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Effect of multi-times feeding on rumination in Tokara goats

Science Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture Kyushu University 49(3-4): 191-196

Effect of multi-times feeding on rumination in Tokara goats

Accession: 002815122

Related references

Song, Y.H., 1994: Effects of feeding rice straw treated with ammonia and sulphur dioxide on the eating and lying behaviour in Tokara goats. The eating and lying behaviour of Tokara goats was investigated when fed with rice straw untreated(US) or treated(TS) with anhydrous ammonia and sulphur dioxide. Six castrated Tokara goats, aged 6 months. and each weighing 15kg were fed with US, o...

Geoffroy, F., 1974: Comparative study of feeding behavior and rumination in goats and sheep. Annales de zootechnie: 3 (1) 63-73

Jiao, J.; Wu, J.; Zhou, C.; Tang, S.; Wang, M.; Tan, Z., 2016: Composition of Ileal Bacterial Community in Grazing Goats Varies across Non-rumination, Transition and Rumination Stages of Life. The establishment of gut microbiota is increasingly recognized as a crucial action in neonatal development, host health and productivity. We hypothesized that the ileal microbiome shifted as goats matured, and this colonization process would be as...

Masson, C.; Kirilov, D.; Faurie, F.; Tisserand, J.L., 1989: Feeding behaviour and rumination in sheep and goats fed with sodium hydroxide treated or untreated barley straw. For 5-week periods, 4 Alpine wether goats, 50 kg, and 4 Ile-de-France wethers, 45 kg, were consecutively given barley straw, untreated, or treated with 4% sodium hydroxide, supplemented with soyabean meal 120 g/kg straw intake. Average daily DM in...

Focant, M., 1984: Feeding behavior, rumination, reticulo-ruminal fermentation and plasma volatile fatty acids, compared in goats and sheep; influence of the diet. Two-year old Alpine she-goats (n = 3) and Texel ewes (n = 3) were compared as to eating behaviour, rumination and volatile fatty acids (VFA) in rumen and blood. The animals were fed once daily with two different proportions (20 and 80%) of barley...

Byskov, M.V.; Schulze, A.K.S.; Weisbjerg, M.R.; Markussen, B.; Nørgaard, P., 2014: Recording rumination time by a rumination monitoring system in Jersey heifers fed grass/clover silage and hay at three feeding levels. This study was conducted with the objective to validate a rumination monitoring system (RMS). The RMS was developed by SCR Engineers Ltd. (Netanya, Israel) to record individual rumination times in commercial dairy herds. Four heifers were fed 4 fo...

Moon, S.H.; Enishi, O.; Hirota, H., 1994: Effect of supplementary concentrate on eating and rumination behavior in goats fed rye (Secale cereale L.) silage. 12 Shiba goats were fed on diets containing rye (Secale cereale) silage ad libitum and concentrates at 0, 0.1, 0.5 and 1% of body weight (groups G1 to G4, respectively). Eating and ruminating time were reduced with increasing concentrate. Eating t...

Gordon, John G., 1958: The effect of time of feeding upon rumination. When 2 adult sheep were housed and fed once a day and the time of feeding was advanced round the clock by 4 hour periods each week, the time when rumination occurred was independent of any time relationships with eating. Sheep, however, showed a p...

Bungo, T.; Shimojo, M.; Nakano, Y.; Okano, K.; Masuda, Y.; Goto, I., 1998: Relationship between nursing and suckling behaviour in Tokara native goats. Data on suckling behaviour in Tokara native goats were collected from six mother-kid pairs which were reared separately. Each pair was observed for suckling bouts (the duration of time during which kid pulled at or was in contact with the udder) a...

Asahi, Minoru, 1960: On the free-ranging herd of Tokara goats in Tomogasima Island. The Tokara goat, a primitive oriental race, is native to the Tokara Islands, south of Kyushu. In July, 1955, 6 males and 4 females of this race were brought into Tomogasima, a small island at the entrance of Osaka Bay. The island is covered with e...