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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2785

Chapter 2785 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Swearingen, Michel; Headrick, David; Bellows, Tom, 1997: Comparison of fixation and drying procedures for scanning electron microscopy among insect body types

Biblis, E. J., 1996: Comparison of flexural and shear properties of southern pine LVL and lumber from young plantation and natural stands

Osborn, T. C.; Kole, C.; Parkin, I. A. P.; Sharpe, A. G.; Kuiper, M.; Lydiate, D. J.; Trick, M., 1997: Comparison of flowering time genes in Brassica rapa, B. napus and Arabidopsis thaliana

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784003

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784004

Green, M. J.; Green, L. E.; Cripps, P. J., 1997: Comparison of fluid and flunixin meglumine therapy in combination and individually in the treatment of toxic mastitis

Conteas, C.; Donovan, J.; Berlin, O. G. W.; Sowerby, T. M.; Riviere, M. la, 1997: Comparison of fluorescence and standard light microscopy for diagnosis of microsporidia in stools of patients with AIDS and chronic diarrhoea

Warren, Donna P.; Henson, Harold A.; Chan, Jarvis T., 1996: Comparison of fluoride content in caffeinated, decaffeinated and instant coffee

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784008

Obradovic, S.; Kabic, D.; Curcic, R.; Radivojevic, S.; Milic, M.; Karadzic, V.; Grbic, J.; Dosenovic, I., 1997: Comparison of fluorometric and blue number methods for the determination of alpha -amino nitrogen in aluminium sulfate filtrates from sugar beet

Clapp, David F.; Wahl, David H., 1996: Comparison of food consumption, growth, and metabolism among muskellunge: an investigation of population differentiation

Baras, E.; Melard, C.; Grignard, J. C.; Thoreau, X., 1996: Comparison of food conversion by pirapatinga Piaractus brachypomus under different feeding times

Wu TianXing; Peng DaHui; Yang ShiXing, 1995: Comparison of forage nutrient content in samples obtained from an oesophageal fistula or by hand

Van-Tassell, Lw; Torrell, La; Rimbey, Nr; Bartlett, Et, 1997: Comparison of forage value on private and public grazing leases

Kulig, B.; Pisulewska, E.; Gawlik, Z., 1996: Comparison of foreign cultivars of crambe with a Polish cultivar Borowski for yield, chemical composition and fatty acid content

Stania, R.; Baumgart, O., 1996: Comparison of forest biotope mapping methods in Lower Saxony

Aparajita Datta; Goyal, S. P., 1996: Comparison of forest structure and use by the Indian giant squirrel (Ratufa indica) in two riverine forests of central India

Ostland, V. E.; Byrne, P. J.; Speare, D. J.; Thorburn, M. A.; Cook, A.; Morrison, D.; Ferguson, H. W., 1995: Comparison of formalin and chloramine-T for control of a mixed gill infection (bacterial gill disease and ichthyobodiasis) in rainbow trout

Ellis, M. D.; Baxendale, F. P., 1994: Comparison of formic acid sampling with other methods used to detect varroa mites (Varroa jacobsoni Oud.) and mite distribution within colonies in Nebraska

Hilfiker, J.; Malitius, O., 1995: Comparison of forms of farming : integrated production and bio-farming - economic alterations to conventional production

Wiant, Hv Jr; Patterson, Dw; Hassler, Cc; Wood, Gb; Rennie, Jc, 1996: Comparison of formulas for estimating volumes of butt logs of Appalachian hardwoods

Carrasco, E. A.; Uzal, F. A.; Nielsen, K., 1995: Comparison of four ELISA techniques in the evaluation of the serological response of heifers vaccinated with Brucella abortus Strain 19

Barrera, V.; Aguilar, C.; Canas, R.; Cubillos, G.; Camiruaga, M., 1995: Comparison of four alternative management systems of milk production for small producers in the Carchi-Ecuador zone. Simulation model (experimentation)

Starliper, Clifford E., 1996: Comparison of four cell diluents to determine viable counts of Renibacterium salmoninarum

Juana Perez, M., 1995: Comparison of four extraction methods for available P in soils treated with P sources of different solubilities

Fitzgerald, Scott D.; Richard, Amy, 1995: Comparison of four fixatives for routine splenic histology and immunohistochemical staining for group II avian adenovirus

Backus, G. B. C.; Vermeer, H. M.; Roelofs, P. F. M. M.; Vesseur, P. C.; Adams, J. H. A. N.; Binnendijk, G. P.; Smeets, J. J. J.; Peet Schwering, C. M. C. van der; Wilt, F. J. van der, 1997: Comparison of four housing systems for non-lactating sows

Aguilar Ramirez, M., 1991: Comparison of four mathematical models of forest growth

Bedwell, C. L.; Hamar, D. W.; Hoesterey, M. L.; Sonderman, J. P.; Odde, K. G., 1995: Comparison of four methods for forage nitrate analysis

Scott, I.; Stear, M. J.; Mckellar, Q. A., 1995: Comparison of four methods for the determination of plasma pepsinogen concentration

Zamora, Justo; Riedemann, Stella; Cabezas, Ximena; Vega, Susana, 1995: Comparison of four microscopic techniques for the diagnosis of leptospirosis in wild rodents in the rural area of Valdivia, Chile

Spooner, D. M.; Tivang, J.; Nienhuis, J.; Miller, J. T.; Douches, D. S.; Contreras, M. A., 1996: Comparison of four molecular markers in measuring relationships among the wild potato relatives Solanum section Etuberosum (subgenus Potatoe)

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784033

Schito, Marco L.; Barta, John R.; Chobotar, Bill, 1996: Comparison of four murine Eimeria species in immunocompetent and immunodeficient mice

Hopkirk, G.; Maindonald, J. H.; White, A. , 1996: Comparison of four new devices for measuring kiwifruit firmness

Belant, Jerrold L.; Ickes, Sheri K.; Tyson, L. A.; Seamans, T. W., 1997: Comparison of four particulate substances as wildlife feeding repellents

Matthews, C. G.; Milne, K. S.; Forster, R. L. S.; Neilson, H. F., 1996: Comparison of four potyvirus isolates infecting aroid species

Schalch, B.; Eisgruber, H.; Geppert, P.; Stolle, A., 1996: Comparison of four routine procedures for the confirmation of Clostridium perfringens from food

Bradley, W. A.; O' Hara, A. J., 1996: Comparison of four soft tissue core biopsy devices in canine liver and kidney biopsies

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784040

Sun, O. J.; Sweet, G. B., 1996: Comparison of frost tolerance of Nothofagus solandri var. cliffortioides (Hook.f.) Poole and Nothofagus menziesii (Hook.f.) Oerst

Ben Chekroun, M.; Amzile, J.; Mokhtari, A.; El Haloui, N. E.; Prevost, J.; Fontanillas, R., 1996: Comparison of fructose production by 37 cultivars of Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.)

Eta, M.; Tavoosi, M.; Hatami, A., 1994: Comparison of fruit and oil yields of some olive varieties in Khuzestan

Bryan, Gt; Daniels, Mj; Osbourn, Ae, 1995: Comparison of fungi within the Gaeumannomyces-Phialophora complex by analysis of ribosomal DNA sequences

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784046

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784047

Yamasaki, Kanji; Suematsu, Hiroaki; Takahashi, Takeshi, 1996: Comparison of gastric and duodenal lesions in dogs and cats with and without lymphocytic-plasmacytic enteritis

Yu Bi; Tsen HauYang, 1996: Comparison of gel chromatography for beta -galactosidase and beta -glucosidase in the intestine of domestic rabbits at different growing stages

Sayal, Obaid Ullah; Sulemani, Mohammad Zubair, 1996: Comparison of gene action controlling the qualitative traits in some early maturing cultivars of American cotton Gossypium hirsutum L

Antonio, B. A.; Inoue, T.; Kajiya, H.; Nagamura, Y.; Kurata, N.; Minobe, Y.; Yano, M.; Nakagahra, M.; Sasaki, T., 1996: Comparison of genetic distance and order of DNA markers in five populations of rice

Ey, Peter L.; Bruderer, Thomas; Wehrli, Claudia; Koehler, Peter, 1996: Comparison of genetic groups determined by molecular and immunological analyses of Giardia isolated from animals and humans in Switzerland and Australia

Kloting, I.; Voigt, B.; Kovacs, P., 1997: Comparison of genetic variability at microsatellite loci in wild rats and inbred rat strains (Rattus norvegicus)

Shapcott, A.; Playford, J., 1996: Comparison of genetic variability in remnant and wide-spread rainforest understorey species of Austromyrtus (Myrtaceae)

Loiselle, Bette A.; Sork, Victoria L.; Graham, Catherine, 1995: Comparison of genetic variation in bird-dispersed shrubs of a tropical wet forest

Cui Zhizhong; Duan Yuyou; Wang Yongkun; Zhu Guoqiang, 1995: Comparison of genomes of Chinese and German strains of rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784059

Shimodate, Y.; Koh, H.; Ishihara, H.; Matsuki, A., 1995: Comparison of glucose and sucrose as an indicator for dilution volumetry in haemorrhagic shock

Dao, Lan; Friedman, Mendel, 1996: Comparison of glycoalkaloid content of fresh and freeze-dried potato leaves determined by HPLC and colorimetry

Zeng, S. S., 1996: Comparison of goat milk standards with cow milk standards for analyses of somatic cell count, fat and protein in goat milk

Jordan, D. L.; Griffin, J. L.; Vidrine, P. R., 1996: Comparison of grass herbicides applied at equivalent costs in soybean

Yamada, A.; Dohi, H., 1996: Comparison of grazing behaviour and distance walked of Japanese Black and Holstein steers under intensive grazing

Crespo, G.; Fraga, S., 1997: Comparison of green fertilizers for forage maize production (Zea mays) in a ferrasol soil

Huk, T.; Kratz, R., 1995: Comparison of ground beetle communities of fen areas of northern Germany

Lane, Helen W.; Gretebeck, Randall J.; Schoeller, Dale A.; Davis Street, Janis; Socki, Richard A.; Gibson, Everett K., 1997: Comparison of ground-based and space flight energy expenditure and water turnover in middle-aged healthy male US astronauts

Gimeno, F.; Perdiguer, A., 1995: Comparison of groups of chemical insecticides against pests which affect the production of forage lucerne

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784069

Shirtliffe, S. J.; Vessey, J. K.; Buttery, B. R.; Park, S. J., 1996: Comparison of growth and N accumulation of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cv. OAC Rico and its two nodulation mutants, R69 and R99

Sanjeev Kumar; Harpreet Singh; Deepak Sharma, 1995: Comparison of growth and conformation traits in three varieties of guinea fowl

Baydar, H.; Yuce, S., 1996: Comparison of growth and development, dry matter accumulation and quality characteristics of spring and winter rape (Brassica napus L.) cultivars sown in the winter

Feki, S.; Baselga, M.; Blas, E.; Cervera, C.; Gomez, E. A., 1996: Comparison of growth and feed efficiency among rabbit lines selected for different objectives

Khanna, P. K., 1997: Comparison of growth and nutrition of young monocultures and mixed stands of Eucalyptus globulus and Acacia mearnsii

Ikeda, Jun Ichi; Nakamura, Toshiki, 1996: Comparison of growth and oxygen uptake rate of detached roots under hypoxia between rice and wheat

Kim JeamKuk; Hong JeaSeong; Kim SeongBong; Yun CheonJong; Song GiCheol, 1996: Comparison of growth characteristics by different productivity in Fuji apple trees grafted on M26

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784077

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784079

Fushimizu, K.; Hirao, K.; Saitou, K.; Kubota, F.; Agata, W., 1997: Comparison of growth perennation between African-grown rice genotypes Oryza sativa L. and Oryza glaberrima Steud

Officer, D. I.; Batterham, E. S.; Farrell, D. J., 1997: Comparison of growth performance and nutrient retention of weaner pigs given diets based on casein, free amino acids or conventional proteins

Kaoma, C.; Blaha, J.; Skarkova, L., 1995: Comparison of growth performance of different types of broilers in Zambia and the Czech Republic

Kohmura, H.; Ito, T.; Shigemoto, N.; Imoto, M.; Yoshikawa, H., 1996: Comparison of growth, yield, and flowering characteristics between micropropagated asparagus clones derived by somatic embryogenesis and seed-propagated progenies

Wang QiuChan; Ren AnHua; Zhang Xuan; Xu ZhenLing, 1994: Comparison of haematological parameters of Bactrian camel, cattle and horses

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784087

Worley, J. W.; Cundiff, J. S., 1996: Comparison of harvesting and transport issues when biomass crops are handled as hay vs silage

Kastanas, P.; Lewis, M. J.; Grandison, A. S., 1996: Comparison of heat exchanger performance for goat and cow milk

Vigh, P.; Mastala, Z.; Balogh, K. V., 1996: Comparison of heavy metal concentration of grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella Cuv. et. Val.) in a shallow eutrophic lake and a fish pond (possible effects of food contamination)

Gambus, F.; Gorlach, E.; Grabowski, M.; Wieczorek, J., 1996: Comparison of heavy metals content in sludges from various sewage treatment plants in the Cracow Province

Hrubec, Terry C.; Smith, Stephen A.; Robertson, John L.; Feldman, Bernard; Veit, Hugo P.; Libey, George; Tinker, Mary Kay, 1996: Comparison of hematologic reference intervals between culture system and type of hybrid striped bass

Masson, P.; Langar, K.; Anthelme, B., 1993: Comparison of herbage production of various cultivars and local ecotypes from southern France of Trifolium subterraneum L

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784094

Birge, Z. K.; Weller, S. C.; Daniels, D. D., 1996: Comparison of herbicides, plastic mulch and cover crops for weed control in pumpkins

Lechner Doll, M.; Hume, I. D.; Hofmann, R. R., 1995: Comparison of herbivore forage selection and digestion

Riley, C. B.; Cruz, A. M.; Bailey, J. V.; Barber, S. M.; Fretz, P. B., 1996: Comparison of herniorrhaphy versus clamping of umbilical hernias in horses: a retrospective study of 93 cases (1982-1994)

Hu BaoCheng; Chen FengXiang; Li Cheng; Li QiangSheng, 1996: Comparison of heterosis between cytoplasmic male sterile three-way cross and single cross hybrids in rape (Brassica napus L.)

Pacakova, V.; Stulik, K.; Hau, Pham Thi; Jelinek, I.; Vins, I.; Sykora, D., 1995: Comparison of high-performance liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis for the determination of some bee venom components

Ruusunen, M.; Puolanne, E., 1997: Comparison of histochemical properties of different pig breeds

Otter, A.; Jeffrey, M.; Scholes, S. F. E.; Helmick, B.; Wilesmith, J. W.; Trees, A. J., 1997: Comparison of histology with maternal and fetal serology for the diagnosis of abortion due to bovine neosporosis

Kindler, S. D.; Hammon, R. W., 1996: Comparison of host suitability of western wheat aphid with the Russian wheat aphid

Hessing, Martin; Bleeker, Henriette; Tsuji, Hideaki; Ogawa, Tadashi; Vlooswijk, Riek A. A., 1996: Comparison of human IgE-binding soya bean allergenic protein Gly m I with the antigenicity profiles of calf anti-soya protein sera

Sene, M.; Bremond, P.; Herve, J. P.; Southgate, V. R.; Sellin, B.; Marchand, B.; Duplantier, J. M., 1997: Comparison of human and murine isolates of Schistosoma mansoni from Richard-Toll, Senegal, by isoelectric focusing

Mora Gutierrez, A.; Farrell, H. M, Jr; Kumosinski, T. F., 1996: Comparison of hydration behavior of bovine and caprine caseins as determined by oxygen-17 nuclear magnetic resonance: pH/pD dependence

Ribolzi, O; Valles, V; Bariac, T., 1996: Comparison of hydrograph deconvolutions using residual alkalinity, chloride, and oxygen 18 as hydrochemical tracers

Osvald, J.; Petrovic, N., 1997: Comparison of hydroponic and soil cultivation of chosen Solanaceae varieties in protected, non - heated areas

Velikanov, L. L.; Cukhonosenko, E. Yu; Nikolaeva, S. I.; Zavelishko, I. A., 1994: Comparison of hyperparasitic and antibiotic activity of the genus Trichoderma Pers.: Fr. and Gliocladium virens Miller, Giddens et Foster isolates towards the pathogens causing root rot of pea

Grey, T. L.; Wehtje, G. R.; Walker, R. H.; Paudel, K. P., 1995: Comparison of imazethapyr and paraquat-based weed control systems in peanut (Arachis hypogaea)

Matsumura, N.; Aiba, S.; Tanaka, M.; Aoyama, H.; Tabata, N.; Tamura, G.; Tagami, H., 1997: Comparison of immune reactivity profiles against various environmental allergens between adult patients with atopic dermatitis and patients with allergic respiratory diseases

Stevens, Mg; Olsen, Sc; Pugh, Gw Jr; Brees, D., 1995: Comparison of immune responses and resistance to brucellosis in mice vaccinated with Brucella abortus 19 or RB51

Roos, A. H.; Kamp, H. J. van der; Marley, E. C., 1997: Comparison of immunoaffinity columns with Florisil/C18 columns for the determination of aflatoxins in animal feed and maize

Sinha, R. C.; Savard, M. E., 1996: Comparison of immunoassay and gas chromatography methods for the detection of the mycotoxin deoxynivalenol in grain samples

Sylos, C. M. de; Rodriguez Amaya, D.; Pinto, C. A. P. A., 1996: Comparison of immunoassay and minicolumn chromatography for the screening of aflatoxins in groundnut and maize

D'harcourt, S. Cruchaga; Buno Soto, A.; Cascante Burgos, V.; Lozano Calero, D.; Martinez Zapico, R., 1996: Comparison of immunofluorescence with enzyme immunoassay for detection of Q fever

Rennels, Margaret B.; Wasserman, Steven S.; Glass, Roger I.; Keane, Virginia A., 1995: Comparison of immunogenicity and efficacy of rhesus rotavirus reassortant vaccines in breastfed and nonbreastfed children

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784118

Greppi, G. F.; Liponi, G. B.; Nola, R.; Pasquale, A. M. di; Pasquini, M., 1995: Comparison of in situ rumen degradation of NDF and ADF by sheep and goats

Budai, P.; Somlyay, I. M.; Varnagy, L. E.; Varga, T., 1995: Comparison of in vitro (HET-CAM) and in vivo (Draize) irritation tests using different pesticides

Pizzorno, C.; Kraft, G.; Kohn, C.; Siemens, J.; Sacristan, M. D., 1996: Comparison of in vitro and in planta transformation of different Arabidopsis thaliana lines

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784122

Lebech, Am; Clemmensen, O; Hansen, K., 1995: Comparison of in vitro culture, immunohistochemical staining, and PCR for detection of Borrelia burgdorferi in tissue from experimentally infected animals

Koo, D. B.; Kim, N.H.; Lim, J. G.; Lee, S. M.; Lee, H. T.; Chung, K. S., 1997: Comparison of in vitro development and gene expression of in vivo- and IVM/IVF-derived porcine embryos after microinjection of foreign DNA

Coomber, Brenda L.; Galligan, Carole L.; Gentry, Patricia A., 1997: Comparison of in vitro function of neutrophils from cattle deficient in plasma factor XI activity and from normal animals

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784126

Morales Ramos, J. A.; Rojas, M. G.; Coleman, R. J.; Greenberg, S. M.; Summy, K. R.; King, E. G., 1996: Comparison of in vivo versus in vitro-reared Catolaccus grandis in the field

Iyamuya, E.; Bredberg Raden, U.; Albert, J.; Grankvist, O.; Msangi, V.; Kagoma, C.; Mhalu, F.; Biberfield, G., 1997: Comparison of in-house and commercial sample preparation and PCR amplification systems for detection of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 DNA in blood samples from Tanzanian adults

Jeyaruban, Mg; Gibson, Jp; Gowe, Rs, 1995: Comparison of index selection and best linear unbiased prediction for simulated layer poultry data

An, Chang Nam; Baek, Luck Ju; Woo, Gyu Jkin; Kim, Tae Yeon; Shin, Kwang Soon; Kim, Chul Joong, 1996: Comparison of indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and indirect immunofluorescent antibody test using Rickettsia tsutsugamushi antigen from chicken yolk sacs cultures in diagnosis of scrub typhus

Reddy, G. G. B.; Mishra, A. K.; Rao, J. R.; Tewari, A. K., 1997: Comparison of indirect immunofluorescence (IIF) and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) in detecting Babesia bigemina infection in cattle

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784132

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784133

Scott, T. A.; Boldaji, F., 1997: Comparison of inert markers (chromic oxide or insoluble ash (Celite trade mark )) for determining apparent metabolizable energy of wheat- or barley-based broiler diets with or without enzymes

Peavey, Chindi A.; Lane, Robert S., 1996: Comparison of infectivities of six tick-derived isolates of Borrelia burgdorferi for rodents and ticks

Horie, H.; Goto, T.; Kohata, K., 1996: Comparison of inhibitory activity of angiotensin I-converting enzyme among various kinds of tea

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784137

Parker, R. D., 1996: Comparison of insecticides for control of fleahoppers on Texas coastal bend cotton

Ma, Q. L.; Ahuja, L. R.; Wauchope, R. D.; Benjamin, J. G.; Burgoa, B., 1996: Comparison of instantaneous equilibrium and equilibrium-kinetic sorption models for simulating simultaneous leaching and runoff of pesticides

Skrha, J.; Sindelka, G.; Haas, T.; Hilgertova, J.; Justova, V., 1996: Comparison of insulin sensitivity in patients with insulinoma and obese type 2 diabetes mellitus

Lee InDuk; Lee HyungSuk; Lee JoongHae, 1996: Comparison of intake, digestibility, and utilization of nitrogen by goats consuming high and low tannin forage sources

Grauslund, J.; Bertelsen, M., 1996: Comparison of integrated and conventional production of apples

Kongkeo, H., 1997: Comparison of intensive shrimp farming systems in Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand

Paschold, P. J.; Hermann, G.; Artelt, B., 1996: Comparison of international asparagus cultivars under Rhine-Valley conditions in Germany

Maesako, Makoto; Sano, Yoshio; Inouye, Jun, 1995: Comparison of internodal elongation between Asian deepwater rice and its wild relatives

Acevedo, D. C.; Velez, O. P.; Figueroa, F. R., 1996: Comparison of interpolation methods for edaphic water variables

Keeling, J. Wayne; Matches, Arthur G.; Brown, C. Philip; Karnezos, T. Peter, 1996: Comparison of interseeded legumes and small grains for cover crop establishment in cotton

Link, W.; Schill, B.; Barbera, A. C.; Cubero, J. I.; Filippetti, A.; Stringi, L.; Kittlitz, E. von; Melchinger, A. E., 1996: Comparison of intra- and inter-pool crosses in faba beans (Vicia faba L.). I. Hybrid performance and heterosis in Mediterranean and German environments

Day, Thomas K.; Pepper, William T.; Tobias, Todd A.; Flynn, Michael F.; Clarke, Kevin M., 1995: Comparison of intra-articular and epidural morphine for analgesia following stifle arthrotomy in dogs

Bunde, C. J. W.; Williams, S. J.; Smith, L. H, Jr; Hauck, P.; Schick, R. O.; Schick, M.; Smith, T., 1997: Comparison of intradermal skin testing and a new ELISA for specific IgE

Mbiuki, S. M.; Mogoa, E. G. M., 1994: Comparison of intramuscular and intravenous injection of xylazine-ketamine mixture in donkeys with and without atropine premedication

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784153

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784154

Atlegrim, Ola; Sjoberg, Kjell, 1996: Comparison of invertebrate abundance and biomass between a clear-cut stand and four stands under tree cover in Swedish boreal coniferous forests

Chen, Jyh Ping; Lee, Jeng Jyi; Liu, Hwai Shen, 1997: Comparison of isoamylase immobilization to insoluble and temperature-sensitive reversibly soluble carriers

Meng XiangYing; Lu Qi; Zhao Ying; Fu Li, 1996: Comparison of isoflavones in stem and root of Pueraria lobata (Willd.) Ohwi

Greenwood, N. M.; Chalmers, W. S. K.; Baxendale, W.; Thompson, H., 1996: Comparison of isolates of canine parvovirus by monoclonal antibody and restriction enzyme analysis

Bracho, Jc; Rosado, A; Pino, Ja, 1996: Comparison of isolation methods for propolis volatiles

Hu, Weicheng; Wells, John Henry; Shin, Tai Sun; Godber, J. Samuel, 1996: Comparison of isopropanol and hexane for extraction of vitamin E and oryzanols from stabilized rice bran

Taupin, J. D., 1995: Comparison of isotopic (18O and superscript 2H) and chemical (Cl-) methods to calculate the dry season evaporation rate of near surface groundwater in a Sahelian region, Niamey (Niger)

Staub, Jack E.; Box, Jodie; Meglic, Vladimir; Horejsi, Thomas F.; Mccreight, J. D., 1997: Comparison of isozyme and random amplified polymorphic DNA data for determining intraspecific variation in Cucumis

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784163

Liu HuiJi; Wang Hua; Zhou YiPing; Yi JinXin; Lin XueJun; Zhang MeiJun, 1995: Comparison of karyotype and C-banding pattern between two autotetraploids and two diploids Chinese cabbage varieties

Ding XiaoDong; Yan LiBo; Han Fang, 1994: Comparison of karyotypes of Ribes grossularia, R. nigrum and their hybrid

Russin, J. S.; Guo, B. Z.; Tubajika, K. M.; Brown, R. L.; Cleveland, T. E.; Widstrom, N. W., 1997: Comparison of kernel wax from corn genotypes resistant or susceptible to Aspergillus flavus

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784167

Valde, J. P.; Hird, D. W.; Thurmond, M. C.; Osteras, O., 1997: Comparison of ketosis, clinical mastitis, somatic cell count, and reproductive performance between free stall and tie stall barns in Norwegian dairy herds with automatic feeding

Griffiths, S. G.; Liska, K.; Lynch, W. H., 1996: Comparison of kidney tissue and ovarian fluid from broodstock Atlantic salmon for detection of Renibacterium salmoninarum, and use of SKDM broth culture with Western blotting to increase detection in ovarian fluid

Abro, G. H., 1997: Comparison of knapsack, rotary atomiser and electrodynamic spraying for the control of pests in different crops

Gotway, Carol A.; Ferguson, Richard B.; Hergert, Gary W.; Peterson, Todd A., 1996: Comparison of kriging and inverse-distance methods for mapping soil parameters

Ohshita, T.; Kyuma, T.; Kondo, T., 1995: Comparison of labeling methods of rare earth elements for estimating passage rates in wethers fed roughages

Mielke, M. S.; Hoffmann, A.; Endres, L.; Fachinello, J. C., 1995: Comparison of laboratory and field methods for estimating leaf area in wild fruit species

Mas, J. F.; Ramirez, I., 1996: Comparison of land use classifications obtained by visual interpretation and digital processing

Schnitzler, A., 1996: Comparison of landscape diversity in forests of the upper Rhine and the middle Loire floodplains (France)

Hosig, Kathryn B.; Shinnick, Fred L.; Johnson, Michelle D.; Story, Jon A.; Marlett, Judith A., 1996: Comparison of large bowel function and calcium balance during soft wheat bran and oat bran consumption

Weissbach, M.; Winter, K., 1996: Comparison of large wheeled and crawler tractors

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784179

Dhopte, A. M.; Warghane, G. S.; Rahangdale, S. L., 1995: Comparison of leaf area constants based on dry weight & length & breadth measurements in guava (Psidium guajava L.)

Rowe, Jacquelyn M.; Meegan, Sean K.; Engstrom, Erik S.; Perry, Sue A.; Perry, William B., 1996: Comparison of leaf processing rates under different temperature regimes in three headwater streams

Dai JingWei; Paull, R. E., 1997: Comparison of leaf susceptibility to enzymatic blackening in Protea neriifolia R. Br. and Leucospermum 'Rachel'

Perez, C. J.; Tang, J. D.; Shelton, A. M., 1997: Comparison of leaf-dip and diet bioassays for monitoring Bacillus thuringiensis resistance in field populations of diamondback moth (Lepidoptera: Plutellidae)

Diehm, C.; Trampisch, H. J.; Lange, S.; Schmidt, C., 1996: Comparison of leg compression stocking and oral horse-chestnut seed extract therapy in patients with chronic venous insufficiency

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784185

Hossain, S. A.; Strong, W. M.; Waring, S. A.; Dalal, R. C.; Weston, E. J., 1996: Comparison of legume-based cropping systems at Warra, Queensland. II. Mineral nitrogen accumulation and availability to the subsequent wheat crop

Subbarao, K. V.; Hubbard, J. C.; Schulbach, K. F., 1997: Comparison of lettuce diseases and yield under subsurface drip and furrow irrigation

Loomans, A. J. M.; Murai, T., 1994: Comparison of life-histories of different colour-types of Ceranisus menes (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae), parasitoid of Frankliniella occidentalis (Thysanoptera: Thripidae)

Vazquez Yanes, C.; Rojas Arechiga, M.; Sanchez Coronado, M. E.; Orozco Segovia, A., 1996: Comparison of light-regulated seed germination in Ficus spp. and Cecropia obtusifolia: ecological implications

Stanford, K.; Mcallister, T. A.; Xu, Z.; Pickard, M.; Cheng, K.J., 1995: Comparison of lignosulfonate-treated canola meal and soybean meal as rumen undegradable protein supplements for lambs

Calhoun, D. S.; Wallace, T. P.; Anthony, W. S.; Barfield, M. E., 1996: Comparison of lint fraction and fiber quality data from hand- vs machine-harvested samples in cotton yield trials

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784192

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Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784822

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Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784830

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Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784832

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Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784835

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Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784860

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Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784862

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Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784865

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Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784874

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Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784882

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Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784888

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Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784904

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Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784906

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784907

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Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784910

Hart, Stephen E.; Wax, Loyd M.; Hager, Aaron G., 1997: Comparison of total postemergence weed control programs in soybean

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Lautraite, S.; Parent Massin, D.; Rio, B.; Hoellinger, H., 1995: Comparison of toxicity induced by T-2 toxin on human and rat granulo-monocytic progenitors with an in vitro model

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Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784921

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Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784928

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Taguchi Shiobara, F.; Komatsuda, T.; Oka, S., 1997: Comparison of two indices for evaluating regeneration ability in rice (Oryza sativa L.) through a diallel analysis

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Marcelino, L.; Quintero, J. A., 1995: Comparison of two levels of management with and without application of fungicides for the cultivation of plantain AAB

Birlouez Aragon, Ines; Girard, Francoise; Ravelontseheno, Landy; Bourgeois, Claude; Belliot, Jean Pierre; Abitbol, Gabriel, 1995: Comparison of two levels of vitamin C supplementation on antioxidant vitamin status in elderly institutionalized subjects

Vajta, G.; Holm, P.; Greve, T.; Callesen, H., 1997: Comparison of two manipulation methods to produce in vitro fertilized, biopsied and vitrified bovine embryos

Sinha, Katharine A.; Keen, Jane K.; Ogun, Solabomi A.; Holder, Anthony A., 1996: Comparison of two members of a multigene family coding for high-molecular mass rhoptry proteins of Plasmodium yoelii

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Alonso, O.; Rojas, X.; Cherwonogrodzky, J., 1995: Comparison of two methods for O-Chain polysaccharide extraction from Brucella abortus 1119-3

Nieminski, Eva C.; Schaeferi, Frank W. II.; Ongerth, Jerry E., 1995: Comparison of two methods for detection of Giardia cysts and Cryptosporidium oocysts in water

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784949

Fernandez Alvarez, F.; Rodriguez Acosta, A.; Perdomo Morales, A., 1996: Comparison of two methods for determining starch in raw sugar

Franco, S. S. H.; Arthur, V.; Wiendl, F. M., 1995: Comparison of two methods for determining the sterilizing dose of gamma radiation of cobalt-60 for Sitophilus oryzae (L., 1763) (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) on rice

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Pombo, L. A. C., 1996: Comparison of two methods for evaluating soil cadmium availability to plants

Bhumbla, D. K.; Dhaliwal, S. S.; Saini, P.; Singh, R. N., 1996: Comparison of two methods for predicting trace elements from fly ash on acid mine spoils

Bhumbla, D. K.; Dhaliwal, S. S.; Saini, P.; Singh, R. N., 1997: Comparison of two methods for predicting trace elements from fly ash on acid mine spoils

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Masoero, F.; Rossi, F.; Bensi, G., 1995: Comparison of two methods for the evaluation of rumen bacterial biomass production

Hurtalova, T.; Novak, V.; Matejka, F.; Sutor, J., 1996: Comparison of two methods of evapotranspiration calculation

Krajcic, D., 1996: Comparison of two methods of forest assessment

Correa, R. S.; Melo Filho, B. de, 1996: Comparison of two methods of plant establishment in degraded soil

Perrin Ganier, C.; Portal, J. M.; Benoit, M.; Schiavon, M., 1996: Comparison of two methods of studying field leaching of isoproturon

Bizani, M.; Koletsos, K.; Matamis, D.; Lagonidis, D.; Gerogianni, N.; Botsios, D.; Riggos, D., 1995: Comparison of two methods, the thermodilution method of Fick and the Douglas bag method, in estimating the resting energy expenditure (REE)

Choudhury, B. J., 1996: Comparison of two models relating precipitable water to surface humidity using globally distributed radiosonde data over land surfaces

Haynes, A. R.; Coile, N. C.; Schubert, T. S., 1996: Comparison of two parasitic vines: dodder (Cuscuta) and woe vine (Cassytha)

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Alberghina, O., 1996: Comparison of two pistachio rootstocks

Gibson, Karen L.; Donald, Alan W.; Hariharan, Harihar; Mccarville, Carole, 1997: Comparison of two pre-surgical skin preparation techniques

Kommisrud, E.; Graffer, T.; Steine, T., 1996: Comparison of two processing systems for bull semen with regard to post-thaw motility and nonreturn rates

Dyduch, J., 1995: Comparison of two production methods for celery stecklings

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Bouma, A.; De Jong, M. C. M.; Kimman, T. G., 1997: Comparison of two pseudorabies virus vaccines, that differ in capacity to reduce virus excretion after a challenge infection, in their capacity of reducing transmission of pseudorabies virus

Frahm, E.; Obst, U., 1995: Comparison of two rapid tests for the detection of Legionellaceae in water: a microbiological-immunological method and a commercial gene-probe testkit

Goepp, Julius G.; Katz, Scott; Cuervo, Elizabeth; Reid, Raymond; Moran, J. Roberto; Santosham, Mathuram, 1997: Comparison of two regimens of feeding and oral electrolyte solutions in infants with diarrhea

Mathiasen, Robert L.; Hoffman, James T.; Guyon, John C.; Wadleigh, Linda L., 1996: Comparison of two roadside survey procedures for dwarf mistletoes on the Sawtooth National Forest, Idaho

Sharma, Amar N., 1996: Comparison of two screening procedures and classification of soybean genotypes into insect-resistant groups

Marin, C. M.; Jimenez de Bagues, M. P.; Barberan, M.; Blasco, J. M., 1996: Comparison of two selective media for the isolation of Brucella melitensis from naturally infected sheep and goats

Arienti, H. M.; Guignard, S. I.; Rinaldi, D. E.; Elbarcha, O. C., 1996: Comparison of two serological methods for the diagnosis of hydatidosis

Vitali, G.; Testi, L.; Pisa, P. R., 1995: Comparison of two simulation models for the analysis of soil water conditions for peach irrigation

Hopper, Douglas A.; Hammer, P. Allen; Wilson, James R., 1996: Comparison of two simulation-based methods for modeling plant growth

Liikala, Terry L.; Evans, John C., 1997: Comparison of two soil gas methods used during a field investigation

Rowe, J. D.; East, N. E., 1996: Comparison of two sources of gonadotropin for estrus synchronization in does

Fontana, F.; Cremaschi, D.; Vender, C.; Maestrini, C.; Natarelli, L., 1996: Comparison of two spring sowing dates for linseed (Linum usitatissimum L.) cultivars. Results of a two-year study

Casanova Cardiel, L. J.; Cedillo Rivera, R.; Garduno Rodriguez, G.; Munoz, O., 1996: Comparison of two staining methods in the detection of Pneumocystis carinii

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784988

Verma, M.; Singh, S.; Nain, C. K.; Ganguly, N. K.; Sharma, B. K., 1996: Comparison of two substrates in determination of plasma cholinesterase activity & genetic variability

Eggertsdottir, A. V.; Stigen, O.; Lonaas, L.; Kolbjornsen, O.; Moe, L., 1996: Comparison of two surgical treatments of gastric dilatation-volvulus in dogs

Kirpensteijn, J.; Maarschalkerweerd, R. J.; Koeman, J. P.; Kooistra, H. S.; Van Sluijs, F. J., 1997: Comparison of two suture materials for intradermal skin closure in dogs

Sharma, S. B.; Davies, K. G., 1996: Comparison of two sympatric Pasteuria populations isolated from a tropical vertisol soil

Kurten, Gerald, 1995: Comparison of two target phosphorus concentrations for fertilizing Florida largemouth bass spawning ponds

Baird, A. N.; Pugh, D. G.; Wenzel, J. G. W.; Lin, H. C., 1996: Comparison of two techniques for castration of llamas

Van Ham, Luc M. L.; Nijs, Jozef; Vanderstraeten, Guy G. W.; Mattheeuws, Daniel R. G., 1996: Comparison of two techniques of narcotic-induced anesthesia for use during recording of magnetic motor evoked potentials in dogs

Section 3, Chapter 2785, Accession 002784996

Lanford, B. L.; Stokes, B. J., 1996: Comparison of two thinning systems. Part 2. Productivity and costs

Marca, M. C.; Loste, A.; Verde, M. T.; Sanz, M. C.; Fernandez, A., 1996: Comparison of two thyroid stimulation tests for diagnosis of hypothyroidism in dogs

Goderya, Fs; Woldt, We; Dahab, Mf; Bogardi, I., 1996: Comparison of two transport models for predicting nitrates in percolating water

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