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Effect of ethephon treatment on cell wall release and softening in rin-tomato fruits during postharvest ripening

Park, S.W.; Lee, S.K.

Journal of the Korean Society for Horticultural Science 37(5): 671-674


Accession: 002812508

At stage III after harvest, the hardness of ethephon-treated rin tomato fruit decreased greatly, but the mutant did not soften as much as normal fruit. The attached rin tomato fruits hardly lost their hardness at harvest. The ethephon-treated rin tomato fruits produced larger amounts of water-soluble pectin than the nontreated and vine-attached ones, whereas the vine-attached rin tomato fruit showed the lowest level of water-soluble pectin. In EDTA-soluble pectin level there was little difference between normal and rin tomatoes, but the latter had the higher amounts of pectinase-soluble pectin than the former. The ethephon-treated rin tomato fruit also resulted in the most vigorous release of CWB Ca++, Mg++ and K+. These results mean that ethylene contribute directly or indirectly to cell wall degradation and softening in tomato pericarp tissue, which are affected by the composition and structure of cell wall.

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