Fattening performance in bulls-crossbreds of Czech Pied and Black Pied cattle with beef cattle breeds

Frelich, J.; Voriskova, J.

Zivocisna Vyroba 42(2): 49-58


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-4847
Accession: 002840278

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232 F1 crossbreds, produced by mating Czech Pied (CP) and Black Pied (BP) cows with Hereford, Aberdeen-Angus (AA), Limousin, Blonde d'Aquitaine (BA), Charolais, Piedmont and Belgian Blue (BB) bulls, were fattened at a progeny testing station, along with 51 CP purebreds (controls). At the end of the fattening period (500 days of age), Charolais crossbreds had a significantly greater body weight than all other groups (597.7 vs. 533.8-587.2 kg). The only significant difference in 500-day body weight between Hereford crossbreds and controls was at 150 days of age (162.8 vs. 179.6 kg). For crossbred progeny of CP cows, those sired by Charolais, BB and AA bulls had the highest 500-day weights. For crossbred progeny of BP cows, the highest 500-day weights were for Charolais crossbreds. The largest differences in 500-day weight between progeny of the 2 dam breeds was for Limousin and BA crossbreds.