Fate of nitrogen fertilizer applied to spring wheat grown on meadow chestnut soil on the Plateau of North Hebei Province

Bian XiuJu; Wang WeiJin; Yang FuCun; Li RenGang; Cai GuiXin; Li XinHui; Yang Zhen; Zhu ZhaoLiang

Acta Pedologica Sinica 34(1): 60-66


Accession: 002840199

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Data from field experiments in the title area showed that when N fertilizer was applied as a top dressing, plant recovery was 10% higher and N losses 7.5% lower from urea than from ammonium bicarbonate. Ammonia volatilization ranged from 1 to 5% of the applied urea and ammonium bicarbonate given as top dressings, respectively. Only 1/3 of the N taken up by wheat derived from the fertilizers.