Section 3
Chapter 2,839

Factors affecting propagation of Clematis by stem cuttings

Erwin, J.E.; Schwarze, D.; Donahue, R.

HortTechnology 7(4): 408-410


ISSN/ISBN: 1063-0198
Accession: 002838890

The effects of growing medium (sand, sand + peat, peat + perlite, perlite or peat + perlite + vermiculite), genotype (C. xjackmanii cultivars Jackmani, Comtesse de Bouchard and Gypsy Queen and C. viticella Purpurea Plena Elegans) and IBA application (0.1%) on rooting of Clematis stem cuttings were studied. Cutting survival across all treatments was highest in cultivars Comtesse de Bouchard and Gypsy Queen and lowest in Jackmani.

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