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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2770

Chapter 2770 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Farnikova, L.; Reblova, Z.; Pudil, F.; Pokorny, J.; Moscicki, L.; Zuilichem, D.J. van, 1996:
Browning reactions during the extrusion-cooking of peas, faba beans and rapeseed

Haschick, SL.; Kerley, GIH., 1997:
Browse intake rates by bushbuck (Tragelaphus scriptus) and boergoats (Capra hircus)

Fischer, E.; Bach, M., 1996:
Browse pressure, forest regeneration and game-damage prevention

Dekker, B.; Smit, G.N., 1996:
Browse production and leaf phenology of some trees and shrubs in different Colophospermum mopane savanna communities

Onana, J., 1995:
Browse trees of north Cameroon. I. Inventory and phenology

Valderrabano, J.; Munoz, F.; Delgado, I., 1996:
Browsing ability and utilization by sheep and goats of Atriplex halimus L. shrubs

Fuhlendorf, S.; Smeins, F.; Taylor, C., 1997:
Browsing and tree size influences on Ashe juniper understory

Kay, C.E., 1995:
Browsing by native ungulates: effects on shrub and seed production in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem

Bergquist, J.; Orlander, G., 1996 :
Browsing deterrent and phytotoxic effects of roe deer repellents on Pinus sylvestris and Picea abies seedlings

Prieditis, A., 1996:
Browsing on woody plants and the living conditions of cervid populations

Samartino, L.E.; Enright, F.M., 1996:
Brucella abortus differs in the multiplication within bovine chorioallantoic membrane explants from early and late gestation

Leonard, B.A.; Lopez-Goni, I.; Baldwin, C.L., 1997:
Brucella abortus siderophore 2,3-dihydroxybenzoic acid protects brucellae from killing by macrophages

Essenberg, R.C.; Candler, C.; Nida, S.K., 1997:
Brucella abortus strain 2308 putative glucose and galactose transporter gene: cloning and characterization

Olsen, S.C.; Plamer, M.V.; Stevens, M.G.; Cheville, N.F., 1996:
Brucella abortus strain RB51 as a calfhood vaccine in bison or adult vaccine in pregnant cattle

Necsulescu, M.; Sarca, M.; Catana, N.; Staicu, L., 1995:
Brucella canis infection: diagnostic methods and reagents

Reichel, R., 1996:
Brucella melitensis biotype 1 outbreak in goats in northern KwaZulu-Natal

Galle, C.; Struelens, M.; Liesnard, C.; Godfroid, J.; Maes, N.; Dewitte, O.; Farber, C.M.; Clevenbergh, P.; Van Vooren, J.P., 1997:
Brucella melitensis osteitis following craniotomy in a patient with AIDS

Sarca, M.; Necsulescu, M., 1995:
Brucella ovis antibodies: immunoenzymatic technique identification and quantification

Ross, H.M.; Jahans, K.L.; MacMillan, A.P.; Reid, R.J.; Thompson, P.M.; Foster, G., 1996:
Brucella species infection in North Sea and cetacean populations

Ewalt, D.R.; Payeur, J.B.; Rhyan, J.C.; Geer, P.L., 1997:
Brucella suis biovar 1 in naturally infected cattle: a bacteriological, serological, and histological study

Quaranta, V.; Farina, R.; Poli, A.; Cerri, D.; Palazzo, L., 1995:
Brucella suis biovar 2 infection in hares in Italy

Freer, E.; Moreno, E.; Moriyón, I.; Pizarro-Cerdá, J.; Weintraub, A.; Gorvel, J.P., 1996:
Brucella-Salmonella lipopolysaccharide chimeras are less permeable to hydrophobic probes and more sensitive to cationic peptides and EDTA than are their native Brucella sp. counterparts

Stroczynska Sikorska, M.; Stojek, N., 1995:
Brucellosis as an occupational hazard in 1992-1993

Anonymous, 1995:
Brucellosis associated with unpasteurised milk products abroad

Tchakamian, S.; Lepoutre, A.; Pierre, V., 1996:
Brucellosis in France from 1990 to 1994

Rasch, G.; Schoneberg, I.; Apitzsch, L.; Menzel, U., 1997:
Brucellosis in Germany

Salem, S.F.; Mohsen, A., 1997:
Brucellosis in fish

Ahmed, T.M.; Abd E.A.l, A., 1997:
Brucellosis in normally slaughtered cattle and buffaloes

Vanzini, V.; Echaide, S.T. de; Leugaresi, C., 1995:
Brucellosis: keys to its eradication

Johnson, C.D.n.; Zona, S.; Nilsson, J.A., 1995:
Bruchid beetles and palm seeds: recorded relationships

Satya Vir, 1996:
Bruchid infestation of leguminous trees in the Thar Desert

Hartweck, L.M.; Cardona, C.; Osborn, T.C., 1997:
Bruchid resistance of common bean lines having an altered seed protein composition

Borowiec, L.; Merkl, O., 1993:
Bruchidae (Coleoptera) of the Bukk National Park

Sterrenburg, F.C.F., 1996:
Bruchidius varius, first record from the Netherlands (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)

Mucunguzi, P., 1995:
Bruchids and survival of Acacia seeds

Tyagi, K.; Murthy, P.K.; Chatterjee, R.K., 1996:
Brugia malayi in Indian leaf monkey (Presbytis entellus) - response to repeated exposures of infective larvae

Watanabe, N.; Hayashi, Y.; Kobayashi, A.; Ohtomo, H., 1996:
Brugia malayi infection in mice with selective suppression of IgE production

Smith, V.P.; Selkirk, M.E.; Gounaris, K., 1996:
Brugia malayi: ultrastructural morphology of the cuticular surface membranes of adult parasites

Rahmah, N.; Anuar, A.K., 1995:
Brugia pahangi adult worm antigen - an unsuitable substitute for Brugia malayi adult worm antigen in the immunodiagnosis of brugian filariasis

Thompson, F.J.; Martin, S.A.; Devaney, E., 1996:
Brugia pahangi: characterisation of a small heat shock protein cDNA clone

Tang, L.; Smith, V.P.; Gounaris, K.; Selkirk, M.E., 1996:
Brugia pahangi: the cuticular glutathione peroxidase (gp29) protects heterologous membranes from lipid peroxidation

Ip, T.D.; Lleonart, G.; Marcondes, J., 1996:
Bruise volume measurements of apple using drop tests and shock testers for packaging

Jarvis, A.M.; Cockram, M.S.; Mcgilp, I.M., 1996:
Bruising and biochemical measures of stress, dehydration and injury determined at slaughter in sheep transported from farms or markets

Neal, Jonathan J., 1996:
Brush border membrane and amino acid transport

Khurana, S.; Nath, S.K.; Levine, S.A.; Bowser, J.M.; Tse, C.M.; Cohen, M.E.; Donowitz, M., 1996:
Brush border phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase mediates epidermal growth factor stimulation of intestinal NaCl absorption and Na+/H+ exchange

Holechek, J.L.; Hess, K.J., 1994:
Brush control considerations: a financial perspective

Abdurrohim, S., 1996:
Brushing treatment of five wood species using two wood preservatives

Lemoine, R., 1996:
Brussels makes the existence of raw milk cheeses official

Welbaum, G.E., 1993:
Brussels sprouts as an alternative crop for Southwest Virginia

Rooster, L. de; Beke, M., 1997:
Brussels sprouts manually harvested. Each cultivar has advantages and disadvantages

Wahab, J.A.; Hanifah, M.J.; Choo, K.E., 1995:
Bruton's agammaglobulinaemia in a child presenting with cryptococcal empyema thoracis and periauricular pyogenic abscess

Hatzinikolis, E.N.; Panou, H.N., 1996:
Bryobia cyclamenae sp. nov. of the Bryobiinae (Acari: Tetranychidae) from Greece

Hatzinikolis, EN.; Emmanouel, NG., 1996:
Bryobia piliensis sp. nov. of the family Tetranychidae (Acari, Prostigmata) from Greece

Reppas, G.P., 1995:
Bryophyllum pinnatum poisoning of cattle

Odasz, Ann Marie, 1996:
Bryophyte vegetation and habitat gradients in the Tikhaia Bay region, Hooker Island, Franz Josef Land, Arctic Russia

Belland, R.J.; Vitt, D.H., 1995:
Bryophyte vegetation patterns along environmental gradients in continental bogs

Bates, J.W.; Farmer, A.M., 1992:
Bryophytes and lichens in a changing environment

Eldridge, D.J.; Tozer, M.E.; Koen, T.B., 1996:
Bryophytes in arid soil crusts: what do they tell us about rangeland condition?

Jenkins, J.N.; McCarty, J.C.J.; Wofford, T., 1995:
Bt cotton a new era in cotton production

Cameron, J., 1996:
Bt cotton: just how will it impact our industry?

Jiang DongHua; Deng RiQiang; Pang Yi; Long QiXin, 1997:
Bt strains highly toxic to Noctuidae larvae with notes on the characteristics of their crystalline protein

Cao, H.; Sullivan, T.D.; Boyer, C.D.; Shannon, J.C., 1995:
Bt1, a structural gene for the major 39-44 kDa amyloplast membrane polypeptides

Sousa,; Parise, M.E.; Pompeu, M.M.; Coehlo Filho, J.M.; Vasconcelos, I.A.; Lima, J.W.; Oliveira, E.G.; Vasconcelos, A.W.; David, J.R.; Maguire, J.H., 1995:
Bubonic leishmaniasis: a common manifestation of Leishmania (Viannia) braziliensis infection in Ceara, Brazil

Ruiz, A.; Navarro, A.M.; Vargas, E.; Sanchez, J.; Sato, A.; Escobar, E., 1996:
Bubonic plague in Peru: a multisectorial focus of control

Perez, B.Y.; Navarro, J.C., 1996:
Buccal morphology of larvae of Anopheles (Diptera: Culicidae) as a taxonomic tool at the subgeneric level

Rastogi, R.K., 1997:
Buck performance in a small rabbitry in Trinidad

Petr, J., 1995:
Buckwheat and proso millet production

Zhou, M.D.; Arora, R.K., 1996:
Buckwheat bibliography

Feldheim, W.; Wisker, E., 1997:
Buckwheat in human nutrition

Kayashita, J.; Nagai, H.; Kato, N., 1996:
Buckwheat protein extract suppression of the growth depression in rats induced by feeding amaranth (Food Red No. 2)

Borghi, B.; Minoia, C.; Cattaneo, M.; Baiocchi, A.; Kaiserman, F.; Mair, V.; Salvadore, G., 1995:
Buckwheat. First results of agronomic and varietal trials

Borghi, B.; Minoia, C.; Baiocchi, A.; Mair, V., 1996:
Buckwheat: agronomic and variety trials

Borghi, B., 1997:
Buckwheat: the rediscovery of an old crop

Corkern, C.B.; Reynolds, D.B.; Vidrine, P.R.; Griffin, J.L.; Jordan, D.L., 1995:
Buctril-graminicide combinations antagonize johnsongrass control

Krajewski, A.J.; Rabe, E., 1995:
Bud age affects sprouting and flowering in clementine mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco)

Shukla, A.K., 1995:
Bud blight-like malady of soybean in India: present status

Snowball, A.M., 1997:
Bud break, bud and shoot development in several Actinidia species; comparisons with kiwifruit

Bondok, M.A.; Abdel Hamid, N.; E.W.keel, H.F., 1995:
Bud break, fruit maturity and yield of Anna apple as influenced by plant bioregulator thidiazuron

Ontivero, M.; Ravelo, A.C.; Taborda, R.J.; Zanvettor, R.E., 1996:
Bud burst and flowering of kiwifruit in relation to spring and winter temperatures in the central region of Cordoba

Hubackova, M., 1997:
Bud burst of grapes cv. Muller-Thurgau in relation to date of winter pruning

Nilsson, P.; Tuomi, J.; Astrom, M., 1996:
Bud dormancy as a bet-hedging strategy

Faust, M.; Erez, A.; Rowland, L.J.; Wang, S.Y.; Norman, H.A., 1997:
Bud dormancy in perennial fruit trees: physiological basis for dormancy induction, maintenance, and release

Almeida, J.L.; Almeida, F.C.G.; Nunes, R. de P.; Almeida, F.A.G., 1996:
Bud initiation in leaf explants of annatto seedlings in different cytokinins

Zufferey, V.; Murisier, F., 1996:
Bud load and light microclimate of grapevine foliage

Azmi, A.; Dewitte, W.; Drevet, C.; Onckelen, H. van; Landre, P.; Boudet, A.M.; Jouanin, L.; Chriqui, D., 1997:
Bud regeneration from Eucalyptus globulus clones and seedlings through hormonal imbalances induced by Agrobacterium tumefaciens strain 82.139

Horita, H.; Kodama, F., 1996:
Bud rot of chrysanthemum caused by Fusarium avenaceum

Howard, B.H.; Oakley, W., 1997:
Bud-grafting success in Acer platanoides 'Crimson King' related to root growth

Upadysheva, G.Y.; Revyakina, N.T., 1996:
Bud-shield grafting of sour cherry

Grzyb, Z.; Sitarek, M., 1996:
Bud-take and growth of plum trees budded on Pixy rootstock

Suriyapananont, V.; Suriyapananont, S., 1997:
Bud-union behaviour of persimmon cultivar 'Fuyu' on Kluai Rusi stock

Ndung'u, C.K.mande; Okamoto, G.; Hirano, K., 1995:
Budbreak induction in dormant cuttings of Kyoho grape by use of water stress

Mendis, P., 1996:
Buddhist economics in indigenous development

Boyhan, G.E.; Abrahams, B.R.; Norton, J.D.; Huang, H., 1996:
Budding method affects transmission of Xylella fastidiosa in plum

Strauss, J.H.; Strauss, E.G.; Kuhn, R.J., 1995:
Budding of alphaviruses

Mebatsion, T.; Konig, M.; Conzelmann,, 1996:
Budding of rabies virus particles in the absence of the spike glycoprotein

Jamal,; Ishtiaq, M., 1995:
Budding operation in roses by an agricultural graduate versus ordinary labourer

Visistha, H.B.; Soni, P.; Kumar, O., 1996:
Buddleja asiatica - a native species for restoration of degraded mined ecosystem

Houghton, P.J.; Woldemariam, T.Z.; Candau, M.; Barnardo, A.; Khen Alafun, O.; Shangxiao, L., 1996:
Buddlejone, a diterpene from Buddleja albiflora

Nick, P.; Furuya, M., 1996:
Buder revisited: cell and organ polarity during phototropism

Gong WunYan; Zhang ZiChun; Wang YuDong; Jaing YiHai; Wang YongLing; L.Q.ngLu; Wang ShuShuang; W.S.iYou, 1996:
Budgerigar fledgling disease in China

Fiorentino, A., 1995:
Budget hotels: not just minor hospitality products

Boronico, Js, 1996:
Budget-constrained high-quality procurement strategies subject to risk

Muraro, R.P.; Oswalt, T.W., 1995:
Budgeting costs and returns for Central Florida citrus production, 1994-95

Muraro, R.P.; Hebb, J.W., 1995:
Budgeting costs and returns for Indian River citrus production, 1994-95

Muraro, R.P.; Rouse, R.E.; Turley, R.M., 1995:
Budgeting costs and returns for Southwest Florida citrus production, 1994-95

Anonymous, 1995:
Budgeting for food on benefits: budget studies and their application in Europe

Tutuncu, O., 1996:
Budgeting in the hospitality industry

Borchgrevink, C.P.; Schmidgall, R.S., 1995:
Budgeting practices of U.S. lodging firms

F.LinQian, 1996 :
Budgets and cycling of P and S in Lolium perenne and Trifolium repens at subtropical pastures in China

Anonymous, 1995:
Budgets and marketing plans of national tourism administrations

Anonymous, 1996:
Budgets of national tourism administrations

Moog, M.; Timinger, M., 1996:
Budgetting in forest enterprises

Anonymous, 1996:
Budongo Forest Reserve

Majinda, R.R.; Waigh, R.D.; Waterman, P.G., 1997:
Bufadienolides and other constituents of Urginea sanguinea

Abdel Malak, C.A.; E.A.ab, I.F.G.A.; Vukashinovic, V.; Zalunin, I.A.; Timokhina, E.A.; Lavrenova, G.I.; Stepanov, V.M., 1996:
Buffalo (Bos buffali L.) chymosin purification and properties

Filho, J.B.B.; Melo, M.I.V.; Lage, A.P.; Marques, A.P.J.; Filho, V.R.V., 1996:
Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) sexual development: endocrinological and testicular histological aspects. II. From 10 to 24 months of age

Yadav, B.L.; Yadav, M.C., 1996:
Buffalo breeding practices followed by the farmers in the home tract of Murrah

Costa, N.A.; Lourenco, J.B.J.; Marques, J.R.F.; Dutra, S., 1994:
Buffalo meat production in the Amazon region

Ferrara, B.; Infascelli, F., 1994:
Buffalo meat production. Consumption, quality, carcass, sub-products

Muller, L.; Aguirre, L.F.; Feijo, G.L.D.; Perobelli, Z., 1994:
Buffalo meat quality when submitted to three feeding regimens

Citro, A.; Correale, E.; Lotierzo, G.; D.A.ato, V., 1997:
Buffalo milk Mozzarella and other Pasta Filata cheeses

Franciscis, G. de; Palo, R. di, 1994:
Buffalo milk production

Lourenco Junior, J.B.; Costa, N.A.; Simao Neto, M.; Marques, J.R.F.; Rodrigues Filho, J.A., 1994:
Buffalo milk production in the Amazon region

Renaud, J., 1996:
Buffalo milk products in the Mediterranean area

Deepak Sahai, 1996:
Buffalo milk: chemistry and processing technology

Franzolin, R., 1994:
Buffalo nutrition: the efficient utilization of the feeding

Juyal, P.D.; Bhatia, B.B., 1992:
Buffalo oesophagi - a source of Sarcocystis fusiformis infection in cats

Misra, A.K.; Patel, S.H.; Joshi, B.V.; Jaiswal, R.S.; Trivedi, K.B., 1994:
Buffalo semen characters and its freezability under Indian conditions

Winugroho, M.; Widiawati, Y.; Hernaman, I.; Dewi, K.P.; Kadarusman, L.; Thalib, A.; Bawuk, T.; Sabrani, M., 1994:
Buffalo-rumen fluid transfer to improve sheep performance

Hamer, D., 1996:
Buffaloberry (Shepherdia canadensis (L.) Nutt.) fruit production in fire-successional bear feeding sites

Fry, J.D.; Gaussoin, R.E.; Beran, D.D.; Masters, R.A., 1997:
Buffalograss establishment with preemergence herbicides

Ramanan, C.; Ghorpade, A.; Kalra, S.K.lra; Mann, S., 1996:

Kobiyama, M.; Ushiwata, C.T., 1994:
Buffer effect of water on spatial variability of soil temperature - a geostatistical approach

Hatfield, J.L.; Mickelson, S.K.; Baker, J.L.; Arora, K.; Tierney, D.P.; Peter, C.J., 1995:
Buffer strips: landscape modifications to reduce off-site herbicide movement

Franco, D., 1997:
Buffer zones and the control of diffuse pollution on agricultural land

Koptzik, G.N.; Silayeva, Y.D., 1996:
Buffering capacity of forest litters to acid atmospheric precipitation

Bimlesh Mann; Malik, R.C., 1996:
Buffering capacity of whey protein concentrates prepared by different methods using cheese, acid and paneer whey

Hua Luo; Zhang GuoXiang; Yang JuRong; Zhao YuXia; Chu YanJie, 1996:
Buffering dynamics of soil to applied organic arsenic

Vayda, A.P.; Sahur, A., 1996:
Bugis settlers in East Kalimantan's Kutai National Park: their past and present and some possibilities for their future

Anonymous, 1996:
Bugoma Forest Reserve

Preston Mafham, K., 1997:
Bugs and beetles. The illustrated identifier to over 100 species

Soguilon, C.E.; Magnaye, L.V.; Natural, M.P., 1995:
Bugtok disease of banana

Patel, P.T.; Parmar, M.T.; Patel, B.A., 1994:
Build up of plant parasitic nematodes in the bidi tobacco based cropping system

Brampton, J., 1997:
Building a better Bibbulmun track

Crohn, D.M., 1996:
Building a coalition to recycle biosolids

Gilet, A., 1996:
Building a fungicide schedule

Perry, M.C.; O.N.lan, P., 1997:
Building a global information network for agricultural and rural research - The SINGER system

Cohen, C.A., 1996:
Building a model park

Durand, J., 1992:
Building a national resource: fifty years of Irish forestry

Barsky, Jd, 1996:
Building a program for world-class service

Schiefelbein, J.W.; Masucci, J.D.; Wang, H., 1997:
Building a root: the control of patterning and morphogenesis during root development

Roberts, A.H.C.; Morton, J.D.; O.C.nnor, M.B.; Edmeades, D.C., 1996:
Building a solid foundation for pasture production in Northland: P,K,S and lime requirements

Grundy, M.J.; Smith, D.M., 1996:
Building a strategic information system for the sugar industry

Nolan, S.C.; Haverland, G.W.; Goddard, T.W.; Green, M.; Penney, D.C.; Henriksen, J.A.; Lachapelle, G., 1996:
Building a yield map from geo-referenced harvest measurements

Ishay, J.; Abes, A.; Chernobrov, H.; Barenholz-Paniry, V.P.rmet, Y.F.chs, C., 1995:
Building activity and longevity of queenless groups of the Oriental hornet, Vespa orientalis

Hutchinson, B.S.; Bancroft, J.M., 1996:
Building an arid lands information network on the Internet

Fitzpatrick, G.E.; Duke, E.R., 1995:
Building and maintaining a compost pile for the home garden

Schoeffel, P., 1997:
Building assistance for development on firmer foundations

Clay, P.M.; Dolin, E.J., 1997:
Building better social impact assessments

Lynam, J.K., 1996:
Building biotechnology research capacity in African NARS

Binamungu, D., 1997:
Building capacity for sustainable rural water supply and sanitation development: some options for improvement

Rogers, B.L., 1997:
Building coalitions for agriculture, nutrition, and the food needs of the poor

Arai, S.M.; Pedlar, A.M., 1997:
Building communities through leisure: citizen participation in a healthy communities initiative

Richins, H., 1995:
Building community commitment for a region's future: the case of Port Stephens, Australia

Pahlke, M., 1995:
Building costs per cow stall below DM 7000, is that possible? Practical examples illustrate solutions

Sharma, S.D., 1996:
Building effective international environmental regimes: the case of the Global Environment Facility

Timmer, C.P., 1997:
Building efficiency in agricultural marketing: the long-run role of BULOG in the Indonesian food economy

Marten, J.; Freyer, A., 1995:
Building for dairy farming. KTBL and Thuringia Department of Agriculture conference in Weimar on 26th October 1995

Brugnoli, A.; Zappavigna, P., 1996:
Building for rearing cattle in the Padana area

Ballester, M.A.; Briones, A.M.S., 1995:
Building hope: self-management and construction

Cheng, Z.M.; Shi, N.Q.; Herman, D.E.; Capps, T.K., 1997:
Building in resistance to Dutch elm disease

Croxton, S.; Murwira, K., 1997:
Building linkages for livelihood security in Chivi, Zimbabwe

Newbery, B., 1997:
Building lives with butterflies

Anonymous, 1994:
Building mycology: management of decay and health in buildings

Zana, Z.C.N., 1997:
Building on peace-upgrading water and sanitation technology in Mozambique

Sai, F., 1997:
Building on the Cairo consensus

Kumar, Y., 1996:
Building on the Panchayat: using Jal Samitis in Uttar Pradesh

Mtakwa, N.; Chimbunde, E., 1997:
Building on tradition-Zimbabwe's shallow wells

Hughes, D., 1996:
Building partnerships and alliances in the European food industry

Bradbury, M., 1996:
Building partnerships for participatory development: a report of a workshop held in Hargeisa, Somaliland, 10th-14th December 1995

Schumacher, A., 1996:
Building prosperity with U.S. trade partners

Munster, H.P., 1997:
Building site methods: pupil participatory method learning in school track and field athletics

Alberts, J.; Vuren, G.V., 1996:
Building sustainable Water Users Associations in NWFP, Pakistan

Rajorhia, G.S., 1996:
Building the quality system through improving plant sanitation and personal hygiene

Catanzaro, T.E., 1997:
Building the successful veterinary practice. Volume 1: leadership tools

O'Riordan, T.; Ward, R., 1997:
Building trust in shoreline management: creating participatory consultation in shoreline management plans

Norton, J., 1997:
Building with earth

Appleton, I., 1996:
Buildings for the performing arts: a design and development guide

Richardson, I., 1996:
Built on trust

Anonymous, 1996:
Bukaleba and Mukono District Forest Reserves

Vishnevetsky, J.; Lilien Kipnis, H.; Azizbekova, N.; Ziv, M., 1997:
Bulb and inflorescence development in Nerine sarniensis

Zhao Yan; Pang ChangMin, 1994 :
Bulb development ecology and degeneration of tulip

Singh, A.K.; Singh, A.K.; Akhilesh Singh, 1995:
Bulb yield of onion cv. N-53 as influenced by different dates and methods of transplanting under low hills sub-tropical conditions of H.P

L.Cheng, 1994:
Bulb-borne fungi of lily and tests on sterilization of its seed-bulb

Lancaster, J.E.; Triggs, C.M.; Ruiter, J.M. de; Gandar, P.W., 1996:
Bulbing in onions: photoperiod and temperature requirements and prediction of bulb size and maturity

Nunez, S.B.; Ledesma, A.; Milanesi, E.; Dubois, M.E.; Cerana, M.M.; Arguello, J.A., 1997:
Bulbing physiology in garlic (Allium sativum L.) cv. Rodado Paraguayo I. Morphophysiological characterization of the inductive and morphological stages of bulbing

Ledesma, A.; Nunez, S.B.; Arguello, J.A., 1997:
Bulbing physiology in garlic (Allium sativum L.) cv. Rosado Paraguayo. II. Characterization of ontogenic stages by shoot growth dynamics and its relation to bulbing

Arguello, J.A.; Nunez, S.B.; Ledesma, A., 1997:
Bulbing physiology in garlic (Allium sativum L.) cv. Rosado Paraguayo. III. Nutrient content in garlic plants: its relation to growth dynamics and bulb morphogenesis

Suh JeungKeun; Lee JongSuk, 1996:
Bulblet formation and dormancy induction as influenced by temperature, growing media and light quality during scaling propagation of Lilium species

Vermeulen, J.J., 1996:
Bulbophyllum gemma-reginae, an interesting new orchid species from Borneo

Yarnal, B., 1995:
Bulgaria at a crossroads: environmental impacts of socioeconomic change

Simeonova, K., 1996:
Bulgaria country study to address climate change mitigation

Stoiynova, T., 1997:
Bulgaria on the way to democracy. Situation and outlook after the April 1997 election

Giordano, C.; Kostova, D., 1995:
Bulgaria: land reform without peasants,

Cholpanova, L.; Kazanski, N.; Tsacheva, R., 1995:
Bulgarian environmental projects 1992-1995

Cochrane, N.; Hamm, S.R., 1996:
Bulgarian retail food markets in transition

Nenov, N.; Zvetkov, R.; Ognyanov, I., 1995:
Bulgarian rose oil: development, recent state and prognosis

Girginov, V., 1997:
Bulgarian sport today. Is history repeating itself or is real change occurring?

Mangweth, B.; Pope, H.G.; Hudson, J.I.; Biebl, W., 1996:
Bulimia nervosa in Austria and the United States: a controlled cross-cultural study

Ziolko, H.U., 1996:
Bulimia: a historical outline

Scobie, D.R.; Cooper, S.M.; Passman, A.; Young, S.R., 1997:
Bulk and fibre diameter affect leather and woolskin quality of lamb skins

Rodriguez, Y.; Randel, P.F.; Riquelme, E., 1994:
Bulk and protein treated with zinc ions in concentrates for grazing dairy cows

Miyazaki, Tsuyoshi, 1996:
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Bursera (Bursera penicillata)

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Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

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C. L. R. James on cricket as art

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Cab international

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CAD system for general layout of rotary plow

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CADIAC: agri-food chains and dialogue for action

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CAP mechanisms and future prospects

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CAP money for the foreign policy of the EU

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