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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2765

Chapter 2765 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ngaruiya, J. K., 1995: Better coffee farming fertilizer application

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Anonymous, 1996: Better policies for rural development

Section 3, Chapter 2765, Accession 002764024

Mantinger, H.; Stainer, R., 1995: Better quality through good pollination

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Anonymous, 1995: Beverages and olive oil

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Mellor, P. S., 1995: Beware of bluetongue and other exotics

Padgett, T.; Begley, S., 1996: Beware of the humans

Colchester, M., 1996: Beyond participation: indigenous peoples, biological diversity conservation and protected area management

Albee, A., 1996: Beyond 'banking for the poor': credit mechanisms and women's empowerment

Adeya, N., 1996: Beyond Borders: the Internet for Africa

Section 3, Chapter 2765, Accession 002764066

Bottazzi, V., 1996: Beyond a nutritional function

Hannah, J. S., 1997: Beyond calories: other benefits of macronutrient substitutes: effects on chronic disease

Anonymous, 1995: Beyond credit: a subsector approach to promoting women's enterprises

Roeder, R. A.; Garber, M. J.; Schelling, G. T., 1996: Beyond deficiency: vitamin E seen in new light

Section 3, Chapter 2765, Accession 002764071

Pictet, J., 1996: Beyond environmental assessment. Study procedure and integration in the global decision process

Aplet, G. H., 1994: Beyond even- vs. uneven-aged management: toward a cohort-based silviculture

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Bove, V. M. Jr, 1996: Beyond images

Posey, D. A.; Dufield G., 1996: Beyond intellectual property: toward traditional resource rights for indigenous peoples and local communities

Jambor, E. A., 1996: Beyond language barriers: teaching techniques for swimming

Anonymous, 1995: Beyond modernization: the impact of endogenous rural development

Brown, G. O.; Hsieh, H. T.; Stone, M. L.; Lucero, D. A., 1997: Beyond pretty pictures: quantifying porous media properties and transport processes using transmission and emission CT

Reid, W. V., 1996: Beyond protected areas: changing perceptions of ecological management objectives

Devarajan, S.; Squire, L.; Suthiwart Narueput, S., 1997: Beyond rate of return: reorienting project appraisal

Gazel, R. C.; Schwer, R. K., 1997: Beyond rock and roll: the economic impact of the Grateful Dead on a local economy

Estes, S. G. et al., 1996: Beyond scholarship reconsidered

Emden, H. F. van; Peakall, D. B., 1996: Beyond silent spring: integrated pest management and chemical safety

Lamberte, E. E., 1995: Beyond socioeconomic status: some implications for planned health interventions among the poor

Ospina Restrepo, J. M., 1995: Beyond subsistence parcels

Anonymous, 1995: Beyond the 3R's

Lasley, P.; Leistritz, F. L.; Lobao, L. M.; Meyer, K., 1995: Beyond the amber waves of grain: an examination of social and economic restructuring in the Heartland

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Beighley, M., 1995: Beyond the safety zone: creating a margin of safety

Section 3, Chapter 2765, Accession 002764093

Anonymous, 1996: Beyond the stars. Volume 5: themes and ideologies in American popular film

Welch, B. L., 1995: Beyond twelve percent purity

Pandey, D. N., 1996: Beyond vanishing woods: participatory survival options for wildlife, forests and people

Satoh, H.; Nakamura, A.; Shiojiri, N., 1997: Bh (black at hatch) gene appears to be expressed in melanocytes of feather germs in the Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

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Fizel, J., 1996: Bias in salary arbitration: the case of major league baseball

Simmonds, N. W., 1996: Bias in the estimation of horizontal resistance to airborne fungi in plant breeding

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Section 3, Chapter 2765, Accession 002764145

Rodgers, G. B., 1996: Bicycle helmet use patterns among children

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Section 3, Chapter 2765, Accession 002764164

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Section 3, Chapter 2765, Accession 002764170

Anonymous, 1995: Bifidus: an innovation reaches its limits

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Section 3, Chapter 2765, Accession 002764173

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Section 3, Chapter 2765, Accession 002764190

Kersten, W.; Molenaar, G. J.; Emmen, J. M. A.; Schoot, P. van der, 1996: Bilateral cryptorchidism in a dog with persistent cranial testis suspensory ligaments and inverted gubernacula: report of a case with implications for understanding normal and aberrant testis descent

Klotzsch, C.; Berlit, P., 1994: Bilateral deafness with tinnitus after Borrelia burgdorferi infection

Section 3, Chapter 2765, Accession 002764193

Section 3, Chapter 2765, Accession 002764194

Section 3, Chapter 2765, Accession 002764195

Shah, S. S.; Jimulia, T. R.; Shah, D. D.; Pathak, R. H., 1996: Bilateral equinocavus deformity in an adult due to guinea-worm disease

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Section 3, Chapter 2765, Accession 002764201

Assey, R. J.; Kessy, B. M.; Matovelo, J. M., 1997: Bilateral multiple ovarian cysts in a pregnant zebu cow

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Section 3, Chapter 2765, Accession 002764219

Section 3, Chapter 2765, Accession 002764220

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Section 3, Chapter 2765, Accession 002764228

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Section 3, Chapter 2765, Accession 002764262

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Section 3, Chapter 2765, Accession 002764266

Section 3, Chapter 2765, Accession 002764267

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