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Effects of early weaning on conception rate in Santa Gertrudis cows

Barcellos, J.O.J.; Silva, M.D. da; Silva, J.L.C. da

Arquivos da Faculdade de Veterinaria, UFRGS 24(2): 30-44


Accession: 002821737

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The calves of 67 primiparous and 34 multiparous Santa Gertrudis cows on native pasture in Rio Grande do Sul were weaned at 77 or 130 days of age. For cows whose calves were weaned early or late, body condition score at the end of the mating period averaged 3.50 and 2.91 respectively, daily postpartum gain averaged 653 and 343 g, and 48.7 and 21.5% respectively conceived to 1st postpartum mating (all P<0.05).

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