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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2812

Chapter 2812 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Martino, A.; Pollard, J.W.; Leibo, S.P., 1996:
Effect of chilling bovine oocytes on their developmental competence

Wang Yan; L.X.ePing; J.Z.oLiang, 1995:
Effect of chilling injury on two scavengers of free radicals of mango fruit

Grau, A.; Halloy, S., 1997:
Effect of chilling on CO2 gas-exchange in Carica papaya L. and Carica quercifolia (A. St. Hil.) Solms

Kingston-Smith, A.H.; Harbinson, J.; Williams, J.; Foyer, C.H., 1997:
Effect of Chilling on Carbon Assimilation, Enzyme Activation, and Photosynthetic Electron Transport in the Absence of Photoinhibition in Maize Leaves

Yu, H.L.; Willemot, C., 1997:
Effect of chilling on lipid biosynthesis in tomato pericarp disks

Kocsy, G.; Owttrim, G.; Brander, K.; Brunold, C., 1997:
Effect of chilling on the diurnal rhythm of enzymes involved in protection against oxidative stress in a chilling-tolerant and a chilling-sensitive maize genotype

Rab, A.; Saltveit, M.E., 1996:
Effect of chilling on the gravitropic response of 'Poinsett 76' cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) radicles

Kim TaeJoung; Paek KeeYoeup; Yun Tae; Cho JinTae; Jeong InMyeong, 1996:
Effect of chilling treatments on growth and flowering of Cypripedium macranthum Sw. native to Korea

E.L.kwah, F.A.; Mohamed, R.A.; Shams E.D.n, A.M., 1994:
Effect of chinaberry tree (Melia azedarach) fruits against the cowpea beetle (Callosobruchus maculatus F.)

Khan, T.A.; Saxena, S.K., 1997:
Effect of chitin amendments in the control of plant parasitic nematodes associated with cowpea

Iglesias, R.; Pombo, R.; Cabrera, G.; Fernandez, F.; Morales, D., 1995:
Effect of chitin and its derivatives on mycorrhizal infection and growth of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) plants

Xiao YanNong; Wang MingZu; Wang DaoBen, 1997:
Effect of chitinase produced by Paecilomyces lilacinus on Meloidogyne incognita eggs

Solano S.J.; Fernandez N.M.; Arias I.R.; Moncada H.J., 1996:
Effect of chitosan (poly-D-glucosamine) on seed yield and nodulation of lupin cultivars (Lupinus albus L. and Lupinus angustifolius L.)

Krivtsov, G.G.; Loskutova, N.A.; Konyukhova, N.S.; Khor'kov, E.I.; Kononenko, N.V.; Vanyushin, B.F., 1996:
Effect of chitosan elicitors on wheat plants

Kosaka, T.; Kaneko, Y.; Nakada, Y.; Matsuura, M.; Tanaka, S., 1996:
Effect of chitosan implantation on activation of canine macrophages and polymorphonuclear cells after surgical stress

Zielinska, L.; Pospieszny, H.; Krysztofiak, E., 1995:
Effect of chitosan on the ultrastructure of plant leaf cells

Tiwari, S.K.; Bhatt, R.S., 1994:
Effect of chlordane and barthrin on the total protein, total free amino acid and nucleic acid levels in the gonadial tissues of the rice moth, Corcyra cephalonica (Stainton) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Flaherty, C.F.; Coppotelli, C.; Potaki, J., 1996:
Effect of chlordiazepoxide on the response to repeated reductions in sucrose concentration in free-fed rats

Datta, K.S.; Ashok Kumar; Varma, S.K., 1994:
Effect of chloride and sulphate salinity on growth, photosynthesis and water relations of four tropical forage crops

Datta, K.S.; Ashok Kumar; Varma, S.K.; Rajiv Angrish, 1995:
Effect of chloride and sulphate salinity on water relations and internal mineral ion distribution in four forage crops

Dhingra, H.R., 1994:
Effect of chloride and sulphate salts on tube growth and rate of respiration in garden poppy (Papaver rhoeas L.) pollen

Vinod Sangwan; Babber, S.; Varghese, T.M., 1997:
Effect of chloride salinity on relative growth and solute content of Cicer arietinum L. calli

Michaek, W., 1995:
Effect of chlorides on yield and biological value of radish (Raphanus sativus L. subvar. radicula Pers.)

Park, W.; Lee, D., 1995:
Effect of chlorine treatment on cut water cress and onion

Lima, M. do R.S. da S.; Lovato, C., 1995:
Effect of chlormequat chloride on four wheat cultivars at two sowing dates

Vrana, B.; Dercová, K.; Baláž, S.; Sevčíková, A., 1996:
Effect of chlorobenzoates on the degradation of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) by Pseudomonas stutzeri

Drábiková, K.; Pecivová, J.; Nosál, R., 1996:
Effect of chloroquine on arachidonic acid pathway in isolated mast cells

Deepalakshmi, P.D.kshinamoorthy; Parasakthy, K.; Padmavathy, B.; Shanthi, S.; Devaraj, H.; Devaraj, S.N.ranjali, 1995:
Effect of chloroquine on rat liver microsomes

Areekul, S.; Churdchu, K.; Thanomsak, W.; Cheeramakara, C.; Wilairatana, P.; Charoenlarp, P., 1996:
Effect of chloroquine on serum vitamin B12 and its binding proteins in patients with Plasmodium vivax

Malathi, P.; Jeyarajan, R., 1995:
Effect of chlorothalonil and mancozeb on growth of Phytophthora infestans in vitro

Patel, N.R.; Patel, B.N.; Patel, H.R., 1995:
Effect of chlorotic mottle virus and root-knot nematode on growth of bidi tobacco

Curtis, J.E.; Horne, P.A., 1995:
Effect of chlorpyrifos and cypermethrin applications on non-target invertebrates in a conservation-tillage crop

Wang Qiang; Han LiJuan; Huang XiangLin; G.Z.ongYan; X.X.aoLong, 1995:
Effect of chlorpyrifos and methyl chlorpyrifos on controlling rice leaffolder (Cnaphalocrocis medinalis Guenee) in field

Kim SongMun; Han SangSop; Born, W.H. vanden, 1997:
Effect of chlorsulfuron on assimilate transport: ultrastructural implications

Nalobin, V.A.; Zhmurov, V.A.; Nalobin, S.A., 1994:
Effect of chloxyle and praziquantel therapies on the lipid phase of the erythrocyte membrane and on the antioxidant system in patients with opisthorchiasis

Hirsh, A.J.; Tsang, R.; Kammila, S.; Cheeseman, C.I., 1996:
Effect of cholecystokinin and related peptides on jejunal transepithelial hexose transport in the Sprague-Dawley rat

Hyun, H.S.; Onaga, T.; Mineo, H.; Kim, J.T.; Kato, S., 1996:
Effect of cholera toxin on glucose absorption and net movements of water and electrolytes in the intestinal loop of sheep

Kaur, S.; Srivastava, B.G., 1995:
Effect of cholesterol on various parameters of reproductive potential of Dacus cucurbitae (Coquillett)

Zheng GuiPing; L.J.nFeng; Wang JingYing; Qian YongDe; Zhang HongMei, 1997:
Effect of choline chloride on endogenous hormones rice seedling growth and yield

Chen YiFeng, 1996:
Effect of choline chloride on growth and development of cucumber seedlings at cotyledon stage

Tripathi, H.C.; Kumar, D., 1997:
Effect of cholinergic drugs on the rhythmic motility of Fasciola gigantica

Thomas, V.L.; Gropper, S.S., 1996:
Effect of chromium nicotinic acid supplementation on selected cardiovascular disease risk factors

Sahin, K.; Sahin, N.; Guler, T.; Cerci, I.H.; Erkal, N., 1996:
Effect of chromium on animals grazing around the Elazig Ferrokrom Factory

Boleman, S.L.; Boleman, S.J.; Bidner, T.D.; Southern, L.L.; Ward, T.L.; Pontif, J.E.; Pike, M.M., 1995:
Effect of chromium picolinate on growth, body composition, and tissue accretion in pigs

Thomas, V.; Pichon, B.; Crouzoulon, G.; Barré, H., 1996:
Effect of chronic cold exposure on Na-dependent D-glucose transport along small intestine in ducklings

Brändle, E.; Sieberth, H.G.; Hautmann, R.E., 1996:
Effect of chronic dietary protein intake on the renal function in healthy subjects

Singh, K.K.; Jha, G.J., 1996:
Effect of chronic fenvalerate (synthetic pyrethroid) intoxication on the immune response of goats to Brucella abortus strain 19 vaccine

Adam, C.L.; Findlay, P.A.; Kyle, C.E.; Young, P.; Mercer, J.G., 1997:
Effect of chronic food restriction on pulsatile luteinizing hormone secretion and hypothalamic neuropeptide Y gene expression in castrate male sheep

Hashimoto, M.; Funaba, M.; Abe, M.; Ohshima, S., 1996:
Effect of chronic high protein intake on magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus balance in growing cats

Roszell, L.E.; Anderson, R.S., 1996:
Effect of chronic in vivo exposure to pentachlorophenol on non-specific immune functions in Fundulus heteroclitus

Sundaram, U.; West, A.B., 1997:
Effect of chronic inflammation on electrolyte transport in rabbit ileal villus and crypt cells

Schoknecht, P.A.; Mcguire, M.A.; Cohick, W.S.; Currie, W.B.; Bell, A.W., 1996:
Effect of chronic infusion of placental lactogen on ovine fetal growth in late gestation

Bolter, C.J.; Latoszek Green, M., 1997:
Effect of chronic ingestion of the cysteine proteinase inhibitor, E-64, on Colorado potato beetle gut proteinases

Doi, T.; Naito, H.; Takahashi, M.; Shibata, C.; Sasaki, I.; Matsuno, S., 1995:
Effect of chronic pancreatic juice diversion on enteroglucagon secretion and intestinal mucosal growth in dogs

Peltoniemi, O.A.T.; Easton, B.G.; Love, R.J.; Klupiec, C.; Evans, G., 1995:
Effect of chronic treatment with a GnRH agonist (Goserelin) on LH secretion and early pregnancy in gilts

Lanna, D.P.D.; Houseknecht, K.L.; Harris, D.H.; Bauman, D.E., 1995:
Effect of chronic treatment with somatotropin on the response of adipose tissue from lactating cows to the antilipolytic action of insulin

Loiseau, P.M.; Chauffert, O.; Czok, M., 1997:
Effect of chronic trypanosomiasis on the bioavailability of alpha -difluoromethylornithine (DFMO) after oral administration: pharmacokinetics study on DFMO plasma levels in infected and noninfected mice using a high-performance liquid chromatography assay

Ralevic, V.; Hoyle, C.H.; Goss-Sampson, M.A.; Milla, P.J.; Burnstock, G., 1996:
Effect of chronic vitamin E deficiency on sympathetic and sensorimotor function in rat mesenteric arteries

Muller, H.L.; Kirchgessner, M., 1996:
Effect of chronological separation of protein and carbohydrates by up to 48 h on energy metabolism

Palacio, H.; Hilton, J.F.; Canchola, A.J.; Greenspan, D., 1997:
Effect of cigarette smoking on HIV-related oral lesions

Sanderson, K.C.; West, M.S., 1995:
Effect of cimectacarb on flower color and growth of potted chrysanthemum Dendranthema xgrandiflora (Ramat.) Kitamura

Singh, P.; Koul, K.; Tiwari, S.; Kaul, R., 1997:
Effect of cinnamate on nitrate reductase activity in isolated cucumber cotyledons

Hall, J.A.; Willer, R.L.; Solie, T.N.; Twedt, D.C., 1997:
Effect of circumcostal gastropexy on gastric myoelectric and motor activity in dogs

Kumar, K.V.; Das, U.N., 1997:
Effect of cis-unsaturated fatty acids, prostaglandins, and free radicals on angiotensin-converting enzyme activity in vitro

Wechsung, E.; Houvenaghel, A., 1997:
Effect of cisapride on myoelectrical activity of the antrum pylori in the conscious miniature pig

Boumerdassi, H.; Monnet, C.; Desmazeaud, M.; Corrieu, G., 1997:
Effect of citrate on production of diacetyl and acetoin by Lactococcus lactis ssp. lactis CNRZ 483 cultivated in the presence of oxygen

Fasshauer, U.; Kienzle, E., 1995:
Effect of citric acid, olaquindox, zinc-bacitracin and zinc oxide on precaecal digestion of crude nutrients and ileocaecal flow of minerals in minipigs

Philis, I., 1997:
Effect of citrus nematode control on the yield and fruit quality of grapefruit in Cyprus

Mantia, T. la; Barbera, G.; Gugliuzza, G.; Inglese, P., 1997:
Effect of cladode shading on growth and ripening of fruits of cactus pear (Opuntia ficus-indica L. Miller)

Fitch, A.; Du, J.; Gan, H.; Stucki, J.W., 1995:
Effect of clay charge on swelling: a clay-modified electrode study

Y.W.i; Wen QiXiao, 1996:
Effect of clay minerals on the chemical characteristics of soil humus

Vieira, M.J.; Melo, L.F., 1995:
Effect of clay properties on the behaviour of biofilms formed by Pseudomonas fluorescens

Stein, J.A.; Fitch, A., 1996:
Effect of clay type on the diffusional properties of a clay-modified electrode

Toncheva, E.; Stanchev, C.; Alexandrov, S.; Chotinski, D., 1996:
Effect of clenbuterol on absorption of DL-(2-14C)methionine and DL-3H-tryptophan in chicken enterocytes and blood hormonal levels

Cardoso, L.A.; Stock, M.J., 1996:
Effect of clenbuterol on growth and body composition during food restriction in rats

Rehfeldt, C.; Schadereit, R.; Weikard, R.; Reichel, K., 1997:
Effect of clenbuterol on growth, carcase and skeletal muscle characteristics in broiler chickens

H.Y.nCai; Chen LuJiang; Xie DeBiao; Zhu ZhenGyi; Qian ShiWei, 1995:
Effect of clenbuterol supplementation on lean and adipose tissues in Arbor Acre (AA) broiler chickens

Simmonds, M.S.J.; Blaney, W.M.; Esquivel, B.; Rodriguez Hahn, L., 1996:
Effect of clerodane-type diterpenoids isolated from Salvia spp. on the feeding behaviour of Spodoptera littoralis

Effendi, M.; Susila, W.W.; Sinaga, M., 1996:
Effect of climate and soil type on growth of sandalwood (Santalum album L.) seedlings

Rao, P.G., 1995:
Effect of climate change on streamflows in the Mahanadi river basin, India

Yoshimura, Y.; Arita, T.; Tezuka, M., 1995:
Effect of climate conditions on growth and yield of sugar beet in Tokachi district in 1994. 1. Effect of drought damage on growth and yield of sugar beet

Yoshimura, Y.; Arita, T.; Tezuka, M., 1995:
Effect of climate conditions on growth and yield of sugar beet in Tokachi district in 1994. 2. Changes in dry matter distribution and sugar content in dry root and their relations with growth and yield of sugar beet

Aguado Santacruz, G.A.; Garcia Moya, E.; Velasco Gonzalez, C.; Flores Flores, J.L., 1996:
Effect of climate on seasonal variations in the botanical composition of semi-arid grasslands

Pilbeam, C.J., 1996:
Effect of climate on the recovery in crop and soil of 15N-labelled fertilizer applied to wheat

Chaurasia, R.; Sharma, P.K.; Mahi, G.S.; Gurmit Singh, 1995:
Effect of climate on wheat yield in central Punjab

Goral, T.; Arseniuk, E., 1991:
Effect of climatic conditions on liberation and dispersal of spores of Leptosphaeria spp. in the air

Deeming, DC., 1997:
Effect of climatic conditions on the behaviour of adult ostriches (Struthio camelus) in Britain

Tsai JinChuan; Chi KungShy; Yao MingHwi; Tsai TsaiWang; Liang LienSheng; Chang YihChang; T.C.inChyu, 1994:
Effect of climatic elements on the occurrence of sheath blight in rice

Abou Hadid, A., 1994:
Effect of climatic factors on potential evapotranspiration

Jha, R.C.; Bisen, R.S., 1994:
Effect of climatic factors on the seasonal incidence of the pink bollworm on cotton crop

Thomas, M.J.; George, K.C.; Thomas, M.J.; Nair, G.R., 1993:
Effect of climatic parameters on the egg production of Japanese quails

Chaurasia, R.; Mahi, G.S.; Prabhjyot Kaur; Mahey, R.K., 1995:
Effect of climatic variations during reproductive phase on grain development and grain yield of wheat

Kolb, E., 1995:
Effect of climatic warming on the nitrogen regime of forest soils

Misra, M.K.; Tripathy, P.C.; Nayak, S.P., 1994:
Effect of clipping on the biomass and primary productivity of a coastal grassland in Orissa

Kalmbacher, R.S.; Mullahey, J.J.; Martin, F.G.; Kretschmer, A.E.J., 1997:
Effect of clipping on yield and nutritive value of 'Suerte' Paspalum atratum

Musgrove, M.T.; Cason, J.A.; Fletcher, D.L.; Stern, N.J.; Cox, N.A.; Bailey, J.S., 1997:
Effect of cloacal plugging on microbial recovery from partially processed broilers

Albuquerque, F.T.; Chow, L.A.; Sa, W.F.; Ferreira, A.M.; Tres, J.E.; Jacob, J.C.F., 1997:
Effect of cloprostenol (ICI-80.996) on uterine involution in crossbred Holstein-Zebu cows

Kozicki, L.E., 1994:
Effect of cloprostenol on anoestrous dairy cows

Krishnamurthy, N.; Rudraradhya, M.; Paramesh, R.; Gururaj Hunsagi, 1994:
Effect of closer spacing and nitrogen dressing for higher biomass production in mesta

BenZvi, A.; Fanar, A., 1996:
Effect of cloud seeding on rainfall intensities in Israel

Abul Khair; Ismet Ara; Joarder, G.K.; Fauzia Begum, 1995:
Effect of clove oil and citral on toxin producing fungal flora of poultry feed

Haberland, R., 1996:
Effect of clover intercrops on weed infestation and yield of sugarbeet

Bucelli, P.; Giannetti, F., 1996:
Effect of cluster-thinning on grape and wine quality

Baer, A.; Ryba, I.; Casey, M., 1997:
Effect of coagulating enzymes and plasmin on the growth of starter bacteria at the start of Emmental cheese manufacture. Preliminary study using model media

Pandey, V.N.; Chaube, R.N.; Srivastava, A.K., 1994:
Effect of coagulation procedures on LPC yield

Verma, N.K.; Pandey, D.D.; Upadhyay, S.K., 1992:
Effect of coal dust pollution on biomass, primary productivity and nutritive value of Aristida cyanantha dominated grasslands of Bihar

Khandkar, U.R.; Gangwar, M.S.; Srivastava, P.C.; Singh, M., 1996:
Effect of coal fly ash application on the elemental composition and yield of some crops and on the properties of a calcareous soil

Harper, G.S.; King, T.J.; Hill, B.D.; Harper, C.M.L.; Hunter, R.A., 1997:
Effect of coal mine pit water on the productivity of cattle. II. Effect of increasing concentrations of pit water on feed intake and health

Fernandez R.I.E.J.; Novais, R.F. de; Alvarez V.V.H.; Fontes, M.P.F.; Ribeiro, A.C., 1997:
Effect of coating Araxa rock phosphate with aluminium on availability of phosphorus and plant growth

Hashem, A.R., 1996:
Effect of cobalt on the growth of pear fruit rot pathogens, Aspergillus candidus and A. clavatus isolated from Saudi Arabia

Sailaja, K.; Rani, P.P.; Mohan, P.M.; Bharathi, D., 1997:
Effect of cobalt on the growth pattern of silkworm Bombyx mori (L)

Sailaja, K.; Rani, P.P.; Mohan, P.M.; Bharathi, D., 1997:
Effect of cobalt on the nitrogenous end products of silkworm Bombyx mori L

Lakshmamma, P.; Raj, A.S.; Rao, L.M., 1996:
Effect of cobalt, phosphorus and potassium on yield and nutrient uptake in groundnut

Ouart, M.D.; Damron, B.L.; Christmas, R.B., 1995:
Effect of coccidiostats on performance, water intake, and litter moisture of broilers

Azhar, I.; Long, G.E., 1996:
Effect of cocoa and pod age on egg distribution and egg parasitism of the cocoa pod borer in Malaysia

Lal, J.J.; Kumar, C.V.S.; Suresh, M.V.; Indira, M.; Vijayammal, P.L., 1997:
Effect of coconut palm wine (Toddy) on carbohydrate metabolism in pregnant rats and fetuses

Thomas, P.G.; Ignotz, G.G.; Ball, B.A.; Brinsko, S.P.; Currie, W.B., 1995:
Effect of coculture with stallion spermatozoa on de novo protein synthesis and secretion by equine oviduct epithelial cells

Onwulata, C.I.; Konstance, R.P.; Smith, P.W.; Holsinger, V.H., 1997:
Effect of coencapsulating milkfat and leavening agents on batter rheology

Pavan, M.A.; Chaves, J.C.D., 1996:
Effect of coffee planting density on changes in soil phosphorus fractions

Kitou, M.; Yoshida, S., 1997:
Effect of coffee residue on the growth of several crop species

Singarum, P., 1994:
Effect of coir pith as an amendment for tannery polluted soils

Sobh, M.; Moustafa, F.; Hamed, S.; Ghoneim, M., 1995:
Effect of colchicine on schistosoma-induced renal amyloidosis in Syrian golden hamsters

Sari, N.; Abak, K., 1996:
Effect of colchicine treatment with different doses and periods of in vitro chromosome doubling in haploid watermelon

Marques, M.C.; Sao Clemente, S.C. de; Barros, G.C. de; Lucena, F.P. de, 1995:
Effect of cold (chilling and freezing) on survival of anisakid nematode larvae in Trichiurus lepturus (L.)

Grubor Lajsic, G.; Block, W.; Telesmanic, M.; Jovanovic, A.; Stevanovic, D.; Baca, F., 1997:
Effect of cold acclimation on the antioxidant defense system of two larval Lepidoptera (Noctuidae)

Uemura, M.; Steponkus, P.L., 1997:
Effect of Cold Acclimation on the Lipid Composition of the Inner and Outer Membrane of the Chloroplast Envelope Isolated from Rye Leaves

Sano, H.; Nakamura, S.; Kobayashi, S.; Takahashi, H.; Terashima, Y., 1995:
Effect of cold exposure on profiles of metabolic and endocrine responses and on responses to feeding and arginine injection in sheep

Wang YiRou; Zeng ShaoXi; Liu HongXian, 1995:
Effect of cold hardening on SOD and glutathione reductase activities and on the contents of the reduced form of glutathione and ascorbic acid in rice and cucumber

Hurry, V.; Keerberg, O.; Parnik, T.; Oquist, G.; Gardestrom, P., 1996:
Effect of Cold Hardening on the Components of Respiratory Decarboxylation in the Light and in the Dark in Leaves of Winter Rye

Cheshmedjieva, S.B.; Vaisberg, C.N.; Kolev, S.I., 1996:
Effect of cold shock and freezing on the release of glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase from buffalo spermatozoa

Vaisberg, T.N.; Cheshmedjieva, S.B.; Kolev, S.I.; Danev, A.D., 1994:
Effect of cold shock on Zn and Mg concentrations in buffalo bull semen

Cheshmedjieva, S.B.; Vaisberg, C., 1994:
Effect of cold shock on phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine of buffalo spermatozoa plasma membranes

Misharin, S.I.; Antipina, A.I.; Voinikov, V.K., 1997:
Effect of cold shock on the antigen composition of winter rye and wheat

Bates, R.M.; Niemiera, A.X., 1997:
Effect of cold storage and pre-transplant desiccation on root growth potential and bud break of bare-root Washington hawthorn and Norway maple

Zhang QiaoSong; Yang WeiEr, 1996:
Effect of cold storage of bulbs on tulip forcing cultivation

Sabba, R.P.; Dean, B.B., 1996:
Effect of cold storage on proteinase and chorismate mutase activities in Solanum tuberosum L. genotypes differing in blackspot susceptibility

Kamal, H.M., 1995:
Effect of cold storage temperatures on storability and quality of date palm fruits

Lee AiCheng; Chang HsiShan; Sheen HawShan; Hung LienTsung, 1995:
Effect of cold storage time of raw goat milk on the quality of in-can long life goat milk during storage

Chang HsiChan; Sheen HawShan; Lee AiCheng; Hung LienTsung, 1996:
Effect of cold storage time on the protein and milk fat content of goat raw milk and in canned sterilized milk during storage

Hewitt, Alan D., 1996:
Effect of collection and handling practices on concentrations of volatile organic compounds detected in soil subsamples

Anderson, S.J.; Sanders, K.E.; Steyer, K.J., 1996:
Effect of colloidal goethite and kaolinite on colorimetric phosphate analysis

Pare, D.; Bergeron, Y., 1996:
Effect of colonizing tree species on soil nutrient availability in a clay soil of the boreal mixedwood

Sakai, T.; Yoon, C.S.n; Hamakawa, M., 1996:
Effect of colostral immunoglobulins on rotavirus infection in newborn calves

Faria Junior, M.J. de A.; Nienow, A.A.; Yamamoto, P.T.; Munuera, M.C.M.; Castellane, P.D.; Araujo, J.A.C. de, 1994:
Effect of colour of plastic mulch on the Italian squash Caserta (Cucurbita pepo var. melopepo) and on soil temperature

Yamaguchi, T.; Ito, A.; Koshioka, M., 1996:
Effect of combination of reflective film mulching and shading treatments on the growth of carnation

E.Z.yat, M.M.; Mostafa, M.H.; Farahat, A.A.; Saad, N.H.; Shaarawy, N.S.M., 1992:
Effect of combinations of gamma irradiation, hot water, sodium chloride, and acetic acid treatments on potato-dry-rot

Welch, J.A.; Kraus, K.H.; Wells, M.R.; Blunt, D.G.; Weremowitz, J., 1997:
Effect of combined administration of insulin-like growth factor and platelet-derived growth factor on the regeneration of transected and anastomosed sciatic nerve in rats

Joseph, B.; Varma, S.C.; Sreemannarayana, B., 1996:
Effect of combined application of 'Jalshakti' and sulphur on yield and quality of chickpea

Shaposhnikova, I.M.; Falynskov, E.M., 1995:
Effect of combined application of fertilizers and pesticides on the productivity of crops in a rotation

Szkilnik, R.; Felinska, W.; Nowak, P.; Brus, R., 1997:
Effect of combined cadmium and ethanol prenatal exposure on internal organs and biogenic amines levels in the brains of rat offspring

Gospodinova, M.; Dotchev, D.; Dintchev, T., 1994:
Effect of combined microirrigation of peach trees on yield and amount of applied water

Gospodinova, M.; Dochev, D., 1995:
Effect of combined microirrigation on the mineral composition of peach leaves and fruits

O'Rielly, J.L.; Beard, W.L.; Renn, T.N.; Padden, A.J.; Hinchcliff, K.W., 1997:
Effect of combined staphylectomy and laryngotomy on upper airway mechanics in clinically normal horses

Velebny, S.; Tomasovicova, O.; Hrckova, G.; Dubinsky, P., 1996:
Effect of combined therapy with anthelmintics and an immunomodulator on the elimination of the migrating Toxocara canis larvae in the paratenic host

Rogalski, L.; Kurowski, T.; Czajka, W., 1996:
Effect of combined urea-fungicide treatments by aerial spraying on disease occurrence and yield of winter wheat and spring barley

Ray, P.K.; Yadav, J.P., 1996:
Effect of combined use of organic manures and chemical fertilizers on growth and productivity of banana

Jha, J.N.; Roy, B.; Singh, S.P., 1992:
Effect of combined-application of organic manures and inorganic fertilizer on rice and their residue on wheat

Zakson, M.; Gregory, L.M.; Endris, R.G.; Shoop, W.L., 1995:
Effect of combing time on cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis) recovery from dogs

Wang KaiRong; Gong ZhongQun; L.Y.uWei, 1993:
Effect of combining application of fertilizers to red field on tea yield and quality

Logiswaran, G.; Venugopal, M.S., 1996:
Effect of combining insecticides and neem oil on the transpiration of rice plants

Asokan, R.; Mohan, K.S.; Gopalakrishnan, C., 1996:
Effect of commercial formulations of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner on yield of cabbage

Tikkanen, L.M.; Latva Kala, K.J.; Heinio, R.L., 1996:
Effect of commercial marinades on the mutagenic activity, sensory quality and amount of heterocyclic amines in chicken grilled under different conditions

Das, C.; Setua, M.; Ghosh, J.K.; Sen, S.K., 1994:
Effect of commercial micronutrient formulation on the leaf yield attributes and physiobiochemical characters of white mulberry

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Effect of cycocel on induction of biotic tolerance in cassava (Manihot esculenta)

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Effect of cytokinins on multiplication of Hypocyrta glabra Hook. in vitro

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Effect of cytoplasm on expression of 'white centre' in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

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Effect of daily exercise on the getting up and lying down behaviour of tied dairy cows

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Effect of daily hyperhydration on fluid-electrolyte changes in endurance-trained volunteers during prolonged restriction of muscular activity

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Effect of date of planting on the extent of damage by the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella on cabbage

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Effect of day length and temperature on fertility in photo(thermo)sensitive genetically male-sterile rice

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Effect of day length and temperature on the pollen fertility in photo(thermo)-sensitive genic male-sterile rice

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Effect of day length during plant development and caryopsis maturation on flowering and germination, in addition to temperature during dry storage and light during wetting, of Schismus arabicus (Poaceae) in the Negev Desert, Israel

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Effect of day length on germination of seeds collected in Alaska

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Effect of daylength on equine reproduction

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Effect of dietary cholesterol on postprandial lipoproteins in three phenotypic groups

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Effect of dietary corn oil, butter and beef tallow on the cecal microflora and short-chain fatty acids in rats

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Effect of different cryoprotective media on the acrosomal integrity of buffalo bull spermatozoa after deep freezing

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Effect of different intra-row spacings on the growth of pigeonpea and urdbean intercropping

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Effect of different irrigation cut-off times on the production of processing tomatoes

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Effect of different irrigation patterns on tomato crop. II. Indicators of water relations and their relationship with yield

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Effect of different irrigation schedules and methods of sowing and irrigation on yield, economics, and water saving in summer groundnut

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Effect of different irrigation schedules on consumptive use and irrigation requirement of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

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Effect of different irrigation strategies on the mortality of pepper by Phytophthora capsici Leonian in greenhouses

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Effect of different irrigation water salinities on the chemical composition of soybean

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Effect of different land layouts and rainfall on infiltration characteristics of Vertisol during kharif and rabi season

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Effect of different levels and methods of sulfur application on growth and yield of blackgram

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Effect of different levels and sources of zinc on wheat in different soils

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Effect of different levels of an ascorbic acid and tea mixture on nonheme iron absorption from a typical Tunisian meal fed to healthy rats

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Effect of different levels of crude protein and metabolizable energy on the performance of Plymouth Rock Barred hens

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Effect of different levels of defoliation on the growth, cropping and quality of sweet peppers in greenhouse cultivation

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Effect of different levels of endox and fat on the quality of stored feed

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Effect of different levels of expeller sunflower seed meal in broiler diets

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Effect of different levels of fat, SNF and acidity on the sensory qualities of frozen yoghurt

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Effect of different levels of fertilizer application on growth of tomato seedlings grown in seedling trays

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Effect of different levels of nitrogen and different spacings on growth and yield of cabbage

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Effect of different levels of nitrogen and phosphorus on yield of different cultivars of radish

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Effect of different levels of nitrogen and time of sowing on incidence of grain mold in pearl millet

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Effect of different levels of nitrogen fertilizer on growth rate at maturity (GRM) and yield of rice hybrids

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Effect of different levels of nitrogen of the incidence of whitefly Bemisia tabaci Genn. in four varieties of brinjal

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Effect of different levels of nitrogen on N P K status of various organs of 'Santa Rosa' plum (Prunus salicina)

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