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Effects of the environmental factors on the growth of Sakhaline spruce (Picea glehnii Masters) in Hokkaido Forest of Kyushu University

Bulletin of the Kyushu University Forests ( 72): 45-52

Effects of the environmental factors on the growth of Sakhaline spruce (Picea glehnii Masters) in Hokkaido Forest of Kyushu University

In this paper, adaptability of Sakhalin spruce (Picea glehnii) to the environment was analysed, in order to identify criteria for suitable planting sites. The stand studied was an 11-year-old forest plantation in the Hokkaido Forest of Kyushu University. Survival and tree size (stem diameter, tree height and crown projection area) were estimated for all live trees on 19 slopes with varied aspects. On slopes above 13 degrees , tree mortality was affected by slope aspect.

Accession: 002825096

Related references

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