Fascioliasis in imported beef cattle: a problem of the past or an actual risk to the performance of fattening cattle?

Genchi, C.; Montagner, A.; Ceccato, C.; Florian, E.; Tondello, L.; Luppi, A.; Frigeri, V.; Vanini, G.; Frizzi, M.; Balottin, A.; Vagheggini, M.

Atti della Societa Italiana di Buiatria 29: 199-213


Accession: 002839958

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In studies on 12 092 beef cattle, most of which had been imported from France to feedlots in Italy, the 6466 killed at an abattoir in Mantova province had not been treated with a fasciolicide in the feedlots; the numbers of condemned livers in the 6466 were 9.2% of 3032 cattle of French origin, 2.1% of 373 of Polish origin, and 1.5% of 2095 of unknown origin. The 5626 (all of French origin) killed at an abattoir in Grosseto had been treated with ivermectin, clorsulon, and/or nitroxinil after arrival at feedlots; the number of condemned livers in these was 1.5%.