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Effect of nitrogen fertilizer applied to winter oilseed rape (Brassica napus) on soil mineral nitrogen after harvest and on the response of a succeeding crop of winter wheat to nitrogen fertilizer

Shepherd, M.A.; Sylvester Bradley, R.

Journal of Agricultural Science 126(1): 63-74


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8596
DOI: 10.1017/s002185960008881x
Accession: 002815340

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Soil mineral nitrogen (Nmin) was measured to 90 cm at a total of 12 sites in the UK in the autumn after an oilseed rape experiment, which measured responses to fertilizer N. On average, Nmin increased by 15 kg/ha per 100 kg/ha fertilizer N applied to the rape, up to the economic optimum amount of N (Nopt).