Section 3
Chapter 2,816

Effect of nitrogen dose and sowing rate of oats on symbiotic nitrogen fixation and yield of peas-oats mixture under the conditions of North Kol'sky

Egorov, V.I.

Agrokhimiya 12: 35-40


Accession: 002815313

In small-plot trials on illuvial-humic podzolic soil in 1986-87, peas were sown at 2 million germinable seeds/ha in mixtures with oats at 1.5, 2.25 or 3.0 million seeds/ha; 0, 60 or 120 kg N + 80 kg P2O5 + 80 kg K2O/ha was applied before sowing. Nitrogenase activity of peas was determined at 4 dates between late June and early Aug. Low temperature limited N fixation in June 1987 and average rates over the season were lower than in 1986.

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