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Effect of crystalline sweeteners on the water activity and shelf stability of osmotically dehydrated guava

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture 11(6): 755-761

Effect of crystalline sweeteners on the water activity and shelf stability of osmotically dehydrated guava

Intermediate moisture (IM) sweetened guava slices were prepared using dry crystalline sweeteners namely sucrose commercial grade and sucrose/glucose (7:3) mixture. the guava slices after osmotic dehydration in these sweeteners were subsequently cabinet dehydrated to a moisture content of 21%. the water activity (aw) after osmotic and cabinet dehydration was determined. The aw of the slices osmotically dehydrated in 60% sucrose and sucrose/glucose (7:3) mixture was 0.80 and 0.77 respectively. The aw of these slices after cabinet dehydration was reduced to 0.66 and 0.63 respectively. Sucrose/glucose (7:3) mixture was found to be more effective sweetener in lowering the water activity and better shelf stability of the slices. No significant changes were noted in organoleptic characteristic of the slices during four month storage studies, however, the ascorbic acid lost significantly.

Accession: 002811383

Related references

Mohammad Ayub, 2003: Effect of sweeteners on the water activity and shelf stability of osmotically dehydrated persimmon slices. The solutions of 3 sweeteners namely sucrose, sucrose:glucose (suc:glu, 7:3) and corn syrup at different concentrations (20-50 degrees Brix) were used to prepare osmotically dehydrated, shelf stable, non-astringent persimmon slices. The fruits wer...

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