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Development of strategies to control both annual and perennial weed species Elymus repens and Cynodon dactylon in peach orchards on sandy soils

Proceedings of the second international weed control congress, Copenhagen, Denmark, 25-28 June 1996: Volumes 1-4: 1059-1063

Development of strategies to control both annual and perennial weed species Elymus repens and Cynodon dactylon in peach orchards on sandy soils

Field studies were carried out during 1991-95 in an irrigated Romanian peach (cv. May Gold) orchard to evaluate 13 herbicide treatments for the control of perennial weeds (mainly Elymus repens, Cynodon dactylon, Convolvulus arvensis, Cirsium arvense and Sonchus arvensis).

Accession: 002800111

Related references

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