Determining cross-compatibility in almond (Prunus dulcis Miller) D.A. Webb

Biswajit Das; Kumar, K.

Horticultural Journal 9(2): 113-120


Accession: 002798564

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Thirteen almond cultivars and selections were studied to determine their cross-compatibility reaction via controlled pollination tests. In the early x early flowering group, all combinations were cross-compatible except Hybrid-15 x Ne Plus Ultra, a partially cross-compatible combination. In early x mid, mid x early and mid x mid flowering groups, all combinations were cross-compatible. In the mid x late group, crosses Drake x Nikitskyi, Drake x Spillo 7 and Drake x White Brandis were partially cross-compatible, and Merced x White Brandis was cross-incompatible. In the late x mid group, Spillo 7 x Drake and Star Basin x Drake were cross-incompatible. In the late x late group, the combinations Nauni Selection x White Brandis, Star Basin x Prianyi, Star Basin x Spillo 7 and White Brandis x Nikitskyi were partially cross-incompatible and cross-combination Spillo 7 x Star Basin and Star Basin x White Brandis were cross-incompatible. Cross-compatible cultivars in a particular flowering group or adjoining flowering group were identified for use in solid block plantations.