Evaluating the changes in physical and chemical properties of newly reclaimed soils through twenty years of cultivation

E.Dawwey, G.M.

Assiut Journal of Agricultural Sciences 24(4): 155-168


ISSN/ISBN: 1110-0486
Accession: 002832744

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Sequential cultivation of a newly reclaimed sandy calcareous soil in Egypt was evaluated with soil sampled from uncultivated and cultivated areas. Increasing the period of cultivation was shown to increase silt and clay contents, water holding capacity, proportions of >0.8, >0.5, and >0.25 mm water stable aggregates, organic matter contents, total N contents, C:N ratios, CEC, and exchangeable K and nutrient contents. However hydraulic conductivity, percolation rates via the soil, electrical conductivity, and total carbonates were all decreased.