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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2775

Chapter 2775 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sadar, N.C., 1996:
Changes in the quality of life in a post-socialist society

Kostelecka Myrcha, A.; Zukowski, J.; Oksiejczuk, E., 1997:
Changes in the red blood indices during nestling development of the tree sparrow Passer montanus in an urban environment

Bilodeau-Goeseels, S.; Schultz, G.A., 1997:
Changes in the relative abundance of various housekeeping gene transcripts in in vitro-produced early bovine embryos

Strid, A.; Chow, W.S.; Anderson, J.M., 1996:
Changes in the relaxation of electrochromic shifts of photosynthetic pigments and in the levels of mRNA transcripts in leaves of Pisum sativum as a result of exposure to supplementary UV-B radiation. The dependency on the intensity of the photosynthetically active radiation

Cook, C.J.; Maasland, S.A.; Devine, C.E.; Gilbert, K.V.; Blackmore, D.K., 1996:
Changes in the release of amino acid neurotransmitters in the brains of calves and sheep after head-only electrical stunning and throat cutting

Liao Lin; Liu YuZhi, 1996:
Changes in the resistance of SMV-resistant soyabean varieties and in the virulence of SMV isolates

Glitho, I.A.; Lenga, A.; Pierre, D.; Huignard, J., 1996:
Changes in the responsiveness during two phases of diapause termination in Bruchidius atrolineatus Pic (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)

Bago, B.; Azcon Aguilar, C., 1997:
Changes in the rhizospheric pH induced by arbuscular mycorrhiza formation in onion (Allium cepa L.)

Cancalon, P.F., 1994:
Changes in the saccharide composition of citrus juice and anatomical fractions during fruit maturation

Itoh, Y.; Kondo, Y.; Suzuki, H.; Uchiyama, K., 1996:
Changes in the semen characters of azoospermic boars

Aida, K.; Nakazawa, Y.; Sakamoto, T., 1994:
Changes in the sensitivity of Sphaerotheca fuliginea after the introduction of DMI fungicides

Neubauer, G.; Gille, U.; Michel, G., 1996:
Changes in the shape and growth of motor endplates of the Mm. fibularis longus, semitendinosus and longissimus in pigs

Farkas, K.; Ratchford, I.A.J.; Noble, R.C.; Speake, B.K., 1996:
Changes in the size and docosahexaenoic acid content of adipocytes during chick embryo development

Hlavaty, Z.; Cambel, B., 1995:
Changes in the soil moisture regime in the aeration zone after setting the Gabcikovo hydroelectric power structures into operation

Danilova, V.I., 1996:
Changes in the soil structural state under compaction and subsequent self-restoration

Slowinska Jurkiewicz, A.; Mikosz, A.I.ona, 1995:
Changes in the soil structure resulting from intensive action of the wheels of agricultural machinery

Lundberg, A.; Handegard, T., 1996:
Changes in the spatial structure and function of coastal cultural landscapes

Kowalski, M., 1994:
Changes in the species composition of forests in relation to climatic changes over the last two centuries

Mekarska, A.; Tischner, M.; Wieczorek, E., 1996:
Changes in the specific gravity and concentration of immunoglobulins in colostrum in mares

Eltayeb, E.A.; A.A.sari, A.S.; Roddick, J.G., 1997:
Changes in the steroidal alkaloid solasodine during development of Solanum nigrum and Solanum incanum

Golinowski, W.; Grundler, F.M.W.; Sobczak, M., 1996:
Changes in the structure of Arabidopsis thaliana during female development of the plant-parasitic nematode Heterodera schachtii

Sobczak, M.; Golinowski, W.; Grundler, F.M.W., 1997:
Changes in the structure of Arabidopsis thaliana roots induced during development of males of the plant parasitic nematode Heterodera schachtii

Tang, B.; Creech, R.G.; Jenkins, J.N.; Lawrence, G.W.; McCarty, J.C., 1995:
Changes in the structure of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) roots in genotypes susceptible and resistant to infestation by Meloidogyne incognita

Milyaeva, E.L.; Komarova, E.N., 1996:
Changes in the sugar content in stem apices of the short-day plant Perilla nankinensis at floral transition

Quesada Allue, L.A.; Cadena, B.; Hagelin, K.; Guzzo, F.; Loschiavo, F., 1995:
Changes in the synthesis of unusual glycolipids during somatic embryogenesis in Daucus carota

Otcenásek, M.; Buchta, V., 1996:
Changes in the taxonomy and nomenclature of pathogenic microscopic fungi

Daleck, C.R.; Franceschini, P.H.; Padilha Filho, J.G.; Alessi, A.C.; Garcia, M.; Martins, M.I.M.; Costa Neto, J.M. da, 1995:
Changes in the testes and semen of dogs treated with vincristine sulfate

Zagdanska, B.; Wisniewski, K., 1996:
Changes in the thiol/disulfide redox potential in wheat leaves upon water deficit

Ranieri, A.; Tognini, M.; Tozzi, C.; Barbato, R.; Soldatini, G.F., 1997:
Changes in the thylakoid protein pattern in sunflower plants as a result of ozone fumigation

Richard, C.; Jackson, W.; Waguespack, H.J., 1996:
Changes in the traditional Louisiana sugarcane harvest system: replacing soldier harvesters with 'cut-crop' combine harvesters

Andreev, I.M.; Timonina, V.N.; Ermakova, S.A.; Sorokin, E.M., 1996:
Changes in the ultrastructure of maize coleoptile cells related to the stimulation of cell elongation by exogenous auxin

Shatrov, A.B., 1994:
Changes in the ultrastructure of the integument of the trombiculid mite Hirsutiella zachvatkini larvae during feeding

Ishbirdina, L.M.; Ishbirdin, A.R., 1995:
Changes in the vegetation of Ufa City during the last 60-80 years

Rajeswari, S.; Palaniswami, A.; Rajappan, K., 1997:
Changes in the vitamin content of banana fruit during chemodiagnosis of latent infection of Colletotrichum musae by paraquat

Barna, E.; Leder, F.; Dworschak, E., 1997:
Changes in the vitamin content of cereals during hydrothermal processes (flaking, puffing, extrusion)

Njoroge, S.M.; Ukeda, H.; Sawamura, M., 1996:
Changes in the volatile composition of yuzu (Citrus junos Tanaka) cold-pressed oil during storage

Webster, T.M.; Coble, H.D., 1997:
Changes in the weed species composition of the southern United States: 1974 to 1995

Vitanova, I.; Bozhkova, V.; Dimkova, S., 1995:
Changes in the weight and chemical composition of myrobalan fruits

Jaggard, K.W.; Clark, C.J.A.; May, M.J.; McCullagh, S.; Draycott, A.P., 1997:
Changes in the weight and quality of sugarbeet (Beta vulgaris) roots in storage clamps on farms

Ellies, A.; Grez, R.; Ramirez, C., 1995:
Changes in the wetting properties of soils under different management

Fahmy, M.A., 1996:
Changes in the whey protein fractions of Friesian cow's milk during the lactation period

Mcclain, W.E.; Jenkins, M.A.; Jenkins, S.E.; Ebinger, J.E., 1993:
Changes in the woody vegetation of a bur oak savanna remnant in central Illinois

Leinhos, V.; Bergmann, H., 1995:
Changes in the yield, lignin content and protein patterns of barley (Hordeum vulgare cv. Alexis) induced by drought stress

Buurman, P.; Doesburg, J.D. van; Fernandez Marcos, M.L., 1994:
Changes in thermal properties of podzol-B organic matter with profile development

Li, Z.; Oda, M.; Okada, K.; Sasaki, H., 1996:
Changes in thermotolerance of photosynthetic apparatus in cucumber leaves in response to water stress and exogenous ABA treatments

Vorobeichik, E.L., 1995:
Changes in thickness of forest litter under chemical pollution

Ranieri, A.; Castagna, A.; Lorenzini, G.; Soldatini, G.F., 1997:
Changes in thylakoid protein patterns and antioxidant levels in two wheat cultivars with different sensitivity to sulfur dioxide

Baker, R.T.M.; Davies, S.J., 1996:
Changes in tissue alpha -tocopherol status and degree of lipid peroxidation with varying alpha -tocopheryl acetate inclusion in diets for the African catfish

Elzen, G.W., 1996:
Changes in tolerance to insecticides in tobacco budworm populations, 1995

Manoranjan Kar; Mishra, B.B.; Bidhubhusan Patro, 1994:
Changes in total chlorophyll, nitrate reductase, catalase and peroxidase activities of ragi seedlings in response to nitrogen application

Tripathi, M.K.; Singhal, K.K., 1995:
Changes in total glucosinolates content of Chinese cabbage fodder with maturity and its impact on rumen fermentation

Dahlborn, K.; Samuelsson, B.; Svennersten Sjaunja, K., 1995:
Changes in total plasma protein, sodium and aldosterone concentration during milking, feeding, and food deprivation in the Swedish dairy cow

Granato, T.C.; Kristoff, L.; Pietz, R.I.; Leu Hing, C., 1994:
Changes in trace metals and radionuclides in Illinois soils since 1935

Tchawa, P., 1997:
Changes in traditional methods of soil management and the problem of improved real estate development: lessons drawn from a study of two Bamileke regions, western Cameroon

Ford, R.G.; Bertsch, P.M.; Farley, K.J., 1997:
Changes in transition and heavy metal partitioning during hydrous iron oxide aging

McIntyre, M.J.; Minshall, G.W., 1996:
Changes in transport and retention of coarse particulate organic matter in streams subjected to fire

Berezhnaya, G.A.; Ozerinina, O.V.; Tsydendambaev, V.D.; Vereshchagin, A.G., 1997:
Changes in triacylglycerol composition in the mesocarp of developing sea buckthorn fruit

Yamagi, N.; Yoshida, T.; Inaba, K.; Mitsunaga, T., 1996:
Changes in trypsin inhibitors of leguminous seeds during germination

Babu, D.S.; Reddy, Y.K.; Naidu, K.N.; Reddy, K.K., 1996:
Changes in udder and teat measurements in artificially induced lactating crossbred cattle

Kala, S.N.; Prakash, B.; Singh, B., 1996:
Changes in udder and teat volumes due to milking in Jamnapari goats

Flint, T.D.; Ford, J.W.; Ford, R.C.; Holzenburg, A., 1995:
Changes in ultrastructure and dynamics of thylakoid membranes

Wulff, Anu, 1996:
Changes in ultrastructure of Picea abies needles following severe long-term winter frost

Laiho, Raija, 1996:
Changes in understorey biomass and species composition after water level drawdown on pine mires in southern Finland

Zieba, D.; Dejneka, J., 1995:
Changes in uterine myoelectric activity in response to oxytocin in ewes sensitized and unsensitized to stilboestrol

Edgerton, L.A.; Kaminski, M.A.; Silvia, W.J., 1996:
Changes in uterine secretion of prostaglandin F2 alpha in response to oxytocin during the estrous cycle, early pregnancy, and estrogen-induced pseudopregnancy in swine

Sanchez, D.; Carmona, M.A.; Gomez, R.; Fernandez Salguero, J., 1995:
Changes in various microbial groups during ripening of Los Pedroches cheese

Rafi, F.; Ismail, U.; Hasan, R.; Rehmat, R.; Fatima, H., 1996:
Changes in vision of locust Schistocerca gregaria by different doses of methyl parathion and diazinon

Horak, P.; Havel, J., 1994:
Changes in vitality and quality indices of rape seed during long-term storage

Widjaja, R.C.aske, J.; Wootton, M., 1996:
Changes in volatile components of paddy, brown and white fragrant rice during storage

Becker, D.; Dreyer, I.; Hoth, S.; Reid, J.D.; Busch, H.; Lehnen, M.; Palme, K.; Hedrich, R., 1996:
Changes in voltage activation, Cs+ sensitivity, and ion permeability in H5 mutants of the plant K+ channel KAT1

Regnier, T.; Macheix, J.J., 1996:
Changes in wall-bound phenolic acids, phenylalanine and tyrosine ammonia-lyases, and peroxidases in developing durum wheat grains (Triticum turgidum L. var. Durum)

Valtyni, J.; Lalkovic, M., 1995:
Changes in water chemistry after afforestation of a small mountain watershed

Eser, D.; Adak, M.S.; Akbay, G.; Biesantz, A.; Atalay, A.; Limberg, P., 1996:
Changes in water content and other soil properties in different previous crops-wheat rotation systems under Ankara conditions

Chang ShuiPing; Wen ChingGung, 1997:
Changes in water quality in the newly impounded subtropical Feitsui Reservoir, Taiwan

Itai, A.; Yonemori, K.; Sugiura, A., 1997:
Changes in water relations as related to the growth inhibition of persimmon fruit by calyx lobe removal

Loik, M.E.; Harte, J., 1997:
Changes in water relations for leaves exposed to a climate-warming manipulation in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado

Drogoszewski, B.; Danielewicz, W., 1995:
Changes in weed intensity in plantations of pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) and spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) infested with Calamagrostis epigejos L. in relation to the application of Roundup and Velpar

Shiff, C.; Checkley, W.; Winch, P.; Premji, Z.; Minjas, J.; Lubega, P., 1996:
Changes in weight gain and anaemia attributable to malaria in Tanzanian children living under holoendemic conditions

Parkkonen, T.; Tervila Wilo, A.; Hopeakoski Nurminen, M.; Morgan, A.; Poutanen, K.; Autio, K., 1997:
Changes in wheat microstructure following in vitro digestion

Bonfil, D.J.; Czosnek, H.; Kafkafi, U., 1997:
Changes in wheat seed storage protein fingerprint due to soil mineral content

Stewart, D.; Hall, A.T.; Morrison, I.M.; Megan, N.; Willcock, J., 1997:
Changes in wheat straw cell composition and structure during storage

Pinke, G.; Czimber, G.; Bruckner, D., 1997:
Changes in wheat-weed flora of Szigetkoz region during the last six years

Giefing, D.F.; Kokocinski, W., 1991:
Changes in wood susceptibility to Pilodyn pin penetration due to drying

Kappelle, M.; Zamora, N., 1995:
Changes in woody species richness along an altitudinal gradient in Talamancan montane Quercus forests, Costa Rica

Zieziula, J., 1995:
Changes in world fisheries economy after exclusive fishing zones implementation

Sitnik, V.P., 1995:
Changes in yield characteristics among various seed generations of hemp variety USO-14

Houska, M.; Gree, R.; Kyhos, K.; Zitny, R.; Sestak, J., 1995:
Changes in yoghurt viscosity in a production line

Gilliland, T.J., 1997:
Changes induced by defoliation in the yield and digestibility of leaves and stems of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) during reproductive development

Matamala, J.C.; Gianotti, M.; Pericás, J.; Quevedo, S.; Roca, P.; Palou, A.; García-Palmer, F.J., 1996:
Changes induced by fasting and dietetic obesity in thermogenic parameters of rat brown adipose tissue mitochondrial subpopulations

Durante, M.; Attina, E.; Cacco, G., 1994:
Changes induced by humic substances and nitrate in the genomic structure of wheat roots

Pasqualini, S.; Batini, P.; Ederli, L.; Antonielli, M., 1995:
Changes induced by ozone in protein pattern of two tobacco cultivars

Nedunchezhian, N.; Kulandaivelu, G., 1997:
Changes induced by ultraviolet-B (280-320 nm) radiation to vegetative growth and photosynthetic characteristics in field grown Vigna unguiculata L

Churski, T.; Churska, C., 1995:
Changes occurring in various types of equally drained peat muck soils in the Wizna area

Shen Qi; Wang LongZhi, 1996:
Changes of MTB-ITC content and the pungency in radish

Kojima, K., 1996:
Changes of abscisic acid, indole-3-acetic acid and gibberellin-like substances in the flowers and developing fruitlets of citrus cultivar 'Hyuganatsu'

Feng Qing; X.L.ngLai; Y.M.oBing; Shen WenBiao, 1997:
Changes of activities and isoenzymic zymogram of CAT and APX during senescence of wheat leaves

Zhang LinSheng; Jian JiYun; Zhang BaoJun, 1997:
Changes of amino acids during the development of wheat grains

Nii, N.W.tanabe, T.Y.maguchi, K.N.shimura, M., 1995:
Changes of anatomical features, photosynthesis and ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase-oxygenase content of mango leaves

Sakurai, M.M.ri,, M.F.rusaki, S., 1996:
Changes of anthocyanin composition by conditioned medium and cell inoculum size using strawberry suspension culture

Gao Rong; Liu ZhongGui, 1996:
Changes of antibody-producing cells of immune organs and tissues from chicks inoculated with Marek's disease vaccines

Schmitt, J.; Nivens, D.; White, D.C.; Flemming, H.C., 1995:
Changes of biofilm properties in response to sorbed substances - an FTIR-ATR study

Raschka, C.; Schuhmann, R.; Plath, M.; Leitzmann, C., 1996:
Changes of blood levels of insulin, glucagon, cortisol and growth hormone during an ultra long distance run

Hugi, D.; Blum, J.W., 1997:
Changes of blood metabolites and hormones in breeding calves associated with weaning

Huh KunYang; Kim WanSoon; Lee DongWoo; Song CheonYoung; Chung SoonKyung; Jang SooJin, 1996:
Changes of bolting, flowering and cut flower quality in Eustoma grandiflorum cv. 'Tall Heidi Blue Rim' in year-round sowing

Carpin, S.; Garnier, F.; Andreu, F.; Chenieux, J.C.aude; Rideau, M.; Hamdi, S., 1997:
Changes of both polypeptide pattern and sensitivity to cytokinin following transformation of periwinkle tissues with the isopentenyl transferase gene

Johari, S.; Maeda, Y.; Okamoto, S.; Hashiguchi, T., 1996:
Changes of calpain and calpastatin activities in skeletal muscle with advancing age in growing period of broiler and layer chickens

Horbowicz, M., 1997:
Changes of carbohydrate contents during natural and accelerated ageing of some vegetable seeds

Aloni, B.; Karni, L.; Zaidman, Z.; Schaffer, A.A., 1996:
Changes of carbohydrates in pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) flowers in relation to their abscission under different shading regimes

Yang RuiChang; Zheng HaiGe; Guo JunHui; Yan PeiLan; Zhao JianHua; Tang JianFang, 1994:
Changes of cell ultrastructure at different development stages of Lentinus edodes

Zaidelman, F.R.; Nikiforova, A.S., 1995:
Changes of characteristics of light-textured soils of Oka-Meshchera Polesye area as affected by drainage and reclamation

Ryu KyungYul; Heu Hoon, 1995:
Changes of characteristics related to photosynthesis in soyabean leaves infected with Pseudomonas syringae pv. glycinea

Oh, S.K.; Kim, D.S.; Chin, M.S.; Seong, R.C., 1994:
Changes of chemical components during storage in sweet potato produced at two locations

Enishi, O.; Shijimaya, K.; Kariya, Y.; Ikeda, K.; Murai, M., 1996:
Changes of chemical composition of leaf and stem with advancing maturity, and effects of various treatments at the ensiling time on fermentative quality of sesbania rostrata (Sesbania rostrata)

Enishi, O.; Shijimaya, K.; Shioya, T.; Ikeda, K.; Kariya, Y., 1994:
Changes of chemical composition of leaf, stem and pod with seeds and degradability of stem in Sesbania cannabina Pers. with advancing maturity

Ootake, Y.; Ban, Y.; Tanaka, Y.; Hayashi, G., 1994:
Changes of chemical constituents in tomato fruit in relation to soil moisture

Ciba, J.; Zolotajkin, M.; Cebula, J., 1997:
Changes of chemical forms of zinc and zinc sulfide during the composting process of municipal solid waste

Babani, F.; Lightenthaler, H.K.; Richter, P., 1996:
Changes of chlorophyll fluorescence signatures during greening of etiolated barley seedlings as measured with the CCD-OMA fluorometer

Niimura, S.; Sakai, S.; Kusuhara, S.; Takagi, T., 1996:
Changes of cortical granules in porcine eggs following parthenogenetic activation

Kumata, A.; Takehara, T.; Aono, S., 1996:
Changes of culture properties and colony types in the process of consecutive subculturing of Pholiota nameko stock on potato-dextrose-agar plate media

Yang ZhongHan; Yang YingZhou; Cao ZongXun, 1995:
Changes of cytokinin contents in reproductive organs of Nicotiana tabacum before and after pollination

Kwon, W.S.eng; Lee, J.M.ung, 1997:
Changes of cytokinins and gibberellin contents during low temperature storage of dehisced ginseng seeds

Wedzony, M.; Filek, M., 1996:
Changes of electric potential in wheat pistils induced by pollination

Medhi, B.K.; Borah, D.K., 1996:
Changes of electrochemical properties and available iron and manganese concentration as affected by levels of iron under submergence

Lin Lu; F.J.aRui, 1996:
Changes of endogenous ABA content and their relation to the vigour of groundnut seeds

Shin, T.S.n; Godber, J.S.muel, 1996:
Changes of endogenous antioxidants and fatty acid composition in irradiated rice bran during storage

Niu ZiMian; Wang XianPing;; L.J.n; X.Y.eMing, 1996:
Changes of endogenous hormone in apple ovary around flowering period

Niu ZiMian; Wang XianPing; Dai GuiLin; Chen ShuangYing, 1995:
Changes of endogenous hormone in apple rootstock during vitrification in vitro

Kong, L.; Attree, S.M.; Fowke, L.C., 1997:
Changes of endogenous hormone levels in developing seeds, zygotic embryos and megagametophytes in Picea glauca

Punkt, K.; Welt, K.; Schaffranietz, L., 1995:
Changes of enzyme activities in the rat myocardium caused by experimental hypoxia with and without ginkgo biloba extract EGb 761 pretreatment. A cytophotometrical study

Benedetto, J.; Ech-Chaoui, R.P.issonneau, J.L.quel, P.L.tvak, S.C.stroviejo, M., 1996:
Changes of enzymes and factors involved in DNA synthesis during wheat embryo germination

Suzuki, A.; Kikuchi, T.; Aoba, K., 1997:
Changes of ethylene evolution, ACC content, ethylene forming enzyme activity and respiration in fruits of highbush blueberry

Wang JiWei; Lei XinYun; Yan YanLu; Zhang YiHui, 1995:
Changes of fluorescence spectra in the tobacco leaf infected by TMV

Inoue, S., 1995:
Changes of forest vegetation after pine wilting damage in Sawara forest of Kyushu University

Yun SongJoong; Yoo NamHee, 1996:
Changes of free amino acid and free sugar contents in barley seedlings in response to anaerobic or cold treatment

Zhao FuGeng; Zhang GuoZhen; Zhang ZhengFang; Wang XiaoYun, 1996:
Changes of free polyamine levels and activities of some enzymes during senescence of peanut leaves

Jelínek, F., 1996:
Changes of glycid composition and binding of some lectins in the caecum of rabbits with experimentally induced enterotoxaemia

Kim, J.C.ul; Hwang, H.B.ek; Kim, J.H.e; You,; Park,; Choi, B.S.ll, 1996:
Changes of growth phase by cultivation year and growth stage in Paeonia lactiflora

Liu HongYun; H.F.i; S.L.Hua; Liu YaoMin; Y.J.a; Wang LaMei, 1996:
Changes of infected snails after blockage of the infection source of cattle in a Schistosoma japonicum high transmission area

Cheng JinKe; Duan JiaShu, 1995:
Changes of intestinal T lymphocytes and intraepithelial lymphocytes in chicks after Eimeria maxima infection

Leybaert, L.; Depypere, H.T.; Dhont, M.; de Hemptinne, A., 1996:
Changes of intracellular free calcium during intracytoplasmic sperm injection

Gutowski, J.M.; Kryzysztofiak, L., 1995:
Changes of invertebrate fauna of forest environment as an element of ecological monitoring in the territory of north-eastern Poland

Abd E.G.wad, I.A.; E.S.yed, E.M.; Mahfouz, M.B.; Abd E.S.lam, A.M., 1996:
Changes of lactoferrin concentration in colostrum and milk from different species

Macedo, A.C.; Malcata, F.X.vier, 1997:
Changes of lactose, lactic acid, and acetic acid contents in Serra cheese during ripening

Liao, R.; Tanabe, K.; Tamura, F.; Itai, A., 1997:
Changes of lipid metabolism and their effects on cold hardiness of Japanese pear during flowering and fruit setting periods

Chiang, M.H.e; Park, K.W.o, 1997:
Changes of lipid, protein, and isozyme in germinating seeds of Chrysanthemum coronarium L

Matsui, K.; Shibata, Y.; Tateba, H.; Hatanaka, A.; Kajiwara, T., 1997:
Changes of lipoxygenase and fatty acid hydroperoxide lyase activities in bell pepper fruits during maturation

Shimizu, M.; Yamada, S.; Kawashima, K.; Ohashi, S.; Shimizu, S.; Ogawa, T., 1996:
Changes of lymphocyte subpopulations in pigs infected with porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) virus

Li, M.; Hue, N.V.; Hussain, S.K.G., 1997:
Changes of metal forms by organic amendments to Hawaii soils

Macedo, A.C.; Malcata, F.X.vier, 1997:
Changes of mineral concentrations in Serra cheese during ripening and throughout the cheesemaking season

Lipatov, A.S.; Gitelman, A.K.; Govorkova, E.A.; Smirnov YuA, 1995:
Changes of morphological, biological and antigenic properties of avian influenza A virus haemagglutinin H2 in the course of adaptation to new host

Mikhailova, G.; Slavov, R.; Dimitrov, T., 1994:
Changes of nitrate and nitrite contents in ewe milk white brined cheese during its production and ripening

Mrvic, V., 1994:
Changes of nitrogen rate in the soil, plant, and peach yield as affected by the time of nitrogen fertilizer application

Wozniak, L.; Kruczek, G.; Kaniuczak, J., 1993:
Changes of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sodium contents in permanent grassland soil as affected by differentiated mineral fertilization

Sakamoto, M., 1996:
Changes of nutrition states and biophylaxis applied study on changes of complement system

Turley, R.B.; Ferguson, D.L., 1996:
Changes of ovule proteins during early fiber development in a normal and a fiberless line of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Yue ShouSong; Y.Z.enWen; Y.S.ngLie, 1996:
Changes of oxygen-free radical level and endogenous plant hormone content during flag leaf senescence in wheat

Chlumska, J.; Kratka, J., 1991 :
Changes of pectin content in resistant alfalfa plants after inoculation with differently virulent isolates of Corynebacterium michiganense pv. insidiosum

Inokuma, Hisashi, 1997:
Changes of peripheral blood lymphocyte subclasses of Japanese Black newborn calves

Leng, P.; Itamura, H.; Yamamura, H., 1995:
Changes of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (PAL) activity in twig tissues of two Diospyros species during cold acclimation

Novotna, Z.; Valentova, O.; Svoboda, Z.; Schwarz, W.; Kader, J.C.; Kas, J., 1996:
Changes of phospholipase activity during rape seed development and processing

Zhang, T.Q.; MacKenzie, A.F., 1997:
Changes of phosphorous fractions under continuous corn production in a temperate clay soil

Chen ChuanMin; Cao CuiYu, 1996:
Changes of phosphorus absorption and desorption of calcareous soil under alternation of dry-wet condition

Ojeda, A.; Lopez Hernandez, D., 1994:
Changes of phosphorus contents in light and heavy soil organic matter induced by different tillage systems

Sakamoto, N.; Kimura, M.; Hiraike, H.; Itokawa, Y., 1996:
Changes of phylloquinone and menaquinone-4 concentrations in rat liver after oral, intravenous and intraperitoneal administration

Choi, Jong Myung, 1995:
Changes of physical properties of feather-amended media

Deguchi, E.; Akuzawa, M., 1997:
Changes of plasma cortisol concentration, total and differential leukocyte counts and phagocytic function of monocytes and neutrophils in peripheral blood after grouping unfamiliar piglets

Zhang, C.R.K.i; Lie, 1996:
Changes of polyamine metabolism in drought-stressed sugarcane leaves and their relation to drought resistance

Liang Jian; M.J.Dong; Yang YeZhen; L.R.Zhou; Zeng GuoQing; M.K.iRong; Zhao HengYuan; Sun ChengYan; Zhou XingWei; L.S.aoJin, 1995:
Changes of progestin and 17 beta -estradiol levels in peripheral blood sera collected from cows with corpus-luteum persistent sterility before and after electrotherapy

Boberfeld, W.O. von, 1996:
Changes of quality, including mycotoxin problems, of the primary growth of a hay meadow (Arrhenatherion elatioris)

Glinski, J.; Stahr, K.; Stepniewska, Z.; Brzezinska, M., 1996:
Changes of redox and pH conditions in a flooded soil amended with glucose and manganese oxide or iron oxide under laboratory conditions

Derevyagina, M.K.; Matskyavichus, G.; D' yakov, Y.T., 1995:
Changes of resistance to dimethomorph of Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de By. isolates during cloning

Y.C.enLiang; Chen Wei, 1995:
Changes of respiration and some substantial metabolism in the senescent process of broccoli

Chen ShangWu; Zhang WeiYi; Zhou LiPing, 1994:
Changes of respiratory physiologies in post-harvest melon inoculated with Rhizopus stolonifer and Fusarium semitectum

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Characteristics of prognostic soil-moisture complexes in terms of parameters of melioration system

Cappa, F.; Bottazzi, V.; Bosi, F.; Parisi, M.G., 1996:
Characteristics of propionic acid bacteria in Grana cheese

Zander, L.; Zander, Z.; Wasilewski, R., 1996:
Characteristics of protein dispersion in acid-rennet milk curd

Swick, R.A.; Tan, P.H., 1997:
Characteristics of protein meals: considerations in using common Asian protein meals

Klerk, H.; Loon, L.C. van, 1997:
Characteristics of protein turnover in the developing first leaf of oats (Avena sativa L.)

Ciepielewska, D.; Kostyra, H.; Fornal, ; ogin, A., 1995:
Characteristics of proteins and activity of alpha -amylase inhibitors in the bean seeds in relation to damages by the bean weevil (Acanthoscelides obtectus Say)

Chen, T.T.; Schulte, D.D.; Koelsch, R.K.; Parkhurst, A.M., 1997:
Characteristics of purple and non-purple lagoons for swine manure

Vasil' ev, A.V.; Ratnikov, A.N.; Aleksakhin, R.M.; Sirotkin, A.N.; Krasnova, E.G.; Kudryavtsev, V.N.; Grudina, N.V., 1995:
Characteristics of radionuclide and heavy-metal transfer within the soil-plant-animal products system in livestock farming

Zajac, J.; Niedzwiadek, S.; Bielanski, P.; Zon, A., 1995:
Characteristics of raw materials for feeds used in feeding carnivorous fur animals on farms in Southern Poland

Jia Xian; Ren LuQuan; Chen BingCong, 1995:
Characteristics of reducing adhesion and resistance of bionic coatings prepared for touching-soil components of terrain machinery

Kawagoshi, N.; Inoue, S., 1995:
Characteristics of resistance to flow over artificial cylindrical roughness

Witt, H.H.; Osterloh, B.; Witt, H.J., 1995:
Characteristics of rhododendron hybrids. Leaf blades for identification of cultivars

Wu, Z.; Zhang, J.; Detels, R.; Li, V.C.; Cheng, H.; Duan, S.; Li, Z.; Dong, L.; Huang, S.; Jia, M.; Bi, X., 1997:
Characteristics of risk-taking behaviors, HIV and AIDS knowledge, and risk perception among young males in southwest China

Tarakanov, G.I.; Kokoreva, V.A.; Kostyrkina, O.A., 1994:
Characteristics of root system formation in leeks during transplanting

Yamamoto, Y.; Ikejiri, A.; Nitta, Y., 1995:
Characteristics of rooting and leaf emergence rate, early growth and heading date of rice seedlings with different plant age in leaf number

Turk, M.; Hornig, G., 1996:
Characteristics of rotating displacement pumps

Moretti, M.D.L.; Mule, A.; Pirisino, G., 1996:
Characteristics of saffron produced in Sardinia

Dumbhare, C.P.; Ravankar, H.N.; Babhulkar, V.P.; Kumar, S.Y.S., 1996:
Characteristics of salt affected soil from Purna Valley (Dist. Akola)

Andersson, L., 1996:
Characteristics of seeds and seedlings from weeds treated with sublethal herbicide doses

Boyle, T.H., 1996:
Characteristics of self-incompatibility in Schlumbergera truncata and S. x buckleyi (Cactaceae)

Dirven, J.A.A.M.; Peters, D., 1995:
Characteristics of serially produced zoospore suspensions of Polymyxa betae for transmission of beet necrotic yellow vein virus

Klesius, P.H.; Sealey, W.M., 1995:
Characteristics of serum antibody in enteric septicemia of catfish

Park KwangJun, 1995:
Characteristics of several tetraploid induced by colchicine treatment in mulberry seedlings (Morus alba L. selfing Ist generation of Kaeryangppong)

D.A.meida, A.A.F.; Maestri, M., 1996:
Characteristics of slow chlorophyll fluorescence emission in four Coffea arabica genotypes submitted to water stress

Park KyuJin; Chung HooSup, 1997:
Characteristics of soil groups based on the development of root rot of ginseng seedlings

Lobartini, J.C.; Orioli, G.A.; Tan, K.H., 1997 :
Characteristics of soil humic acid fractions separated by ultrafiltration

Hao JinMin; Niu LiNan, 1996:
Characteristics of soil organic matter in the process for sustainable use of satl-affected soil in Quzhou experiment area

Ha, S.K.n; Jung, Y.S.n; Kim, L.Y.l; Kim,, 1996:
Characteristics of soil temperature changes in selected regions of Korea

Nugis, E., 1995:
Characteristics of soil usable to tillage

Huang KuoCheng; Wann ShingSun, 1996:
Characteristics of soil water infiltration under vegetative covering and mulching on hillslope

Honna, T.; Yamamoto, S.; Takuma, H.; Tanaka, S.; D.X.nMin, 1996:
Characteristics of soils of Tengger Desert in China. I. Characteristics of soil profiles

Sampaio, R.A.; Ruiz, H.A., 1996:
Characteristics of solutions drained from saline sodic soils after partial leaching

Abdalla, A.E.M.; Darwish, S.M., 1995:
Characteristics of some imported and local butteroils

Mad' yarov, S.R., 1995:
Characteristics of some protein preparations for the fodder industry and artificial nutrient media

Elahi, S.F.; Hossain, M.F.; Kamal, A.S.M.M., 1996:
Characteristics of some soils developed on Madhupur clay in Bangladesh

Umme, A.; Asbi, B.A.; Salmah, Y.; Janainah, A.H.; Jamilah, B., 1997 :
Characteristics of soursop natural puree and determination of optimum conditions for pasteurization

Dallai, R.; Lupetti, P.; Frati, F.; Mamaev, BM.; Afzelius, BA., 1996:
Characteristics of sperm ultrastructure in the gall midges Porricondylinae (Insecta, Diptera, Cecidomyiidae), with phylogenetic considerations on the subfamily

Angelov, I.; Matvejeva, J.; Stankovic, L.; Kratovalieva, S., 1995:
Characteristics of stomata on the leaf epidermis of triticale

Chappey, B.; Myara, I.; Benoit, M.O.; Maziere, C.; Maziere, J.C.; Moatti, N., 1995:
Characteristics of ten charge-differing subfractions isolated from human native low-density lipoproteins (LDL). No evidence of peroxidative modifications

Lawton, P.; Robichaud, D.A.; Moisan, M., 1995:
Characteristics of the Annapolis Basin, Nova Scotia, lobster fishery in relation to proposed marine aquaculture development

Gyosheva, B.; Petrova, I.; Mutafchieva, M., 1996:
Characteristics of the Bulgarian yoghurt lactic acid bacteria-metabolism of lactose

Rosenberg, Y.J.; Cafaro, A.; Brennan, T.; Greenhouse, J.G.; McKinnon, K.; Bellah, S.; Yalley-Ogunro, J.; Gartner, S.; Lewis, M.G., 1997:
Characteristics of the CD8+ lymphocytosis during primary simian immunodeficiency virus infections

Stepanenko, L.S.; Skirina, I.F.; Dmitrenok, P.S.; Khotimchenko, S.V., 1996:
Characteristics of the Far-Eastern lichen Cetraria islandica

Masson, P.; Collins, W.J.; Gladstones, J.S.; Alquier, G., 1996:
Characteristics of the French subterranean clover (Trifolium subterraneum L.) populations

Rayachhetry, M.B.; Blakeslee, G.M.; Webb, R.S.; Kimbrough, J.W., 1996 :
Characteristics of the Fusicoccum anamorph of Botryosphaeria ribis, a potential biological control agent for Melaleuca quinquenervia in South Florida

Pelemans, H.; Esnouf, R.; Dunkler, A.; Parniak, M.A.; Vandamme, A.M.; Karlsson, A.; D.C.ercq, E.; Kleim, J.P.; Balzarini, J., 1997:
Characteristics of the Pro225His mutation in human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) reverse transcriptase that appears under selective pressure of dose-escalating quinoxaline treatment of HIV-1

Kobayashi, N.; Hariguchi, F.; Okamoto, T.; Okada, Y.; Hayashi, T.; Matsuno, T., 1996:
Characteristics of the anticoccidial activity of 6-azauracil

Aliaga Morell, J.R.; Casanova Lopez, R., 1996:
Characteristics of the apple varietal population called Perellons in the Valencia cultivation area

Light, D., 1996:
Characteristics of the audience for 'events' at a heritage site

Kovacs, J.A.; Takacs, B., 1995:
Characteristics of the basalt-volcanic vegetation of the Balaton area

Ladonin, V.F.; Kramarev, S.M.; Klyavzo, S.P.; Golovko, A.I.; Kovalenko, V.D.; Bondar' , V.P.; Lerinets, F.A., 1994:
Characteristics of the behaviour of herbicides of the maize complex with different methods of application on normal chernozems of the Ukraine steppe. Communication 1. Effectiveness of the utilization of different herbicides in maize crops

Kim YoungSin; Kurahashi, A.; Meshitsuka, G., 1996:
Characteristics of the chemical structure of lignin in fast-growing poplar (Populus maximowiczii Henry)

Kolesnikova, L.A., 1997:
Characteristics of the circadian rhythm of pineal gland biosynthetic activity in relatively wild and domesticated silver foxes

Paska, L., 1995:
Characteristics of the current food consumption basket in Slovakia

Davenport, K.E., 1996:
Characteristics of the current international trade in ornamental fish, with special reference to the European Union

W.C.ungHsing; Davis, D.C.; Chung, J.N., 1997:
Characteristics of the dehydrating behavior of an apple slice

Matsubayashi, U.; Devkota, L.P.; Takagi, F., 1997:
Characteristics of the dispersion coefficient in miscible displacement through a glass beads medium

Rowe, D.E., 1996:
Characteristics of the elite population selected on ratio criterion: II. Traits with unequal genetic variances

Apostolopoulos, C.; Rogdakis, E., 1996:
Characteristics of the extensive Greek sheep production systems

Valino, E.; Elias, A.; Alvarez, E.; Albelo, N., 1996:
Characteristics of the fermentation chamber for Saccharina production

Novello, V.; Ryugo, K.; Palma, L. de, 1996:
Characteristics of the foliar canopy and chlorophyll content in kiwifruits trained horizontally or vertically

Soboleva Dokuchaeva, I.I., 1995:
Characteristics of the formation of the ground-beetle fauna (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in agrocoenoses neighbouring forests in the non-chernozem zone

Stolyarov, M.V., 1995:
Characteristics of the genesis of the orthopteran fauna of Transcaucasia. 4. Species of tropical origin

Andriantsimahavandy, A.; Esterre, P.; Michault, A.; Raobelison, A.; Guyon, P.; Chabrier, X.; Lapprand, M., 1996:
Characteristics of the immune response in neurocysticercosis

Andriantsimahavandy, A.; Esterre, P.; Auzemery, A.; Godinaud, P., 1996:
Characteristics of the immune response in ocular cysticercosis

Pavel, J.; Bartosova, M.; Jurcik, F., 1995:
Characteristics of the impact of heavy metals on soil invertebrates

Portis, A.R.J.; Esau, B.; Larson, E.M.; Zhu GenHai; Chastain, C.J.; O.B.ien, C.M.; Spreitzer, R.J., 1995:
Characteristics of the interaction between Rubisco and Rubisco activase

Gomathi, N.; Seethamaran, K.; Sivaprakasam, K., 1993:
Characteristics of the isolates of BLB organism

Reshetnikov, V.N.; Nenadovich, R.A., 1995:
Characteristics of the lipid composition of the nuclear matrix of triticale callus tissues

Price, G.M.; Paul, A.A.; Cole, T.J.; Wadsworth, M.E., 1997:
Characteristics of the low-energy reporters in a longitudinal national dietary survey

Song Ping; Cao XianZu; W.Y.ngHong; Zhu XiaoHong; Liang JianSheng, 1996:
Characteristics of the membrane-bound gibberellin-binding proteins from young shoots of rice

Dunin, I.M.; Okhapkin, S.K.; Baltsanov, A.I.; Vavakin, M.V., 1996:
Characteristics of the methodology for investigating breeding processes

Gonzalez, J.; Lozano, M.; Mas, M.; Mendiola, J.; Roa, I., 1997:
Characteristics of the milks and cheeses of the La Serena Denomination of Origin area

Mets, A.R.; Tsvetkova, S.D.; Mel' nichuk, I.A., 1989:
Characteristics of the morphological and agrochemical properties of the soils in the S.M. Kirov Central Park of Culture and Recreation and the Seaside Park of Victory

Krishnamurthy, M.K.; Siddaramaiah, B.S., 1994:
Characteristics of the participant farmers in block demonstration programme and their association with the continued adoption of the improved technology

Fioravanco, J.C.; Paiva, M.C.; Carvalho, R.I.N. de; Manica, I., 1994:
Characteristics of the pawpaw cultivar Formosa marketed in Porto Alegre from October 1991 to June 1992

Palma, L. de; Novello, V., 1996:
Characteristics of the photosynthetic activity of almonds and pistachios

Valdes Carmenate, R.; Barreras Marante, R.; Pombo Fernandez, R.; Vento Diaz, H., 1995:
Characteristics of the photosynthetic pigment system in coffee plants

Kabashnikava, L.F.; Kabanava, S.N.; Gryb, S.I.; Chaika, M.T., 1995:
Characteristics of the pigment apparatus in winter forms of triticale

Kurtz Filho, M.; Depra, N.M.; Alda, J.E. de; Castro, I.N. de; Corte, F.D. de la; Silva, C.A.M., 1996:
Characteristics of the placenta and conception rate after foaling in Thoroughbred mares

Zavala Zavala, D., 1990:
Characteristics of the plywood industry in the metropolitan area of the Federal District of Mexico

Zamudio, N., 1995:
Characteristics of the potato crop destined for seed tuber production and of specified areas of production

Lascu, I.; Mihalache, O.C., 1993:
Characteristics of the precipitation regime in North-Eastern Moldavia between 1971 and 1992 and its effect on field crops.

Winkler, I., 1987:
Characteristics of the private forestry sector and its influence on the organization of production in private forests

Rillema, J.A.; Rowady, D.L., 1996:
Characteristics of the prolactin stimulation of c-fos mRNA levels in mouse mammary gland explants

Rillema, J.A.; Rowady, D.L., 1997:
Characteristics of the prolactin stimulation of iodide uptake into mouse mammary gland explants

Prandi, A.; Motta, M.; Rossi, C.; Comin, A.; Fazzini, U.; Gabai, G.; Tondolo, A.; Messina, M.; Portetelle, D.; Renaville, R., 1995:
Characteristics of the pulsatile liberation of LH in Italian Simmental cows from the dry period to early lactation

Lee, S.; Zhang, L.; Shono, T., 1996:
Characteristics of the pyraclofos resistant strain of housefly, Musca domestica L

Voinov, O.A.; Voinova, O.I., 1996:
Characteristics of the reaction of winter wheat and maize to temperature stress

Kim, J.K.u; Lee, J.I.; Park, K.H.; Lee, M.H.e, 1995:
Characteristics of the rice plant associated with lodging highly adapted in broadcast-seeded cultivation

Santanatoglia, O.J.; Chagas, C.I.; Rienzi, E.A.; Castiglioni, M.G.; Sbatella, R., 1996:
Characteristics of the sediments produced by water erosion in a small basin of the Tala river (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Baujard, P.; Martiny, B., 1995:
Characteristics of the soil nematode populations from the peanut cropping area of Senegal, West Africa

Spark, K.M.; Wells, J.D.; Johnson, B.B., 1997:
Characteristics of the sorption of humic acid by soil minerals

Piekarczyk, J., 1995:
Characteristics of the spectral reflectance of yellow boards

Dallai, R.; Lupetti, P.; Afzelius, BA.; Mamaev, B., 1995:
Characteristics of the sperm flagellum in fungus gnats (Insecta, Diptera, Mycetophiloidea)

Chyau, C.C.erng; Mau, J.L.un; Wu, C.M.y, 1996:
Characteristics of the steam-distilled oil and carbon dioxide extract of Zanthoxylum simulans fruits

Puszkar, L., 1996:
Characteristics of the vegetation on the sedimentation lagoons of the 'Hajdow' sewage treatment plant in Lublin

Siverio, F.; Carbonell, E.A.; Garcia, F.; Lopez, M.M., 1996:
Characteristics of the whole cell fatty acid profiles of Pseudomonas corrugata

Fujihira, T.; Sakurai, M.; Saito, S.; Miki, T.; Takido, T.; Kamijo, H.; Nakazawa, T.; Seno, M., 1995:
Characteristics of thioisotrehalose

Hlinkova, E.; Ondrej, M., 1996:
Characteristics of transgenic tobacco carrying phytohormone synthesis T-DNA genes

Shahla Yasmin, 1995:
Characteristics of trees used for roosting by blue peafowl in Aligarh District, India

Kowal, D.; Husband, T., 1996:
Characteristics of trees with excavated cavities used by birds in Rhode Island

Zule, J.; Likon, M.; Oblak Rainer, M.; Moze, A.; Perdih, A., 1997:
Characteristics of trichloroacetic acid spruce lignin

Goral, T.; Foremska, E.; Chekowski, J.; Arseniuk, E., 1995:
Characteristics of triticale, wheat and rye varieties with regard to resistance and tolerance to infection of the ear with Fusarium spp

Rodrigo, T.; Caylà, J.A.; García de Olalla, P.; Galdós-Tangüis, H.; Jansà, J.M.; Miranda, P.; Brugal, T., 1997:
Characteristics of tuberculosis patients who generate secondary cases

Watahiki, K.; Kishihara, N., 1995:
Characteristics of turbidity, level and temperature of ground water at a well in the Unzen volcanic zone during recent volcanic activity

Kurosawa, K.; Kishihara, N., 1996:
Characteristics of turbidity, level and temperature of ground water at a well in the Unzen volcanic zone during recent volcanic activity. (II) A well with a shallow groundwater table near the coast

Filinkova, T.N.; Belyanina, S.I., 1993:
Characteristics of two northern species of Chironomus (Chironomidae, Diptera)

Bakulina, V.A.; Breger, E.L.; Gribova, N.Y.; Kamyshina, T.N.; Nikolaevskaya, T.V.; Sokolova, N.S., 1996:
Characteristics of varieties and hybrids of vegetable crops added to the state register from 1995

Bakulina, V.A.; Breger, E.L.; Gribova, N.Y.; Kamynina, T.N.; Nikolaevskaya, T.V.; Sokolova, N.S., 1996:
Characteristics of vegetable crop varieties and hybrids added to the state register from 1995

Danciu, M.; Parascan, D.; Gurean, D.; Ularu, P.; Abrudan, I.V., 1994:
Characteristics of vegetation from Tipeiul Racosului (Persanii nordici)

Nemoto, M.; Shibuya, K.; Saigusa, M., 1995:
Characteristics of vegetative propagation of common comfrey (Symphytum officinale) as a weed in crop fields

Crumbo, C.L.; Rybczyk, G.K.; Wagner, L.J., 1997:
Characteristics of volunteer participants in phase I HIV vaccine trials

Inosako, K.; Yoshida, I., 1994:
Characteristics of water quality of streams through rural areas in Tottori

Gontar' , E.M.; Zhanaeva, T.A., 1997:
Characteristics of wild and cultivated populations of Primula macrocalyx (Primulaceae) in relation to heterostyly

Xu, X.; Yang, X.; Miller, D.R., 1997:
Characteristics of winds and their effect on dry deposition at the Connecticut coastline of Long Island Sound

Schable, B.; Chu, S.Y.; Diaz, T., 1996:
Characteristics of women 50 years of age or older with heterosexually acquired AIDS

Krzyzanowski, J.; Sielicka, B., 1996:
Characteristics of yeasts isolated from clinical cases of mastitis in cows

Danilin, I.; Kobayashi, S.; Abe, N., 1996:
Characteristics of young stands regenerated naturally on cutting areas in Siberia

Nguyen, V.X.; Robert, P.; Lepage, Y., 1995:
Characteristics predicting the quality of pharmaceutical information for the treatment of pediculosis

Lee DeogBae; Kwon TaeOh; Lee JaeKil; Park KeonHo, 1995:
Characteristics related to photosynthesis and grain yield of F1 hybrid rice

Virendra Singh; Dogra, K.K., 1996:
Characteristics, distribution, utilisation, regeneration, biomass and nutritional values of seabuckthorn (Hippophae)

Sherman, C.K.garise; Reisner, I.R.; Taliaferro, L.A.; Houpt, K.A., 1996:
Characteristics, treatment, and outcome of 99 cases of aggression between dogs

Fernandez, K.; Duenas, M.; Irastorza, A.; Bilbao, A.; Campo, G. del, 1996:
Characterization and DNA plasmid analysis of ropy Pediococcus spp. strains isolated from Basque Country ciders

Bailly, C.; Cormier, F.; Do, C.B., 1997:
Characterization and activities of S-adenosyl-L-methionine:cyanidin 3-glucoside 3'-O-methyltransferase in relation to anthocyanin accumulation in Vitis vinifera cell suspension cultures

Robertson, L.; Brown, H.L.; Staines, H.J.; Wishart, G.J., 1997:
Characterization and application of an avian in vitro spermatozoa-egg interaction assay using the perivitelline layer from laid chicken eggs

L.P.ngLan; Zhang Chi, 1997:
Characterization and application of nisin

Zhu, T.S.i, L.F.nke, R.; Gresshoff, P.; Keim, P., 1996:
Characterization and application of soybean YACs to molecular cytogenetics

Vargas, F.J.; Romero, M.; Plana, J.; Rovira, M.; Batlle, I., 1995:
Characterization and behaviour of pistachio cultivars in Catalonia (Spain)

Fresno, J.M.; Tornadijo, M.E.; Carballo, J.; Gonzalez Prieto, J.; Bernardo, A., 1996:
Characterization and biochemical changes during the ripening of a Spanish craft goat's milk cheese (Armada variety)

Vilarinhos,; Maruniak, J.E.; Hall, D.W., 1996:
Characterization and biological activity of a Brazilian isolate of Bacillus sphaericus (Neide) highly toxic to mosquito larvae

Bruyne, T. de; Pieters, L.; Berghe, D. vanden; Vlietinck, A., 1996:
Characterization and biological evaluation of dimeric procyanidins

Yun, H.K.ung; Park, C.H.; Kim, H.R.ul, 1996:
Characterization and biosynthesis of lipophorin in Hyphantria cunea

Siegrist, R.L.; Phelps, T.J.; Korte, N.E.; Pickering, D.A., 1994:
Characterization and biotreatability of petroleum contaminated soils in a coral atoll in the Pacific Ocean

Giambiagi-deMarval, M.; Souto-Padrón, T.; Rondinelli, E., 1996:
Characterization and cellular distribution of heat-shock proteins HSP70 and HSP60 in Trypanosoma cruzi

Ding, M.; Hellekant, G.;, 1996:
Characterization and chemical modification of brazzein, a high potency thermostable sweet protein from Pentadiplandra brazzeana

Casteels, D.; Poirier, C.; Guenet, J.L.; Merregaert, J., 1997:
Characterization and chromosomal localization of a strain-specific mouse Fau retropseudogene

Maji, B.; Bandyopadhyay, B.K., 1996:
Characterization and classification of coastal soils of Balasore, Orissa

Molina, R.; Nuez, F., 1995:
Characterization and classification of different genotypes in a population of Cucumis melo based on their ability to regenerate shoots from leaf explants

Sharma, S.S.; Totawat, K.L.; Shyampura, R.L., 1996:
Characterization and classification of soils in a toposequence over Basaltic terrain

Sachdev, A.; Sharma, M.; Johari, R.P.; Mehta, S.L., 1995:
Characterization and cloning of ODAP degrading gene from a soil microbe

Tenhaken, R.; Arnemann, M.; Köhler, G.; Barz, W., 1997:
Characterization and cloning of cutinase from Ascochyta rabiei

Baird, R.E.; Carling, D.E.; Mullinix, B.G., 1996:
Characterization and comparison of isolates of Rhizoctonia solani AG-7 from Arkansas, Indiana, and Japan, and select AG-4 isolates

Mehta, S.C.; Vij, P.K.; Joshi, B.K.; Sahai, R.; Nivsarkar, A.E., 1995:
Characterization and conservation of the Malpura sheep breed

Imani, Y.; Ait Oubahou, A.; E.O.mani, M., 1995:
Characterization and control of chilling injury in cucumbers

Gao, Q.P.; Jiang, R.Z.; Chen, H.Q.; Jensen, E.; Seljelid, R., 1996:
Characterization and cytokine stimulating activities of heteroglycans from Tremella fuciformis

Gao, Q.; Killie, M.K.; Chen, H.; Jiang, R.; Seljelid, R., 1997:
Characterization and cytokine-stimulating activities of acidic heteroglycans from Tremella fuciformis

Sharma, D., 1997 :
Characterization and delineation of agro-ecological zones and evaluation of crop genotypes

Hillman, B.I.; Lawrence, D.M.; Halpern, B.T., 1995:
Characterization and detection of blueberry scorch carlavirus and red ringspot caulimovirus

Asensio, M.; Gorris, M.T.; Camarasa, E.; Perez, E.; Carbonell, E.A.; Cambra, M.; Sanz, A., 1995:
Characterization and detection of plum pox virus using monoclonal antibodies

Sauphanor, B.; Bouvier, J.C.; Brosse, V.; Marty, K.; Clier, S., 1996:
Characterization and detection of resistance to chemical insecticides in the codling moth

Scholthof, K.B.; Hillman, B.I.; Modrell, B.; Heaton, L.A.; Jackson, A.O., 1994:
Characterization and detection of sc4: a sixth gene encoded by sonchus yellow net virus

Mason, A.J.; Farnworth, P.G.; Sullivan, J., 1996:
Characterization and determination of the biological activities of noncleavable high molecular weight forms of inhibin A and activin A

Fitzgerald, M.; Mcknight, T.; Shippen, D., 1996:
Characterization and developmental patterns of telomerase expression in plants

Stahl, P.D.; Klug, M.J., 1996:
Characterization and differentiation of filamentous fungi based on Fatty Acid composition

Shih, N.J.; Labbé, R.G., 1996:
Characterization and distribution of amylases during vegetative cell growth and sporulation of Clostridium perfringens

Ortego, F.; Novillo, C.; Castanera, P., 1996:
Characterization and distribution of digestive proteases of the stalk corn borer, Sesamia nonagrioides Lef. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Brown, J.K.; Coats, S.A.; Bedford, I.D.; Markham, P.G.; Bird, J.; Frohlich, D.R., 1995:
Characterization and distribution of esterase electromorphs in the whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (Genn.) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae)

Salomone, J.Y.; Crouzet, P.; D.R.ffray, P.; Otten, L., 1996:
Characterization and distribution of tartrate utilization genes in the grapevine pathogen Agrobacterium vitis

Neinhuis, C.B.rthlott, W., 1997:
Characterization and distribution of water-repellent, self-cleaning plant surfaces

Leisman, G.B.; Waukau, J.; Forst, S.A., 1995:
Characterization and environmental regulation of outer membrane proteins in Xenorhabdus nematophilus

Goli, A.E.; Begemann, F.; Ng, N.Q., 1997:
Characterization and evaluation of IITA's bambara groundnut collection

Melchiorre, P., 1995:
Characterization and evaluation of a popcorn-type form of maize (Zea mays subsp. mays)

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