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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2825

Chapter 2825 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Galyean, Ml; Ralphs, Mh; Reif, Mn; Graham, Jd; Braselton, We Jr, 1996: Effects of previous grazing treatment and consumption of locoweed on liver mineral concentrations in beef steers

Prado, Ernesto; Tjallingii, W. Freddy, 1997: Effects of previous plant infestation on sieve element acceptance by two aphids

Marks, B. P.; Stroshine, R. L., 1995: Effects of previous storage history, hybrid, and drying method on the storability of maize grain (corn)

Pascual, Rodrigo; Hervias, Maria C.; Figueroa, Hector R., 1996: Effects of preweaning environmental stimulation on neuronal and behavioral impairment produced by undernutrition

Mccullough, Da; Delorenzo, Ma, 1996: Effects of price and management level on optimal replacement and insemination decisions

Togashi, I.; Takizawa, N., 1996: Effects of primordium formation method and moisture content of medium on fruiting body production of Armillaria species

Kadam, S. G.; Nawale, R. N.; Nadkarni, H. R.; Haldavanekar, P. C., 1996: Effects of prior defoliation of budsticks and leaf retention on rootstocks of in-situ softwood grafts of cashew

Covasa, M.; Forbes, J. M., 1995: Effects of prior experience and training on diet selection of broiler chickens using wheat

Griffin, Christine T., 1996: Effects of prior storage conditions on the infectivity of Heterorhabditis sp. (Nematoda: Heterorhabditidae)

Breves, G., 1996: Effects of probiotics and growth promoter antibiotics on health and performance of farm animals

Scott, P. M., 1996: Effects of processing and detoxification treatments on ochratoxin A: introduction

Sousa, M. J.; Malcata, F. X., 1996: Effects of processing conditions on the caseinolytic activity of crude extracts of Cynara cardunculus L

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Sanchez, C.; Beauregard, J. L.; Chassagne, M. H.; Bimbenet, J. J.; Hardy, J., 1995: Effects of processing on rheology and structure of double cream cheese

Mathison, G. W., 1996: Effects of processing on the utilization of grain by cattle

Igbedioh, S. O.; Shaire, S.; Aderiye, B. J. I., 1995: Effects of processing on total phenols and proximate composition of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) and climbing bean (Vigna umbellata)

Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824018

Han SangWook; Fermanian, T. W.; Voigt, T. B., 1995: Effects of prodiamine on tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea) rooting

Leonard, Rt; Nell, Ta; Barrett, Je, 1995: Effects of production and postproduction factors on longevity and quality of potted carnations

Marinho, C. S.; Souza, M. de, 1997: Effects of production and thinning on off-season yields of tangor cv. Murcott

Janovszky, J., 1996: Effects of production factors on quality and quantity of seed yield of tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb)

Janovszky, J., 1995: Effects of production factors on seed yield and yield components of red fescue (Festuca rubra L. ssp. genuina Hack) III. Effect of production factors on quantity and quality of seed yield

Romano, J. E.; Rodas, E.; Ferreira, A.; Lago, I.; Benech, A., 1997: Effects of progestagen, PMSG and artificial insemination time on fertility and prolificacy in Corriedale ewes

Kawashima, M.; Takahashi, T.; Kamiyoshi, M.; Tanaka, K., 1996: Effects of progesterone, estrogen, and androgen on progesterone receptor binding in hen oviduct uterus (shell gland)

Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824027

Redaelli, R.; Pogna, N. E.; Ng, P. K. W., 1997: Effects of prolamins encoded by chromosomes 1B and 1D on the rheological properties of dough in near-isogenic lines of bread wheat

Costa, M.; Antonio, M. A.; Souza Brito, A. R. M., 1997: Effects of prolonged administration of Musa paradisiaca L. (banana), an antiulcerogenic substance, in rats

Schultz, B. W.; Ostler, W. K., 1995: Effects of prolonged drought on vegetation associations in the northern Mojave Desert

Lopez, J. M.; Bombi, J. A.; Valderrama, R.; Gimenez, A.; Pares, A.; Caballeria, J.; Imperial, S.; Navarro, S., 1996: Effects of prolonged ethanol intake and malnutrition on rat pancreas

Sanders, C. J., 1996: Effects of prolonged exposure to different concentrations of synthetic pheromone on mating disruption of spruce budworm moths in a wind tunnel

Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824033

Marvier, Ac; Williams, Le; Leigh, Ra; Hall, Jl, 1997: Effects of prolonged washing on primary and secondary transport processes at the plasma membrane in red beet storage tissue

Routi, T.; Ronnemaa, T.; Seppanen, R.; Marniemi, J.; Viikari, J.; Ehnholm, C.; Simell, O., 1996: Effects of prospective, randomized cholesterol-lowering dietary intervention and apolipoprotein E phenotype on serum lipoprotein(a) concentrations of infants aged 7-24 mo

Wang YunHeng; Zhang ZhenShan; Yun Xie; Chen HauLin; Li Li, 1995: Effects of protective amino acids on milk yield of cows

Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824038

Tidwell, J. H.; Webster, C. D.; Knight, W.; Coyle, S., 1995: Effects of protein and fish meal levels on second-year growth of blue catfish, Ictalurus furcatus, and associated water quality variables

Chan, J; Tian, Y; Tanaka, Ke; Tsang, Ms; Yu, K; Salgame, P; Carroll, D; Kress, Y; Teitelbaum, R; Bloom, Br, 1996: Effects of protein calorie malnutrition on tuberculosis in mice

Kohyama, Kaoru; Murata, Michiyo; Tani, Fumito; Sano, Yoh; Doi, Etsushiro, 1995: Effects of protein composition on gelation of mixtures containing soybean 7S and 11S globulins

Santinha, P. J. M.; Gomes, E. F. S.; Coimbra, J. O., 1996: Effects of protein level of the diet on digestibility and growth of gilthead sea bream, Sparus auratus L

Lee, Ping Cheung; Struve, Mark F.; Bezerra, Jorge A.; Duncan, Burris, 1997: Effects of protein malnutrition on liver cytochrome P450s

Lu YiFa; Tang ChengYi, 1996: Effects of protein sources and levels on fatty acid composition in rat tissues

Steen, R. W. J., 1996: Effects of protein supplementation of grass silage on the performance and carcass quality of beef cattle

Zhang, Guichang; Archambault, Daniel J.; Slaski, Jan J.; Taylor, Gregory J., 1995: Effects of protein synthesis inhibitors on uptake of aluminium in aluminium-resistant and aluminium-sensitive cultivars of wheat

Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824048

Ratsak, C. H.; Maarsen, K. A.; Kooijman, S. A. L. M., 1996: Effects of protozoa on carbon mineralization in activated sludge

Korhonen, H.; Niemela, P., 1996: Effects of provision of permanent shelves on pelt quality in silver foxes

Rotundo, A.; Pilone, N., 1996: Effects of pruning and fruit and flower thinning on fruiting in kiwifruit cv. Hayward

Paranaiba, J. L. V.; Chagas, S. J. de R.; Costa, L., 1996: Effects of pruning and of polyethylene bags in conservation of cassava roots during storage

Lin AnChio, 1995: Effects of pruning and the use of stand support poles on cucumber yield in Papua New Guinea

Chen LiYun; Huang MinChang, 1996: Effects of pruning on growth and flowering of Ixora chinensis Lam

El Hodairi, M. H.; Hamza, M. A.; Al Bashir, A. H.; Ibrahim, S. B., 1995: Effects of pruning time on the yield of grape

Ashraf, W.; Park, F.; Lof, J.; Quigley, E. M. M., 1995: Effects of psyllium therapy on stool characteristics, colon transit and anorectal function in chronic idiopathic constipation

Ringrose Voase, A. J.; Kirby, J. M.; Blunden, B. G.; Humphreys, E.; Muirhead, W. A., 1996: Effects of puddling on the structure of clay soils used for rice in Australia

Jeney, Z.; Valtonen, ET.; Jeney, G.; Jokinen, EI., 1996: Effects of pulp and paper mill effluent (BKME) on physiology and biochemistry of the roach (Rutilus rutilus L.)

Kookana, R. S.; Rogers, S. L., 1995: Effects of pulp mill effluent disposal on soil

Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824060

Wong, C. W.; Seow, H. F.; Husband, A. J.; Regester, G. O.; Watson, D. L., 1997: Effects of purified bovine whey factors on cellular immune functions in ruminants

Ikegami, Sachie; Ohsawa, Saeko; Machida, Shouko; Hada, Akiko, 1997: Effects of purified corn dietary fiber on blood glucose, and serum and liver lipids in normal rats and mice

Shan, Chun Wen; Sun Li Sha; Yang Su Qin, 1996: Effects of purified oil of Anguilla japonica on human plasma lipids and immune function

Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824064

Gimenez, R.; Jimenez Diaz, R.; Garrido, R.; Prado, R. de, 1994: Effects of pyridate in different varieties of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824066

Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824067

Liu TongXian; Stansly, P. A., 1997: Effects of pyriproxyfen on three species of Encarsia (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae), endoparasitoids of Bemisia argentifolii (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae)

Nagase, H.; Bray, G. A.; York, D. A., 1996: Effects of pyruvate and lactate on food intake in rat strains sensitive and resistant to dietary obesity

Shin JaeSoon; Cha YoungHo; Lee HyukHo; Kim JeongGap; Jin HyunJu; Jeong KiYoung, 1996: Effects of quality of alfalfa silage by different wheat bran mixing levels

Morin, De; Mccoy, Gc; Hurley, Wl, 1997: Effects of quality, quantity, and timing of colostrum feeding and addition of a dried colostrum supplement on immunoglobulin G1 absorption in Holstein bull calves

Shirai, J.; Kanno, T.; Inoue, T.; Mitsubayashi, S.; Seki, R., 1997: Effects of quarternary ammonium compounds with 0.1% sodium hydroxide on swine vesicular disease virus

Xu ZiRong; Jing XinDong; Xiao RiJin, 1997: Effects of ractopamine on adipose and protein metabolism in finishing Yorkshire pigs

Smith, W. C.; Purchas, R. W.; Enkevort, A. van; Pearson, G., 1995: Effects of ractopamine on the growth and carcass quality of entire male and female pigs fed ad libitum or at a restricted level

Sumer, S., 1996: Effects of radiation and some chemical mutagens (EMS, NaN3) on the yield and some morphological characters of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

Oge, S., 1995: Effects of radiation on Toxocara canis eggs and visceral larva migrans

Willocquet, L.; Colombet, D.; Rougier, M.; Fargues, J.; Clerjeau, M., 1996: Effects of radiation, especially ultraviolet B, on conidial germination and mycelial growth of grape powdery mildew

Nikpeyma, Y.; Kaska, N., 1995: Effects of radicule tip pinching and gibberellic acid on the growth of container grown Pistacia seedlings under glasshouse conditions

Rinallo, C., 1997: Effects of rain acidity on oxalate content of leaves of Actinidia

Villafane, R.; Pla, I., 1994: Effects of rain and irrigation water management on vertical displacement of salts in clay soil of Venezuela

Madden, L. V.; Yang, Xiusheng; Wilson, L. L., 1996: Effects of rain intensity on splash dispersal of Colletotrichum acutatum

Madden, L. V., 1997: Effects of rain on splash dispersal of fungal pathogens

Paoletti, A., 1993: Effects of rainfall areal distribution on runoff volumes and peak flows

Hutchinson, K. J.; King, K. L.; Wilkinson, D. R., 1995: Effects of rainfall, moisture stress, and stocking rate on the persistence of white clover over 30 years

Yun, Tae; Kim, Tae Jung; Hong, Seung Min; Cho, Jin Tae; Jeong, In Myeong; Lim, Ki Byung; Paek, Kee Yoeup, 1996: Effects of raising period and storage method on the seedling quality and subsequent growth in plant plug of marigold and zinnia

Yun, Tae; Kim, Tae Joung; Ji, Jae Jun; Cho, Jin Tae; Choi, Kwan Soon; Hong, Yu Ki; Paek, Kee Yoeup; Kwon, Wo Won, 1994: Effects of raising period and storage method on the seedling quality and subsequent growth in plant plug of vinca, dianthus and impatiens

Ivey, G. L., 1996: Effects of rangeland fires and livestock grazing on habitat for nongame wildlife

Wu KunJun; Gong PeiYu; Li XiuZhen, 1997: Effects of rape grown in SO2-enriched atmospheres on performance of the aphid, Myzus persicae (Sulzer)

Wang LiDe; Chen XiuDing; Sun WeiLun, 1995: Effects of rape straw incorporation on nitrogen supply and accumulation in soil

Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824091

Im, H. J.; Kong, J. H.; Ahn, S. T.; Nam, K. T.; Kang, C. W., 1995: Effects of rapeseed oil meal quality on the performance of weanling pigs

Socias, F. X.; Pol, A.; Aguilo, F.; Vadell, J.; Medrano, H., 1997: Effects of rapidly and gradually induced water stress on plant response in subterranean clover leaves

Lu KeWen; Yang WenZhen, 1996: Effects of rare earth elements on availability of energy and amino acids in broilers

Bai BaoZhang; Yang YuChang; Meng XianJu; Wang YueFeng; Bai Song, 1995: Effects of rare earth elements on the distribution of photosynthate in sugarbeet

Nguyen Bich Loc, 1995: Effects of rate and time of (2,4,5-trichlorophenoxy)acetic acid application on numbers and groups of bacteria in a rice soil. Part I. Effect of application rates and period of (2,4,5-trichlorophenoxy)acetic acid on numbers of ammonifying, nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria

Nguyen Bich Loc, 1995: Effects of rate and time of (2,4,5-trichlorophenoxy)acetic acid application on numbers of groups of bacteria in a rice field. Part II. Effects of application rates and period of (2,4,5-trichlorophenoxy)acetic acid on numbers of phosphate bacteria

Shewale, T. T.; Attarde, D. R.; Pol, P. S.; Bonde, R. D., 1995: Effects of rate and time of nitrogen application on yield of sesamum varieties

Hetman, J.; Laskowska, H.; Durlak, W., 1997: Effects of rate and timing of paclobutrazol application on the yield of tulip bulbs

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Soon, Y. K., 1997: Effects of rate, placement, and frequency of P application on yield and P content of bromegrass-red clover herbage and soil P distribution

Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824102

Su ZiFang; Zhang YaJie; Zhang Juan; Zhang HaiQuan; Yao ZhiFa; Shen FuRong; Yao YouQuan; Li BenLiang, 1995: Effects of ratio of basal-tillering:panicle-grain application of fertilizers on rice population, quality and yield formation

Zhang WuMin; Xu FuQiang; Xu FaCai; Shen JiaYin, 1996: Effects of rational supplement of chemical fertilizer on improving economic characters of early rice under high temperature and intensive light conditions

Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824106

Ignatowicz, S.; Wroblicka Sysiak, M., 1995: Effects of re-irradiation on the population of the bulb mite, Rhizoglyphus echinopus (F. et R.) (Acarida: Acaridae)

Guzel, H. A.; Kulshreshtha, S. N., 1995: Effects of real exchange rate changes on Canadian agriculture: a general equilibrium evaluation

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Averill, A. L.; Prokopy, R. J.; Sylvia, M. M.; Connor, P. P.; Wong, T. T. Y., 1996: Effects of recent experience on foraging in tephritid fruit flies

Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824113

Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824114

Juste, R. A.; Ott, T. L.; Kwang, J.; Bazer, F. W.; Concha Bermejillo, A. de la, 1996: Effects of recombinant interferon- tau on ovine lentivirus replication

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Reubush, Kimberly J.; Heath, Alan G., 1997: Effects of recovery water salinity on secondary stress responses of hybrid striped bass fingerlings

Zabinski, Catherine A.; Gannon, James E., 1997: Effects of recreational impacts on soil microbial communities

Huang DeChong; Yang XiaoYan; Liu ZongZhen; Wang ZhiYuan; Chen QinDi; Chai ZhengHua; Deng JingYang; Huang YongYi, 1995: Effects of recurrent selection on improvement of resistance to scab in a wheat gene pool

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Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824175

Friedman, A.; Sklan, D., 1997: Effects of retinoids on immune responses in birds

Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824177

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Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824190

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Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824803

Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824804

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Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824808

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Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824814

Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824815

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Togashi, I., 1996: Effects of substrates on fruiting body production in the bottle cultivation of Armillaria species

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Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824825

Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824826

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Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824847

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Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824858

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Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824864

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Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824869

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Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824875

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Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824885

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Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824891

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Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824899

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Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824927

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Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824937

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Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824963

Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824964

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Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824980

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Section 3, Chapter 2825, Accession 002824987

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