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Construction and analysis of transgenic plants of Nicotiana tabacum L. expressing the bacterial gene for beta -1,3-glucanase. I. Construction of vector plasmids for transfer to plants and expression of the modified beta - 1,3-glucanase gene from Clostridium thermocellum in tobacco protoplasts

Darbinyan, N.S.; Popov, Y.G.; Mochul' skii, A.V.; Volkova, L.V.; Piruzyan, E.S.; Vasilevsko, V.T.

Genetika Moskva 32(2): 197-203


Accession: 002787311

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Plasmid vectors pC27-glc and pC29-glc allowing expression of the gene for beta -1,3-glucanase (glc) in plant cells were constructed. The gene glc was first cloned from the anaerobic thermophilous bacterium C. thermocellum. To increase the efficiency of expression, the N-terminal fragment of the gene encoding the bacterial transit peptide was deleted and hybrid variants of lacZ-glc were obtained.