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Factors affecting milk yield and lactation duration in a Flemish and Holstein herd in the uplands of Santa Catarina State

Thaler Neto, A.; Muhlbauer, M.D.; Zardo, W.F.; Ramos, J.C.

Ciencia Rural 26(1): 123-128


ISSN/ISBN: 0103-8478
Accession: 002838855

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Data on milk yield for 305 days of lactation and the lactation duration of 217 lactations of 104 Flemish and Holstein cows from the herd at the Lages Experimental Station belonging to the Empresa de Pesquisa Agropecuaria e Extensao Rural de Santa Catarina (EPAGRI) were analysed. Means, standard errors and coefficients of variation from milk yield for 305 days of lactation and lactation duration were 4179.48+or-89.65 kg and 22.33% and 305.17+or-4.91 days and 15.16%, respectively. Performances of the Flemish cows were 24.5% poorer than those of the Holstein cows for milk yield (4763 vs. 3959 kg) and 8% poorer for lactation duration (317.9 vs. 292.4 days). Calving season affected lactation duration but not milk yield.

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