Evaluation of pumpkin cultivars and hybrids in the north-west region of Minas Gerais

Resende, G.M. de; Silva, U.D. da; Silva, R.A. da

Horticultura Brasileira 12(2): 173-175


ISSN/ISBN: 0102-0536
Accession: 002834436

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In trials over 2 years the Cucurbita maxima cultivars Exposicao and Coroa IAC and the interspecific hybrids Tetsukabuto, Lavras 1 and Lavras 2 were evaluated for yields (t/ha), flesh thickness, number of fruits/ha and mean fruit weight. The highest yields were obtained with Exposicao (13.26 t/ha) and Lavras 2 (11.32 t/ha). Tetsukabuto gave the highest number of fruits/ha (5694-9805), and the cultivars were superior to the hybrids for mean fruit weight.