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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 2776

Chapter 2776 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Paiva, W.O. de, 1993:
Characterization and evaluation of edible aroids in the state of Amazonas

Mogali, S.C.; Virupakshappa, K., 1994:
Characterization and evaluation of sunflower (Helianthus annus L.) germplasm

Mao ZuShun; Qiu WeiMei, 1997:
Characterization and evaluation of the different coconut varieties on Hainan Island (China)

Zheng ChangQing; Zhang Bo; Lin HuaRu, 1996:
Characterization and evaluation of water-submersion resistance in ramie germplasms

Gasson, M.J.; Godon, J.J.; Pillidge, C.J.; Eaton, T.J.; Jury, K.; Shearman, C.A., 1995:
Characterization and exploitation of conjugation in Lactococcus lactis

Huang, P.; Do, Y.; Huang, F.; Thay, T.; Chang, T., 1997:
Characterization and expression analysis of a banana gene encoding 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate oxidase

Turano, F.J.; Thakkar, S.S.; Fang Tung; Weisemann, J.M., 1997:
Characterization and expression of NAD(H)-dependent glutamate dehydrogenase genes in Arabidopsis

Schultz, T.; Quantrano, R., 1997:
Characterization and expression of a rice RAD23 gene

Harris, N.; Taylor, J.E.; Roberts, J.A., 1997:
Characterization and expression of an mRNA encoding a wound-induced (Win) protein from ethylene-treated tomato leaf abscission zone tissue

Wood, A.J.; Goldsbrough, P.B., 1997:
Characterization and expression of dehydrins in water-stressed Sorghum bicolor

Hudspeth, R.L.; Hobbs, S.L.; Anderson, D.M.; Rajasekaran, K.; Grula, J.W., 1996:
Characterization and expression of metallothionein-like genes in cotton

Lee, M.; Lee, S.; Park, K., 1997:
Characterization and expression of two members of the S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase gene family in carnation flower

Jiang, H.; Kanost, M.R., 1997:
Characterization and functional analysis of 12 naturally occurring reactive site variants of serpin-1 from Manduca sexta

Gaffe, J.; Tiznado, M.E.; Handa, A.K., 1997:
Characterization and functional expression of a ubiquitously expressed tomato pectin methylesterase

Duarte, M.N.; Ramos, D.P.; Lima, P.C. de, 1996:
Characterization and genesis of soils developed from Quaternary mantle over crystalline basement in the coastal lowland of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil

Broun, P.T.nksley, S., 1996:
Characterization and genetic mapping of simple repeat sequences in the tomato genome

Pallas, V.; Sanchez Navarro, J.A.; Diez, J.; Desvignes, J.C.; Rowhani, A.; Sanchez Pina, M.A., 1995:
Characterization and genomic organization of apple mosaic ilarvirus

Vries, I.M. de, 1996:
Characterization and identification of Lactuca sativa cultivars and wild relatives with SDS-electrophoresis (Lactuca sect. Lactuca, Compositae)

Syntin, P.; Dacheux, F.; Druart, X.; Gatti, J.L.; Okamura, N.; Dacheux, J.L., 1996:
Characterization and identification of proteins secreted in the various regions of the adult boar epididymis

Palfner, G., 1995:
Characterization and identification of some ectomycorrhizae on oak (Quercus robur L.) in Slovenia

Viviani Nauer, A.; Hoffmann Boller, P.; Gafner, J., 1996:
Characterization and identification of yeasts

Lu, N.; Mason, C.F.V.; Turney, J.R., 1996:
Characterization and immobilization of cesium-137 in soil at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Machado, E.A.; Atella, G.C.; Gondim, K.C.; de Souza, W.; Masuda, H., 1996:
Characterization and immunocytochemical localization of lipophorin binding sites in the oocytes of Rhodnius prolixus

Liu KaungHuei; Godkin, J.D., 1995:
Characterization and immunocytochemical localization of ovine uterine retinol-binding protein

Karim, M.J.; Basak, S.C.; Trees, A.J., 1996:
Characterization and immunoprotective properties of a monoclonal antibody against the major oocyst wall protein of Eimeria tenella

Edwards, R.; Stones, S.M.; Gutierrez Mellado, M.C.rmen; Jorrin, J., 1997:
Characterization and inducibility of a scopoletin-degrading enzyme from sunflower

Hare, R.A., 1997:
Characterization and inheritance of adult plant stem rust resistance in durum wheat

Ledbetter, C.A., 1996:
Characterization and inheritance of the crinkle-leaf trait in peach and peach-almond hybrids

Batta, S.K.; Neeraj Mahajan; Bavita Asthir; Sharma, K.P., 1997:
Characterization and inhibition of soluble neutral invertase from sugarcane juice

Londershausen, M.; Turberg, A.; Bieseler, B.; Lennartz, M.; Peter, M.G., 1996:
Characterization and inhibitor studies of chitinases from a parasitic blowfly (Lucilia cuprina), a tick (Boophilus microplus), an intestinal nematode (Haemonchus contortus) and a bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)

Giersing, M.H.gelso; Studnitz, M., 1996:
Characterization and investigation of aggressive behaviour in the pig

Jeu, M.-De; Lasschuit, J.K.ipers, A.; Kamstra, S.; Visser, R., 1997:
Characterization and localization of repetitive DNA sequences in the ornamental Alstroemeria aurea Graham

Sharma, R.A., 1995:
Characterization and management of resources for sustainable productivity of soybean-a review

Sharma, B.D.; Raj Kumar; Sidhu, P.S., 1994:
Characterization and management of the soils of Punjab Agricultural University Regional Fruit Research Station, Abohar

Rout, J.R.; Lucas, W.J., 1996:
Characterization and manipulation of embryogenic response from in-vitro-cultured immature inflorescences of rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Taramino, G.; Tarchini, R.; Ferrario, S.; Lee, M.; Pe', M.E., 1997:
Characterization and mapping of simple sequence repeats (SSRs) in Sorghum bicolor

Walter, R.B.; Obermoeller, R.D.; Moore, D.D.; Lacson, J.M.; Della Coletta, L.; McEntire, B.B.; Morizot, D.C.; Nairn, R.S., 1996:
Characterization and mapping of the Xiphophorus maculatus (Teleostei: Poeciliidae) RPS15 gene

Battinelli, E.M.; Boyd, Y.; Craig, I.W.; Breakefield, X.O.; Chen, Z.Y., 1996:
Characterization and mapping of the mouse NDP (Norrie disease) locus (Ndp)

Redaelli, L.; Zhang, Y.; Castiglioni, B.; Mezzelani, A.; Comincini, S.; Guerin, G.; Ferretti, L., 1996:
Characterization and mapping of three bovine polymorphic microsatellite loci

Damme, E.J.M. van; Barre, A.; Rouge, P.; Leuven, F. van; Peumans, W.J., 1996:
Characterization and molecular cloning of Sambucus nigra agglutinin V (nigrin b), a GalNAc-specific type-2 ribosome-inactivating protein from the bark of elderberry (Sambucus nigra)

Manna, A.C.; Das, H.K., 1997:
Characterization and mutagenesis of the leucine biosynthetic genes of Azotobacter vinelandii: an analysis of the rarity of amino acid auxotrophs

Cloutler, J.; Laberge, S.; Castonguay, Y.; Antoun, H., 1996:
Characterization and mutational analysis of nodHPQ genes of Rhizobium sp. strain N33

Becker, K.; Görlach, I.; Frieling, T.; Häussinger, D., 1997:
Characterization and natural course of cardiac autonomic nervous dysfunction in HIV-infected patients

Mahgoub, H.A.; Desbiez, C.; Wipf Scheibel, C.; Dafalla, G.; Lecoq, H., 1997:
Characterization and occurrence of zucchini yellow mosaic virus in Sudan

Hayano, Koichi, 1996:
Characterization and origin of protease activity in cultivated soils

Baum, S., 1995:
Characterization and origin of the feather pecking behavioural abnormality

Dhadialla, T.S.; Tzertzinis, G., 1997:
Characterization and partial cloning of ecdysteroid receptor from a cotton boll weevil embryonic cell line

Jongsma, M.A.; Peters, J.; Stiekema, W.J.; Bosch, D., 1996:
Characterization and partial purification of gut proteinases of Spodoptera exigua Hubner (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Chae, K.S.ok; Yoe, S.M.on; Kim, H.R.ul, 1995:
Characterization and partial purification of storage protein-1 receptor in the fat body of Hyphantria cunea

Nelson, B.; Helms, T.; Christianson, T.; Kural, I., 1996:
Characterization and pathogenicity of Rhizoctonia from soybean

Kobayashi, T.; Miyazaki, T., 1997:
Characterization and pathogenicity of a herpesvirus isolated from cutaneous lesions in the Japanese eel, Anguilla japonica

Mademba Sy, F.; Lebegin, S.; Haury, A.; Lyannaz, J.P., 1994:
Characterization and performance of 51 citrus varieties in New Caledonia

Morris, L.E.; Moore, J.C.; Schwartz, J.B., 1996:
Characterization and performance of a new direct compression excipient for chewable tablets: XylitabReg.

Lachenaud, P.; Ducamp, M., 1996:
Characterization and potential utilization of wild cacao from French Guiana

Naujoks, G.; Hertel, H.; Ewald, D., 1995:
Characterization and propagation of an adult triploid pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.)

Jin, H.; Hartman, G.L.; Nickell, C.D.; Widholm, J.M., 1996:
Characterization and purification of a phytotoxin produced by Fusarium solani, the causal agent of soybean sudden death syndrome

Horikawa, M.; Noro, T.; Kamei, Y., 1996:
Characterization and purification of antibacterial substances from a red alga, Laurencia okamurae

Wang, Y.S.ung; Hwang, K.L.ng; Hsieh, Y.N.ng, 1997:
Characterization and purification of herbicide naproanilide receptor from tobacco mesophyll callus

Cardona-Sanclemente, L.E.; Sultan, F.; Griglio, S., 1996:
Characterization and quantification of apolipoprotein E in the genetically hypercholesterolemic rat (RICO)

Huang DongYin; Khan, K., 1997:
Characterization and quantification of native glutenin aggregates by multistacking sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) procedures

Cruzado, I.D.; Song, S.; Crouse, S.F.; O'Brien, B.C.; Macfarlane, R.D., 1996:
Characterization and quantitation of the apoproteins of high-density lipoprotein by capillary electrophoresis

Zeng, C.Q.; Wentz, M.J.; Cohen, J.; Estes, M.K.; Ramig, R.F., 1996:
Characterization and replicase activity of double-layered and single-layered rotavirus-like particles expressed from baculovirus recombinants

Reilly, T.J.; Baron, G.S.; Nano, F.E.; Kuhlenschmidt, M.S., 1996:
Characterization and sequencing of a respiratory burst-inhibiting acid phosphatase from Francisella tularensis

Thouvenel, J.C.; Abol Ela, S.; Sewify, G.H.; E.H.riry, M.; Hussein, A.; Ammar, E.D., 1996:
Characterization and serology of the leafhopper-borne maize yellow stripe virus in Egypt

Watanabe, K.; Tsuchiya, T.; Masuda, T.; Ohta, H.; Takamiya, K.I.; Shioi, Y., 1995:
Characterization and some properties of pheophorbidase from Chenopodium album

Ueda, T.; Anai, T.; Tsukaya, H.; Hirata, A.; Uchimiya, H., 1996:
Characterization and subcellular localization of a small GTP-binding protein (Ara-4) from Arabidopsis: conditional expression under control of the promoter of the gene for heat-shock protein HSP81-1

Morais, P.B.; Rosa, C.A.; Linardi, V.R.; Pataro, C.; Maia, A.B.R.A., 1997:
Characterization and succession of yeast populations associated with spontaneous fermentations during the production of Brazilian sugar-cane aguardente

Uchida, Y.; Dodman, N.; DeNapoli, J.; Aronson, L., 1997:
Characterization and treatment of 20 canine dominance aggression cases

Eid, A.H.; Keshtkar, H.; Zahir, K.O., 1996:
Characterization and treatment of the soil of an industrial site contaminated with chromium(VI)

Gonzalez, C.; Garma, C.; Henriques Gil, N., 1996:
Characterization and variability of seed storage protein subunits in Sophora japonica (Fabaceae)

Jin MeiSong, 1994:
Characterization and variations of isolates of Rhizoctonia solani from rice in Thailand

Faria, M.R.; Tigano, M.S.; Fontes, E.M.G.; Lecuona, R.E., 1995:
Characterization and virulence of Metarhizium anisopliae (Metsch.) Sorok. isolates to eggs of Deois flavopicta (Stal) (Homoptera: Cercopidae)

Pickering, R.A.; Hill, A.M.; Kynast, R.G., 1997:
Characterization by RFLP analysis and genomic in situ hybridization of a recombinant and a monosomic substitution plant derived from Hordeum vulgare L. x Hordeum bulbosum L. crosses

Barone, A., 1996:
Characterization by RFLP markers of interspecific Solanum hybrids forming 2n gametes

Garcia, C.; Hernandez, T.; Ceccanti, B., 1995:
Characterization by isoelectric focusing of the organic matter of a regenerated soil

Caro, M.; Diaz, R.; Echazarreta, C.; Orlando, L., 1995:
Characterization by isozymes of the citrus rootstocks used in Uruguay

Tibbles, K.W.; Brierley, I.; Cavanagh, D.; Brown, T.D., 1996:
Characterization in vitro of an autocatalytic processing activity associated with the predicted 3C-like proteinase domain of the coronavirus avian infectious bronchitis virus

Escribano, M.I.; Merodio, C.; John, P., 1996:
Characterization of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate oxidase partially purified from cherimoya fruit

Stone, R.T.; Kappes, S.M.; Keele, J.W.; Beattie, C.W., 1997:
Characterization of 109 bovine microsatellites

Voordouw, G.; Armstrong, S.M.; Reimer, M.F.; Fouts, B.; Telang, A.J.; Shen, Y.; Gevertz, D., 1996:
Characterization of 16S rRNA genes from oil field microbial communities indicates the presence of a variety of sulfate-reducing, fermentative, and sulfide-oxidizing bacteria

Rossini, M.C.; Irigon, D.L.; Krzyzanowski, F.C.; Vernetti, F. de J., 1995:
Characterization of 26 cultivars of soyabean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) recommended for the southern region of Brazil

Morcillo, F.; Aberlenc Bertossi, F.; Trouslot, P.; Hamon, S.; Duval, Y., 1997:
Characterization of 2S and 7S storage proteins in embryos of oil palm

Hirano, T.; Nakane, S.; Mizoshita, K.; Yamakuchi, H.; Inoue Murayama, M.; Watanabe, T.; Barendse, W.; Sugimoto, Y., 1996:
Characterization of 42 highly polymorphic bovine microsatellite markers

Wiedmann-al-Ahmad, M.; Tichy, H.V.; Schön, G., 1994:
Characterization of Acinetobacter type strains and isolates obtained from wastewater treatment plants by PCR fingerprinting

Clota, J.; Foix, A.; March, R.; Riera, P.; Costa, L., 1996:
Characterization of Actinobacillus pleuropneumonia strains isolated in Spain

Chang WeiMing; Lai ShiowSuey, 1996:
Characterization of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae RTX-toxin I (Apx I)

Fuller, T.E.; Mulks, M.H., 1995:
Characterization of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae riboflavin biosynthesis genes

Brummer-Korvenkontio, H.; Palosuo, T.; François, G.; Reunala, T., 1997:
Characterization of Aedes communis, Aedes aegypti and Anopheles stephensi mosquito saliva antigens by immunoblotting

Khashe, S.; Hill, W.; Janda, J.M., 1996:
Characterization of Aeromonas hydrophila strains of clinical, animal, and environmental origin expressing the O:34 antigen

Choi KyuHong; Chung MyungSook; Joo KyoungHwan; Lee JoonSang, 1994:
Characterization of Anisakis larval antigen after gel filtration using immunoblot

Manguin, S.; Roberts, D.R.; Andre, R.G.; Rejmankova, E.; Hakre, S.; Roberts, D.R., 1996:
Characterization of Anopheles darlingi (Diptera: Culicidae) larval habitats in Belize, Central America

Manguin, S.; Roberts, D.R.; Peyton, E.L.; Rejmankova, E.; Pecor, J., 1996:
Characterization of Anopheles pseudopunctipennis larval habitats

Lilley, J.H.; Thompson, K.D.; Adams, A., 1997:
Characterization of Aphanomyces invadans by electrophoretic and Western blot analysis

Kushnir, S.; Babiychuk, E.; Kampfenkel, K.; Belles-Boix, E.; Van Montagu, M.; Inzé, D., 1995:
Characterization of Arabidopsis thaliana cDNAs that render yeasts tolerant toward the thiol-oxidizing drug diamide

Michel-Reydellet, N.; Desnoues, N.; Elmerich, C.; Kaminski, P.A., 1997:
Characterization of Azorhizobium caulinodans glnB and glnA genes: involvement of the P(II) protein in symbiotic nitrogen fixation

Hikida, M.; Mori, M.; Kawabata, T.; Takai, T.; Ohmori, H., 1997:
Characterization of B cells expressing recombination activating genes in germinal centers of immunized mouse lymph nodes

E.G.aysh, A.A.; Nassar, A.M.; Hilali, M.A.; Christenson, D., 1994:
Characterization of Babesia bigemina antigen (Egyptian strain) isolated from an experimentally infected calf

Cho, S.K.; Park, J.M.; Choi, Y.K.; Chai, Y.G., 1996:
Characterization of Bacillus anthracis isolated in Korea using biochemical and serological techniques

Tsuge, K.; Ano, T.; Shoda, M., 1995:
Characterization of Bacillus subtilis YB8, coproducer of lipopeptides surfactin and plipastatin B1

Jung, Y.C.ul; Kim, S.U.; Bok, S.H.e; Park, H.Y.ng; Cote, J.C.arles; Chung, Y.S.p, 1997:
Characterization of Bacillus thuringiensis mutants and natural isolates by molecular methods

Mao, X.; Kusagawa, S.; Tsurudome, M.; Komada, H.; Kawano, M.; Nishio, M.; Ito, Y., 1996:
Characterization of Bangor virus proteins by using monoclonal antibodies

Ilami, G.; Nespoulous, C.; Huet, J.C.aude; Vartanian, N.; Pernollet, J.C.aude, 1997:
Characterization of BnD22, a drought-induced protein expressed in Brassica napus leaves

Vandamme, P.; Heyndrickx, M.; D.R.ose, I.; Lammens, C.; D.V.s, P.; Kersters, K., 1997:
Characterization of Bordetella strains and related bacteria by amplified ribosomal DNA restriction analysis and randomly and repetitive element-primed PCR

Gonzalez-Dunia, D.; Cubitt, B.; Grasser, F.A.; de la Torre, J.C., 1997:
Characterization of Borna disease virus p56 protein, a surface glycoprotein involved in virus entry

Chevre, A.M.; Eber, F.; This, P.; Barret, P.; Tanguy, X.; Brun, H.; Delseny, M.; Renard, M., 1996:
Characterization of Brassica nigra chromosomes and of blackleg resistance in B. napus-B. nigra addition lines

Ferreira, H.; Beriam, L.O.S.; Goncalves, E.R.; Rosato, Y.B., 1997:
Characterization of Brazilian isolates of Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria by ribotyping and RAPD

Aragón, V.; Díaz, R.; Moreno, E.; Moriyón, I., 1996:
Characterization of Brucella abortus and Brucella melitensis native haptens as outer membrane O-type polysaccharides independent from the smooth lipopolysaccharide

Rath, G.; Toure, A.; Nianga, M.; Wolfender, J.L.; Hostettmann, K., 1995:
Characterization of C-glycosylflavones from Dissotis rotundifolia by liquid chromatography - UV diode array detection - tandem mass spectrometry

Hart, T.K.; Truneh, A.; Bugelski, P.J., 1996:
Characterization of CD4-gp120 activation intermediates during human immunodeficiency virus type 1 syncytium formation

Shamoun, S.F.; Wall, R.E., 1996:
Characterization of Canadian isolates of Chondrostereum purpureum by protein content, API ZYM and isozyme analyses

Millan, R.; Sanjuan, E.; Saavedra, P.; Castelo, M., 1996:
Characterization of Canarian cheeses applying discriminant analysis to physico-chemical variables

Krzemińska-Jaśkowiak, E.; Cybulski, Z.; Pietkiewicz, K., 1995:
Characterization of Candida sp strains isolated from different clinical specimens in the years 1989-1993

Tomme, P.; Kwan, E.; Gilkes, N.R.; Kilburn, D.G.; Warren, R.A., 1996:
Characterization of CenC, an enzyme from Cellulomonas fimi with both endo- and exoglucanase activities

Wurtzen, P.A.; Nelson, H.S.; Lowenstein, H.; Ipsen, H., 1995:
Characterization of Chenopodiales (Amaranthus retroflexus, Chenopodium album, Kochia scoparia, Salsola pestifer) pollen allergens

Bozzi, R.; Pugliese, C.; Poli, B.M.; Franci, O.; Parisi, G.; Lucifero, M., 1997:
Characterization of Chianina bulls at different developmental stages: carcass and meat characteristics

Adaskaveg, J.E.; Hartin, R.J., 2008:
Characterization of Colletotrichum acutatum Isolates Causing Anthracnose of Almond and Peach in California

Freeman, S.; Katan, T.; Shabi, E., 1996:
Characterization of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides isolates from avocado and almond fruits with molecular and pathogenicity tests

Wronski, R.; Kudera, U.; Wilhelm, E., 1997:
Characterization of Cryphonectria parasitica strains by random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) technique and conventional methods

Wang LiYing; Wang SiFang; Ren Gang; Zhu QingHong, 1995:
Characterization of DNA and structural proteins from Oedaleus asiaticus entomopoxvirus propagated in Oedaleus infernalis

Moody, D.E.; Pomp, D.; Newman, S.; MacNeil, M.D., 1996:
Characterization of DNA polymorphisms in three populations of hereford cattle and their associations with growth and maternal EPD in line 1 herefords

Tragut, V.; Xiao, J.; Bylina, E.J.; Borthakur, D., 1995:
Characterization of DNA restriction-modification systems in Spirulina platensis strain pacifica

Prather, R.S.; Hoffman, K.E.; Schoenbeck, R.A.; Stumpf, T.T.; Li, J., 1996:
Characterization of DNA synthesis during the 2-cell stage and the production of tetraploid chimeric pig embryos

Franco, A.M.ria Ramos; Machado, G.M.C.; Naiff, R.D.; Moreira, C.F.S.; Mcmahon Pratt, D.; Grimaldi, G., J., 1997:
Characterization of Endotrypanum parasites using specific monoclonal antibodies

Miguel, M.A.tonio Lemos; Teixeira, L.M.rtins; Noleto, A.L.cia Solino, 1995:
Characterization of Enterococcus strains isolated from ready-to-eat foods

Kim, J.H.; Beer, S.V.; Tanii, A.; Zumoff, C.H.; Laby, R.J.; Gustafson, H.L.; Aldwinckle, H.S., 1996:
Characterization of Erwinia amylovora strains from different hosts and geographical areas

Momol, M.T.; Momol, E.A.; Lamboy, W.F.; Norelli, J.L.; Beer, S.V.; Aldwinckle, H.S., 1997:
Characterization of Erwinia amylovora strains using random amplified polymorphic DNA fragments (RAPDs)

Nassar, A.; Darrasse, A.; Lemattre, M.; Kotoujansky, A.; Dervin, C.; Vedel, R.; Bertheau, Y., 1996 :
Characterization of Erwinia chrysanthemi by pectinolytic isozyme polymorphism and restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of PCR-amplified fragments of pel genes

Imberechts, H.; Wild, P.; Charlier, G.; D.G.eve, H.; Lintermans, P.; Pohl, P., 1996:
Characterization of F18 fimbrial genes fedE and fedF involved in adhesion and length of enterotoxemic Escherichia coli strain 107/86

Viljoen, A.; Wingfield, M.J.; Marasas, W.F.O.; Coutinho, T.A., 1995:
Characterization of Fusarium isolates from gladiolus corms pathogenic to pines

Woo, S.L.; Zoina, A.; Sorbo, G. del; Lorito, M.; Nanni, B.; Scala, F.; Noviello, C., 1996:
Characterization of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. phaseoli by pathogenic races, VCGs, RFLPs, and RAPD

Oliveros, W.G.; Andrade, L.E.; Gallego, G., 1995:
Characterization of Fusarium oxysporum isolates using rDNA polymorphism and random amplifications of DNA

Colin, J.; Minani, C.; Decock, C.; Maraite, H., 1995:
Characterization of Gliocladium nigrovirens van Beyma, causal agent of dry rot of potatoes in storage

Morgan, C.J.; Coutts, A.G.P.; Mcfadyen, M.C.; King, T.P.; Kelly, D., 1996:
Characterization of IGF-I receptors in the porcine small intestine during postnatal development

Dugo, G.; Mondello, L.; Cotroneo, A.; D.A.contres, I.S.; Basile, A.; Previti, P.; Dugo, P.; Bartle, K.D., 1996:
Characterization of Italian citrus petitgrain oils

Pilotti, M.; Faggioli, F.; Barba, M., 1995:
Characterization of Italian isolates of pear vein yellows virus

Schori, A.; Charles, R.; Guy, R., 1996:
Characterization of Kentucky bluegrass ecotypes according to collection sites

Tornero, P.; Mayda, E.; Gomez, M.D.; Canas, L.; Conejero, V.; Vera, P., 1996:
Characterization of LRP, a leucine-rich repeat (LRR) protein from tomato plants that is processed during pathogenesis

Duwat, P.; Cochu, A.; Ehrlich, S.D.; Gruss, A., 1997:
Characterization of Lactococcus lactis UV-sensitive mutants obtained by ISS1 transposition

Ristola, T.; Pellinen, J.; Hoof, P.L. van; Leppanen, M.; Kukkonen, J., 1996:
Characterization of Lake Ladoga sediments. II. Toxic chemicals

Gonzalez Iniguez, R.M.; Pfeiffer, W.H., 1996:
Characterization of Lamb-2: a new triticale variety for the highly variable moisture situation of central Mexico

Morsy, T.A.; al Dakhil, M.A.; el Bahrawy, A.F., 1997:
Characterization of Leishmania aethiopica from rock hyrax, Procavia capensis trapped in Najran, Saudi Arabia

Agunloye, C.A., 1996:
Characterization of Leptospira interrogans antigens recognised by the bovine immune system

Perolat, P.; Merien, F.; Ellis, W.A.; Baranton, G., 1994:
Characterization of Leptospira isolates from serovar hardjo by ribotyping, arbitrarily primed PCR, and mapped restriction site polymorphisms

Lawrence, L.M.; Gilmour, A., 1995:
Characterization of Listeria monocytogenes isolated from poultry products and from the poultry-processing environment by random amplification of polymorphic DNA and multilocus enzyme electrophoresis

Harvey, J.; Gilmour, A., 1996:
Characterization of Listeria monocytogenes isolates by esterase electrophoresis

Rubiales, D.; Niks, R.E., 1995:
Characterization of Lr34, a major gene conferring nonhypersensitive resistance to wheat leaf rust

Omar, A.R.; Schat, K.A., 1997:
Characterization of Marek's disease herpesvirus-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes in chickens inoculated with a non-oncogenic vaccine strain of MDV

Vij, P.K.; Malik, R.K.; Govekar, S.; Nivsarkar, A.K., 1996:
Characterization of Marwari horses

Schroth, M.H.; Ahearn, S.J.; Selker, J.S.; Istok, J.D., 1996:
Characterization of Miller-similar silica sands for laboratory hydrologic studies

Amarjit Kaur; Malhotra, S.P.; Randhir Singh, 1996:
Characterization of NADP-isocitrate dehydrogenase from nodules of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan)

Panshin, A.; Shihmanter, E.; Orvell, C.; Weisman, Y.; Lipkind, M., 1995:
Characterization of Newcastle disease virus field strains by means of three panels of monoclonal antibodies: analysis of variation regularities

Seal, B.S.; King, D.J.; Bennett, J.D., 1995:
Characterization of Newcastle disease virus isolates by reverse transcription PCR coupled to direct nucleotide sequencing and development of sequence database for pathotype prediction and molecular epidemiological analysis

Oncel, T.; Alexander, D.J.; Manvell, R.J.; Ture, O., 1997:
Characterization of Newcastle disease viruses isolated from chickens and pigeons in the South Marmara region of Turkey

Kim, D.H.; Hwang, D.C.; Kang, B.H.; Lew, J.; Choi, K.Y., 1996:
Characterization of Nla protease from turnip mosaic potyvirus exhibiting a low-temperature optimum catalytic activity

Sato, F.; Kanda, Y.; Shiga, M.; Ohshita, Y.; Murota, K.; Yamada, Y., 1995:
Characterization of OEC23 polypeptide of NaCl-adapted photoautotrophic cultured cells of tobacco

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Characterization of Poria indoor brown-rot fungi

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Characterization of RNA synthesis during a one-step growth curve and of the replication mechanism of bovine viral diarrhoea virus

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Characterization of S glycoprotein associated with gametophytic self-incompatibility of Lycopersicon peruvianum

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Characterization of SaMADS D from Sinapis alba suggests a dual function of the gene: in inflorescence development and floral organogenesis

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Characterization of Saccharomyces cerevisiae CYP51 and a CYP51 fusion protein with NADPH cytochrome P-450 oxidoreductase expressed in Escherichia coli

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Characterization of Vertisols from irrigation projects in the low-medium Sao Francisco river valley : II. Morphological, physical and chemical properties

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Characterization of a 14 kDa component with low expression in a unique Nod+ Fix- Bradyrhizobium japonicum

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Characterization of a Brazilian isolate of sweet potato feathery mottle virus infecting sweet potato

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Characterization of a DNA sequence that detects repetitive DNA elements in the Asian rice gall midge (Orseolia oryzae) genome: potential use in DNA fingerprinting of biotypes

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Characterization of a DNA-binding protein that interacts with 5' flanking regions of two fruit-ripening genes

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Characterization of a K+-ATPase from Lactobacillus helveticus ATCC 15009

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Characterization of a Leishmania tropica antigen that detects immune responses in Desert Storm viscerotropic leishmaniasis patients

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Characterization of a Mus spretus YAC that maps to the pseudoautosomal region

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Characterization of a Plasmodium vivax cysteine proteinase gene identifies uniquely conserved amino acids that may mediate the substrate specificity of malarial hemoglobinases

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Characterization of a Singapore isolate of hibiscus chlorotic ringspot virus

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Characterization of a by-product of palm oil milling

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Characterization of a cDNA clone encoding 23 kDa polypeptide of the oxygen-evolving complex of photosystem II in rice

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Characterization of a cDNA containing trinucleotide repeat sequences that is highly enriched in spermatogenic cells

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Characterization of a cDNA encoding a proline-rich 14 kDa protein in developing cortical cells of the roots of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) seedlings

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Characterization of a cDNA for pea chloroplast SecA

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Characterization of a calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase homolog from maize roots showing light-regulated gravitropism

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Characterization of a Cell Envelope-Associated Proteinase Activity from Streptococcus thermophilus H-Strains

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Characterization of a cell membrane-associated proteinase from Lactobacillus helveticus CRL 581

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Characterization of a chemokine receptor-related gene in human herpesvirus 8 and its expression in Kaposi's sarcoma

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Characterization of a chicken luteinizing hormone receptor (cLH-R) complementary deoxyribonucleic acid, and expression of cLH-R messenger ribonucleic acid in the ovary

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Characterization of a chicken monoclonal antibody that recognizes the apical complex of Eimeria acervulina sporozoites and partially inhibits sporozoite invasion of CD8+ T lymphocytes in vitro

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Characterization of a class I chitinase gene and of wound-inducible, root and flower-specific chitinase expression in Brassica napus

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Characterization of a color vision system

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Characterization of a cry2A gene cloned from an isolate of Bacillus thuringiensis serovar sotto

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Characterization of a cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) somaclonal variant with paternal inheritance

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Characterization of a cucumber mosaic virus isolate causing leaf crinkle and severe mosaic of Amaranthus in India

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Characterization of a defense complex consisting of interleukin 1 and phenol oxidase from the hemolymph of the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta

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Characterization of a Diffusible Signal Capable of Inducing Defense Gene Expression in Tobacco

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Characterization of a disassembly deficient mutant of cowpea chlorotic mottle virus

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Characterization of a dopamine-sensitive LSD binding site in honeybee (Apis mellifera) brain

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Characterization of a ferritin mRNA from Arabidopsis thaliana accumulated in response to iron through an oxidative pathway independent of abscisic acid

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Characterization of a full-length cDNA clone encoding glutamine synthetase from rubber tree latex

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Characterization of a fungal alpha -glucosidase isolated from root of Fen Ge, a Chinese Kudzu vine, (Pueraria thomsoni Benth.)

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Characterization of a gene cluster of Phytophthora cryptogea which codes for elicitins, proteins inducing a hypersensitive-like response in tobacco

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Characterization of a gene encoding a DNA-binding protein that interacts in vitro with vascular specific cis elements of the phenylalanine ammonia-lyase promoter

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Characterization of a gene family encoding cysteine proteinases of Sitophilus zeamais (maize weevil), and analysis of the protein distribution in various tissues including alimentary tract and germ cells

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Characterization of a genomic clone for a maize DnaJ-related gene, ZmdJ1, and expression analysis of its promoter in transgenic plants

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Characterization of a genomic locus required for synthesis of the antibiotic 2,4-diacetylphloroglucinol by the biological control agent Pseudomonas fluorescens Q2-87

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Characterization of a Genomic Region Required for Production of the Antibiotic Pyoluteorin by the Biological Control Agent Pseudomonas fluorescens Pf-5

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Characterization of a heat resistant mesophilic Bacillus species affecting quality of UHT-milk - a preliminary report

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Characterization of a heat resistant mesophilic Bacillus species affecting the quality of UHT-milk

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Characterization of a high-virulence US isolate of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in a continuous cell line, ATCC CRL11171

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Characterization of a highly attenuated Japanese encephalitis virus generated from molecularly cloned cDNA

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Characterization of a highly repeated DNA sequence (SC1) from the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Scutellospora castanea and its detection in planta

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Characterization of a laccase in the conidial mucilage of Colletotrichum graminicola

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Characterization of a laccase secreted by Armillaria mellea pathogenic for Genista

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Characterization of a landfill from steel foundry activities

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Characterization of a leucine zipper-containing protein identified by retroviral insertion in avian neuroretina cells

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Characterization of a Light-Controlled Anion Channel in the Plasma Membrane of Mesophyll Cells of Pea

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Characterization of a lily tapetal transcript that shares sequence similarity with a class of intracellular pathogenesis-related (IPR) proteins

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Characterization of a lipopeptide-resistant strain of Candida albicans

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Characterization of a low affinity thyroid hormone receptor binding site within the rat GLUT4 gene promoter

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Characterization of a major peritrophic membrane protein, peritrophin-44, from the larvae of Lucilia cuprina. cDNA and deduced amino acid sequences

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Characterization of a meiotic crossover in maize identified by a restriction fragment length polymorphism-based method

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Characterization of a microsatellite locus in the parasitoid wasp Aphelinus abdominalis (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae)

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Characterization of a mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase from Plasmodium falciparum

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Characterization of a mitomycin-binding drug resistance mechanism from the producing organism, Streptomyces lavendulae

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Characterization of a monoclonal antibody against the 47-kDa antigen of Cryptobia salmositica Katz and its use in an antigen-capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of parasite antigen in infected rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum)

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Characterization of a monoclonal antibody specific for Brucella smooth lipopolysaccharide and development of a competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to improve the serological diagnosis of brucellosis

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Characterization of a multigene family encoding an endopolygalacturonase in Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

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Characterization of a new Lancefield's group of streptococci from a tiger and a raccoon dog

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Characterization of a new antifungal chitin-binding peptide from sugar beet leaves

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Characterization of a new isolate of Ehrlichia platys (Order Rickettsiales) using electron microscopy and polymerase chain reaction

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Characterization of a new lectin of soybean vegetative tissues

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Characterization of a new melanocyte-specific gene (QNR-71) expressed in v-myc-transformed quail neuroretina

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Characterization of a new non-toxic two-chain ribosome-inactivating protein and a structurally-related lectin from rhizomes of dwarf elder (Sambucus ebulus L.)

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Characterization of a new prominent satellite DNA of Cucumis metuliferus and differential distribution of satellite DNA in cultivated and wild species of Cucumis and in related genera of Cucurbitaceae

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Characterization of a new vacuolar membrane aquaporin sensitive to mercury at a unique site

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Characterization of a new virus from garlic (Allium sativum L.), garlic mite-borne mosaic virus

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Characterization of a non-long terminal repeat retrotransposon cDNA (L1Tc) from Trypanosoma cruzi: homology of the first ORF with the ape family of DNA repair enzymes

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Characterization of a nonhypersensitive mutant and nonpathogenic mutant of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris

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Characterization of a nonradioactive cloned cDNA probe for detecting avian reoviruses

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Characterization of a norflurazon-resistant mutant of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

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Characterization of a novel Mycobacterium bovis secreted antigen containing PGLTS repeats

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Characterization of a novel drought-induced 34-kDa protein located in the thylakoids of Solanum tuberosum L. plants

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Characterization of a novel gene product (mammalian tolloid-like) with high sequence similarity to mammalian tolloid/bone morphogenetic protein-1

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Characterization of a novel phenylalanine-specific aminopeptidase from Schizophyllum commune

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Characterization of a novel protein in chick intestine that exhibits calcium-binding activity and regulation by dietary calcium, aluminum and vitamin D

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Characterization of a Novel Strain of Bacillus thuringiensis

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Characterization of a novel syncytium-inducing baboon reovirus

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Characterization of a partially purified bacteriocin, Fermentcin B, from Lactobacillus fermentum

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Characterization of a putative 23S-5S rRNA operon of Buchnera aphidicola (endosymbiont of aphids) unlinked to the 16S rRNA-encoding gene

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Characterization of a putative receptor protein for bovine viral diarrhea virus

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Characterization of a response element in the 5'-flanking region of the avian (chicken) PTH gene that mediates negative regulation of gene transcription by 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 and binds the vitamin D3 receptor

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Characterization of a salicylic acid-insensitive mutant (sai1) of Arabidopsis thaliana, identified in a selective screen utilizing the SA-inducible expression of the tms2 gene

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Characterization of a single clonal lineage of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. albedinis causing Bayoud disease of date palm in Morocco

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Characterization of a stable L-form of the fish pathogen Aeromonas salmonicida

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Characterization of a strawberry gene for auxin-binding protein, and its expression in insect cells

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Characterization of a thermostable lysine-specific metalloendopeptidase from the fruiting bodies of a basidiomycete, Grifola frondosa

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Characterization of a tobacco extensin gene and regulation of its gene family in healthy plants and under various stress conditions

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Characterization of a two-gene locus from Bartonella bacilliformis associated with the ability to invade human erythrocytes

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Characterization of a tyrosinase from Amanita muscaria involved in betalain biosynthesis

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Characterization of a unique OpMNPV-specific early gene not required for viral infection in tissue culture

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Characterization of a virus causing leaf distortion disease of Datura metel in India

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Characterization of a yield quantitative trait locus on chromosome five of maize by fine mapping

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Characterization of acetylcholinesterase secreted by the trichostrongyle nematode parasites of ruminants

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Characterization of active recombinant 2,3-dihydro-2,3-dihydroxybiphenyl dehydrogenase from Comamonas testosteroni B-356 and sequence of the encoding gene (bphB)

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Characterization of adenovirus hexons by their epitope composition

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Characterization of aerobic bacteria in the uterus and cervix of mares with suspected or clinical metritis

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Characterization of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) following in vitro selection for salt tolerance

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Characterization of allergens from plants

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Characterization of alpha-difluoromethylornithine resistant Leishmania donovani and its susceptibility to other inhibitors of the polyamine biosynthetic pathway

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Characterization of amino acids in three genera of the subtribe Phaseolinae (Leguminosae-Phaseoleae)

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Characterization of an Arabidopsis thaliana cDNA homologue to animal poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase

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Characterization of an abundant, unique 1.7-kilobase bovine herpesvirus 4 (BHV-4) late RNA and mapping of a BHV-4 IE2 transactivator-binding site in its promoter-regulatory region

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Characterization of an agricultural microbasin in the semiarid central zone of the province of Cordoba (Argentina)

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Characterization of an anion transporter in the plasma membrane of barley roots

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Characterization of an avian adenovirus associated with inclusion body hepatitis in day-old turkeys

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Characterization of an extracellular cutinolytic enzyme from Botrytis cinerea and its role in the infection on strawberry

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Characterization of an extract from the leaves of Cissampelos sympodialis Eichl. on the spontaneous tone of isolated trachea

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Characterization of beef cattle breeds by virtue of their performances in the National Beef Cattle Performance and Progeny Testing Scheme

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Characterization of cDNA for mannose-binding lectin of peanut and expression in nodules and other plant tissues

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Characterization of carbohydrates in concentrates for dairy cows

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Characterization of chimeric turnip yellow mosaic virus genomes that are infectious in the absence of aminoacylation

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Characterization of chitin synthase from Botrytis cinerea

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Characterization of Chloroethylene Dehalogenation by Cell Extracts of Desulfomonile tiedjei and Its Relationship to Chlorobenzoate Dehalogenation

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Characterization of chronotropic and dysrhythmogenic effects of atropine in dogs with bradycardia

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Characterization of cis-prenyl transferase activity localised in a buoyant fraction of rubber particles from Ficus elastica latex

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Characterization of citrus honey by deuterium NMR

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Characterization of citrus tristeza virus subgenomic RNAs in infected tissue

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Characterization of class II A and B genes in a gynogenetic carp clone

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Characterization of clones of Malpighia glabra L. by means of the peroxidase-esterase isoenzyme systems

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Characterization of common cis-regulatory elements responsible for the endosperm-specific expression of members of the rice glutelin multigene family

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Characterization of conifer seed cone polysaccharides and lignin

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Characterization of conjugated diene fatty acids in milk, dairy products, and lamb tissues

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Characterization of coriander genotypes with resistance to Pseudomonas syringae pv. coriandricola

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Characterization of crack propagation in particleboard

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Characterization of cspB, a cold-shock-inducible gene from Lactococcus lactis, and evidence for a family of genes homologous to the Escherichia coli cspA major cold shock gene

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Characterization of mRNA expression of prostaglandin F2 alpha receptor in the bovine corpora lutea

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Characterization of subpopulations (clones and subclones) of the 21 SF strain of Trypanosoma cruzi after long lasting maintenance in the laboratory

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Characterization of sucrose phosphate synthase, sucrose synthase and invertase in roots of two nearly isogenic carrot lines that differ in their capacity to accumulate sucrose

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Characterization of tannin acylhydrolase activity in the ruminal bacterium Selenomonas ruminantium

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Characterization of tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus L.) cultivated in Poland

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Characterization of temperature and precipitation fields over Sardinia with principal component analysis and singular spectrum analysis

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Characterization of the alpha -ketoglutarate dehydrogenase complex from Fasciola hepatica: potential implications for the role of calcium in the regulation of helminth mitochondrial metabolism