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Evaluation of renal profile in dogs with aflatoxicosis: determination of plasma levels of urea and creatinine and urine density

Rosane de Aguiar Hennemann, C.R.; Severo Cunha, C.M.; Terezinha dos Anjos Lopes, S.; Santos do Amaral, A.; Silva Polydoro, A. de

Ciencia Rural 26(1): 97-102


ISSN/ISBN: 0103-8478
Accession: 002834476

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14 adult mongrel dogs (7 males and 7 females), weighing 6.7+or-1.96 kg, were treated orally with aflatoxin (67 micro g/kg per day) for 9 days. Three blood and urine samples were collected before the treatment, and 4 samples were collected in 5-day intervals from day 5 of treatment.

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