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Biology of house-invading stink bugs and some control trials against them in an elementary school in Hokkaido. 2. Preventive effect against invasion of stink bugs by soundproof window and application of concentrated insecticide to window frames

Watanabe, M.; Inaoka, T.; Kosuge, Y.; Kohama, T.

Japanese Journal of Sanitary Zoology 46(4): 349-353


Accession: 002766269

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A great number of stink bugs (Menida scotti, Lygaeus equestris and Urachela quadrinotata) migrate indoors for hibernation, and annually become a nuisance in an elementary school in Hokkaido, Japan. The efficacy of providing soundproof double windows and applying concentrated cyphenothrin insecticide to the window frames for controlling these bug invasions were examined. The use of soundproof windows prevented the invasions; the number of bugs entering rooms decreased to one-sixth that compared with conventional double windows.

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