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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2790

Chapter 2790 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Jenneus, B., 1997:
Control of weeds in spring oilseed plants

Salas, H.; Costilla, M.A., 1996:
Control of weevils in soyabean

Heungens, A., 1996:
Control of western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis) with methamidophos treated pseudo-hydroponically on Cissus and Rhoicissus cultivars

Vestergaard, S.; Gillespie, A.T.; Eilenberg, J., 1996:
Control of western flower thrips Frankliniella occidentalis (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) in gerbera by incorporating the entomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium anisopliae into the growth medium

Houten, Y.M. van; Stratum, P. van, 1995:
Control of western flower thrips on sweet pepper in winter with Amblyseius cucumeris (Oudemans) and A. degenerans Berlese

Elliott, R.H.; Mann, L.W., 1997:
Control of wheat midge, Sitodiplosis mosellana (Gehin), at lower chemical rates with small-capacity sprayer nozzles

Jia TingXiang; W.G.iBen; Liu ChuanDe; Gong BenYi; L.S.aoMing, 1994:
Control of wheat rot diseases by seed dressing with triadimenol

Keller, S.; Schweizer, C.; Keller, E.; Brenner, H., 1997:
Control of white grubs (Melolontha melolontha) by treating adults with the fungus Beauveria brongniartii

Kushwaha, K.S., 1994:
Control of white grubs and termites in the Indian arid zone

Groot, P. de; Zylstra, B.F., 1996:
Control of white pine weevil in young plantations using a spring application of insecticides

Tran Van Canh, 1996:
Control of white root disease (Fomes) of Hevea

E.S.ehaby, A.I.; Radwan, I.A.; Moustafa, M.S.H.; Abd ElHalim, A.A., 1992:
Control of white rot disease of onion by fungicides

Berton, O.; Denardi, F., 1995:
Control of white rot in rooted apple rootstocks

Grolleau, G., 1997:
Control of wild rodents. Influence of pattern bait and rate of anticoagulant on secondary toxicity risk for a predator of rodents

Ben Yehuda, S.; Mendel, Z., 1997:
Control of wood-boring beetles (Capnodis spp. and Scolytus spp.) in deciduous orchards in Israel

Gordon, I.; Hayes, R., 1994:
Control of woody root systems using copper compounds

Andrade, D.E.G.T.; Silva, E.B.; Michereff, S.J.; Mariano, R.L.R.; Bettiol, W., 1995:
Control of yam leaf blight with Bacillus subtilis extracts and formulated cells

Czarnota, M.A.; Bingham, S.W., 1997:
Control of yellow and purple nutsedges (Cyperus esculentus and Cyperus rotundus) in turfgrass with MON-12051

Nazareno, N.R.X. de, 1995:
Control of yellow leaf spot (Phyllosticta sp.) of ginger with commercial fungicides

Broek, R.C.F.M. van den, 1996:
Control of yellow stalks of cauliflower

Cork, A.; Souza, K. de; Krishnaiah, K.; Kumar, D.V.S.S.R.; Reddy, A.A.; Casagrande, E., 1996:
Control of yellow stem borer, Scirpophaga incertulas (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) by mating disruption on rice in India: effect of unnatural pheromone blends and application time on efficacy

Blackshaw, R.P., 1996:
Control options for the New Zealand flatworm

Kloeze, J.W.T., 1996:
Control over leisure and leisure activities in dutch families: a theoretical framework for an empirical study

Pasqualini, E.; Antropoli, A.; Zecchini, G., 1996:
Control perspectives against grey aphid (Dysaphis plantaginea Pass., Rhynchota Aphididae) on apple: fourth contribution

Spirandeli Cruz, E.F.; Yassuda, C.R.W.; Jim, J.; Barraviera, B., 1995:
Control programme for an outbreak of scorpions Tityus serrulatus, Lutz & Mello 1922, in the municipality of Aparecida, Sao Paulo (Scorpiones, Buthidae)

Paice, M.E.R.; Miller, P.C.H.; Day, W., 1996:
Control requirements for spatially selective herbicide sprayers

Bjorlo, B.; Schoning, P., 1997:
Control results for agriculture 1997: achievements and undertakings towards pollution

Asjes, C.J.; Blom Barnhoorn, G.J.; Piron, P.G.M.; Harrewijn, P.; Oosten, A.M. van, 1996 :
Control review of air-borne tulip breaking virus and lily symptomless virus in Lilium in the Netherlands

Asjes, C.J., 1996:
Control situation of virus diseases in Narcissus in the Netherlands

Viret, O., 1996:
Control strategies against grapevine diseases

Viret, O., 1994:
Control strategies against the principal diseases of fruit trees

Russo, S., 1995:
Control strategies for 'crodo' rice

Barrett, J., 1997:
Control strategies for African trypanosomiases: their sustainability and effectiveness

Thwaite, G.; Herron, G., 1996:
Control strategies for aphids on stone fruit

Cuesta, G.V., 1996:
Control strategies for viruses transmitted by insects in horticultural crops

Moura, J.I.L.; Mariau, D.; Delabie, J.H.C., 1994:
Control strategy against Amerrhinus ynca Sahlb. 1823 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) leaf rachis borer in Brazil

Darby, N.D.; Obando, A., 1996:
Control studies with nuclear polyhedrosis virus on armyworm, bollworm and tobacco budworm in cotton - Mexico, 1995

Hikichi, Y.; Egami, H., 1995:
Control system for bacterial grain rot of rice with oxolinic acid and seed selection with salt solution

Srzednicki, G., 1996:
Control systems for aeration and drying of grain

Zundel, T.; Rentz, O.; Dorn, R.; Jattke, A.; Wietschel, M., 1995:
Control techniques and strategies for regional air pollution control from energy and industrial sectors

Birus, T., 1996:
Control technology today and in the year 2005

Bao LiFang; Chen XiuLong, 1996:
Control test on underground termites in forest

Peng, RK.; Christian, K.; Gibb, K., 1997:
Control threshold analysis for the tea mosquito bug, Helopeltis pernicialis (Hemiptera: Miridae) and preliminary results concerning the efficiency of control by the green ant, Oecophylla smaragdina (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in northern Australia

Cariddi, C.; Lops, R., 1996:
Control trials against Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc. on artichoke in Apulia

Pasini, M.; Tosi, L.; Galbero, G., 1997:
Control trials against adults of Metcalfa pruinosa (Say) with different active ingredients

Biase, L.M. de; Russo, L.F., 1996:
Control trials against citrus aphids in the Pignataro Maggiore area (Caserta)

Fiori, M.; Prota, V.A.; Carta, C.; Garau, R., 1996:
Control trials against powdery mildew on artichoke in 1994-95 in Sardinia

Casagrandi, M.; Santi, R.; Tattini, A., 1996:
Control trials against root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.) on sugarbeet plants for reproduction

Caruso, G.; Cicco, V. de; Curtis, F. de; Laccone, G., 1995:
Control trials against sugarbeet powdery mildew (Erysiphe betae) in Molise

Cariddi, C.; Casulli, F.; Lops, R., 1995:
Control trials against the agents of lettuce drop

Cobelli, L.; Scannavini, M.; Antoniacci, L.; Brunelli, A., 1995:
Control trials against tomato leaf mould in tunnels

Bettiol, W.; Migheli, Q.; Garibaldi, A., 1997:
Control, with organic matter, of cucumber damping-off caused by Pythium ultimum Trow

Wellburn, A.R.; Barnes, J.D.; Lucas, P.W.; McLeod, A.R.; Mansfield, T.A., 1997:
Controlled O3 exposures and field observations of O3 effects in the UK

Kaynas, K.; Ozelkok, S.; Surmeli, N.; Abak, K., 1995:
Controlled and modified atmosphere storage of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) fruits

Meberg, K.R.; Gronnerod, K.; Nystedt, J., 1996:
Controlled atmosphere (CA) storage of apple at the Norwegian Agricultural College

Hochhaus, K.H.; Wild, Y., 1994:
Controlled atmosphere in ship transport

Drake, S.R., 1997:
Controlled atmosphere of apples with pears

Sarananda, K.H.; Wijeratnam, R.S.W., 1994:
Controlled atmosphere storage of 'Embul' bananas

Izumi, H.; Watada, A.E.; Ko, N.P.; Douglas, W., 1996:
Controlled atmosphere storage of carrot slices, sticks and shreds

Shah, N.; Venkatesh, K.V., 1997:
Controlled atmosphere storage of food grains

Eccher Zerbini, P.; Testoni, A., 1993:
Controlled atmosphere storage of fruits and vegetables: recent advances and perspectives

Artes, F.; Gines Marin, J.; Martinez, J.A., 1996:
Controlled atmosphere storage of pomegranate

Testoni, A.; Eccher Zerbini, P., 1994:
Controlled atmosphere storage trials with kiwifruits, prickly pears and plums

Brigati, S.; Govoni, A.; Carlotti, C., 1996:
Controlled atmospheres: effect on hard core and quality of kiwifruit

Bazylinski, D.A.; Frankel, R.B.; Heywood, B.R.; Mann, S.; King, J.W.; Donaghay, P.I.; Hanson, A.K., 1995:
Controlled biomineralization of magnetite (Fe3O4) and Greigite (Fe3S4) in a magnetotactic bacterium

Pitts, C.S.; Jordan, D.R.; Cowx, I.G.; Jones, N.V., 1997:
Controlled breeding studies to verify the identity of roach and common bream hybrids from a natural population

MacMillan, K.L.; Vishwanath, R.; X.Z.nZhong, 1997:
Controlled breeding technologies

Melchior, J.; Palm, S.; Wikman, G., 1997:
Controlled clinical study of standardized Andrographis paniculata extract in common cold - a pilot trial

Zaidi, A.K.M.; Mirrett, S.; Mcdonald, J.C.; Rubin, E.E.; Mcdonald, L.C.ifford; Weinstein, M.P.; Gupta, M.; Reller, L.B.rth, 1997:
Controlled comparison of bioMerieux VITAL and BACTEC NR-660 systems for detection of bacteremia and fungemia in pediatric patients

Sesay, A.A.; Lasaridi, K.; Stentiford, E.; Budd, T., 1997:
Controlled composting of paper pulp sludge using the aerated static pile method

Mougel, E.; Beraldo, A.L.; Zoulalian, A., 1995:
Controlled dimensional variations of a wood-cement composite

Eysker, M.; Boersema, J.H.; Grinwis, G.C.M.; Kooyman, F.N.J.; Poot, J., 1997:
Controlled dose confirmation study of a 2% moxidectin equine gel against equine internal parasites in The Netherlands

Chevallier, C.; Turpaud, Y., 1996:
Controlled drainage and water quality in sodic soil

Kochev, K., 1995:
Controlled drainage system by hydroautomation

Jolly, P., 1997:
Controlled environment buildings: what choice is there?

Grad, K., 1996:
Controlled four-wheel drive. Results and experiences from field trials

Herrick, T.A.; Perry, L.P., 1995:
Controlled freezing of twenty-three container-grown herbaceous perennials

Douglas, R.A., 1997 :
Controlled full scale laboratory trafficking tests using central tire inflation technology

de Ruyter, P.G.; Kuipers, O.P.; de Vos, W.M., 1996:
Controlled gene expression systems for Lactococcus lactis with the food-grade inducer nisin

McKight, G.M., 1996:
Controlled grazing in woodlands: benefits for conservation and farmers

Vidrih, T.; Kotnik, T., 1995:
Controlled grazing of small ruminants as a tool for the sustainable management in Karst grassland

Grant, S.A.; Torvell, L.; Common, T.G.; Sim, E.M.; Small, J.L., 1996:
Controlled grazing studies on Molinia grassland: effects of different seasonal patterns and levels of defoliation on Molinia growth and responses of swards to controlled grazing by cattle

Hentschel, A.; Beck, J., 1995:
Controlled intensive composting. Composting animal manures in a forced-ventilation compost reactor

Piola, F.; Rohr, R.; Aderkas, P. von, 1995:
Controlled mycorrhizal initiation as a means to improve root development in somatic embryo plantlets of hybrid larch (Larix x eurolepis)

Mikulas, J., 1996:
Controlled natural green cover in vineyards on sandy soil

David, H., 1995:
Controlled natural sodding. Integrated soil maintenance and the use of foliar herbicides

Kuipers, O.P.; de Ruyter, P.G.; Kleerebezem, M.; de Vos, W.M., 1997:
Controlled overproduction of proteins by lactic acid bacteria

Sellden, G.; Sutinen, S.; Skarby, L., 1997:
Controlled ozone exposures and field observations in Fennoscandia

Dele Davies, H.; King, S.M.; Doyle, J.; Matlow, A.; Koren, G.; Hamilton, R.; Portwine, C., 1997:
Controlled pilot study of rapid amphotericin B infusions

Mora Urpi, J.; Mexzon, R., 1996:
Controlled pollination of the pejibaye palm

Wheeler, M.L.; Fineberg, S.E.; Gibson, R.; Fineberg, N., 1996:
Controlled portions of presweetened cereals present no glycemic penalty in persons with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

Soltan, H.R., 1996:
Controlled release formulations of carbofuran based on alginate - kaolin - agriculture waste

Ferraz, A.; Souza, J.A.; Silva, F.T.; Goncalves, A.R.; Bruns, R.E.; Cotrim, A.R., 1997:
Controlled release of 2,4-D from granule matrix formulations based on six lignins

Mogul, M.G.egory; Akin, H.; Hasirci, N.; Trantolo, D.J.; Gresser, J.D.; Wise, D.L., 1996:
Controlled release of biologically active agents for purposes of agricultural crop management

Cotterill, J.V.; Wilkins, R.M.; Silva, F.T.D., 1996:
Controlled release of diuron from granules based on a lignin matrix system

Cotterill, J.V.; Wilkins, R.M., 1996:
Controlled release of phenylurea herbicides from a lignin matrix: release kinetics and modification with urea

Gordon, I., 1996:
Controlled reproduction in cattle and buffaloes

Chemineau, P.; Baril, G.; Vallet, J.C.; Delgadillo, J.A., 1993:
Controlled reproduction in goats. Importance for breeders and methods available

Gordon, I., 1997:
Controlled reproduction in horses, deer and camelids

Gordon, I., 1997:
Controlled reproduction in pigs

Gordon, I., 1997:
Controlled reproduction in sheep and goats

Buning, E.; Munack, A.; Speckmann, H., 1996:
Controlled slurry application

Nowag, A.; Pinnow, H.; Spethmann, W., 1997:
Controlled stratification of Prunus avium L. seeds

Arveux, P., 1994:
Controlled suckling

Radford, B.J.; Yule, D.F., 1996:
Controlled traffic: on-farm technology for the future

Lobo, E.; Talavera, A.; Gonzalez, A.; Rejo, T.; Martinez, A.; Buines, C., 1995:
Controlled trial of a vaccine against Mycoplasma gallisepticum

Kovacs, J.A.; Vogel, S.; Albert, J.M.; Falloon, J.; Davey, R.T.; Walker, R.E.; Polis, M.A.; Spooner, K.; Metcalf, J.A.; Baseler, M.; Fyfe, G.; Lane, H.C., 1996:
Controlled trial of interleukin-2 infusions in patients infected with the human immunodeficiency virus

McMurdo, M.E.; Mole, P.A.; Paterson, C.R., 1997:
Controlled trial of weight bearing exercise in older women in relation to bone density and falls

Willis, G.H.; Southwick, L.M.; Fouss, J.L.; Rogers, J.S.; Carter, C.E., 1995:
Controlled water table depth and water quality

Elwell, D.L.; Keener, H.M.; Hansen, R.C., 1996:
Controlled, high rate composting of mixtures of food residuals, yard trimmings and chicken manure

D'Occhio, M.J.; Aspden, W.J.; Whyte, T.R., 1996:
Controlled, reversible suppression of estrous cycles in beef heifers and cows using agonists of gonadotropin-releasing hormone

Yoo, K.S.n; Pike, L.M., 1996:
Controlled-atmosphere storage suppresses leaf growth and flowering in onion bulbs

Gorny, J.R.; Kader, A.A., 1996:
Controlled-atmosphere suppression of ACC synthase and ACC oxidase in 'Golden Delicious' apples during long-term cold storage

Correra, C., 1996:
Controllers for products with protected denominations will soon be here

Zhu ZongYuan; Zhou XinGen; Song RongHao; L.J.nPing; Wang ShuJun, 1995:
Controlling Capsicum Phytophthora blight with biological Fangyi-I

Alagusundaram, K.; Jayas, D.S.; White, N.D.G.; Muir, W.E.; Sinha, R.N., 1995:
Controlling Cryptolestes ferrugineus (Stephens) adults in wheat stored in bolted-metal bins using elevated carbon dioxide

Shi YangSheng, 1995:
Controlling Heliothis armigera with agricultural measures

Van Buskirk, J.; Ostfeld, R.S., 1995:
Controlling Lyme disease by modifying the density and species composition of tick hosts

Saxena, D.R.; Moly Saxena; Bhalla, P.L., 1994:
Controlling Sigatoka disease of banana

Quy, R.J., 1996:
Controlling a population of Norway rats resistant to anticoagulant rodenticides

Thompson, Gm, 1996:
Controlling action times in daily workforce schedules

Prachayawarakorn, S.; Soponronnarit, S.; Nathakaranakule, A.; Inchan, S., 1996:
Controlling aflatoxin contamination in maize stored under tropical conditions

Sengik, E.; Keihl, J.C., 1995:
Controlling ammonia volatilization from soil treated with urea and peat by application of inorganic salts

Bayrakli, F.; Gezgin, S., 1996:
Controlling ammonia volatilization from urea surface applied to sugar beet on a calcareous soil

Leydens, L., 1996:
Controlling an aquatic nightmare

Riggle, D., 1996:
Controlling and preventing fires at compost facilities

Treverrow, N., 1996:
Controlling banana aphids by insecticide injection

Giron, M.Y.; Morrell, J.J., 1992:
Controlling biological deterioration of Philippine wood species by applying volatile fungicides

Anonymous, 1997:
Controlling carp: exploring the options for Australia. Proceedings of a Workshop, Albury, Australia, 22-24 October, 1996

Rouse, R.E., 1994:
Controlling citrus rootstock sprouting in the nursery using Tre-HoldReg.

McDonald, D., 1995:
Controlling cockroaches: the problem of resistance

Matthews, D.R., 1993:
Controlling common property: regulating Canada's East Coast fishery

Varjo, J., 1996:
Controlling continuously updated forest data by satellite remote sensing

Southwick, S.M.; Weis, K.G.; Yeager, J.T.; Zhou Hong, 1995:
Controlling cropping in 'Loadel' cling peach using gibberellin: effects on flower density, fruit distribution, fruit firmness, fruit thinning, and yield

Dreesen, H., 1995:
Controlling dairy cattle feeding, an alternative for improving spreadability of butter

Tezuka, M.; Arita, T.; Yoshimura, Y.; Abe, H., 1995:
Controlling damping-off of sugar beet seedlings by mixing fungicides in seed pellets

Farrington, P.; Salama, R.B., 1996:
Controlling dryland salinity by planting trees in the best hydrogeological setting

Yuan MeiLi et al., 1994:
Controlling effect of bactericide on wildfire of tobacco

Wang Xi; Y.M.iYu; Tao LongXing; Huang XiaoLin, 1995:
Controlling effect of uniconazole on growth of wheat seedlings

Calow, P., 1997:
Controlling environmental risks from chemicals: principles and practice

Heymann, D.L., 1996:
Controlling epidemic diseases

Butter, A., 1996:
Controlling evapotranspiration and percolation by deficit irrigation

All, J.N.; Stancil, J.D.; Johnson, T.B.; Gouger, R., 1996:
Controlling fall armyworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) infestations in whorl stage corn with genetically modified Bacillus thuringiensis formulations

Reinartz, J.A., 1997:
Controlling glossy buckthorn (Rhamnus frangula L.) with winter herbicide treatments of cut stumps

Wait, D.A.; Jones, C.G.; Schaedle, M., 1996:
Controlling growth and chemical composition of saplings by iteratively matching nutrient supply to demand: a bootstrap fertilization technique

Haywood, J.D., 1995:
Controlling herbaceous competition in pasture planted with loblolly pine seedlings

Persic, M., 1996:
Controlling in the hotel and tourist industries

Niezen, J.H.; Charleston, W.A.G.; Hodgson, J.; Mackay, A.D.; Leathwick, D.M., 1996:
Controlling internal parasites in grazing ruminants without recourse to anthelmintics: approaches, experiences and prospects

Wicks, G.A.; Martin, A.R.; Hanson, G.E., 1997:
Controlling kochia (Kochia scoparia) in soybean (Glycine max) with postemergence herbicides

Jiang CiShang; Fang WeiHuan; Zhu PingMin; H.S.Hua, 1994:
Controlling latent mastitis in dairy cows by combining Chinese traditional and Western medicine

Moretti, C.J.; Kopchynski, D.M.; Cruise, T.L., 1996:
Controlling microbial biota transfer in the Garrison diverson unit

Romstad, E.; Simonsen, J.; Vatn, A., 1997:
Controlling mineral emissions in European agriculture: economics, policies and the environment

Mix, J., 1996:
Controlling mosquito-borne diseases remains complex

W.J.Fang; Zhi Yue' e; Y.J.anQiang; Liu LinDe; Yang JunHua; Chen DeMing; Yao HongMei; Huang JianChun; G.Z.un, 1995:
Controlling mushroom brown rot disease caused by Mycogone perniciosa Magn. by fumigating casing soil with formalin

Anonymous, 1995:
Controlling new ammonia plant investment

Carter, D.L.; Westermann, D.T.; Sojka, R.E.; Meek, B.D.; Wright, J.L.; Brown, M.J.; Lehrsch, G.A., 1995:
Controlling nitrate leaching and erosion on irrigated land

Chaney, W.R.; Holt, H.A.; Scott, K.L.; Johnson, M.; McKenzie, R.L.; Detzner, T.E., 1995 :
Controlling nuisance fruit on sweet gum and ginkgo with ethephon

Zhu, J.; Bundy, D.S.; Li, X.; Rashid, N., 1997:
Controlling odor and volatile substances in liquid hog manure by amendment

Twiggs, J.; Dohoney, B.; Muirhead, T.; Brown, S., 1995:
Controlling odors at a regional compost facility

Taupin, P.; Collin, F., 1997:
Controlling pea aphid (Acyrthosiphon pisum Harris) on peas

Samp, Raymond J., 1995:
Controlling pin numbers on the first flush of Agaricus bisporus for quality and yield

Pareglio, S.; Sali, G., 1996:
Controlling pollution in rural areas by economic instruments

Razakarisoa, O.; Muntzer, P.; Schafer, G.; Zilliox, L.; Ducreux, J.; Arnaud, C., 1995:
Controlling pollution of sandy aquifers from diesel oil infiltration: impact of varying water levels on the degree of groundwater contamination

Reuveni, M.; Agapov, V.; Reuveni, R., 1996:
Controlling powdery mildew caused by Sphaerotheca fuliginea in cucumber by foliar sprays of phosphate and potassium salts

Raynaud, E.; Valceschini, E., 1997:
Controlling quality and competition policy. An official label as an example: the 'label rouge' in poultry industry

Schluter, H.; Muller, T., 1995:
Controlling rabies in Germany. Results of over ten years of action

Kuhns, L.J.; Harpster, T.L., 1997:
Controlling roadside vegetation with thiazopyr, oxyfluorfen, glufosinate, and glyphosate

Maynard, B.K.; Johnson, W.A., 1997:
Controlling rooting-out of B&B nursery stock during storage

Grant, W.J.R.; Loveys, B.R., 1996:
Controlling rootstock sprouts of Agonis flexuosa (Willd.) Sweet at ambient and elevated CO2 by multiple applications of low concentration NAA

Wong, A.H.H.; Hong, L.T.; Ling, W.C., 1996:
Controlling sapstain in sapwood timbers with common and novel anti-sapstain preservative: relevance to Sarawak

Weber, H.; Borisjuk, L.; Wobus, U., 1996:
Controlling seed development and seed size in Vicia faba: a role for seed coat-associated invertases and carbohydrate state

Coles, G.C., 1995:
Controlling sheep scab

Christakopoulos, P.K.kos, D.K.lisis, F.; Macris, B., 1995:
Controlling simultaneous production of endoglucanase and beta-glucosidase by Fusarium oxysporum in submerged culture

Motzkin, G.; Foster, D.; Allen, A.; Harrod, J.; Boone, R., 1996:
Controlling site to evaluate history: vegetation patterns of a New England sand plain

Delgado, M., 1997:
Controlling storage diseases

Lewis, D.; Roberts, E.V.; Brown, L., 1996:
Controlling the effects of Dextran in the manufacture of raw sugar

Provencher, Y.; Methot, L., 1994:
Controlling the state of the road surface through grading management

Liu, T.P., 1995:
Controlling tracheal mites in colonies of honey bees with neem (Margosan-O) and flumethrin (Bayvarol)

Marien, J., 1995:
Controlling varroosis by temperature treatment with an Apitherm heater

Westwood, F.; Bromilow, R.; Dewar, A., 1997:
Controlling virus yellows: how far does your gaucho go?

Petunova, A.A., 1995:
Controlling weeds resistant to 2,4-D in Russian cereal crops

Johnson, D.R.; Wyse, D.L.; Jones, K.J., 1996:
Controlling weeds with phytopathogenic bacteria

Omar, S.A.; Osman, N.A.I.; Hanafi, A.A., 1996:
Controlling white rot disease in onion using alfalfa saponin

Fischer, E., 1996:
Controlling. Practice report: Excel modules for dairy business management

Vieri, M., 1996:
Controls and regulators for crop protection equipment

Lin ChuXia; Melville, M.D., 1997:
Controls of soluble Al in experimental acid sulfate conditions and acid sulfate soils

Moosavi, S.C.; Crill, P.M.; Pullman, E.R.; Funk, D.W.; Peterson, K.M., 1996:
Controls on CH4 flux from an Alaskan boreal wetland

Walden, J.; White, K.; Drake, N.A., 1996:
Controls on dune colour in the Namib sand sea: preliminary results

Lerdau, M.; Keller, M., 1997:
Controls on isoprene emission from trees in a subtropical dry forest

Clow, D.W.; Mast, M.A.; Campbell, D.H., 1996:
Controls on surface water chemistry in the upper Merced River basin, Yosemite National Park, California

Chanez, P.; Bousquet, J.; Godard, P.; Michel, F.B., 1996:
Controversial forms of treatment for asthma

Shaw, S.M., 1997:
Controversies and contradictions in family leisure: an analysis of conflicting paradigms

Kleinman, R.E., 1995:
Controversies in childhood nutrition

Anonymous, 1996:
Controversies in clinical oncology

Rinaldi, M.G., 1997:
Controversies in medical mycology

Kohlmeier, L.; Mendez, M., 1997:
Controversies surrounding diet and breast cancer

Wooding, R.A.; Tyler, S.W.; White, I., 1997:
Convection in groundwater below an evaporating salt lake: 1. Onset of instability

Wooding, R.A.; Tyler, S.W.; White, I.; Anderson, P.A., 1997:
Convection in groundwater below an evaporating salt lake: 2. Evolution of fingers or plumes

Chusov, V.V.; Voronin, V.V.; Kur' yanova, T.K., 1996:
Convection/high-frequency drying of beech wood

Acock, B.; Pachepsky, Y.A., 1996:
Convective-diffusive model of two-dimensional root growth and proliferation

Alagusundaram, K.J.yas, D.; Muir, W.; White, N., 1996:
Convective-diffusive transport of carbon dioxide through stored-grain bulks

Toride, N.; Leij, F.J., 1996:
Convective-dispersive stream tube model for field-scale solute transport: I. Moment analysis

Toride, N.; Leij, F.J., 1996:
Convective-dispersive stream tube model for field-scale solute transport: II. Examples and calibration

Gofton, L., 1995:
Convenience and the moral status of consumer practices

Milonas, N.T.; Thomadakis, S.B., 1997:
Convenience yield and the option to liquidate for commodities with a crop cycle

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Convergence sport on the information superhighway

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Conversion of wood density

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Converter slag as a liming material on organic soils

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Cooperative management of natural resources

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Cooperative processing of sugarcane in India

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Cooperative program for management and utilization of maize genetic resources

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Correlation between in vitro and in vivo activity of antifungal agents against yeasts

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Correlation between leaf size and horticultural characteristics in cucumber

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Correlation between level of (n-3) polyunsaturated fatty acids in brain phospholipids and learning ability in rats. A multiple generation study

Cattani, O.; Serra, R.; Isani, G.; Raggi, G.; Cortesi, P.; Carpene, E., 1996:
Correlation between metallothionein and energy metabolism in sea bass, Dicentrarchus labrax, exposed to cadmium

Gaborjanyi, R.; Basky, S., 1995:
Correlation between migration of aphid vector and natural spread of plum pox virus

Saghai Maroof, M.A.; Yang, G.P.; Zhang QiFa; Gravois, K.A., 1997:
Correlation between molecular marker distance and hybrid performance in U.S. southern long grain rice

Takase, K.; Fujikawa, H.; Yamada, S., 1996:
Correlation between neutralizing antibody titre and protection from tenosynovitis in avian reovirus infections

Hatakeyama, S.; Yokoyama, N., 1997:
Correlation between overall pesticide effects monitored by shrimp mortality test and change in macrobenthic fauna in a river

Capotorti, G.; Montemurro, F.; Gerardi, A.; Palazzo, D., 1996:
Correlation between phosphinothricin tolerance and nitrogen utilization traits in maize (Zea mays L.)

Iuliano, R.; Forastieri, G.; Brizzi, M.; Mecocci, L.; Mazzotta, F.; Ceccherini-Nelli, L., 1997:
Correlation between plasma HIV-1 RNA levels and the rate of immunologic decline

Levy, S.; Geny, A.; Partisani, M.; Rey, D.; Lang, J.M., 1997:
Correlation between platelet number and viral load in HIV-1 infection

Murphy, A.; Taiz, L., 1997:
Correlation between potassium efflux and copper sensitivity in 10 Arabidopsis ecotypes

Alexander, C.; Nathwani, D.; Zimbler, N.; Taylor, R.B., 1995:
Correlation between proguanil and metabolites in plasma and saliva

Avallone, L.; Parmeggiani, A.; Esposito, L.; Campanile, G., 1994:
Correlation between prolactin, T3 and T4 levels in buffalo heifers during the whole year

Tribhuwan Singh, 1994:
Correlation between pupal weight and fecundity in Bombyx mori Linn

Baumung, R.; Sölkner, J.; Essl, A., 1997:
Correlation between purebred and crossbred performance under a two-locus model with additive by additive interaction

Bunin, M.S.; Esikawa, H.; Yamagisi, H., 1993:
Correlation between quantitative and qualitative morphologic properties of cultivated Raphanus sativus L. root forms

Wang XinLong; Yang ZhangPi; X.Y.ngLing, 1995:
Correlation between quantitative characteristics of udder and milk yield

Koiwa, T.; Kusunoki, M.; Miyashita, S.; Hasegawa, E.; Ogura, T., 1996:
Correlation between resinous disease of hinoki (Chamaecyparis obtusa) and adjoining sugi (Cryptomeria japonica) forests with special reference to the influence of hinoki bark moth on the disease occurrence

Anguiz, R.J.; Mendoza, H.A., 1995:
Correlation between seedling and adult potato plants for resistance to early blight (Alternaria solani Sorauer)

Kang BooHyon; Jeong SoonWuk; O.T.eHo; Han HongRyul, 1996:
Correlation between serum biochemical values and repeat-breeder cows

Salbe, A.D.; Kotler, D.P.; Tierney, A.R.; Wang, J.; Pierson, R.N.J.; Campbell, R.G., 1995:
Correlation between serum insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF) concentrations and nutritional status in HIV-infected individuals

Gutmanski, I.; Nowakowski, M., 1996:
Correlation between soil mineral N content (NH4+NO3), yield and quality of sugarbeet

Sanchez, J.A.; Munoz, B.; Orta, R.; Calvo, E.; Herrera, R., 1997:
Correlation between somatic heteromorphism and the germination response of seeds of Mastichodendron foetidissimum

Neikov, S.; Alexandrova, M., 1995:
Correlation between some quantitative characters of salad cucumber cultivars

Sarapatka, B.; Stransky, Z., 1995:
Correlation between standard and isotachophoretic determination of available nutrients in soils

Conzemius, M.G.; Hill, C.M.; Sammarco, J.L.; Perkowski, S.Z., 1997:
Correlation between subjective and objective measures used to determine severity of postoperative pain in dogs

Jaszczot, E., 1995:
Correlation between sugarbeet yield and the nutritional status of plants with 5-7 fully grown leaves

Bongertz, V.; Costa, C.I.; Santos, V.G.V.; Joao Filho, E.C.; Galvao Castro, B.; Morgado, M.G.; Group, H.E.andro Chagas Aids Clinical Research, 1997:
Correlation between susceptibility of primary HIV-1 isolates to autologous and heterologous neutralizing antibodies

Beneddra, T.; Picard, C.; Petit, A.; Nesme, X., 1996:
Correlation between susceptibility to crown gall and sensitivity to cytokinin in aspen cultivars

Tsyganok, N.S., 1995:
Correlation between the constituents of pea productivity

Saradadevi, K.; Padmasree, K.; Raghavendra, A.S., 1996:
Correlation between the inhibition of photosynthesis and the decrease in area of detached leaf discs or volume/absorbance of protoplasts under osmotic stress in pea (Pisum sativum)

McLennan, D.A.; Shires, V.L., 1995:
Correlation between the level of infection with Bunodera inconstans and Neoechinorhynchus rutili and behavioral intensity in female brook sticklebacks

Fanger, I.; Naumann, C.M., 1993:
Correlation between the mesodermal male genital ducts and the spermatophore structure in a ditrysian moth, Zygaena trifolii (Esper, 1783) (Insecta, Lepidoptera, Zygaenidae)

Bielanska Osuchowska, Z., 1997:
Correlation between the prenatal development of the adrenal glands and placenta in pigs

Serantes Lopez, M.; Trujillo Ontivero, M.; Martinez Rangel, O., 1993:
Correlation between the properties of hardened UF resin and the properties of sugarcane bagasse particleboards

Machal, L.; Krivanek, I.; Chladek, G.; Dolezal, P., 1997:
Correlation between the relative permittivity, conductivity, and qualitative indicators of bull and boar ejaculates

Torigoe, H., 1996:
Correlation between the suppressive effects of several enemy plants and the recovery of Pratylenchus coffeae and Meloidogyne incognita populations in taro and sweet potato fields in southern Kyushu

Beck, E.J.; Kupek, E.J.; Gompels, M.M.; Pinching, A.J., 1996:
Correlation between total and CD4 lymphocyte counts in HIV infection: not making the good an enemy of the not so perfect

Schlerka, G.; Baumgartner, W., 1995:
Correlation between urine-pH and blood-pH values in neonatal diarrhoeic calves

Magadum, S.B.; Remadevi, O.K.; Datta, R.K.; Shivashankar, N., 1996:
Correlation between various nutritional parameters of silkworm, Bombyx mori L. during V instar

Christensen, J.P.; Barrow, P.A.; Olsen, J.E.; Poulsen, J.S.; Bisgaard, M., 1996:
Correlation between viable counts of Salmonella Gallinarum in spleen and liver and the development of anaemia in chickens as seen in experimental fowl typhoid

Bijagare, M.N.; Siddiqui, M.A.; Hudge, V.S.; Shete, D.M., 1996:
Correlation coefficient studies in jowar at different moisture potential

Kumar, S.; Bagchi, G.D.; Singh, J.; Singh, S.C.; Sharma, S., 1995:
Correlation in plants between ability to grow on cattle dung and presence of biological activities

Singh, C.; Bhan, M.K.; Ram, G.; Jolly, R.L.; Kaul, B.L., 1996:
Correlation in somraj (Centratherum anthelminticum)

Hormaza, J.I.; Pinney, K.; Polito, V.S., 1996:
Correlation in the tolerance to ozone between sporophytes and male gametophytes of several fruit and nut tree species (Rosaceae)

Delgado Vargas, F.; Paredes Lopez, O., 1996:
Correlation of HPLC and AOAC methods to assess the all-trans-lutein content in marigold flowers

Silva, R.F.; Witter, R.L., 1996:
Correlation of PCR detection of MDV with the appearance of histological lesions

Weig, M.; Klinker, H.; Wilhelm, M.; Lemmer, K.; Gross, U., 1996:
Correlation of Pneumocystis carinii PCR with clinical diagnosis in immunocompromised patients

Pontieri, E.; Gregori, L.; Gennarelli, M.; Ceddia, T.; Novelli, G.; Dallapiccola, B.; D.B.rnardis, F.; Carruba, G., 1996:
Correlation of SfiI macrorestriction endonuclease fingerprint analysis of Candida parapsilosis isolates with source of isolation

Arencibia, A.; Vazquez, J.M.; Ramirez Gonzalez, J.A.; Moreno, F.; Gil, F.; Latorre, R.; Ramirez Zarzosa, G.; Sandoval, J.A.; Sosa Perez, C., 1997:
Correlation of anatomy and radiological parameters of the head in Canary Island goats (Capra hircus L.)

Proudman, C.J.; Trees, A.J., 1996:
Correlation of antigen specific IgG and IgG(T) responses with Anoplocephala perfoliata infection intensity in the horse

Paitayatat, S.; Tarnchompoo, B.; Thebtaranonth, Y.; Yuthavong, Y., 1997:
Correlation of antimalarial activity of artemisinin derivatives with binding affinity with ferroprotoporphyrin IX

Chang, H.L.; Liu, C.T.; Wu, M.C., 1996:
Correlation of backfat and belly fat thickness of pig carcasses

Winkowski, K.; Bruno, M.E.; Montville, T.J., 1994:
Correlation of bioenergetic parameters with cell death in Listeria monocytogenes cells exposed to nisin

Katagiri, N.; Tsutsumi, Y.; Nishida, T., 1995:
Correlation of brightening with cumulative enzyme activity related to lignin biodegradation during biobleaching of kraft pulp by white rot fungi in the solid-state fermentation system

Mikhailov, M.E.; Nikolaeva, M.G.; Khoroshilov, V.V.; Chernov, A.A., 1994:
Correlation of chiasma and recombination frequency with quantitative traits in maize

She WenQin; Liu XingHui, 1995:
Correlation of cold tolerance with leaf membrane osmolarity and ratio of bound water to free water in litchi

Uchneat, M.S.; Wehner, T.C.; Echandi, E., 1997:
Correlation of damping-off with belly rot resistance in cucumber

George, M.R.; Clawson, W.J.; Wilson, C.B.; Willoughby, R.L.; McDougald, N.K., 1989:
Correlation of degree-days with herbage yields on California's annual grasslands

Yague, E.C.ow, C.; Challen, M.; Thurston, C., 1996:
Correlation of exons with functional domains and folding regions in a cellulase from Agaricus bisporus

Kralik, G.; Maltar, Z.; Jovannovac, S., 1995:
Correlation of feed intake and production characteristics of boars in a performance test

Triboulot, P.; Sales, C.; Zerizer, A.; Martin, P., 1995:
Correlation of fracture toughness of bonded joints with quality (roughness) of knife-planed MDF surfaces

Vagnerova, R.; Kubinova, L.; Pacha, J., 1997:
Correlation of function and structure in developing rat distal colon

Mayton, H.S.; Olivier, C.; Vaughn, S.F.; Loria, R., 1996:
Correlation of fungicidal activity of Brassica species with allyl isothiocyanate production in macerated leaf tissue

Gaywee, J.; Artenstein, A.W.; VanCott, T.C.; Trichavaroj, R.; Sukchamnong, A.; Amlee, P.; de Souza, M.; McCutchan, F.E.; Carr, J.K.; Markowitz, L.E.; Michael, R.; Nittayaphan, S., 1996:
Correlation of genetic and serologic approaches to HIV-1 subtyping in Thailand

Wang ShuiQin; L.L.; Pan XingHua; Wang Lan; Chui SuFang; Wang XuYun, 1995:
Correlation of glucorticoid receptor content in peripheral blood lymphocytes and the T-lymphocyte proliferation induced by Marek's disease virus in chickens

Singh, M.K.; Mishra, S.S., 1993:
Correlation of growth and yield characters in winter French bean

Stocker, G., 1995:
Correlation of hydrochemical parameters of small streams in the central German highlands and relations with the catchment areas

Bolin, T.D.; Myo-Khin; Soe-Aung; Genge, J.R.; Duncombe, V.M., 1996:
Correlation of hydrogen and methane production to rice carbohydrate malabsorption in Burmese (Myanmar) children

Schmidt, G.; Stahmann, K.Peter; Kaesler, B.; Sahm, H., 1996:
Correlation of isocitrate lyase activity and riboflavin formation in the riboflavin overproducer Ashbya gossypii

Martins, C.A.; Fonteles, M.G.; Barrett, L.J.; Guerrant, R.L., 1995:
Correlation of lactoferrin with neutrophilic inflammation in body fluids

Carlson, R.W.; Reuhs, B.; Chen TongBin; Bhat, U.R.; Noel, K.D., 1994:
Correlation of lipopolyssacharide structural defects with genetic lesions in Rhizobium etli CE3

Mikesell, J., 1996:
Correlation of microsporangial and megasporangial differentiation along racemes of Phytolacca americana L. (Phytolaccaceae)

Pandey, T.D.; Tiwari, K.L.; Shrivastava, G.K., 1996:
Correlation of nitrogen uptake and different attributes with yield in early rice cultures

Giese, A.; Thalheim, C.; Brennicke, A.; Binder, S., 1996:
Correlation of nonanucleotide motifs with transcript initiation of 18S rRNA genes in mitochondria of pea, potato and Arabidopsis

Singh, M.M.; Chauhan, S.C.; Trivedi, R.N.; Maitra, S.C.; Kamboj, V.P., 1996:
Correlation of pinopod development on uterine luminal epithelial surface with hormonal events and endometrial sensitivity in rat

Harms, R.H.; Russell, G.B.; Robbins, F.; Cerda, J., 1995:
Correlation of plasma calcium with experimentally elevated cholesterol and triglycerides in laying hens

Pycock, J.F.; Dieleman, S.; Drifjhout, P.; Van Der Brug, Y.; Oei, C.; Van Der Weijden, G.C., 1995:
Correlation of plasma concentrations of progesterone and oestradiol with ultrasound characteristics of the uterus and duration of oestrous behaviour in the cycling mare

Xu, Y.; Kodner, C.; Coleman, L.; Johnson, R.C., 1996:
Correlation of plasmids with infectivity of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto type strain B31

Ruiz Sifre, G.; Dole, J.M.; Kahn, B.A.; Richardson, P.E.; Ledford, J., 1997:
Correlation of poinsettia graft union development with transmission of the free-branching characteristic

Faccioli, G.; Colombarini, A., 1996:
Correlation of potato virus S and virus M contents of potato meristem tips with the percentage of virus-free plantlets produced in vitro

Casini, L.; Greppi, G.F., 1996:
Correlation of racing performance with fitness parameters after exercise tests on treadmill and on track in Standardbred racehorses

Keller, G.G.; Kreeger, J.M.; Mann, F.A.; Lattimer, J.C., 1997:
Correlation of radiographic, necropsy and histologic findings in 8 dogs with elbow dysplasia

Naton, B.; Hahlbrock, K.; Schmelzer, E., 1996:
Correlation of Rapid Cell Death with Metabolic Changes in Fungus-Infected, Cultured Parsley Cells

Zhang, R.-Ji.; Zou, D.-Jing.; Zheng, J., 1995:
Correlation of receptive field position of mechanosensory neurons and the strength of their connections to AP neurons in the CNS of the leech (Whitmania pigra)

Kumosinski, T.F.; Uknalis, J.; Cooke, P.H.; Farrell, H.M.Jr, 1996:
Correlation of refined models for casein submicelles with electron microscopic studies of casein

Boskovic, R.; Tobutt, K.R.; Batlle, I.; Duval, H., 1997:
Correlation of ribonuclease zymograms and incompatibility genotypes in almond

Bindroo, B.B.; Baksh, S.; Fotedar, R.K.; Dhar, A.; Mukherjee, P., 1995:
Correlation of rooting and other traits in mulberry

Fawcett, P.T.; Rosé, C.D.; Gibney, K.M.; Doughty, R.A., 1997:
Correlation of seroreactivity with response to antibiotics in pediatric Lyme borreliosis

Dodson, M.V.; Hossner, K.L.; Vierck, J.L.; Mathison, B.; Krabbenhoft, E., 1996:
Correlation of serum GH and IGF-1 with satellite cell responsiveness in Targhee rams

Cheng HsingHsien; Hsiang YiJung; Chen Cheng, 1997:
Correlation of serum lipids, uric acid, albumin, GOT and GPT between parent and offspring

Srivastava, A.K.; Srivastava, O.P., 1995:
Correlation of soil properties with available K in some Typic Natraqualfs of Varanasi district

Schultze-Motel; Lamprecht, 1994:
Correlation Of Sound Generation And Metabolic Heat Flux In The Bumblebee Bombus Lapidarius

Boskovic, R.; Tobutt, K.R., 1996:
Correlation of stylar ribonuclease zymograms with incompatibility alleles in sweet cherry

Sugiyama, K.; Yamakawa, A.; Saeki, S., 1997:
Correlation of suppressed linoleic acid metabolism with the hypocholesterolemic action of eritadenine in rats

Lin WenJuh, 1994:
Correlation of the outbreak of virus disease of watermelon and vector with climatic factors

Fujita, H.; Sato, T.; Watanabe, Y.; Ohara, Y.; Homma, M., 1995:
Correlation of the polysaccharide antigens of Francisella tularensis with virulence in experimental mice

Routi, T.; Ronnemaa, T.; Jokinen, E.; Viikari, J.; Niinikoski, H.; Leino, A.; Simell, O., 1996:
Correlation of toddlers' serum lipoprotein(a) concentration with parental values and grandparents' coronary heart disease: the STRIP baby study

Yovich, J.V.; Sawdon, H.; Booth, T.; Robertson, I.D., 1995:
Correlation of ultrasonographic findings and long term outcome in racehorses with superficial digital flexor tendon injury

Holt, D.E.; Schelling, C.G.; Saunders, H.M.; Orsher, R.J., 1995:
Correlation of ultrasonographic findings with surgical, portographic, and necropsy findings in dogs and cats with portosystemic shunts: 63 cases (1987-1993)

Liu FaTao; Yang ZhiZhong; Tiao LeHan, 1995:
Correlation of underground water table with the depth of alfalfa roots and irrigation

Singh, I.S.; Hussain, M.A.; Gupta, A.K., 1995:
Correlation studies among yield and yield contributing traits in F2 and F3 chickpea populations

Meir, S.; Twito, L.; Philosoph Hadas, S., 1995:
Correlation studies between chilling sensitivity of stored basil leaves and their composition of membrane lipids

Thakur, J.C.; Khattra, A.S.; Brar, K.S., 1996:
Correlation studies between economic traits, fruit fly infestation and yield in bittergourd

Prasad, S.N.; Singh, S.N.; Singh, R.C., 1994:
Correlation studies between forms of P and soil properties

Murugan, S.; Subramanian, M.; Pillai, M.A., 1995:
Correlation studies in M3 and M4 generations of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L.)

Nair, P.I.; Thamburaj, S., 1995:
Correlation studies in certain exotic collections of tomato

Tamilselvam, A.; Das, L.D.V., 1994:
Correlation studies in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.) for seed yield

Singh, B.D.; Singh, V.P., 1995:
Correlation studies in gamma irradiated sugarcane

Mahanta, P.; Paswan, L., 1994:
Correlation studies in gladiolus (Gladiolus grandiflorus)

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