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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2827

Chapter 2827 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Levot, G. W.; Barchia, I., 1995: Efficacy of dressing for killing larvae of the sheep blowfly

Olsen, Glenn H.; Turell, Michael J.; Pagac, Benedict B., 1997: Efficacy of eastern equine encephalitis immunization in whooping cranes

Ramzan, M., 1994: Efficacy of edible oils against pulse beetle, Callosobruchus maculatus (Fab.)

Ignatowicz, S., 1996: Efficacy of electron beams in radiation disinfestation of jute bags

Wu ShiXiong; Jiang Hui; Chen XueFen; Xiao Qiang; Yao HuiMing, 1995: Efficacy of endosulfan, a newly developed pesticide, on tea pests

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826005

Sosnowska, D.; Piatkowski, J., 1996: Efficacy of entomopathogenic fungus Paecilomyces fumosoroseus against whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum) in greenhouse tomato cultures

Ratnasinghe, G.; Hague, N. G. M., 1997: Efficacy of entomopathogenic nematodes against the diamondback moth Plutella xylostella (Lepidoptera: Yponomeutidae)

Martinez, A.; Allegra, C. J.; Kovacs, J. A., 1996: Efficacy of epiroprim (Ro11-8958), a new dihydrofolate reductase inhibitor, in the treatment of acute Toxoplasma infection in mice

Hemingway, Janet, 1995: Efficacy of etofenprox against insecticide susceptible and resistant mosquito strains containing characterized resistance mechanisms

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826010

Zhang LiJun; Song XianCheng; Ye Ma; Wang JinHua, 1995: Efficacy of feeding high-yielding dairy cows with ammoniated maize straw

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826012

O'handley, R. M.; Olson, M. E.; Mcallister, T. A.; Morck, D. W.; Jelinski, M.; Royan, G.; Cheng, K.J., 1997: Efficacy of fenbendazole for treatment of giardiasis in calves

Chakrabarti, N. M., 1996: Efficacy of fish-feed formulated with fish and poultry offals

Wilson, David J.; Sears, Philip M.; Gonzalez, Ruben N.; Smith, Brenda S.; Schultei, Hal F. II; Bennett, Gary J.; Das, Helena H.; Johnson, Carl K., 1996: Efficacy of florfenicol for treatment of clinical and subclinical bovine mastitis

Navetat, H.; Concordet, D.; Lockwood, P.; Madelenat, A.; Espinasse, J., 1995: Efficacy of florfenicol in the therapy of acute pneumonia in housed beef calves

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826018

Liakos, V.; Theodorides, I., 1995: Efficacy of fluvalinate against Varroa jacobsoni (Oudemans) when coated on solid material

Kirkpatrick, T. L.; Lorenz, G.; Robbins, R. T., 1997: Efficacy of foliar application of Vydate C-LV for supplemental nematode control in cotton

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826021

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826022

Ahmad, S. K.; Prasad, J. S., 1995: Efficacy of foliar extracts against pre- and post-harvest diseases of sponge-gourd fruits

Gowda, K. T. P.; Shetty, H. S.; Gowda, B. J.; Prakash, H. S.; Sangamlal, 1993: Efficacy of foliar fungicides against Exserohilum turcicum (Pass.) Leonard and Suggs. against leaf blight of maize

Schreier, Theresa M.; Rach, Jeff J.; Howe, George E., 1996: Efficacy of formalin, hydrogen peroxide, and sodium chloride on fungal-infected rainbow trout eggs

Ippolito, A.; Nigro, F.; Lima, G., 1996: Efficacy of fosetyl-Al and metalaxyl against root rot caused by Phytophthora spp. in clementine plants grafted on sour orange

Lawrence, G. W.; McLean, K. S., 1995: Efficacy of fosthiazate on root-knot nematode on cantaloupe, 1992

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826028

Sharma, J. N., 1995: Efficacy of fungicidal spray schedules for the control of apple scab

Minuto, G.; Minuto, A.; Garibaldi, A., 1995: Efficacy of fungicides against pelargonium rust

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826031

Gupta, R. P.; Srivastava, P. K.; Sharma, R. C., 1996: Efficacy of fungicides and their spray interval on the control of purple blotch and Stemphylium blight diseases of onion

Harjinder Singh; Sharma, Y. R., 1996: Efficacy of fungicides for the control of Phytophthora stem blight of pigeonpea

Trevathan, L. E.; Robbins, J. T., 1996: Efficacy of fungicides for turfgrass disease control in Mississippi

Gunasekhar, V.; Govindaiah; Himantharaj, M. T., 1995: Efficacy of fungicides in controlling mulberry leaf rust caused by Cerotelium fici

Karunanithi, K., 1996: Efficacy of fungicides in the control of powdery mildew of Sesamum caused by Oidium acanthospermi

Giron, M. Y.; San Pablo, M. R., 1992: Efficacy of fused borate rods against wood decay fungi

Gavin, Norma; Merrick, Nancy; Davidson, Bruce, 1996: Efficacy of glucose-based oral rehydration therapy

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826039

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826040

Nigam, K.; Verma, R. S.; Sinha, V.; Verma, A. K., 1994: Efficacy of granular nematicides against nematodes associated with guava (Psidium gujava) plants

Section 3 , Chapter 2827, Accession 002826042

Eritja, R.; Aranda, C., 1995: Efficacy of ground ultra-low volume larvicidal treatments using temephos and Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis against Culex pipiens larvae

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826044

Mascarenhas, M. H. T.; Galli, A. J. B.; Viana, M. C. M.; Macedo, G. A. R.; Lara, E. J. F. R., 1995: Efficacy of halosulfuron for the control of purple nutsedge in sugar cane

Rajappan, K.; Vidhyasekaran, P., 1996: Efficacy of heavy metals against bacterial blight of rice

Misra, S. K., 1995: Efficacy of herbal formulation for dermatological conditions in dairy cattle - a review

Khan, Rehmat Ullah; Rashid, Abdur, 1994: Efficacy of herbicides for the control of grassy and broad leaf weeds in wheat crop at El-Marj Libya

Schmid, W.; Mbamba, H. A.; Njau, S. S.; Likango, J. D., 1996: Efficacy of herbicides for weed control in conventional and minimum tillage soyabeans in Zambia

Cremaschi, D.; Maestrini, C.; Pietro, D. di; Pozzi, T.; Tanzi, F., 1996: Efficacy of herbicides in linseed spring crops

Bhadoria, R. B. S.; Chauhan, D. V. S., 1995: Efficacy of herbicides in the control of weeds infesting Indian mustard (Brassica juncea)

Singh, S. P., 1996: Efficacy of herbicides in transplanted rice

Sharanappa ; Munegowda, M. K.; Maharudrappa, K., 1994: Efficacy of herbicides on weed management in drill sown rice (Oryza sativa (L.))

Oelkers, B., 1996: Efficacy of herd-specific vaccines against digital dermatitis in two dairy herds

Preobrazhenskii, V. N.; Kasatkin, N. N., 1996: Efficacy of high intensity laser irradiation in the combined treatment of patients with candidosis of the oesophagus

Sharma, R. C.; Yadav, P. V., 1993: Efficacy of hot water treatment for the control of postharvest fungal spoilage of chilgoza seed

Telford, S. R. IIi; Kantor, F. S.; Lobet, Y.; Barthold, S. W.; Spielman, A.; Flavell, R. A.; Fikrig, E., 1995: Efficacy of human Lyme disease vaccine formulations in a mouse model

Cheng YeongHsiang; Lin YuAn; Lee DerNan; Wu FuYu, 1995: Efficacy of hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate against the aflatoxicosis of mule ducklings

Khanna, S. C.; Yadav, T. D.; Katiyar, K. N., 1994: Efficacy of hydrogen phosphide and methyl bromide to check carryover source of infestation of pink bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella Saunders in cotton

Halliwell, Richard E. W., 1997: Efficacy of hyposensitization in feline allergic diseases based upon results of in vitro testing for allergen-specific immunoglobulin E

Zhu GuoRen; Xu BaoYun; Qian Hong; Ju ZhengLi, 1996: Efficacy of imidacloprid for control of Myzus persicae and Lipaphis erysimi on cabbage

Arther, R. G.; Cunningham, J.; Dorn, H.; Everett, R.; Herr, L. G.; Hopkins, T., 1997: Efficacy of imidacloprid for removal and control of fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) on dogs

Hopkins, T. J.; Kerwick, C.; Gyr, P.; Woodley, I., 1996: Efficacy of imidacloprid to remove and prevent Ctenocephalides felis infestations on dogs and cats

Krause, Pj; Ryan, R.Iii; Telford, S; Persing, D; Spielman, A., 1996: Efficacy of immunoglobulin M serodiagnostic test for rapid diagnosis of acute babesiosis

Donovan, J. P.; Buckeridge, D. L.; Briscoe, M. P.; Clark, R. H.; Day, J. H., 1996: Efficacy of immunotherapy to ragweed antigen tested by controlled antigen exposure

Franchini, A.; Giacomini, C.; Manfreda, G.; Bertuzzi, S., 1997: Efficacy of inactivated vaccines against Salmonella enteritidis experimental infection

Watson, T. G.; Bishop, D. M.; Hooke, F. G.; Heath, A. C. G.; Cole, D. J. W., 1996: Efficacy of injectable doramectin against naturally acquired louse infestations on cattle

Muniz, R. A.; Cerqueira Leite, R.; Coronado, A.; Soraci, O.; Umehara, O.; Moreno, J.; Errecalde, J., 1995: Efficacy of injectable doramectin in the therapy and control of Dermatobia hominis infestations in Latin America

Sharma, R. K., 1994: Efficacy of insect growth regulator methoprene against Trogoderma granarium Everts

Patil, A. K.; Patil, B. R.; Patil, A. P.; Patil, P. T., 1995: Efficacy of insecticides against the teak defoliator Hyblaea puera Cramer (Lepidoptera: Hyblacidae)

Khajuria, D. R.; Sharma, J. P., 1995: Efficacy of insecticides in controlling pea leafminer (Chromatomyia horticola) on seed crop of pea (Pisum sativum)

Bal, R. S.; Duhra, M. S.; Bhupinder Singh, 1995: Efficacy of insecticides in controlling thrips (Haplothrips ganglbaueri and Fulmekiola serrata) of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum)

Durairaj, C., 1995: Efficacy of insecticides on pear ash weevil

Manjunath, B. L.; Muniyappa, T. V., 1992: Efficacy of integrated weed control method in drill sown fingermillet (Eleusine coracana Gaertn.)

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826075

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826076

Razbitskii, V.; Ilyushenkin, Yu, 1994: Efficacy of ionophore antibiotics against coccidiosis in chicks

Wienk, K. J. H.; Beynen, A. C., 1996: Efficacy of iron repletion in anemic rats after the feeding of a purified of natural-ingredient diet with ferrous sulphate or carbonyl iron

Arya, R. L.; Sharma, J. P., 1996: Efficacy of irrigation schedules and antitranspirants/growth regulators on yield, nutrients uptake and economics of summer mungbean

Brar, S. S.; Walia, S. S.; Jaswinder Singh, 1995: Efficacy of isoproturon for control of Phalaris minor in wheat as influenced by residue management system under rice-wheat sequence

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826081

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826082

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826084

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826085

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826086

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826087

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826088

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826089

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826090

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826091

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826092

El Sagheer Ahmed, M., 1991: Efficacy of lactoferrin on some mastitogenic bacteria

Bauer, Ml; Herold, Dw; Britton, Ra; Stock, Ra; Klopfenstein, Tj; Yates, Da, 1995: Efficacy of laidlomycin propionate to reduce ruminal acidosis in cattle

Oz, Helieh S.; Hughes, Walter T.; Rehg, Jerold E., 1997: Efficacy of lasalocid against murine Pneumocystis carinii pneumonitis

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826096

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826097

Jones, R. G.; Haynes, J. W.; Mulrooney, J. E., 1996: Efficacy of malathion ULV on the cotton boll weevil under simulated cool temperature regimes

Kasana, Abdulmajid; Matin, M. A.; Rafi, M. A., 1995: Efficacy of malathion against larvae of Pieris brassicae

Stevens, M. M.; Warren, G. N., 1995: Efficacy of malathion seed treatments for chironomid control in aerially-sown rice crops

Rice, R. E.; Atterholt, C. A.; Delwiche, M. J.; Jones, R. A., 1997: Efficacy of mating disruption pheromones in paraffin emulsion dispensers

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826103

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826104

Sakakibara, Hiroyuki; Takagi, Mitsuhiro; Yamamoto, Masao; Ooe, Masato; Suzuki, Tatsuyuki, 1996: Efficacy of methyl cellosolve as a cryoprotectant for cryopreservation of bovine embryos

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826106

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826107

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826108

acicowa, B.; Pieta, D., 1994: Efficacy of microbiological dressing of bean seed (Phaseolus coccineus L.) in conditions of disease risk arising from fungi living in soil

Bhatnagar, S.; Bhan, M. K.; Singh, K. D.; Saxena, S. K.; Shariff, M., 1996: Efficacy of milk-based diets in persistent diarrhea: a randomized, controlled trial

Yuldashev, F. F., 1996: Efficacy of milking and automatically stripping cows with various devices

Zhigareva, T. L.; Ratnikov, A. N.; Popova, G. I.; Sanzharova, N. I.; Petrov, K. V.; Belous, N. M., 1996: Efficacy of mineral fertilizers on radiation-polluted territories

Wright, S.; Jimenez, M.; Shriver, J., 1996: Efficacy of miticides in California cotton

Rao, K. R.; Panwar, V. P. S., 1995: Efficacy of mixtures of carbosulfan treated and untreated maize seeds for the control of shoot fly species (Atherigona soccata and A. naqvii) in spring season

Patel, R. K.; Patel, C. B., 1995: Efficacy of modified trap over conventional trap in trapping fruit flies in sapota orchard in South Gujarat

Nelson, S. J.; Natarajan, S., 1994: Efficacy of moult inhibitors and NVP on chilli fruit borer

Morin, D.; Valdez, R.; Lichtensteiger, C.; Paul, A.; DiPietro, J.; Guerino, F., 1996: Efficacy of moxidectin 0.5% pour-on against naturally acquired nematode infections in cattle

Rodriguez, V., 1997: Efficacy of moxidectin against ectoparasites of cattle

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826121

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826122

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826123

Tripathi, Savita; Singh, Rohan; Namdeo, K. N.; Dwivedi, V. D.; Shukla, N. P., 1995: Efficacy of multi-micronutrients on growth, yield and quality of scented rice varieties

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826125

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826126

Rubin, A.; Ucko, O.; Orr, N.; Offenbach, R., 1996: Efficacy of natural enemies of the western flower thrips Frankliniella occidentalis in pepper flowers in the Arava Valley, Israel

Polizzi, G.; Agosteo, G. E., 1995: Efficacy of natural fungicides and chemicals in the control of Graphiola phoenicis, causal agent of false smut of palms

Giovannantonio, C. di; Ansanelli, C.; Vecchio, M.; Leandri, A., 1997: Efficacy of natural fungicides for the control of powdery mildew on courgettes grown in greenhouses

Shah, N. K.; Pandey, K. C.; Faruqui, S. A., 1993: Efficacy of neem (Azadirachta indica Linn.) components on rangeland grasshoppers

Akbar, S.; Ahmed, S.; Hassan, M. U., 1996: Efficacy of neem products and insecticides against whitebacked plant hopper, Sogatella furcifera (Horv.)

Sadawarte, A. K.; Sarode, S. V., 1997: Efficacy of neem seed extract, cow-dung, and cow-urine, alone and in combination, against the pod-borer complex of pigeonpea

Sundararaj, R.; Murugesan, S.; Mishra, R. N., 1995: Efficacy of neem seed oil against the babul whitefly Acaudaleyrodes rachipora (Singh) (Aleyrodidae: Homoptera)

Mueller, J. D., 1995: Efficacy of nematicides for Columbia lance nematode control

Pallotti, G.; Liboni, M.; Grimaldi, F., 1997: Efficacy of new aphicides against Myzus persicae in a peach orchard

Clemons, Karl V.; Stevens, David A., 1997: Efficacy of nikkomycin Z against experimental pulmonary blastomycosis

Stanghellini, M. E.; Rasmussen, S. L.; Kim, D. H.; Rorabaugh, P. A., 1996: Efficacy of nonionic surfactants in the control of zoospore spread of Pythium aphanidermatum in a recirculating hydroponic system

McDonough, L. M.; Chapman, P. S.; Weissling, T. J.; Smithhisler, C. L., 1996: Efficacy of nonpheromone communication disruptants of codling moth (Cydia pomonella): effect of pheromone isomers and of distance between calling females and dispensers

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826140

Dhandapani, N.; Babu, P. C. S., 1995: Efficacy of nuclear polyhedrosis virus against Spodoptera litura on groundnut in different locations of Tamil Nadu

Moore, Norman J.; Margolin, Aaron B., 1994: Efficacy of nucleic acid probes for detection of poliovirus in water disinfected by chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, and UV radiation

Rajbir Sachdeva; Mann, S. K., 1994: Efficacy of nutrition counselling and supplements on the nutriture of rural pregnant women

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826144

Tsunoda, G.; Yamanobe, H.; Nemoto, H.; Suzuki, N.; Iwase, A.; Saito, Y., 1995: Efficacy of one intramammary injection of a high dose cephazolin preparation in bovine mastitis

Shefet, Sarid M.; Sheldon, Brian W.; Klaenhammer, Todd R., 1995: Efficacy of optimized nisin-based treatments to inhibit Salmonella typhimurium and extend shelf life of broiler carcasses

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826147

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826148

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826149

Singh, Karan; Kakralya, B. L., 1995: Efficacy of osmoconditioning treatment for ameliorating tropical fabaceous crops

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826151

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826152

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826153

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826155

Yen, J. H.; Tzean, S. S., 1996: Efficacy of pesticides against pine wilt caused by Bursaphelenchus xylophilus

Shanthi, M.; Logiswaran, G., 1996: Efficacy of petroleum ether extract of plant parts on the biology of Sitotroga cerealella

Norval, R. A. I.; Sonenshine, D. E.; Allan, S. A.; Burridge, M. J., 1996: Efficacy of pheromone-acaricide-impregnated tail-tag decoys for controlling the bont tick, Amblyomma hebraeum (Acari: Ixodidae), on cattle in Zimbabwe

Venugopalan, M. V.; Tarhalkar, P. P.; Jagvir Singh, 1995: Efficacy of phosphate carriers as foliar fertilizer on rainfed upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum)

Tomar, R. K. S.; Namdeo, K. N.; Raghu, J. S., 1996: Efficacy of phosphate solubilizing bacteria biofertilizer with phosphorus on growth and yield of gram (Cicer arietinum)

Melo Filho, R. M.; Veiga, A. F. S. L., 1997: Efficacy of phosphine for the control of mound-building termite, Nasutitermes sp. (Isoptera: Termitidae) in sugarcane

Holm, H.; Gjerde, B., 1997: Efficacy of phoxim administered into the ears against Otodectes cynotis in farmed foxes

Sable, J. R., 1995: Efficacy of physical integration, disability awareness, and adventure programming on adolescents' acceptance of individuals with disabilities

Sahayaraj, K.; Sekar, R., 1996: Efficacy of plant extracts against tobacco caterpillar larvae in groundnut

Chitra, K. C.; Rao, S. J.; Rao, P. K., 1997: Efficacy of plant extracts for controlling cotton aphid (Aphis gossypii)

Rath, B.; Pradhan, P. C.; Behera, B. D.; Sahu, D., 1997: Efficacy of planting methods and establishment of Cassia siamea in slopy and red laterite soil of Orissa

Rocken, F. E.; Pollmeier, S.; Fahrenkrug, P.; Trautvetter, E., 1996: Efficacy of polishing after calculus removal and its influence on new formation of plaque and calculus in dogs

Krzyzanowski, J., 1996: Efficacy of polyfungin in the treatment of yeast mastitis in cows

Muniyappa, T. V.; Manjunatha, V.; Babu, V. S.; Shivakumar, H. R., 1995: Efficacy of post emergent herbicides on control of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes Mart.) and their effect on fishes

Kosianchuk, V. P.; Kuvshinov, N. M., 1994: Efficacy of potato cropping technologies differing in intensity

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826172

Johnson, B. J.; Murphy, T. R., 1996: Efficacy of preemergence herbicides in turfgrasses

Curto, G. M., 1996: Efficacy of preparations based on Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies against Ostrinia nubilalis on industrial French beans

Dahatonde, B. N., 1996: Efficacy of pressmud-cake with and without azotobacter seed inoculation for manuring of hybrid cotton (Gossypium hirsutum)

Annanurova, M. A.; Slavinskaia, L. P.; Tailanov, N. T., 1995: Efficacy of production and use of ecologically pure compounds from brown coal of the Tuarkyr

Obeng Ofori, D.; Reichmuth, C. H.; Bekele, J.; Hassanali, A., 1996: Efficacy of products derived from indigenous plants for the control of the larger grain borer (Prostephanus truncatus)

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826178

Heinze, W.; Holz, J.; Konrad, H.; Nattermann, H., 1996: Efficacy of propolis for external otitis of dogs

Tetens, Joanne; Derksen, Frederik J.; Stick, John A.; Lloyd, James W.; Robinson, N. Edward, 1996: Efficacy of prosthetic laryngoplasty with and without bilateral ventriculocordectomy as treatments for laryngeal hemiplegia in horses

Kivipelto, Jan; Asquith, Richard L., 1997: Efficacy of pyrantel pamoate against small strongyle populations

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826182

Khan, M. H., 1996: Efficacy of pyrethroids against acarines infesting animals

Lu YongSiu; Tsai HsiangTsai; Sung TwaTsung, 1995: Efficacy of quinolones on experimental avian mycoplasma infections and/or colibacillosis in young chickens

Mochizuki, T.; Uehara, M., 1996: Efficacy of random amplification of polymorphic DNA method to differentiate between Trichophyton mentagrophytes var. interdigitale and Trichophyton rubrum

Osterrieder, N.; Neubauer, A.; Brandmuller, C.; Kaaden, O. R., 1996: Efficacy of recombinant vaccines, particularly DNA vaccines, against equine herpesvirus-1, tested in laboratory animals

Kaluerovic, V.; Simonovic, Lj; Rasic, Z.; Savic, V.; Marinkovic, Z., 1997: Efficacy of recommended dosage of tilogal-V in prevention and treatment of chronic respiratory disease in poultry

Williams, R. A.; Yeiser, J. L.; Earl, J. A., 1996: Efficacy of reduced rates of basal applied herbicides for woody plant control of selected hardwoods

Jordan, D. L., 1997: Efficacy of reduced-rate herbicide combinations in dry-seeded rice (Oryza sativa) on alluvial clay soil

Sivasubramaniam, W.; Wratten, S. D.; Frampton, C., 1997: Efficacy of reduced-rate insecticide applications for the control of the carrot fly (Psila rosae F.) in New Zealand

Mascarenhas, V. J.; Leonard, B. R.; Burris, E.; Graves, J. B., 1996: Efficacy of registered and experimental insecticides against beet armyworm

Polyakov, V. A.; Simetskii, M. A., 1994: Efficacy of repellents in aerosol form for the protection of reindeer from blood-sucking Diptera

Ackley, J. A.; Wilson, H. P.; Hines, T. E., 1996: Efficacy of rimsulfuron and metribuzin in potato (Solanum tuberosum)

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826194

Sachan, I. P.; Agarwal, V. K., 1994: Efficacy of seed treatment of discoloured seeds of rice on seedborne inoculum, germination and seedling vigour

Rao, K. R.; Panwar, V. P. S., 1995: Efficacy of seed treatment with carbosulfan against shoot fly species (Atherigona soccata and A. naqvii) in spring sown maize

Nahar, M. S.; Huq, M. I.; Hasan, M. K.; Hossain, M. H.; Islam, M. S., 1996: Efficacy of seed treatment with nematicides against root-knot of bottle gourd and its yield loss due to the disease

Amer, M. A.; Poppe, J.; El Samra, I., 1995: Efficacy of selected chemicals against plant pathogenic bacteria in vitro

Dash, S. K.; Narain, A., 1996: Efficacy of selected fungicides on seed-borne fungi and on percentage of germination of diseased seeds of crops

Erasmus, D. J.; Viljoen, B. D.; Coetzer, R. L. J., 1996: Efficacy of selected herbicides applied to Sesbania punicea stumps

Sparks, A. N, Jr; Norman, J. W, Jr; Wolfenbarger, D. A., 1996: Efficacy of selected insecticides against the beet armyworm, Spodoptera exigua - field and laboratory evaluations

Natwick, E. T., 1995: Efficacy of selected insecticides for control of silverleaf whitefly in Imperial Valley cotton

Kuldova, Jelena; Ricankova, Michaela; Hrdy, Ivan, 1996: Efficacy of selected juvenoids on egg hatchability of the oriental fruit moth, Cydia molesta, and the grapevine moth, Lobesia botrana, in laboratory and field experiments

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826204

DuRant, J. A., 1995: Efficacy of selected seed mixes of transgenic Bt and nontransgenic cotton against bollworms and tobacco budworms in South Carolina

Knaflewski, M.; Weber, Z., 1995: Efficacy of selected systemic fungicides in the control of asparagus rust (Puccinia asparagi Dc.)

Conway, D. P.; Guyonnet, V.; Michener, S.; Mcdougald, L. R.; Mathis, G. F., 1995: Efficacy of semduramicin and salinomycin against Eimeria maxima in a laboratory test using two levels of oocyst inocula

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826208

Forney, J. R.; Yang, S.; Du, C.; Healey, M. C., 1996: Efficacy of serine protease inhibitors against Cryptosporidium parvum infection in a bovine fallopian tube epithelial cell culture system

Poletaeva, O. T.; Krasovskaya, N. N., 1995: Efficacy of serological reactions with a somatic antigen of Trichinella spiralis in the diagnosis of human trichinosis caused by natural and synanthropic Trichinella isolates

Ginting, C. U.; Djamin, A.; Hartanta, 1995: Efficacy of several concentrations of the leaves of neem tree (Azadirachta indica A. Juss) and mindi tree (Melia azedarach L.) against Setothosea asigna van Ecke

Floss, G.; Schrag, D., 1995: Efficacy of several distemper vaccines. Comparison of Rockborn and Onderstepoort vaccine strains and use in laboratory experiments

Wyss, U., 1996: Efficacy of silage additives on ensiled whole crop maize

Nader Filho, A.; Amaral, L. A. do; Longhi, J. L.; Correa, A. P.; Penha, L. H. C., 1994: Efficacy of slow pasteurization process of previously bottled milk

Babadoost, M.; Derie, M. L.; Gabrielson, R. L., 1996: Efficacy of sodium hypochlorite treatments for control of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris in Brassica seeds

Abadir, S. K.; Ismail, A. E.; Kheir, A. M., 1996: Efficacy of soil amendment with plant wastes in the control of Meloidogyne incognita on sunflower

Jansson, R. K.; Peterson, R. F.; Halliday, W. R.; Mookerjee, P. K.; Dybas, R. A., 1996: Efficacy of solid formulations of emamectin benzoate controlling lepidopterous pests

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Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826896

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826897

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Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826901

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Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826908

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826909

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Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826918

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Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826920

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Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826954

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Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826967

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Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826992

Section 3, Chapter 2827, Accession 002826993

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