
Bee attractants for pollination

Walker, P.; Ogden, R.B., 1995:
Bee boles and other beekeeping structures in Devon

Komissar, A.; Mironov, G., 1993:
Bee bread - new product of apiculture

Chittka, L.; Vorobyev, M.; Shmida, A.; Menzel, R., 1993:
Bee colour vision - the optimal system for the discrimination of flower colours with three spectral photoreceptor types?

Steffan Dewenter, I.; Tscharntke, T., 1997:
Bee diversity and seed set in fragmented habitats

Zoratti, M.L.; Barbattini, R.; Frilli, F., 1995:
Bee flora in the Codroipo area

Kaur, G.; Sihag, R.C., 1994:
Bee flora of India: a review

Kumar, R.; Chaudhary, O.P., 1994:
Bee flora of Muzaffarpur, Bihar (India)

Malerbo, D.T. dos S.; Noguiera Couto, R.H., 1992:
Bee forage plants and the development of honey bee colonies (Apis mellifera) in the agricultural region of Jaboticabal (SP)

Sivaram, V.; Reddy, C.C., 1994:
Bee forage plants and their flowering duration in and around Bangalore, India

Delaplane, K.S., 1995:
Bee foragers and their pollen loads in South Georgia rabbiteye blueberry

Stefanidou, M.; Koutselinis, A.; Pappas, F.; Methenitou, G., 1996:
Bee head acetylcholinesterase as an indicator of exposure to organophosphate and carbamate insecticides

Mishra, R.C., 1995:
Bee hive designs for Indian beekeeping

Somerville, D., 1994:
Bee incursion response exercise

Ikudome, S., 1995:
Bee phenology in two areas of Miyazaki Prefecture, Mt. Wanitsuka and Sosanji Village (Hymenoptera, Apoidea)

Espinar Martinez, M., 1996:
Bee plants

Freitas, B.M., 1996:
Bee plants: volume, concentration and total sugar of nectar secreted by flowers of distinct genetic material of cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.)

Benedek, P.; Nyeki, J.; Szabo, Z., 1995:
Bee pollination of apricot: variety features affecting bee activity

Abrol, D.P., 1991:
Bee pollinators and their host-plant relationship

Schmidt, J.O., 1997:
Bee products: chemical composition and application

O.Toole, C., 1996:
Bee systematics in Europe: the continuing crisis and some possible cures

Laraqui, C.; Benhaymoud, N.; E.M.ziane, A.; Belamallem, I.; Harourate, K.; Mehaji, A.K., 1996:
Bee venom allergy: prevalence and degree of information of beekeepers and their families in the region of Sidi Slimane

Skubida, P.; Muszynska, J.; Rybak, M.; Marcinkowski, J., 1995:
Bee venom collection and its effect on the general output of the apiary and wintering

Mukhopadhyay, A.; Stahl, P., 1995:
Bee venom phospholipase A2 is recognized by the macrophage mannose receptor

Robinson, A.M.; Otis, G.W., 1996:
Bee venom: concerns about variability

Pharney, J., 1996:
Bee venom: how does it achieve its therapeutic effects?

Schneider, N., 1996:
Bee wolves in Luxembourg

Morgante, R., 1995:
Bee, wasp and hornet stings can be dangerous

Lee, C.W.; Cho, J.H.; Yu, H.J.; Yang, H.Y.; Park, C.K.; Park, M.H., 1996:
Bee-sting granulomas in the skin

Jonsson, A.M., 1996:
Beech bark disease and beech scale insect in succession to contamination?

Golisch, A., 1996:
Beech forests in Lippe county (eastern Westphalia, Germany) with a survey of the Querco-Fagetea

Hetsch, W.; Vergos, S., 1997:
Beech forests of the northern Pindos Mountains, Greece

Boncina, A., 1995:
Beech thinning trials at Somova Gora

Obdrzalek, J.; Pinc, M., 1995:
Beech, Fagus sylvatica L., propagation by cuttings

Leder, B.; Wagner, S., 1996:
Beechnut/forest litter sowing as an alternative to convert pure conifer stands to mixed stands

Hatendi, P.R.; Wamambo, C.; Khombe, C.T.; Mushawatu, R., 1995:
Beef Classification and Grading Review: interim report on the estimation of saleable meat yield

Anonymous, 1996:
Beef and dairy cattle, swine, poultry, sheep, horses and animal products

Bruyn, J.F. de, 1995:
Beef and pork carcass classification/evaluation-meat yields and quality

Spindler, F., 1996:
Beef breeds: a product of metayage. The effect of metayage on the direction of breeding in France

Arelovich, H.M.; Torrea, M.B.; Amela, M.I.; Giorgi, I. de; Villalba, J.J.; Laborde, H.E., 1996:
Beef cattle supplementation of wheat straw with oats, urea, sunflower and meat meal. 2. Rumen degradation of the diet

Mazorodze, C.R.; Sibanda, S.; Grant, J.L., 1994:
Beef production from veld and legume-based pastures. 1. cow-calf production

Sibanda, S.; Mazorodze, C.R.; Grant, J.L., 1994:
Beef production from veld and legume-based pastures. 2. post-weaning progeny performance

Rojas G.C.; Romero Y.O., 1994:
Beef production in Hereford steers grazing tall fescue-subterranean clover in the valley of IX Region, Chile

Zimmer, A.H.; Correa, A.S., 1995:
Beef production on tropical pastures

Bouquiaux, J.M.; Hellemans, R., 1996:
Beef production problems in Belgium

Guesdon, J.C., 1996:
Beef production systems in Mediterranean Europe: a testimony

Silva, L.M.B.; Silva, M.F. da; Lemos, J.P.C., 1995:
Beef production with local cattle breeds - the example of the Alentejana breeders

Matsuo, T.; Komuro, M.; Suzuki, M., 1996:
Beef tallow diet decreases uncoupling protein content in the brown adipose tissue of rats

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Behaviour of the new red cultivar Garanoir at 2 experimental vineyards

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Behavioural effects of cage enrichment in single-caged adult cats

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Behavioural patterns of the weaned piglet

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Beijing demonstration

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Being big or emerging early? Polyandry and the trade-off between size and emergence in male butterflies

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Being prepared - finding and training relief workers

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Belgian Vache Bleue cherishes its brand-name: rapid supply of high quality milk products is its belief

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Belgian farming and the environment

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Belgian imports of fresh fruit during the first half of 1997

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Belgian poultry industry

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Belgomilk renews its cheese production facilities

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Beliefs on the consumption of chilli peppers and health in Mexico City

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Belkas - A new beet sugar factory for Egypt

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Bell pepper yield response to plant density and radiation in unheated plastic greenhouse

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Bellardiochloa violacea (Poaceae) and its status in the flora of Poland

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Bellemerella trapeliae gen. et sp. nov, non lichenised lichenicolous ascomycete (Verrucariales, Verrucariaceae)

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Bemisia tabaci

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Bench Mark

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Bench marks in sugar industry at world level

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Benchmark requirements for recovering fish stocks

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Benchmarking can help Midwest dairies succeed

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Benchmarking the countryside: how to measure the unmeasurable using a countryside maturity matrix

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Benchmarking: a case study of Welsh co-operative performance

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Beneficial use of biosolids expands in Canada

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Beneficial uses of composts in Florida

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Beneficials in the cyclamen crop take over the securing of quality

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Beneficiaries of IPS subsidy and impact of tariff hike

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Beneficiaries participation - an approach to measure the success and growth of dairy development organisations

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Benefit of flufenoxuron for the control of resistant populations of the codling moth

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Benefit-cost analysis and simulation models: tools in the decision making process whether starting a vaccination programme or not

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Benefit-cost analysis of land redistribution: conceptual issues

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Benefits abound: including ballroom dance in university dance departments

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Benefits and drawbacks of internationalisation

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Benefits and limitations of precision farming

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Benefits and risks of fluoride supplements

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Benefits and risks of transgenic, Roundup readyReg. cottonwoods

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Benefits based recreation flavour of the week or a new way of doing business?

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Benefits from high health and genetically improved shrimp stocks

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Benefits from traffic control

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Benefits of a school breakfast programme among Andean children in Huaraz, Peru

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Benefits of antibiotics in animal feed

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Benefits of bifidobacteria to human health

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Benefits of carbohydrases in the nutrition of growing pigs

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Benefits of citizen participation in a healthy communities initiative: linking community development and empowerment

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Benefits of community gardening on quality-of-life issues

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Benefits of nitrogen fertilizer application in a mixed vetch-oats crop in the humid zone of Tunisia

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Benefits of permanent magnets in factory evaporation

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Benefits of physical activity on nutrition and health status: studies in China

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Benefits of rural electrification

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Benefits of the administration of lyophilised colostrum or an extract of blood plasma to the acquisition of passive immunity in the newborn foal

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Benefits of treating seeds of irrigated rice with gibberellic acid

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Benefits received by visitors to heritage sites: a case study of Warkworth castle

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Benefits-based management activity planning model for youth in at-risk environments

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Benefits-driven management of natural areas

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Bengal gram intercropping under rainfed condition

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Benlate DF and DuPont: will justice be served?

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Benlate dip and black sigatoka disease management in southeastern Nigeria

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Benomyl root dip and scalping improve early performance of longleaf pine on pest-infested agricultural croplands

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Bentazon mobility through intact, unsaturated columns of conventional- and no-till Dundee soil

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Bentonite in cattle diets

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Benzoic acid, salicylic acid, and the role of black galls on aspen in protection against decay

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Benzyl benzoate, the major component of the leaf and stem bark oil of Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blume

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Benzyladenine (BA) as an apple fruitlets thinning agent - preliminary results

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Benzyladenine pulsing retards leaf yellowing and improves quality of goldenrod (Solidago canadensis) cut flowers

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Benzyladenine-induced offset formation in hosta dependent on cultivar

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