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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2819

Chapter 2819 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hassan, M.S.; Ismail, T.I.M.; Mansour, M.M.; Sherief, M.; Abdou, M.S.S., 1997:
Effect of stimulating cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) pathway on bovine sperm parameters

Gazzoni, D.L.; Malaguido, A.B., 1996:
Effect of stink bugs on yield, seed damage and agronomic traits of soybeans (Glycine max)

Gauryl' chyk, E.S., 1994:
Effect of stocking density on feed intake of Chinese oak silkworm larvae

A.Jerian, A.A., 1996:
Effect of stocking density on growth of the Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus (L.) reared in glass cages

Ali, M.M., 1994:
Effect of stocking density on performance and immune response of broilers

Das, S.K.; Bujarbaruah, K.M.; Das, A.B., 1996:
Effect of stocking density on the performance of Soviet chinchilla rabbit

Sabrh, H.A.; Shalash, M.R.; Ashoub, M.R.; A.W.keel, A.M.; Hassan, S.G., 1992:
Effect of stocking density, age and body weight on some reproductive performance of Barki ewes

Berg, A.J.; Sigholt, T.; Seland, A.; Danielsberg, A., 1996:
Effect of stocking density, oxygen level, light regime and swimming velocity on the incidence of sexual maturation in adult Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

Janiszewska, M.; Bochno, R.; Lewczuk, A.; Rymkiewicz, J., 1997:
Effect of stocking rate and restricted feeding on performance results and slaughter value of crossbreds of Muscovy drakes with Pekin ducks

Quadros, S.A.F. de; Lobato, J.F.P., 1996:
Effect of stocking rate on the reproductive performance of primiparous beef cows

Teichert Coddington, David R., 1996:
Effect of stocking ratio on semi-intensive polyculture of Colossoma macropomum and Oreochromis niloticus in Honduras, Central America

Czarniecka Skubina, E.; Wachowicz, I.; Zalewski, S., 1996:
Effect of storage and culinary process parameters on sensory quality, carotenoid content as well as nitrate and nitrite contamination level in boiled carrot

Wieczorek, C.; Traczyk, I., 1995:
Effect of storage and of some technological processes on the concentrations of nitrates, nitrites and vitamin C in white cabbage

Sushmita Gupta; Yamini Chaturvedi; Ranjana Nagar, 1997:
Effect of storage and ripening on peroxidase enzyme, some nutritional and antinutritional factors present in the pulp and seeds of pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima)

Chapman, P.J.; Shand, C.A.; Edwards, A.C.; Smith, S., 1997:
Effect of storage and sieving on the phosphorus composition of soil solution

Ehrlichmann, H.; Eisentrager, A.; Moeller, M.; Dott, W., 1997:
Effect of storage conditions of soil on ecotoxicological assessment

Verma, O.P.; Singh, P.V.; Karan Singh, 1993:
Effect of storage conditions on germination of Indian mustard seeds (Brassica juncea L. Czern & Coss)

Anonymous, 1996:
Effect of storage conditions on infectivity level of VA mycorrhizal fungi

Sumiyoshi, T., 1996:
Effect of storage conditions on seed dormancy and germination of Scirpus juncoides Roxb. subsp. juncoides and S. wallichii Nees

Anjana Rajput; Mishra, G.P., 1996:
Effect of storage conditions on seed longevity

Kim, J.S.; Hwang, I.T.; Cho, K.Y., 1996:
Effect of storage conditions on the dormancy release and the induction of secondary dormancy in weed seeds

Tripathy, S.K.; Patra, A.K.; Samui, R.C.; Nanda, M.K., 1996:
Effect of storage containers on storability of groundnut seeds and their performance in the field

Bartov, I., 1996:
Effect of storage duration on the nutritional value of corn kernels for broiler chicks

Sang ChaeKyu; Choi ByeongJin; Koh JaeChul, 1996:
Effect of storage humidity and temperature on seed germination of pasque flower (Pulsatilla cernua var. koreana)

Gaur, H.S.; Beane, J.; Perry, R.N., 1996:
Effect of storage in vitro and in soil on the hatch from cysts of the pigeonpea cyst nematode, Heterodera cajani

Misra, K.K.; Ranvir Singh; Jaiswal, H.R., 1996:
Effect of storage media and period of storage on the weight loss and survival of hardwood stem cuttings of lemon (Citrus limon Burm.)

Massiot, P.; Baron, A.; Drilleau, J.F., 1996:
Effect of storage of apple on the enzymatic hydrolysis of cell wall polysaccharides

Kumar, R.A.; Devanathan, T.G.; Pattabiraman, S.R., 1996:
Effect of storage of bovine cervical mucus on sperm - migration in-vitro

Previero, C.A.; Martins, L.; Fonseca, R.H.A.; Groth, D., 1996:
Effect of storage of guinea grass (Panicum maximum Jacq.) on treatments to break seed dormancy

Hilali, S.; Antari, A.; Ajana, H., 1995:
Effect of storage of olives (cv. Picholine Marocaine) on the quality of the oil

Schafer, M.; Roffael, E., 1996:
Effect of storage of residues from saw mill processing of pine and spruce and its suitability as a raw material for particleboards and medium density fibre boards (MDF) Part 2: analytical and microscopical investigations on the change of extractive contents of saw mill residues of pine and spruce

Schafer, M.; Roffael, E., 1997:
Effect of storage of residues from saw mill processing of pine and spruce and its suitability as a raw material for particleboards and medium density fibre boards (MDF). Part 5: chemical properties of particles and fibres derived from pine and spruce wood felled in spring and their influence on properties of particleboards and fibreboards prepared from them

Schafer, M.; Roffael, E., 1996:
Effect of storage of residues from saw mill processing of pine and spruce on its suitability as a raw material for particleboards and medium density fibreboards (MDF). Part 3: effect of storage of saw mill residues derived from wood felled in winter on adhesion relevant properties of chips and fibres prepared therefrom

Schafer, M.; Roffael, E., 1997:
Effect of storage of residues from sawmill processing of pine and spruce and its suitability as a raw material for particleboards and medium density fibreboards (MDF). Part 4: Physical-technological and chemical properties of particle- and fibreboards made from sawmill residues of pine and spruce felled in winter

Flores V.Z., 1996:
Effect of storage on quality of Brachiaria dictyoneura seeds

Hamed, A.; Khader, A.; A.K.amy, A.F.; E.G.rawany, G.A.; Abd E.S.lam, M.H., 1997:
Effect of storage on the composition, rheological properties and organoleptic quality of commercial processed cheeses

Leite, I.P.; Vilela, E.R.; Carvalho, V.D. de, 1996:
Effect of storage on the physical and chemical composition of coffee beans under different processing methods

Calcagno, C.; Evangelisti, F.; Zunin, P., 1996:
Effect of storage on the protein quality of dried infant formulae for early infancy

Colina, C. de la; Sanchez Rasero, F.; Dios, G.; Romero, E.; Pena, A., 1997:
Effect of storage on the recovery of different types of pesticides using a solid-phase extraction method

Sihag, Z.S.; Chahal, S.M., 1997:
Effect of storage on the stability of urea molasses mineral block (UMMB) licks

E.B.zza, Z.E.; Roushdy, H.M.; Farrag, H.A.; E.T.blawy, S.Y., 1996:
Effect of storage on total moulds counts in certain locally marketed medicinal herbs and possible decontamination by gamma irradiation

Floot, H.W.G., 1995:
Effect of storage on tuber size distribution and yield of seed potatoes

Gilbert, J.T.kauz, A.W.ods, S., 1997:
Effect of storage on viability of Fusarium head blight-affected spring wheat seed

Resende, J.C.F. de; Reis, M.S.; Sediyama, C.S.; Sediyama, T.; Gomes, J.L.L., 1995:
Effect of storage period on germination and health of soyabean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) seeds

Huang ChaoChia; Chen HsuenTzu; Wang TsuTsuen, 1995:
Effect of storage temperature and chemical treatment on the quality of Phalaenopsis cut flowers

Chaudhury, R.; Chaudhury, R., 1996:
Effect of storage temperature and moisture on the survival of the white tip nematode, Aphelenchoides besseyi, and infested paddy, Oryza sativa, seeds

Watanabe, O.; Enomoto, T.; Nishi, K.; Matano, T.; Tominaga, T., 1996:
Effect of storage temperature and period on seed germination of Poa crassinervis Honda

Jeong JinCheol; Park KuenWoo; Yang YongJoon, 1996:
Effect of storage temperature and reconditioning on the processing quality of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) tubers

Jeong YeonOk; Cho JeoungLai, 1996:
Effect of storage temperature and repriming of primed pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) seeds on the germinability

Nelson, M.L.; Bozich, M.J., 1996:
Effect of storage temperature and time on fiber content of fresh and ensiled alfalfa

Kim,; Kubo, Y.; Inaba, A.; Nakamura, R., 1996:
Effect of storage temperature on keeping quality of tomato and strawberry fruits

Feijoo, S.C.; Cotton, L.N.; Watson, C.E.; Martin, J.H., 1997:
Effect of storage temperatures and ingredients on growth of Bacillus cereus in coffee creamers

E.S.iekh, A.F.; Habiba, R.A., 1996:
Effect of storage time on the quality of peach fruit held in cold storage in different types of packaging

Kato, S.; Kawamura, T.; Goto, T.; Ohguchi, H.; Toyoshima, K., 1994:
Effect of storing condition on interior quality of quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) eggs

Siwulski, M.; Sobieralski, K., 1995:
Effect of storing oyster mushroom on weight losses

ElHassanein, E.E., 1997:
Effect of storing temperature on the metabolic activity of bull spermatozoa

Owens, L.; Austin, D.A.; Austin, B., 1996:
Effect of strain origin on siderophore production in Vibrio harveyi isolates

Gonzalez, H.O.; Carballo, M.; Blanco, H., 1996:
Effect of strains of Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill on the mortality of Ecdytolopha torticornis (Meyrick) on macadamia

Zinsstag, J.; Ankers, P.; Dempfle, L.; Njie, M.; Kaufmann, J.; Itty, P.; Pfister, K.; Pandey, V.S., 1997:
Effect of strategic gastrointestinal nematode control on growth of N'Dama cattle in Gambia

Kuraz, V.; Cermak, P.; Gurtz, J., 1996:
Effect of stratification of reclaimed sloping spoil heap soils on the water regime

Bowerman, P., 1995:
Effect of straw disposal method and efficacy of herbicides on grass weeds

Holm, L. van; Senviratne, G.; Puype, C.; Bowatte, S.; Ratnayake, U., 1996:
Effect of straw incorporation on soil N-pool in submerged rice

Wooldridge, J.; Joubert, M.E., 1995:
Effect of straw mulching on hardwood cuttings

Fen JinQuan; Wang ZhongYing, 1996:
Effect of straw mulching on several physiological indexes of apple leaves

Madden, L.V.; Boudreau, M.A., 1997:
Effect of Strawberry Density on the Spread of Anthracnose Caused by Colletotrichum acutatum

Walsh, D.B.; Zalom, F.G.; Shaw, D.V.; Welch, N.C., 1996:
Effect of strawberry plant physiological status on the translaminar activity of avermectin B1 and its efficacy against the twospotted spider mite (Acari: Tetranychidae)

Kropp, K.A.; Klamczynsski, A., 1994:
Effect of strawberry plantation management on cropping and fruit quality

Thurmond, D.P.; Miller, K.V.; Harris, T.G., 1995:
Effect of streamside management zone width on avifauna communities

Zylan, K.D.; Brown, S.D., 1996:
Effect of stress and food variety on food intake in male and female rats

Leshem, Y.Y.; Haramaty, E.; Iluz, D.; Malik, Z.; Sofer, Y.; Roitman, L.; Leshem, Y., 1997:
Effect of stress nitric oxide (NO): interaction between chlorophyll fluorescence, galactolipid fluidity and lipoxygenase activity

Chen, J.M.; Han, X.G., 1996:
Effect of stress of Heterodera glycines on the physiological and biochemical index of soyabeans

Lan, H.C.; Reddy, P.G.; Chambers, M.A.; Walker, G.; Srivastava, K.K.; Ferguson, J.A., 1995:
Effect of stress on interleukin-2 receptor expression by bovine mononuclear leukocytes

Mate, D.; Turek, P.; Nagy, J., 1996 :
Effect of stress on the cholesterol level in the blood serum of laying hens and in egg yolk

Kravchenko, A.N.; Saltanovich, T.I.; Danailov, Z., 1994:
Effect of stress temperature on the male gametophyte in tomato

Reche, A.; Lazaro, J.J.; Hermoso, R.; Chueca, A., 1995:
Effect of stromal pH in fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase thioredoxin f interactions

Kin, A.G.; Ledent, J.F., 1994:
Effect of strong winds on young maize seedlings

Sankhayan, P.L., 1995:
Effect of structural adjustment policies on resource management at peasant household level in Tanzania

Ratajczak, E.; Szostak, A.; Bidzinska, G., 1996:
Effect of structural changes in wood processing industries on the level of production and consumption of wood products

Callot, G.; Jaillard, B., 1996:
Effect of structural characteristics of subsoil on the fruiting of Tuber melanosporum and other mycorrhizal fungi

Gens, A.; Alonso, E.E.; Suriol, J.; Lloret, A., 1995:
Effect of structure on the volumetric behaviour of a compacted soil

Cuadra, C. de la; Millares de Imperial, R.; Calvo, R.; Walter, I.; Bigeriego, M., 1996:
Effect of stubble burning on dormancy of Avena sterilis ssp. ludoviciana (Dur) Nyman

Scott, D.B., 1994:
Effect of stubble management on cereal diseases caused by soil-borne fungi

Kyriakou, A.; Eliades, G.; Ioannou, N.; Kapari Isaia, T., 1996:
Effect of stubborn disease on growth, yield and fruit quality of Frost Washington Navel and Frost Valencia oranges in Cyprus

Young, L.L.; Northcutt, J.K.; Lyon, C.E., 1996:
Effect of stunning time and polyphosphates on quality of cooked chicken breast meat

Meenakshi, V.; Karpagaganapathi, P.R., 1996:
Effect of sub-lethal concentration of phosphamidon on certain haematological parameters of the male garden lizard Calotes versicolor (Daud)

Makhdoomi, A.A.; Gupta, H.K., 1996:
Effect of subabul (Leucaena leucocephala) feeding on serum calcium, inorganic phosphorus, copper and wool in sheep

Palled, Y.B.; Manuappa, K.; Desai, B.K.; Guggari, A.K.; Prabhakar, A.S., 1997:
Effect of subabul (Leucaena leucocephala) green-manuring on alley cropped maize (Zea mays) under irrigated red soils

Hore, S.K.; Maiti, S.K.; Chauhan, H.V.S.; Roy, S., 1996:
Effect of subacute exposure of ivermectin on some blood parameters in rats

Ras, A.; Janowski, T.; Zdunczyk, S., 1996:
Effect of subclinical and acute acidosis in pregnant cows on the course of pregnancy and the steroid hormone profile

Domingues, P.F.; Longoni, H.; Rocha, G.P. da; Junior, J.R.; Curi, P.R.; Neves, I.R., 1996:
Effect of subclinical mastitis on body weight of Nelore calves

Peris, C.; Diaz, J.R.; Fernandez, N.; Rodriguez, M., 1996:
Effect of subclinical mastitis on milk yield of Manchega ewes: preliminary results

Nicolau, E.S.; Nader Filho, A.; Amaral, L.A. do; Rossi Junior, O.D., 1996:
Effect of subclinical staphylococcal mastitis on physical, chemical and cellular characteristics of milk

Golias, J.; Kopec, K., 1993:
Effect of subcritical temperatures on ethylene production in apples

Rabindra Nath; Jaipuryar, A.R.K., 1996:
Effect of sublethal concentration of lindane on peripheral hemogram in the fish Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch)

Bhatia, A.; Puneet Singh; Jasdeep Kaur, 1996:
Effect of sublethal concentration of methyl parathion on some haematological and non specific immunological parameters of mice

Wall, David A., 1996:
Effect of sublethal dosages of 2,4-D on annual broadleaf crops

E.M.rgawi, R.A.; Hussein, H.F., 1997:
Effect of sublethal dose of glyphosate on protein quality of Vicia faba seeds

Ghaffar, A.; Jepson, P.C., 1997:
Effect of sublethal doses of cypermethrin and deltamethrin on the growth and development of Spodoptera littoralis

Soh, C.H.; Yang, K.S.; Kwon, Y.W., 1996:
Effect of submergence and air exposure of the shoot on growth, nutrient uptake and photosynthesis in Monochoria vaginalis Presl

Hirano, T.; Uchida, N.; Azuma, T.; Yasuda, T., 1996:
Effect of submergence on distribution of photoassimilates and activities of sucrose metabolizing enzymes in sink organs of floating rice

Prasad, R.; Prasad, B.L.; Sakal, R., 1996 :
Effect of submergence on the transformation of zinc forms in old alluvial soils growing rice as related to soil properties-II. Transformation of applied zinc

Kuklenko, E.A.; Gorbatenko, I.Y.; Zoz, N.N., 1995:
Effect of subminimal doses of phenoxane on the growth of tomato apices in relation to the composition of the nutrient media

Sarmadnia, G.H., 1995:
Effect of suboptimal temperature during germination on vegetative and reproductive growth of five winter wheat cultivars

Dimenstein, R.; Trugo, N.M.F.; Donangelo, C.M.; Trugo, L.C.; Anastacio, A.S., 1996:
Effect of subsequent maternal vitamin-A status on placental transfer of retinol and beta-carotene to the human fetus

Park, J.M.eon; Ro, H.M.oung; Yiem, M.S.on; Kim, K.Y.ol, 1997:
Effect of subsoil-breaking impact on some soil physical properties and fruit quality of apples

Evans, S.D.; Lindstrom, M.J.; Voorhees, W.B.; Moncrief, J.F.; Nelson, G.A., 1996:
Effect of subsoiling and subsequent tillage on soil bulk density, soil moisture, and corn yield

Wang ShiXin; Cui JianBo; Zhuang JiPing, 1996:
Effect of subsoiling on crop yield in the semi-arid area of west Liaoning and its mode of action

Buzatti, W.J.S.; Mundstock, C.M., 1994:
Effect of subsoiling on growth and yield of sunflowers

Richter, R.; Hlusek, J., 1995:
Effect of substances separated from oxihumolite on selected vegetable species

Carpenter, J.E.; Hidrayani ; Nelly, N.; Mullinix, B.G., 1997:
Effect of substerilizing doses of radiation on sperm precedence in fall armyworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Weissenberg, M.M.isner, J.K.ein, M.S.haeffler, I.E.iyahu, M.S.hmutterer, H.A.cher, K., 1997:
Effect of substituent and ring changes in naturally occurring naphthoquinones on the feeding response of larvae of the Mexican bean beetle, Epilachna varivestis

Manrao, M.R.; Jolly, M.; Sharma, J.R.; Kalsi, P.S., 1996:
Effect of substituents on the antifungal activity of 4-thiazolidinones derived from 4-methoxybenzalanilines

Correia, E. de S.; Gomes, S.Z., 1996:
Effect of substituting maize with cassava meal on growth, feed conversion and survival rate in Malaysian prawns (Macrobrachium rosenbergii De Man, 1879)

Gomes, S.Z.; Correia, E. de S., 1996:
Effect of substituting maize with cassava meal on voluntary intake of DM by Malaysian prawns (Macrobrachium rosenbergii De Man, 1879)

Clavero, T.; Bolivar, M.; Gutierrez, D.; Razz, R.; Araujo Febres, O.; Rodriquez, A., 1996:
Effect of substitution of concentrate with Gliricidia sepium leaves on feed intake and nitrogen balance in sheep

Sanchez, C.; Garcia de H.M., 1994:
Effect of substitution of grass hay with sugarcane bagasse enriched with molasses and urea or poultry manure on the productive performance of goats

E.Razik, W.A., 1996:
Effect of substitution of tomato pomace for corn in growing rabbit diets on growth performance and carcass traits

Alarcon Bustamante, M.; Iglesias Gutierrez, L., 1992:
Effect of substrate and fertilizer on development of Pinus durangensis in the nursery

Souza, P.V.D. de; Morales, C.F.G.; Koller, O.C.; Barradas, C.M.F.; Silveira, D.F. da, 1995:
Effect of substrate and mycorrhizal fungi on root development of orange cuttings (Citrus sinensis Osb. cv. Valencia)

Dutra, L.F.; Kersten, E., 1996:
Effect of substrate and time of collection on rooting of plum (Prunus salicina Lindl.) cuttings

Sousa, H.U. de; Menegucci, J.L.P.; Rezende e Silva, C.R. de, 1996:
Effect of substrate composition and rates of simple superphosphate upon growth of banana plantlets obtained through meristem culture

Wheatley, R.; Hackett, C.; Bruce, A.; Kundzewicz, A., 1997:
Effect of substrate composition on production of volatile organic compounds from Trichoderma spp. inhibitory to wood decay fungi

Colauto, N.B.; Eira, A.F. da, 1995:
Effect of substrate containers on Pleurotus sajor-caju (Fr.) Singer production distribution

Pindel, Z., 1994:
Effect of substrate content of mineral elements on the quality of forced tulips

Faber, W.; Pehrson, A.J.rdan, P., 1995:
Effect of substrate drying method on in vitro dry matter disappearance in moose

Iwasaki, T.; Shimizu, M.; Obata, H.; Ogata, M.; Nagata, M.; Yanai, T.; Kitagawa, H.; Sasaki, Y., 1996:
Effect of substrate on indirect immunofluorescence test for canine pemphigus foliaceus

Jaen Contreras, D.; Becerril Roman, A.E., 1994:
Effect of substrate on the development of sour orange trees inoculated with mycorrhizas

Kanazirska, V.; Simidchiev, K., 1995:
Effect of substrate on the nitrogen regime and reproductive performance of tomatoes grown hydroponically

Rakicevic, M.; Jankovic, R.; Stanojevic, V., 1995:
Effect of substrate on the rooting of Colt rootstock

Gaweda, M.; Capecka, E., 1995:
Effect of substrate pH on the accumulation of lead in radish (Raphanus sativus L. subvar. radicula) and spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.)

Kaith, N.S.; Awasthi, R.P., 1994:
Effect of substrate potassium levels on growth and micro-nutrient contents of apple grafts

Startek, L.; Wojcieszczuk, T., 1996:
Effect of substrate properties and growth regulator on rooting in New Guinea impatiens

Deska, J.; Kalembasa, S., 1996:
Effect of substrates containing waste sludge on the biological value of tomato fruits

Matysiak, B.; Nowak, J., 1996:
Effect of substrates on the growth of Anthurium xcultorum, Dieffenbachia and Spathiphyllum wallisii ex vitro in relation to CO2 concentration in the atmosphere

Grazhdani, S.; Jacquin, F.; Sulce, S., 1996:
Effect of subsurface drainage on nutrient pollution of surface waters in south eastern Albania

Sokoowski, A.W., 1994:
Effect of succession upon the biological diversity of forest communities in NE Poland

Steyer, S.; Froidmont, F., 1995:
Effect of successive BYDV inoculation times from October to April on the yield of some barley cultivars

Bijarnia, H.S.; Dixit, V.S., 1996:
Effect of succinic acid on growth and yield of cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis L.)

Andrianova, Y.E.; Safina, N.I.; Maksyutova, N.I.; Kadoshnikova, I.G., 1996:
Effect of succinic acid on yield and quality of farm crops

Rubin, P.A.; Nicaeus, T.E.; Warner, M.A.; Remulla, H.D., 1997:
Effect of sucralfate and basic fibroblast growth factor on fibrovascular ingrowth into hydroxyapatite and porous polyethylene alloplastic implants using a novel rabbit model

Steinberg, L.M.; Odusola, F.; Mandel, I.D., 1996:
Effect of sucralose in coffee on plaque pH in human subjects

Matsuno, A.Y.; Thibault, L., 1995:
Effect of sucrose and fructose macronutrient diets on feeding behavior of rats

Salvucci, M.E.; Wolfe, G.R.; Hendrix, D.L., 1997:
Effect of sucrose concentration on carbohydrate metabolism in Bemisia argentifolii: biochemical mechanism and physiological role for trehalulose synthesis in the silverleaf whitefly

Petti, S.; Pezzi, R., 1996:
Effect of sucrose consumption on level of Streptococcus mutans in saliva

Jong, N. de; Graaf, C. de; Staveren, W.A. van, 1996:
Effect of sucrose in breakfast items on pleasantness and food intake in the elderly

Mikkelsen, L., 1996:
Effect of sucrose intake and growth conditions on numbers of dental plaque bacteria expressing proteolytic activity

Mikkelsen, L., 1996:
Effect of sucrose intake on numbers of bacteria in plaque expressing extracellular carbohydrate metabolizing enzymes

Iwami, Y.; Schachtele, C.F.; Yamada, T., 1995:
Effect of sucrose monolaurate on acid production, levels of glycolytic intermediates, and enzyme activities of Streptococcus mutans NCTC 10449

Selles, M.B.rgonon, S.V.ladomat, F.C.dina, B.C.dina, C., 1997:
Effect of sucrose on growth and galanthamine production in shoot-clump cultures of Narcissus confusus in liquid-shake medium

Orban, J.I.; Patterson, J.A.; Sutton, A.L.; Richards, G.N., 1997:
Effect of sucrose thermal oligosaccharide caramel, dietary vitamin-mineral level, and brooding temperature on growth and intestinal bacterial populations of broiler chickens

Muren ; Zhang, S.; Wang, J.; Yan, W.; Xu, Z.; Xu, R., 1997:
Effect of sucrose, bovine serum albumin and Zn2+ on cryopreservation of goat spermatozoa

Reddy, B.S.; Singh, K.; Singh, A., 1995:
Effect of sucrose, citric acid and 8-hydroxyquinoline sulphate on the post harvest physiology of tuberose cv. Single

Yu, S.; Kwok, K.H.; Doran, P.M., 1996:
Effect of sucrose, exogenous product concentration, and other culture conditions on growth and steroidal alkaloid production by Solanum aviculare hairy roots

Guinard, J.; Zoumas-Morse, C.M.ri, L.P.nyam, D.K.lara, A., 1996:
Effect of sugar and fat on the acceptability of vanilla ice cream

Loto, C.A., 1993:
Effect of sugar cane and cassava juices as addition agents in the electrodeposition of zinc from acid based solution

Ali, T.; Ali, S.I., 1996:
Effect of sugar concentration on pollinium germination in some members of Asclepiadaceae

Comstock, J.C.; Lockhart, B.E.L., 1996:
Effect of sugarcane bacilliform virus on biomass production of three sugarcane cultivars

Anwar, M.S.; Mirza, M.S.; Ahmad, M.; Muhammad, F., 1992:
Effect of sugarcane mosaic virus on cane stand and yield

Munir Ahmad; Ali, R.; Intizarul Hassan, M., 1992:
Effect of sugarcane mosaic virus on yield and quality of cane

Satish Kumar; Singh, L.P.; Greesh Mohan; Sahni, K.L., 1996:
Effect of sugars on post-thaw motility, liveability and normal acrosome of Holstein Friesian (HF) semen frozen in milk with and without glycerol

Manohar, R.S.i; Rao, P.H.ridas, 1997:
Effect of sugars on the rheological characteristics of biscuit dough and quality of biscuits

Ridley, M.K.; Wesolowski, D.J.; Palmer, D.A.; Benezeth, P.; Kettler, R.M., 1997:
Effect of sulfate on the release rate of Al3+ from gibbsite in low-temperature acidic waters

Ghosh, P.; Jana, P.K.; Sounda, G., 1997:
Effect of sulfur and irrigation on growth, yield, oil content and nutrient uptake by irrigated summer sesame

Lee, I.K.un; Kim,, 1994:
Effect of sulfur dioxide gas and abscisic acid pretreatment on physiological susceptibility and growth damages of coniferous seedlings

Sunarpi; Anderson, J.W., 1996:
Effect of Sulfur Nutrition on the Redistribution of Sulfur in Vegetative Soybean Plants

Mandal, A.B., 1997:
Effect of sulfur on grain yield in wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Migliore, L.; Brambilla, G.; Casoria, P.; Civitareale, C.; Cozzolino, S.; Gaudio, L., 1996:
Effect of sulphadimethoxine contamination on barley (Hordeum distichum L., Poaceae, Liliopsida)

Massonneau, A.C.thala, N.G.ignon, C.D.vidian, J., 1997:
Effect of sulphate deficiency on the plasma membrane polypeptide composition of Brassica napus

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Effect of temperature on extraction of phosphorus and potassium from soils by various extracting solutions

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Effect of temperature on photoperiodic response in a selected 'non-diapause' strain of Pyrrhocoris apterus (Heteroptera)

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Effect of temperature on potential photosynthesis and photosynthetic carbon metabolism in C3-plants with different seasonal patterns of development

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Effect of temperature on the ascorbic acid content of sprouting Dolichos biflorus

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Effect of temperature on the creep of commercial oriented strandboards under cyclic relative humidity

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Effect of temperature on the development and reproduction of Ditylenchus angustus on fungal mat of Botrytis cinerea

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Effect of temperature on the development of the immature stages of Pseudaletia sequax Franclemont (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

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Effect of temperature on the in vitro reproduction of Aphelenchoides rutgersi

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Effect of temperature on the post-diapause development of Monochamus saltuarius (Gebler) (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)

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Effect of temperature on the production of cellulases, xylanases and lytic enzymes by selected Trichoderma reesei mutants

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Effect of temperature on the production of non-specific elicitors by Colletotrichum lindemuthianum in French bean

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Effect of temperature on the recovery of milk solids in cheese

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Effect of temperature shock and elevated incubation temperature on androgenic embryo yield of diploid potato

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Effect of termites and mulch on the physical rehabilitation of structurally crusted soils in the Sahel

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Effect of the application of fertilizers to Zizyphus jujuba a host plant of lac insect

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Effect of the application of organic residues with different C/N ratios on some chemical characteristics of a dark red latosol

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Effect of the association of surface flora on the sensory properties of mould-ripened cheese

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Effect of the balance of amino acids in diet on growth and fattening performance and carcass quality of swine

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Effect of the biological fertilizer Super Fertilisant on the yield and some quality characteristics in carrots and beetroots

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Effect of the bs1 gene in plantain-banana hybrids on response to black sigatoka

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Effect of the callipyge phenotype and cooking method on tenderness of several major lamb muscles

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Effect of the canopy of Retama sphaerocarpa on its understorey in a semiarid environment

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Effect of the chemical composition of rain and of its acidity on agriculture in La Habana

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Effect of the chemical mutagene ethylene imine on the frequency and spectrum of flax mutations

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Effect of the chisel plough and of irrigation on development of sugarcane in a compacted soil

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Effect of the combination of mineral, organic and lime fertilizers on crop yield and quality, the productivity of a grain/sugarbeet rotation and the fertility of leached Chernozems in the southwestern part of the Central Chernozem Zone of Russia. Part 3. Productivity of the grain/sugarbeet rotation, energy payback of fertilizers and change in fertility of leached Chernozems

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Effect of the duration of preincubation on the ability of pig spermatozoa to penetrate oocytes in vitro

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Effect of the ecological conditions on the resistance of Scots pine stands to atmospheric pollution in the steppes

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Effect of the elimination of short lactations and adjustment for milk yield for lactation length on heritabilities and sire ranking in Pitangueiras cattle

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Effect of the entomopathogenic nematode Steinernema carpocapsae on Radopholus similis invasion into banana roots

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Effect of the growing space on the earliness and yield of peppers in plastic greenhouses

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Effect of the growth regulator Atonik on some apple cultivars - effect on shoot growth

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Effect of the growth regulator Atonik on some apple cultivars: effect on growth and quality of fruits

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Effect of the growth regulator Atonik on some apple cultivars: effect on yield and alternate bearing

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Effect of the growth regulator buprofezin on adults and larvae of Cales noacki Howard (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae)

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Effect of the Growth Retardant 3,5-Dioxo-4-butyryl-cyclohexane Carboxylic Acid Ethyl Ester, an Acylcyclohexanedione Compound, on Fruit Growth and Gibberellin Content of Pollinated and Unpollinated Ovaries in Pea

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Effect of the hardwood resource on the sawmill industry in the Central and Appalachian regions

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Effect of the herbicide 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) on the energy metabolism of rat renal cortical mitochondria

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Effect of the herbicide Banvel K on the auxin inhibiting balance in crop and weeds

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Effect of the herbicide Pyradur on host cell wall degradation by the sugarbeet pathogens Rhizoctonia solani and Sclerotium rolfsii

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Effect of the herbicide Roundup on earthworms of the family Lumbricidae in the mountainous meadow ecosystems

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Effect of the herbicide fluazifop-butyl on fungal populations and activity in soil

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Effect of the herbicides fomesafen and imazaquin on the biochemical structure of soyabean leaves and seeds

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Effect of the herd level of production on the monthly test day and cumulative production in different lactations

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Effect of the host plant on the antioxidative defence in the midgut of Lymantria dispar L. caterpillars of different population origins

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Effect of the human immunodeficiency virus epidemic on mortality from opportunistic infections in the United States in 1993

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Effect of the inclusion of levels of maize meal on the fermentation of sugar cane

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Effect of the indigenous drug 'Lipidsol' on certain metabolic parameters in goats

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Effect of the induced drug-metabolizing enzyme activity on the duration of oxolinic acid in fish

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Effect of the induction of parturition on arachidonic acid metabolism by caruncular and allantochorionic tissues in dairy cows

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Effect of the inhalation of nitric oxide on 5-hydroxytryptamine-induced pulmonary hypertension in calves

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Effect of the inhibitors nitrapyrin and sodium chlorate on nitrification and N2O formation in an acid forest soil

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Effect of the insect growth regulators, N-tert-Butyl-N,N'-dibenzoylhydrazines, on neural activity of the American cockroach

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Effect of the insecticide supermethrin on some measures of sheep health under conditions of subchronic poisoning

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Effect of the interaction between sowing density and water level on growth, development and yield of rice during the dry season

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Effect of the intumescent fire-retardant paints on fire resistance in plywood

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Effect of the iron supply on the nutrition of different citrus variety/rootstock combinations using DRIS

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Effect of the laccase gene CNLAC1, on virulence of Cryptococcus neoformans

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Effect of the laser exposure of seeds on the yield and chemical composition of sugar beet roots

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Effect of the level and nature of the source of rumen degradable nitrogen on ruminal digestion in dairy cows

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Effect of the level and type of nitrogen in the consumption of sugar cane forage in fattening bulls

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Effect of the level of Gicabu in the performance of grazing dairy heifers

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Effect of the level of ambient air relative humidity on the state of health and performance of fattening pigs

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Effect of the level of inclusion of leucaena on fiber consumption and digestibility in rams

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Effect of the level of industrial Saccharina on the apparent nutrient retention in broilers

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Effect of the long-term application of mineral fertilizers on the fractional and group composition of humus in dark-gray forest soil and its monitoring

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Effect of the low molecular size (LMS) humic fraction on differentiation processes in leaf explants

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Effect of the lumbricid earthworm Aporrectodea trapezoides on wheat grain yield in the field, in the presence or absence of Rhizoctonia solani and Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici

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Effect of the major herbs and spices in Spanish fermented sausages on Staphylococcus aureus and lactic acid bacteria

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Effect of the management system for sows on social rank and the secretion of cortisol, beta -endorphin and dynorphin

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Effect of the method of cutting the flower stalk on yield of the garlic type Dolnoslaski

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Effect of the method of soil cultivation and fertilizer application on the productivity of maize grown for grain as a catch crop

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Effect of the method of storing mushroom spawn on mycelium growth and cropping

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Effect of the method of treating apple and pear grafts in the nursery on branching and growth

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Effect of the method of vine cutting on the phenology, yield and quality of hops

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Effect of the microsporidium Thelohania solenopsae (Microsporida: Thelohaniidae) on the longevity and survival of Solenopsis richteri (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in the laboratory

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Effect of the modified preparation Komplivit on blood coagulation

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Effect of the moisture evaporative stages on the development of shrinkage cracks in soils

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Effect of the morphological properties of triticale grain on milling quality

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Effect of the mouse scid mutation on meiotic recombination

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Effect of the mycelium, diffused substances and extracts of the fungus Cladosporium herbarum (Pers.) Link on the in vitro and in vivo growth of grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) cv. Cabernet Sauvignon

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Effect of the myco-oestrogen zearalenone on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism indices in ovariectomized female rats. Possible role of insulin and its receptor

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Effect of the native soil organic matter content and its quality on the rate of degradation of pesticides

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Effect of the nature and intensity of autumn grazing events on establishment of Italian ryegrass in humid temperate rangelands

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Effect of the nematode Heterorhabditis bacteriophora and the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis as integrated biocontrol agents of the black cutworm

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Effect of the nitrogen fertilization, moisture and acidity of the soil on yield and content of oil and protein in seeds of winter swede rape varieties

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Effect of the noncompetitive N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonist MK-801 on food-anticipatory activity rhythm in the rat

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Effect of the number of subcultures on anatomical and biochemical characteristics of micropropagated strawberry shoots, in relation to their abnormal flowering

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Effect of the pH on rockwool grown carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus)

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Effect of the parasite enzyme, hypodermin A, on bovine lymphocyte proliferation and interleukin-2 production via the prostaglandin pathway

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Effect of the participation of cocksfoot on the yield and species composition of the sward of meadow mixtures

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Effect of the passage through the digestive tracts of domestic ruminants on the germination of woody leguminous tree seeds in the semi-arid tropics

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Effect of the peat-derived preparation 'Polhum' on mycelial growth of ectomycorrhizal fungi

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Effect of the period of administration of a semi-complex diet during the starting phase on compensatory gain during the growing and finishing phases

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Effect of the phases of the moon on Lepidoptera, in Eucalyptus plantations, in Acailandia, Maranhao, Brazil

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Effect of the planting date on growth and development of Artemisia annua under subtropical climatic conditions

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Effect of the position of cuttings along the mother-stem (Rosa hybrida) cv. 'Ruidriko' VivaldiReg. on the degree of ramification in soilless culture

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Effect of the position of the inflorescence on the plant and the position of the flower on the inflorescence on seed set in lucerne

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Effect of the postponed first irrigation in spring on yield and water use efficiency of winter wheat varieties

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Effect of the pre-testing environment on measurement of metabolic rate in children

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Effect of the predator Doru luteipes (Scud.) on the population growth of Schizaphis graminum (Rond.) on different sorghum genotypes

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Effect of the presence of the Booroola gene on fertility of ewes mated in spring

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Effect of the preservative solution on keeping qualities of the new Diana carnations

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Effect of the pretreatment with dilute hydrochloric acid solutions on the extractability of grass proteins

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Effect of the probiotic Endobakterin on the immune status and parenchymatous organs of cows with mastitis

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Effect of the protein and energy supplementation of rustic Saccharina based rations on growing-fattening bulls

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Effect of the protein content and dilution on the lactulose/furosine ratio in heat-treated milk

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Effect of the protein phosphatase inhibitor okadaic acid on FSH-induced granulosa cell steroidogenesis

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Effect of the pyrrolizidine alkaloid, monocrotaline, on bile composition of the isolated, perfused rat liver

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Effect of the quality and quantity of litter material on broiler performance

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Effect of the quality of the cumulus-oocyte complex in the domestic cat on the ability of oocytes to mature, fertilize and develop into blastocysts in vitro

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Effect of the rate and form of nitrogen on the nitrate content of lettuces (Lactuca sativa L.)

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Effect of the rate of progesterone decline at luteolysis on the ovulatory follicles and subsequent estrous cycle length in ewes

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Effect of the ratio of components in grass mixtures on the formation and productivity of grassland phytocoenoses in different natural-ecological conditions

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Effect of the ratios of Listronotus bonariensis and Sitona discoideus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) to their respective parasitoids Microctonus hyperodae and M. aethiopoides (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), on parasitism, host oviposition and feeding in the laboratory

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Effect of the rearing system on quantitative and qualitative characteristics of Franche Montagne

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Effect of the red imported fire ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) on dung-inhabiting arthropods in Florida

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Effect of the replacement of full-fat palm kernel with acidified or hydrogenated palm oil on performance of finishing chickens on commercial diets

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Effect of the rhizosphere microflora on Pasteuria penetrans parasitizing Meloidogyne graminicola

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Effect of the rol genes from Agrobacterium rhizogenes on polyamine metabolism in tobacco roots

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Effect of the root temperature on growth parameters of various European tree species

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Effect of the root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne exigua, on the growth of coffee in nurseries

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Effect of the rotation speed on the size distribution of black spruce pulp chips produced by a chipper-canter

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Effect of the seed coat on water uptake and electrolyte leakage of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) seeds

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Effect of the seeding rate on forage yield and quality of triticale

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Effect of the sequence of wax addition, wax level and type on properties of isocyanate-bonded particleboard

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Effect of the sickle cell trait status of gametocyte carriers of Plasmodium falciparum on infectivity to anophelines

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Effect of the silage additive PlantanazeReg. on the fermentation properties and nutritive value of grass silage

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Effect of the silage additive Supersil BR on Lolium hybridum silage and milk production

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Effect of the simultaneous action of temperature and potassium nitrate on the motility of cells of the flame cell epithelium of the branchial apparatus of Anodonta cygnaea (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Anodontinae) infected with trematode parthenites (Trematoda: Bucephalidae)

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Effect of the synthetic antioxidant phenoxane on the regeneration and ontogeny of the tomato in vitro

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Effect of the temperature on the development of the immature stages of Fannia pusio (Wiedemann, 1830) (Diptera: Fanniidae) in laboratory

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Effect of the time and type of weeding on residual moisture growing beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

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Effect of the time of budding on the shoot growth of pistachio cv. Bianca

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Effect of the trajectory of movement of the spindle on the profile of the worked surface

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Effect of the tuber of Adenia globosa on isolated rat uterus preparation

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Effect of the type of peat used in the manufacture of an organomineral fertilizer on the characteristics of a crop

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Effect of the various mineral fertilization and watering on the soil moisture and plant yields

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Effect of thermal radiation inside solar air heaters

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Effect of time lag of first post-sowing irrigation on yield and technological qualities of solid and legume inter-cropped cotton

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Effect of time of application on the effectiveness of fungicides for the control of blue and green moulds of oranges

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Effect of time of cutting and turning on drying rate in star grass

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Effect of time of day and ambient conditions on predatory insects on citrus

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Effect of time of day on the quality of the harvest by the ZMAJ-142 combine harvester

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Effect of time of draining paddy fields on the percentage of effective tillers, yield formation and population quality in rice

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Effect of time of evaluation of laying fowls for egg production on the effectiveness of selection

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Effect of time of feed withdrawal and killing before processing on defeathering of spent hens

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Effect of time of grafting in tomato-potato grafts

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Effect of time of harvest on germination and field emergence capacity in soybean cultivars

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Effect of time of maturity on primary dormancy of seeds of Scirpus juncoides Roxb. subsp. juncoides

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Effect of time of milking and udder quarter on milk yield in two parities of crossbred cows

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Effect of time of nitrogen application, methods of weed control and sowing on yield and economics of maize

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Effect of time of planting and irrigation on growth and yield of elephant foot yam (Amorphophallus paeoniifolius) grown in the garden lands of Kuttanad, Kerala

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Effect of time of planting on yield and yield contributing characters of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) cv. Pusa Ruby

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Effect of time of seeding and seed treatment on the performance of wheat crop under zero tillage condition

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Effect of time of sowing on development, water use and yield of two wheat genotypes differing in vernalization requirements

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Effect of time of sowing on the incidence of mungbean yellow mosaic virus disease and white fly (Bemisia tabaci Genn.) population in greengram

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Effect of time of tiller emergence and nitrogen fertiliser on seed yield components of Digitaria eriantha cv. Premier

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Effect of time of transplanting and age of seedling on the performance of late planted aman rice

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Effect of time of transplanting on grain yield and quality traits of Basmati-type scented rice (Oryza sativa) varieties in coastal Orissa

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Effect of time of trimming on curing and storage of garlic bulbs

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Effect of time of urea-N foliar application on soybeans (Glycine max L.) in a humid tropical environment

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Effect of time of weed emergence on competition between sugar beet and fat hen (Chenopodium album L.) - first results

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Effect of time of weighing on flock body weight in broiler breeder pullets

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Effect of time on soft wood grafting in mango cv. Amrapali

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Effect of time, geometry, wheat (Triticum aestivum) and legume incorporation on yield of planted crop of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum)

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Effect of time, methods of application of herbicide and nitrogen on weed control in wheat

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Effect of timing and forms of Arthrobotrys conoides, Arthrobotrys musiformis, Paecilomyces lilacinus and Verticillium chlamydosporium

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Effect of timing and forms of application of Arthrobotrys conoides, Arthrobotrys musiformis, Paecilomyces lilacinus and Verticillium chlamydosporium in the soil for the control of Meloidogyne exigua of coffee

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Effect of timing and intensity of drought on the growth and yield of field peas (Pisum sativum L.)

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Effect of timing and number of applications of the fungicides tebuconazole and mancozeb on the control of wheat blast disease (Pyricularia grisea) - economical and technical viability

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Effect of timing of application of municipal solid waste compost on N availability for crops in central Spain

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Effect of timing of frozen semen insemination on pregnancy rate in mares

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Effect of timing of heat stress during grain filling on two wheat varieties differing in heat tolerance. I. Grain growth

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Effect of timing of heat stress during grain filling on two wheat varieties differing in heat tolerance. II. Fractional protein accumulation

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Effect of timing of nitrogen supply on growth, bud, flower and fruit development of young sour cherries (Prunus cerasus L.)

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Effect of timing of slurry spreading on production in dairy cows

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Effect of timing of winter weed control on the growth of young peach trees under sod culture

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Effect of timing on the rooting of one bud-cuttings of some grape cultivars

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Effect of tissue phosphorus concentration on the mineralisation of nitrogen from stylo and cowpea residues

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Effect of tobacco mosaic virus and root-knot nematode infection on chemical constituents of bidi tobacco

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Effect of tocotrienols on the growth of a human breast cancer cell line in culture

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Effect of toddy on the mammary gland during pregnancy and lactation in rats

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Effect of tomato spotted wilt virus infection on survival, development and reproduction of the vector Frankliniella occidentalis

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Effect of tonicity and additives to the fixative on ultrastructure of mesophyllous cells in Kandelia candel (L.) Druce (Rhizophoraceae)

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Effect of tool and soil parameters on the resistance of working element of circular cylinder shape

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Effect of top diameter on wood harvesting and production of pine pulp

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Effect of topography and phosphorus on seed yield and quality of lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) in China

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Effect of topping and Cycocel on growth and yield of Portogalian safflower

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Effect of topping on translocation and distribution of 14C and 15N-amillate in cucumber

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Effect of topsoil treated with J3230 (5-propyl-1-en-3-oxy-6-1,3-benzodioxole) on reproduction of the oriental fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae)

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Effect of total allelic relationship on accuracy of evaluation and response to selection

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Effect of total coumarins from dried fruits of Cnidium monnieri on glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis in rats

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Effect of total sugar and reducing sugars present in the mid-ribs, growing points and leaf blades of sugarcane genotypes on incidence of top borer, (Scirpophaga excerptalis Walker, Lepidoptera: Pyralidae (VI))

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Effect of toxaphene on reproduction of fish

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Effect of toxic compounds of Exserohilum turcicum on chlorophyll content, callus growth and cell viability of susceptible and resistant inbred lines of maize

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Effect of trace element fertilizers on yield and element content of annual grasses on peat soils in the Murmansk region

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Effect of trace metals on the anaerobic degradation of volatile fatty acids in molasses stillage

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Effect of tracer dyes on initial deposits and persistence of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki toxin after application of two commercial formulations onto spruce trees

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Effect of tractor operation on the economics of ploughing

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Effect of traditional food processing on phytate degradation in wheat and millets

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Effect of traditional processing of cassava on the cyanide content of gari and cassava flour

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Effect of traffic and urban-industrial load on soil

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Effect of training on the clinical management of malaria by medical assistants in Ghana

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Effect of training system and vine spacing on vine growth and productivity of cv. 'Barbera' in S. Colombano al Lambro (North Italy). First results

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Effect of training, shading and fruiting on leaf area development in apple

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Effect of tralkoxydim and its combination with other new herbicides on the control of weeds in wheat (Triticum aestivum)

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Effect of transferrin (Tf) genotype of parents on litter size and Tf segregation in progeny

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Effect of transgenic release on weed biodiversity: oilseed rape and wild radish

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Effect of transparent mulch on insect populations, virus diseases, soil temperature, and yield of cantaloup in a tropical region

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Effect of transparent polythene mulch during the reproductive stages of groundnut

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Effect of transplant chilling and planting date on fruiting response of 4 strawberry clones

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Effect of transplanting dates on yield and quality of Capsicum seed

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Effect of transportation and stunning method on some characteristics of rabbit carcasses and meat

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Effect of transportation on lower respiratory tract contamination and peripheral blood neutrophil function

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Effect of transportation on the composition of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid obtained from horses

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Effect of trap design and color in evaluating activity of Tabanus abactor Philip in Texas Rolling Plains habitats

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Effect of treated effluent irrigation and nitrogen on yield and nitrogen use efficiency of wheat

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Effect of treated piggery effluent on pasture botanical composition, mineral content, and yield

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Effect of treated sewage effluent on banana (1991-1993)

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Effect of treated waste water on performance and humoral immune response of broilers

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Effect of treating mushroom (Agaricus bisporus (Lange) Sing.) spores with high temperature or acid on cropping

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Effect of treating with propionic acid, sodium bisulfite and sodium hydroxide on the biosynthesis of aflatoxin on groundnut cake

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Effect of treatment by gaseous carbon dioxide on the colloidal phase of skim milk

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Effect of treatment of deoiled mahua seed (Bassia latifolia) cake on growth rate, fleece production, nutrient utilisation and histopathology in sheep

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Effect of treatment of hyperthyroidism on renal function in cats

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Effect of treatment of palatal inflammatory papillary hyperplasia with local and systemic antifungal agents accompanied by renewal of complete dentures

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Effect of treatment of straw with ammonia and supplementation with urea, on voluntary intake and growth of lambs

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Effect of treatment on bone mass, mineral metabolism, and body composition in untreated celiac disease patients

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Effect of treatment process on performance of copper-chrome-arsenate. 1. Fungus cellar tests

Hedley, M.; Anderson, J.; Foster, J.; Patterson, B., 1995:
Effect of treatment process on performance of copper-chrome-arsenate. 2. Field stake tests

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Effect of treatment time on the 134Cs and 85Sr concentrations in green bean plants

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Effect of treatment with a monoclonal antibody against equine tumor necrosis factor (TNF) on clinical, hematologic, and circulating TNF responses of miniature horses given endotoxin

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Effect of treatment with cyanamide on flowering date of cv. Hayward

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Effect of treatment with erythromycin on bronchoalveolar lavage fluid cell populations in foals

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Effect of treatment with growth regulators and scarification on the tolerance to water stress in seeds of Oryza sativa L. cv. IAC 165

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Effect of treatment with sulphuric acid on seed germination in Brachiaria brizantha Stapf

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Effect of treatments on phytate phosphorus, iron bioavailability, tannins and in vitro protein digestibility of grain sorghum

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Effect of treatments with fungicides on protection of potato axillary buds

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Effect of treatments with high concentrations of CO2 on the quality of 'Golden Delicious' apples stored in controlled atmosphere

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Effect of treatments with zinc and boron on germination and vigour of maize seeds

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