Effect and mode of NPK application on growth of cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum Maton L.)

Venkatesha, J.; Pattanshetty, H.V.; Khan, M.M.

Indian Cocoa, Arecanut and Spices Journal 19(1): 5-7


Accession: 002809269

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N, P and K were applied to the soil alone (at 0 or 32.5 g N/plant, 0 or 25.0 g P2O5/plant and 0 or 50 g K2O/plant) or to soil + leaves of E. cardamomum plants on a sandy loam soil. Mode of application did not affect the number of suckers produced after 1 year, but total length of suckers and number of leaves were higher with soil application (1045.62 cm and 110.62 leaves, respectively) than with soil + foliar application (935.46 cm and 29.99 leaves, respectively). Application of N, P and K to the soil resulted in more suckers (31.84), greater total sucker length (1791.70 cm), greater average sucker height (64.46 cm) and more leaves (171.20) than treatments where 1 or more elements were omitted.