Construction and analysis of the life table for natural populations of the loblolly pine mealybug Oracella acuta

Tang Cai; Tian MingYi; Huang ShouShan; Pang XiongFei

Journal of South China Agricultural University 17(1): 31-36


ISSN/ISBN: 1001-411X
Accession: 002787310

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A survey of Oracella acuta in a pine [Pinus] forest in southern Guangdong Province, China, indicated that the trend index of the population dynamics (1-values) of the pest from overwintering crawler stage to crawler stage of the 1st generation and the 1st generation completing development were 5.70, 0.92, respectively. No parasitoids on the mealybug were observed and no suppressing effect of predators on the pest was evident. The exclusive index of population control (EIPC) was 1.26, i.e., the next population of the pest would increase 1.26 times if natural enemies were excluded. The total EIPC was 83.68.