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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2844

Chapter 2844 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Abou Jawdah, Y.; A.K.oury, A.M., 1996:
First report on the identification of races 0, 1, and 1,2 of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. melonis in Lebanon

Torarbi, M.; Mardoukhi, V.; Jaliani, N., 1996:
First report on the occurrence of partial bunt on wheat in the Southern parts of Iran

Kamal Sharma; Sanjeev Thakur; Badiyala, S.D.; Sharma, N.K., 1995:
First report on the propagation of Terminalia chebula Retz. through patch budding

Moffatt, S.; Ahmen, A.R.; Forward, K., 1996:
First reported case of bacterial endocarditis attributable to Actinomyces meyeri

Abbas, S.I., 1996:
First reported isolation of Mycoplasma bovis from an outbreak of bovine mastitis in Sudan

Gallego Rodriguez, J.; Lopez Galvez, J.; Perez Camacho, F., 1995:
First result on behaviour of the 'Perlette' and 'Flame Seedless' varieties in southern east Spain

Cremiere, L.; Boisseson, J.M. de; Michaud, D., 1996:
First results for an organosilicone-based surfactant used as an adjuvant with glyphosate for control of purple moor-grass in forests

T.T.i Vinh; Dang Khanh Van et al., 1996:
First results from a study of the role of Escherichia coli and Salmonella in pigs

Donough, C.R.; Corley, R.H.V.; Law, I.H.; Ng, M., 1996:
First results from an oil palm clone x fertiliser trial

Hussendorfer, E., 1994:
First results of a genetic inventory of silver fir (Abies alba) stands in Switzerland

Fernandez Cavada, S.; Cosculluela, J.; Sopena, J.M.; Zaragoza, C., 1995:
First results of a herbicide trial in a nursery of Pinus halepensis and P. pinaster

Alemany, A.; Miranda, M.A.; Morell, P., 1994:
First results of a study of the parasitism of eggs of Thaumetopoea pityocampa (Den. & Schif.), in the Balearic Islands

Dong, P.H., 1996:
First results of a study on the time and mode of release for Norway spruce natural regeneration in an open area

Stehr, R., 1996:
First results of an experiment with sweet cherry rootstocks

Krstinic, A.; Kajba, D., 1995:
First results of arborescent willow improvement by selfing, back cross and transgression

Bohn, T.; Fabritius, E.; Kauth, S.; Plotz, S.; Hesemann, C.U., 1996:
First results of comparative investigations about callus and suspension cultures of seven Hypericum species

Gugelmann, R., 1996:
First results of performance testing of Duroc pigs in Switzerland

Kleinschmit, J.; Svolba, J.; Enescu, V.; Franke, A.; Rau, H.M.; Ruetz, W., 1996:
First results of provenance trials of Fraxinus excelsior established in 1982

Wohlleber, B., 1996:
First results of research on the armored bush cricket (Acanthoplus discoidalis) on pearl millet in Namibia: population dynamics, biology, and control

Perny, B., 1997:
First results of studies on the population genetics of Cameraria ohridella

Villar, M.V., 1995:
First results of suction controlled oedometer tests in highly expansive montmorillonite

Batic, F.; Bienelli, A.; Kopusar, N.; Vidergar Gorjup, N.; Cuhalev, I., 1996:
First results of the ICP-Crops project carried out in Slovenia

Dano, J.; Huba, J., 1997:
First results of the analysis of Braunvieh cattle milk production costs in Slovakia

Mezzalira, G., 1997:
First results of the application of regulation 2080/92 in Italy

Albrecht, B., 1994:
First results of the breeding improvement of triticale in relation to its suitability as an energy source

Dobrovodsky, J., 1995:
First results of trials with new herbicide MON37532

Kemp, H.; Wertheim, S.J., 1996:
First results of two international cherry rootstock trials

Vargas, F.J.; Romero, M.; Clave, J.; Batlle, I., 1995:
First results of vigour and leafing in pistachio progenies

Fode, M.; Hamadou, A.; Bechis, S.; Piccarolo, P., 1997:
First results on experimentation of solar dryers in tropical ambient

Colugnati, G.; Gottardo, L., 1997:
First results on the adaptation of some clonal selections of cv. Chardonnay to the cultivation environment of Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Bavaresco, L.; Cantu, E.; Fregoni, M., 1996:
First results on the use of RAPD analysis on DNA from dormant buds of grape vine

Gun, H.; Tanyuksel, M.; Yukar, B.A.; Ckmak, A.; Karaer, Z., 1996:
First serodiagnosis of human babesiosis in Turkey

Chiari, M., 1997:
First steps in the genus Lactarius Persoon

Perovic, F., 1992:
First studies of sawflies (Hymenoptera, Symphyta) in the Biokovo Mountains (Dalmatia, Croatia)

Vervaeke, M., 1996:
First studies on the selection of willow (Salix spp.) tree species. Resistance to Erwinia salicis and evaluation of growth

Horinkova, V., 1996:
First successes of Albanian farmers in establishing Water User Associations

Labuschagne, T.I.; Beer, M.S. de, 1995:
First successful import of parasitoids of the mango scale (Aulacaspis tubercularis Newstead) to South Africa

Martins, R.P.; Lewinsohn, T.M.; Lawton, J.H., 1995:
First survey of insects feeding on Pteridium aquilinum in Brazil

Sehgal, S., 1995:
First the seed - then you can worry about patents

Fischler, F., 1996:
First thoughts on the Common Agricultural Policy in the 21st century

Bidjeh, K.; Bornarel, P.; Imadine, M.; Lancelot, R., 1995:
First time isolation of the PPR virus in Chad and experimental induction of the disease

O'Halloran, J.; Hogans, W.E., 1996:
First use in North America of azamethiphos to treat Atlantic salmon for sea lice infestation: procedures and efficacy

Loske, A.M.; Prieto, F.E.; Lopez, J.A., 1996:
First use of extracorporal lithotripsy in a dog using an experimental shock wave generator developed in Mexico

Duchatel, J.P.; Ree, J.M. de; Vindevogel, H., 1996:
First vaccination trials of pigeons against paratyphoid infection by subcutaneous injection of inactivated aqueous adjuvanted vaccines

Reaves, R.P.; DuBowy, P.J.; Jones, D.D.; Sutton, A.L., 1995:
First year performance of an experimental constructed wetland for swine waste treatment in Indiana

Juniper, E.F.; Guyatt, G.H.; Ferrie, P.J.; Griffith, L.E., 1997:
First-line treatment of seasonal (ragweed) rhinoconjunctivitis. A randomized management trial comparing a nasal steroid spray and a nonsedating antihistamine

Duncan, P.D.; White, T.L.; Hodge, G.R., 1996:
First-year freeze hardiness of pure species and hybrid taxa of Pinus elliottii (Engelmann) and Pinus caribaea (Morelet)

Negreros Castillo, P.; Hall, R.B., 1996 :
First-year results of partial overstory removal and direct seeding of mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) in Quintana Roo, Mexico

Gardiner, E.S.; Yeiser, J.L., 1993:
First-year survival and growth of loblolly pine seedlings released from perennial weeds in old fields of northeastern Arkansas

West, L.A.; Wong, C.P.W., 1995:
Fiscal decentralization and growing regional disparities in rural China: some evidence in the provision of social services

Smoke, P., 1996:
Fiscal decentralization in Africa: strategies and opportunities for reform

Walsh, M.T., 1996:
Fish and fishing in the rivers and wetlands of Usangu

Scott, M.C.; Hall, L.W.Jr, 1997:
Fish assemblages as indicators of environmental degradation in Maryland coastal plain streams

Nordoy, A., 1996:
Fish consumption and cardiovascular disease: a reappraisal

Billard, R.; Courcol, C.; Harache, Y., 1996:
Fish culture production systems

Agren, J.J.; Hänninen, O.; Julkunen, A.; Fogelholm, L.; Vidgren, H.; Schwab, U.; Pynnönen, O.; Uusitupa, M., 1996:
Fish diet, fish oil and docosahexaenoic acid rich oil lower fasting and postprandial plasma lipid levels

Noue, J. de la; Dumas, A.; McLaughlin, L.; Proulx, D., 1996:
Fish farm effluents: cyanobacterial treatment and biomass recycling for fish feeding

Okemwa, E.; Getabu, A., 1996:
Fish farming in Kenya with particular reference to the Lake Victoria Basin

Ahmad, A.A., 1996:
Fish farming in Kuwait

Hem, S.; Rodriguez, J.N.; Oteme, Z., 1995:
Fish farming with catfish in the Ivory Coast: successful technology transfer and local economic impact

Serman, V., 1994:
Fish feeding

Dahlan, W.; Chatnilbandhu, S.; Na-Nagara, B.; Carpentier, Y.A., 1996:
Fish meal lecithin as alternative precursor of docosahexaenoate and choline

Delsert, C.; Morin, N.; Comps, M., 1997:
Fish nodavirus lytic cycle and semipermissive expression in mammalian and fish cell cultures

Sen, C.K.; Atalay, M.; Agren, J.; Laaksonen, D.E.; Roy, S.; Hänninen, O., 1997:
Fish oil and vitamin E supplementation in oxidative stress at rest and after physical exercise

Hwang DengFwu; Lin MeiFeng; Jeng SenShyong; Cheng HongMing, 1997:
Fish oil inhibits the acute induction of hypertriglyceridemia and liver enlargement by a single mega dose of retinyl palmitate in rats

Hughes, D.A.; Pinder, A.C.; Piper, Z.; Johnson, I.T.; Lund, E.K., 1996:
Fish oil supplementation inhibits the expression of major histocompatibility complex class II molecules and adhesion molecules on human monocytes

Fung, S.M.; Ferrill, M.J.; Norton, L.L., 1997:
Fish oil therapy in IgA nephropathy

Sargent, J.R., 1997:
Fish oils and human diet

Fossati, P., 1994:
Fish oils: present scientific and medical situation

Dayaratne, P.; Gunaratne, A.B.A.K.; Alwis, M.M., 1995:
Fish resources and fisheries in a tropical lagoon system in Sri Lanka

Alfonso Lopez, J.M., 1996:
Fish selection programmes

Ali, R.M., 1996:
Fish trade in the Arab region: constraints and development possibilities

Lehane, R., 1996:
Fish with ulcers - why and what can be done?

Butz, I., 1996:
Fish: trade balance and consumption in Austria in 1994

Robson, CF., 1995:

Knudsen, S., 1995:
Fisheries along the Eastern Black Sea Coast of Turkey: informal resource management in small-scale fishing in the shadow of a dominant capitalist fishery

Sato, M., 1996:
Fisheries and fisheries cooperatives in Japan

Smit, W.; Daidse, W.P.; Jager, J. de; Smit, M.H.; Taal, C.; Wijk, M.O. van, 1996:
Fisheries in figures 1995

Smit, W.; Davidse, W.P.; Jager, J. de; Ruijter, C. de; Smit, M.H.; Taal, C.; Wijk, M.O. van, 1997:
Fisheries in figures 1996

Dao, Jean Claude, 1996:
Fisheries management and restocking in sea

Durrenberger, E.P., 1997:
Fisheries management models: assumptions and realities or, why shrimpers in Mississippi are not firms

Cullen, R., 1996:
Fisheries management: lessons about tradable quota from New Zealand

Abbasian, G.R., 1997:
Fisheries of Iran: development possibilities

Alverson, D.L.; Larkin, P.A., 1994:
Fisheries: fisheries science and management - Century 21

Sunderlin, W.D.; Gorospe, M.L.G., 1997:
Fishers' organizations and modes of co-management: the case of San Miguel Bay, Philippines

Padhi, B.K.; Mandal, R.K., 1996:
Fishery genetics: an emerging discipline

P.D.niel, V.; Jegu, M., 1996:
Fishes (Serrasalmidae) predatory on immatures of Thyrsopelma guianense (Wise, 1991) (Diptera, Culicomorpha, Simuliidae), vector of the filaria Onchocerca volvulus (Leuckart, 1893)

Rajchard, J., 1996:
Fishes of the genus Xiphophorus in biological research. Part 1. (Review)

Eade, D.; Williams, S., 1995:

Hansen, J., 1994:
Fishing creek wetlands restoration project update

Principaud, J.P., 1995:
Fishing in a lagoon setting in southeastern Benin: the example of the exploitation of acadjas (endangered) on Lake Nokou and the lower So

Fox, J.J., 1996:
Fishing resources and marine tenure: the problems of Eastern Indonesian fishermen

Pearse, P.H., 1994:
Fishing rights and fishing policy: the development of property rights as instruments of fisheries management

Hutcheson, D.P.; McNeill, J.; Rouquette, M.; Ellis, B., 1989:
Fishmeal, cottonseed meal, and corn supplements with rumensin for stockers grazing hybrid sorghum x sudangrass pastures

Kuo, S.; Hummel, R.L.; Jellum, E.J.; Privett, D., 1997:
Fishwaste compost effects on rhododendron growth and nitrogen leaching and transformation

Lan, Y.K.nze, O., 1996:
Fissure characteristics related to moisture adsorption stresses in rice

Lan, Y.K.nze, O., 1996:
Fissure resistance of rice varieties

Frizzell, L.B., 1997:
Fitness and exercise for older adults with developmental disabilities

Noy Meir, I.; Briske, D.D., 1996:
Fitness components of grazing-induced population reduction in a dominant annual, Triticum dicoccoides (wild wheat)

Purrington, C.B.; Bergelson, J., 1997:
Fitness consequences of genetically engineered herbicide and antibiotic resistance in Arabidopsis thaliana

Kammenga, J.E.; Van Koert, P.H.G.; Koeman, J.H.; Bakker, J., 1997:
Fitness consequences of toxic stress evaluated within the context of phenotypic plasticity

Dubbeldam, A.A.; Mccaffery, A.R., 1996:
Fitness costs associated with pyrethroid resistance in Heliothis virescens

Zhivotovsky, L.A.; Feldman, M.W.; Bergman, A., 1996:
Fitness patterns and phenotypic plasticity in a spatially heterogeneous environment

Ranaivo, F.; Welling, M.; Zimmermann, G.; Schmutterer, H., 1996:
Fitness reduction by the African migratory locust, Locusta migratoria, after application of low concentrations of Metarhizium flavoviride blastospores and neem oil

Eliakim, A.; Burke, G.S.; Cooper, D.M., 1997:
Fitness, fatness, and the effect of training assessed by magnetic resonance imaging and skinfold-thickness measurements in healthy adolescent females

Deleuze, C.; Blaudez, D.; Herve, J.C., 1996:
Fitting a hyperbolic model for height versus girth relations in spruce stands. Spacing effects

Zoa Mobe, A.; Michaux, C.; Detilleux, J.C.; Farnir, F.P.; Kebers, C.; Leroy, P.L., 1996:
Fitting lactation data with two mathematical models and extension factors for milk, fat and protein of Belgian dairy goats

Castrignano, A.; Cucci, G.; Caro, A. de, 1996:
Fitting of a mathematical function to the values of the water retentivity curve relative to soils of different particle-size

Singh, A.K.; Kumar, D.; Singh, R.V.; Manglik, V.P., 1996:
Fitting of various mathematical functions to describe the first lactation curve in crossbred cows

Qu, Z.G.; Zhang, S.F., 1995:
Five Sitodiplosis mosellana resistant wheat cultivars

Byrne, K.; Johnson, S.; Barendse, W.; Moore, S.S., 1997:
Five bovine microsatellite markers derived from a bovine cosmid library: CSKB067, CSKB068, CSKB071, CSKB072 and CSKB074

Saito, M.; Onaka, M.; Kamimura, S.; Hamana, K., 1995:
Five cases of defective calves with chromosomal anomaly in Japanese Black Breed

Dahal, G., 1993:
Five decades of research in plant pathology in Nepal: a preliminary appraisal

Lesage, L., 1996:
Five first records of Carabidae (Coleoptera) for Quebec

Dudash, M.R.; Carr, D.E.; Fenster, C.B., 1997:
Five generations of enforced selfing and outcrossing in Mimulus guttatus: inbreeding depression variation at the population and family level

Chen ZongLi, 1996:
Five genetic experiments in one crossing test

Liu,; Li,; Liu,; Yang, C.R.n, 1994:
Five iridoidal glycosides from Gentiana urnula

Norin, K.E., 1996:
Five microflora associated characteristics in conventional rats

Ono, M.; Ito, Y.; Ishikawa, T.; Kitajima, J.; Tanaka, Y.; Niiho, Y.; Nohara, T., 1996:
Five new monoterpene glycosides and other compounds from Foeniculi Fructus (fruit of Foeniculum vulgare Miller)

Holub, Josef, 1996:
Five new nomenclatural combinations for taxa from the fifth volume of Kvetena Ceske republiky

Rao, A.Nageswara, 1996:
Five new records of orchids from Arunachal Pradesh, India

Lehrer, A.Z., 1995:
Five new species of Blaesoxipha Loew for the fauna of Africa, with some comments on the related Palaearctic species. (Diptera, Sarcophagidae)

Kuoh ChungLin, 1991:
Five new species of Cicadellidae from Fujian (Homoptera: Cicadelloidea)

Bai XueLi; G.Y.Ming, 1993:
Five new species of Haemolaelaps and Cosmolaelaps from China (Acari: Laelapidae)

Chinniah, C.; Mohanasundaram, M., 1995:
Five new species of Macrocheles (Macrochelidae: Acari) associated with scarabaeid beetles (Scarabaeidae: Coleoptera) from Tamil Nadu, India

Y.Z.Zhong; Chen RuHua; Lin JiaBin, 1996:
Five new species of chigger mites from Yunnan Province, China (Acari: Trombiculidae)

Yan Ge; Zhang YouZhi; Y.Y.Xin, 1995:
Five new species of the genus Atrichopogon from Tibet, China (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

O.C.nnor, J.P.; Ashe, P.; Wistow, S., 1996:
Five species (Diptera and Eriophyoidea) new to Ireland, with notes on some other galls

Huang, T.; Huang, KW.; Wang, CF., 1996:
Five species of eriophyoid mites of Taiwan (Acarina: Eriophyoidea: Eriophyidae)

Rolland, R.M.; Chalifoux, L.V.; Snook, S.S.; Ausman, L.M.; Johnson, L.D., 1997:
Five spontaneous deaths associated with Clostridium difficile in a colony of cotton-top tamarins (Saguinus oedipus)

Chen, Z.L.; Shen, J.H.; Gao, Y.S.; Wichtl, M., 1997:
Five taccalonolides from Tacca plantaginea

Anonymous, 1996:
Five to 10 years for market penetration. Japanese milk-based probiotic product

Luciano, P.; Lentini, A.; Prota, R., 1994:
Five years of biological control trials against Lymantria dispar

Dellacecca, V., 1996:
Five years of research into chamomile (Chamomilla recutita (L.) Rauschert)

Stever, T.; Stever, H., 1997:
Five years of the Privatwissenschaftliches Archiv Bienenkunde

Tsuji, Y.; Nakagawa, M.; Suzuki, Y., 1996:
Five-tesla static magnetic fields suppress food and water consumption and weight gain in mice

Chandra, R.K., 1997:
Five-year follow-up of high-risk infants with family history of allergy who were exclusively breast-fed or fed partial whey hydrolysate, soy, and conventional cow's milk formulas

Kealy, R.D.; Lawler, D.F.; Ballam, J.M.; Lust, G.; Smith, G.K.; Biery, D.N.; Olsson, S.E., 1997:
Five-year longitudinal study on limited food consumption and development of osteoarthritis in coxofemoral joints of dogs

Morris, A.R., 1996:
Five-year results from a blanking trial with Pinus patula

Reese, N.E.; Boyce, W.M.; Gardner, I.A.; Nelson, D.M., 1996:
Fixation affects morphometric characters of Psoroptes cuniculi (Acari: Psoroptidae)

Ray, P.K.; Goswami, N.N.; Gupta, S.K., 1995:
Fixation and availability of P of some jute growing soils in relation to their clay mineralogical status

Yakimenko, V.N., 1995:
Fixation and desorption of potassium by some automorphic soils

Chang ShangTzen; Wang ShengYang, 1995:
Fixation and distribution of CCA in wood

Cooper, P.A.; Ung, Y.T.; Kamden, D.P., 1997:
Fixation and leaching of red maple (Acer rubrum L.) treated with CCA-C

Khan, H.R., 1996:
Fixation and release of K in twelve floodplain soils of Bangladesh as influenced by soil moisture regimes, incubation times and application rates

Lall, V.K.; Suseela, M.R.; Gupta, P.; Devi, S., 1996:
Fixation artifacts and inadequate preparation procedures leading to misinterpretation of structures in plant specimens

Xie ChangShi; Ruddick, J.N.R.; Rettig, S.J.; Herring, F.G., 1995:
Fixation of ammoniacal copper preservatives: reaction of vanillin, a lignin model compound with ammoniacal copper sulphate solution

Razlugin, S.M., 1995:
Fixation of atmospheric nitrogen in different forest types of the southern taiga

Dwianto, W.; Inoue, M.; Norimoto, M., 1997:
Fixation of compressive deformation of wood by heat treatment

Krishnasamy, V.; Palaniappan, G.R., 1994:
Fixation of isolation distance for production of okra seeds

Srikanth, J.; Karivaratharaju, T.V., 1995:
Fixation of optimum temperature and medium for the germination of Stylosanthes seeds

Blancou, J.; Selve, M.; Cain, E., 1996:
Fixation of the rabies virus by serial passages in mice. Comparison of two inbred strains C57/BL and DBA/2

Damgaard, Christian, 1996:
Fixation probabilities of selfing rate modifiers in simulations with several deleterious alleles with linkage

Achor, D.S.; Childers, C.C., 1995:
Fixation techniques for observing thrips morphology and injury with electron microscopy

McGoldrick, D.J.; Hedgecock, D., 1997:
Fixation, segregation and linkage of allozyme loci in inbred families of the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas (Thunberg): implications for the causes of inbreeding depression

Wen QiXiao; Cheng LiLi; Zhang XiaoHua, 1995:
Fixed ammonium contents and NH4+ fixation capacities of some cultivated soils in China

Yull, F.; Harold, G.; Wallace, R.; Cowper, A.; Percy, J.; Cottingham, I.; Clark, A.J., 1995:
Fixing human factor IX (fIX): correction of a cryptic RNA splice enables the production of biologically active fIX in the mammary gland of transgenic mice

Milton, D.L.; O'Toole, R.; Horstedt, P.; Wolf-Watz, H., 1996:
Flagellin A is essential for the virulence of Vibrio anguillarum

Mans, J., 1995:
Flagship of the future

Vick, C.; Geimer, R.; Wood, J.J., 1996:
Flakeboards from recycled CCA-treated southern pine lumber

Rifai, M.N.; Zikla, T.; Mojzis, M., 1996:
Flame and mechanical cultivation for weed control

Peruzzi, A.; Ceccatelli, M.; Silvestri, N.; Barberi, P., 1995:
Flame weeding, prospects and agronomic aspects

Hayward, G.D.; Verner, J., 1994:
Flammulated, boreal, and great gray owls in the United States: a technical conservation assessment

Gouthier, P.H.; Coosens, E., 1996:
Flanders, the tradition of innovation

Fineran, B.A., 1996:
Flange-type parenchyma cells: occurrence and structure in the haustorium of the dwarf mistletoe Korthalsella (Viscaceae)

Anonymous, 1997:
Flash evaporation provides a new alternative

Klein, R.N.; Thrailkill, D.J., 1995:
Flat fan nozzle selection and spacing on sprayers

Palis, J.G., 1996:
Flatwoods salamander (Ambystoma cingulatum Cope)

Kombal, R.; Glasl, H., 1995:
Flavan-3-ols and flavonoids from Potentilla anserina

Cuong, N.M.; Sung, T.V.; Kamperdick, C.; Adam, G., 1996:
Flavanoids from Carya tonkinensis

Errea, P.; Felipe, A.; Treutter, D.; Feucht, W., 1994:
Flavanol accumulation in apricot grafts as a response to incompatibility stress

Feucht, W.; Treutter, D.; Christ, E., 1996:
Flavanols in grapevine: in vitro accumulation and defence reactions in shoots

Reynaldo, I.; Rio, J.A. del; Ortuno, A., 1995:
Flavanone glycosides in commercial citrus species cultivated in Cuba

Caudwell, A.; Larrue, J.; Boudon Padieu, E.; McLean, G.D., 1997:
Flavescence doree elimination from dormant wood of grapevines by hot-water treatment

Sancassani, P.; Posenato, G., 1995:
Flavescence doree in Veneto

Charayron, B., 1997:
Flavescence doree in the Aude and the eastern Pyrenees regions

Pavan, F.; Carraro, L.; Vettorello, G.; Pavanetto, E.; Girolami, V.; Osler, R., 1997:
Flavescence doree in vineyards of the Trevigiane hills

Decoin, M., 1995:
Flavescence doree of grapevine. The Corbieres war

Brijlal, S.; Lakshmi, A.V.; Bamji, M.S.; Suresh, P., 1996:
Flavin metabolism during respiratory infection in mice

E.K.oly, A.F.; Salama, M.A.M., 1995:
Flavomycin and its effect on body weight, feed efficiency and rumen parameters of buffalo calves

Xavier, H.S.; D.A.gelo, L.C.A., 1995:
Flavone C-glycosides from the leaves of Jatropha pohliana ssp. molissima

D'agostino, M.; Pizza, G.; D.S.mone, F., 1995:
Flavone and flavonol glycosides from Desmodium mollicum

Wiseman, B.R.; Snook, M.E., 1996:
Flavone content of silks from commercial corn hybrids and growth responses of corn earworm (Helicoverpa zea) larvae fed silk diets

Kikuchi, M.; Matsuda, N., 1996:
Flavone glycosides from Lonicera gracilipes var. glandulosa

Herrmann, K., 1995:
Flavones and flavonols as important constituents of spices

Hmamouchi, M.;, N.; Lahrichi, M.; Fruchier, A.; Essassi, E.M., 1996:
Flavones and flavonols in leaves of some Moroccan Vitis vinifera cultivars

Likhitwitayawuid, K.; Jongbunprasert, V.; Chanmahasathien, W., 1995:
Flavones from Euodia viticina

Struck, D.; Tegtmeier, M.; Harnischfeger, G., 1997:
Flavones in extracts of Cimicifuga racemosa

Lauranson Broyer, J.; Lebreton, P., 1995:
Flavonic chemosystematics of the specific complex Pinus nigra Arn

Wang ChangZeng; Jia ZhongJian; Liao JianChun, 1995:
Flavonoid and iridoid glycosides from Veronica didyma Tenore

Guevara, P.; Perez Amador, M.C.; Diaz, C.E.; Mihm, J.A., 1996:
Flavonoid chromatographic profiles and phenolic acid determination in four maize lines

Polyakova, L.V.; Yershova, E.A., 1996:
Flavonoid complex of Astragalus austrosibiricus Schischk. in the natural populations of the Altai. Report 2. Variability of ecologo-coenotic series of communities

Gudej, J.; Rychlinska, I., 1996:
Flavonoid compounds from the leaves of (Rubus idaeus L.)

Adelakun, E.A.; Okogun, J.I., 1996:
Flavonoid constituents of Gardenia erubescens stems

Ham YeonHo; Bae YoungSoo, 1995:
Flavonoid extractives of Populus albaglandulosa

Gupta, K.K.; Taneja, S.C.; Dhar, K.L., 1996:
Flavonoid glycoside of Andrographis paniculata

Bucar, F.; Kartnig, T.; Paschek, G.; Winkler, E.; Schubert-Zsilavecz, M., 1995:
Flavonoid glycosides from Lycopus europaeus

Brantner, A.; Kartnig, T., 1995:
Flavonoid glycosides from aerial parts of Pulmonaria officinalis

Tarnoveanu, D.S.; Rapior, S.; Gargadennec, A.; Andary, C., 1995:
Flavonoid glycosides from the leaves of Rosa canina

Fujii, M.; Miyaichi, Y.; Tomimori, T., 1995:
Flavonoid, phenylethanoid and iridoid constituents of the whole plant of Pedicularis longiflora var. tubiformis

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Flavonoidic constituents of Rhododendron arboreum leaves

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