Effect of growth potential and the amount of protein in the diet on performance and nitrogen excretion in growing-finishing pigs fed to appetite

Quiniou, N.; Dourmad, J.Y.; Henry, Y.; Bourdon, D.; Guillou, D.

Journees de la Recherche Porcine en France 26: 91-96


Accession: 002813460

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From about 30 to 100 kg liveweight 120 Large White (LW) and Pietrain x LW female and castrated male pigs were given 1 of 3 diets to appetite based on wheat and soyabean meal containing 17.8, 15.5 or 13.6% CP. Diets were balanced with supplements of synthetic amino acids and had the same NE content. Feed intake, mean daily gain and carcass characteristics were affected by genotype and sex but not by dietary CP content. Mean nitrogen excretion was 11% lower in crossbred than in LW pigs and 6% lower in females than in males. N excretion was 33 and 18% lower for diets with 13.6 and 15.5% CP than with 17.8% CP.