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Effect of storage temperature and moisture on the survival of the white tip nematode, Aphelenchoides besseyi, and infested paddy, Oryza sativa, seeds

Chaudhury, R.; Chaudhury, R.

Annals of Plant Protection Sciences 4(1): 16-21


Accession: 002818047

Survival of Aphelenchoides besseyi, in naturally infested paddy seeds was studied while testing germination and vigour of these seeds after storage at a range of temperatures (+10 degrees , +4 degrees , -4 degrees , -20 degrees , -80 degrees and -180 degrees C). Germinability of seeds stored at low moisture content (8.1%) was better than that of the seeds stored with higher moisture content (15.9%). There was a similar trend in survival of nematodes.

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