Efficiency of utilization of digestible amino acids for protein deposition in growing pigs: effect of threonine supplementation to a threonine-deficient diet

Seve, B.; Sawadogo, L.; Ganier, P.; Colleaux, Y.

Journees de la Recherche Porcine en France 27: 245-252


Accession: 002826530

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Efficiency of amino acid utilization for protein deposition was estimated from whole body amino acid retention in 6 groups of growing male and female pigs given diets based on wheat, wheat gluten and groundnut meal without or with supplements of L-threonine to provide digestible threonine 0.419, 0.473, 0.527, 0.581, 0.635 and 0.689% from 20 to 50 kg liveweight. Digestible lysine in the basal diet was 0.79%. Daily whole body retention of nitrogen and of most amino acids showed a curvilinear response to digestible threonine in the diet. Maximum response was at 0.58% digestible threonine. Optimal supply was between 0.53 and 0.58% or 0.66 to 0.73 g/g digestible lysine. Net efficiency of utilization (NEU) of amino acids other than threonine followed the same type of curvilinear response as daily retention rates. NEU of threonine for growth and maintenance decreased almost linearly from a maximum value of 53.1 to 46.8% at maximal performance. Efficiency of utilization of threonine for deposition above maintenance varied from 61.0 to 51.7% for the same range of supply.