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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2845

Chapter 2845 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Clark, A.B.; Lobo, B.L.; Gelfand, M.S., 1996:
Fluconazole and amphotericin B for cryptococcal meningitis

Manfredi, R.; Mastroianni, A.; Coronado, O.V.; Chiodo, F., 1997:
Fluconazole as prophylaxis against fungal infection in patients with advanced HIV infection

Wilcox, C.M.; Alexander, L.N.; Clark, W.S.; Thompson, S.E., 1996:
Fluconazole compared with endoscopy for human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients with esophageal symptoms

Force, R.W., 1995:
Fluconazole concentrations in breast milk

Barry, A.L.; Brown, S.D., 1996:
Fluconazole disk diffusion procedure for determining susceptibility of Candida species

Narang, A.; Agrawal, P.; Chakraborti, A.; Kumar, P., 1996:
Fluconazole in the management of neonatal systemic candidiasis

Ehninger, G.; Schuler, H.K.; Sarnow, E., 1996:
Fluconazole in the prophylaxis of fungal infection after bone marrow transplantation

Gugnani, H.C.; Ezeanolue, B.C.; Khalil, M.; Amoah, C.D.; Ajuiu, E.U.; Oyewo, E.A., 1995:
Fluconazole in the therapy of tropical deep mycoses

Koszyca, B.; Ellis, D.; Toogood, I.; Byard, R.W., 1995:
Fluconazole in the treatment of pulmonary zygomycosis

Zervos, E.E.; Fink, G.W.; Norman, J.G.; Robson, M.C.; Rosemurgy, A.S., 1996:
Fluconazole increases bactericidal activity of neutrophils through non--cytokine-mediated pathway

Gürses, N.; Kalayci, A.G., 1996:
Fluconazole monotherapy for candidal meningitis in a premature infant

Torrús, D.; Boix, V.; Massa, B.; Portilla, J.; Pérez-Mateo, M., 1996:
Fluconazole plus allopurinol in treatment of visceral leishmaniasis

Drobacheff, C.; Manteaux, A.; Millon, L.; Reboux, G.; Barale, T.; Laurent, R., 1996:
Fluconazole resistant oropharyngeal candidosis in HIV-positive patients

Martins, M.D.; Rex, J.H., 1997:
Fluconazole suspension for oropharyngeal candidiasis unresponsive to tablets

Castiglia, M.; Fisher, M.A.; Smego, R.A., 1995:
Fluconazole therapy for candiduria

Mckinsey, D.S.; Kauffman, C.A.; Pappas, P.G.; Cloud, G.A.; Girard, W.M.; Sharkey, P.K.; Hamill, R.J.; Thomas, C.J.; Dismukes, W.E.; (Usa), N.I.stitute O.A.lergy And Infectious Diseases Mycoses Study Group, 1996:
Fluconazole therapy for histoplasmosis

Thadepalli, H.; Gollapudi, S., 1995:
Fluconazole therapy for postoperative Candida infection and in coccidioidomycosis

Pérez, J.A.; Johnson, R.H.; Caldwell, J.W.; Arsura, E.L.; Nemecheck, P., 1995:
Fluconazole therapy in coccidioidal meningitis maintained with intrathecal amphotericin B

Field, E.A.; Millns, B.; Pearce, P.K.; Martin, M.V.; Parkinson, T.; Hitchcock, C.A., 1996:
Fluconazole therapy of oropharyngeal candidiasis in a patient with multiple endocrine failure does not correlate with Candida albicans susceptibility to fluconazole in vitro

Venkateswarlu, K.; Taylor, M.; Manning, N.J.; Rinaldi, M.G.; Kelly, S.L., 1997:
Fluconazole tolerance in clinical isolates of Cryptococcus neoformans

Campomori, A.; Bonati, M., 1997:
Fluconazole treatment for vulvovaginal candidiasis during pregnancy

Ansari, S.H.; Levin, M.H.; Lipshitz, S., 1995:
Fluconazole treatment in Torulopsis glabrata upper urinary tract infection causing ureteral obstruction

Lake, D.E.; Kunzweiler, J.; Beer, M.; Buell, D.N.; Islam, M.Z., 1996:
Fluconazole versus amphotericin B in the treatment of esophageal candidiasis in cancer patients

Barbaro, G.; Barbarini, G.; Calderon, W.; Grisorio, B.; Alcini, P.; D.L.renzo, G., 1996:
Fluconazole versus itraconazole for Candida esophagitis in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Studena, V.; Sycova, Z.; Helpianska, L.; Sorkovska, D.; Pichna, P.; Lacka, J.; Hlavacova, E.; Oravcova, E.; Krcmery, V.; Studena, M., 1995:
Fluconazole versus itraconazole in therapy of oropharyngeal candidiasis in cancer patients: a prospective comparative randomized trial

Barbaro, G.; Barbarini, G.; D.L.renzo, G., 1995:
Fluconazole vs. flucytosine in the treatment of esophageal candidiasis in AIDS patients: a double-blind, placebo-controlled study

Pursley, T.J.; Blomquist, I.K.; Abraham, J.; Andersen, H.F.; Bartley, J.A., 1996 :
Fluconazole-induced congenital anomalies in three infants

Tumbarello, M.; Bevilacqua, N.; Federico, G.; Morace, G.; Cauda, R.; Tacconelli, E., 1996:
Fluconazole-resistant Candida parapsilosis fungemia in a patient with AIDS

Anonymous, 1996:
Fluconazole. Advances in the susceptibility testing of yeasts. 28th Meeting of the Working Group Clinical Mycology of the German Speaking Mycological Society, 26-27 April 1996, Illertissen

Perry, C.M.; Whittington, R.; McTavish, D., 1995:
Fluconazole. An update of its antimicrobial activity, pharmacokinetic properties, and therapeutic use in vaginal candidiasis

Troke, P.F., 1996:
Fluconazole: its properties and efficacy in vaginal candidiasis

Cardon, Z.G.; Berry, J.A.; Woodrow, I.E., 1995:
Fluctuating drives species-specific changes in water use efficiency

Moran, P.; Izquierdo, J.I.; Pendas, A.M.; Garcia-Vazquez, E., 1997:
Fluctuating asymmetry and isozyme variation in Atlantic salmon: relation to age of wild and hatchery fish

Wiggins, David A., 1997:
Fluctuating asymmetry in Colophospermum mopane leaves and oviposition preference in an African silk moth Imbrasia belina

Clarke, G.M.; Arthington, A.H.; Pusey, B.J., 1995:
Fluctuating asymmetry of chironomid larvae as an indicator of pesticide contamination in freshwater environments

Nishimoto, R.K.; McCarty, L.B., 1997:
Fluctuating temperature and light influence seed germination of goosegrass (Eleusine indica)

Hayasi, S.; Suzuki, H., 1996:
Fluctuation characteristics of solar radiation in crop cultivation

Basky, Z., 1996:
Fluctuation in abundance of cereal aphids in Hungary, with special regards to Diuraphis noxia

Leite, R.M.V.B.C.; Leite Junior, R.P.; Ceresini, P.C., 1997:
Fluctuation of Xylella fastidiosa population in susceptible and resistant plums to the leaf scald disease

Okada, K.; Sato, T.; Sasaki, J.; Akasaka, S.; Shimoyama, S.; Sasaki, Y.; Takahashi, S.; Hirata, T., 1997:
Fluctuation of blood chemical components in dairy cows before and after feeding

Pan GenSheng; W.B.Qian; Shen ShengRong; Qian LiSheng, 1996:
Fluctuation of endogenous plant hormone levels in leaves of tea plant (Camellia sinensis L.) during water stress and its relation to drought tolerance

Moustafa, M.A.; E.N.keh, A.A.; Salem, M.H., 1992:
Fluctuation of population density of histerid beetles (Histeridae-Coleoptera) occurring in buffalo dung at two different localities in Egypt

Sawada, K.; Nomakuchi, S.; Masumoto, T.; Suzuki, N.; Shiotsu, Y.; Koyanagi, H.; Sugiura, N.; Okuda, N., 1997:
Fluctuation of protandry in eclosion of Anthocharis scolymus (Lepidoptera: Pieridae): can males eclose optimally under evolutionary equilibrium?

Youssef, M.M.A.; Aboul Eid, H.Z., 1996:
Fluctuation of root-knot and spiral nematode populations on banana in relation to soil temperature

Van Etten, L.; Engels, D.; Krijger, F.W.; Nkulikyinka, L.; Gryseels, B.; Deelder, A.M., 1996:
Fluctuation of schistosome circulating antigen levels in urine of individuals with Schistosoma mansoni infection in Burundi

Koltay, A., 1994:
Fluctuation patterns of gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar) populations in Hungary during 1963-1993

Klepac, D., 1995:
Fluctuations in growing stock of silver fir-beech selection forests in Gorski Kotar over 40 years (1950-1990)

Letelier A.E., 1995:
Fluctuations in mobile N in a wheat crop in the coastal range of Region VI of Chile

Ahrens, D.C.; Peske, S.T., 1994:
Fluctuations in moisture content and quality of soyabean seed after physiological maturity. I. Evaluation of moisture content

Ahrens, D.C.; Peske, S.T., 1994:
Fluctuations in moisture content and quality of soyabean seeds after physiological maturity. II. Evaluation of physiological quality

Abou-Seif, M.A.; Maier, V.; Fuchs, J.; Mezger, M.; Pfeiffer, E.F.; Bounias, M., 1993:
Fluctuations of carbohydrates in haemolymph of honeybee (Apis mellifica) after fasting, feeding and stress

Sohlenius, B., 1997:
Fluctuations of nematode populations in pine forest soil. Influence by clear-cutting

Ramirez Arredondo, J.A.; Nieto Angel, D., 1995:
Fluctuations of nematodes populations in vineyards and their reduction with nematicides in the Hermosillo Coast

Ceparano, G.; Job, S., 1996:
Flucycloxuron: a new acaricide

Taraborrelli, L.; Luise, M.; Ruggiero, P., 1995:

Proszyk, S., 1992:
Fluffing dust from chrome tanning leather as the extender of thermosetting glue phenol-formaldehyde resins

Andrews, F.M.; White, S.L.; Williamson, L.; Ralston, S.L.; Geiser, D.R.; Green, E.M.; Maykuth, P.L., 1996:
Fluid and electrolyte changes in three-day event horses

Grant, S.M.; Green, H.J.; Phillips, S.M.; Enns, D.L.; Sutton, J.R., 1996:
Fluid and electrolyte hormonal responses to exercise and acute plasma volume expansion

Maughan, R.J., 1991:
Fluid and electrolyte loss and replacement in exercise

Anonymous, 1996:
Fluid and energy replacement for physical activity

Temple, S.J., 1996:
Fluid bed drying of tea - experimental work and practical implications

Edet, E.E., 1996:
Fluid intake and feeding practices during diarrhoea in Odukpani, Nigeria

de la Sierra, A.; Lluch, M.M.; Coca, A.; Aguilera, M.T.; Giner, V.; Bragulat, E.; Urbano-Márquez, A., 1996:
Fluid, ionic and hormonal changes induced by high salt intake in salt-sensitive and salt-resistant hypertensive patients

Soponronnarit, S., 1996:
Fluidised-bed paddy drying

Dimattia, D.; Amyotte, P.; Hamdullahpur, F., 1996:
Fluidized bed drying of large particles

Anonymous, 1996:
Fluidized-bed reactor at Clauen

Anonymous, 1997:
Fluidized-bed reactor for waste water treatment

Romaniuk, K.; Lipinski, Z.; Bah, M., 1995:
Flukiver - effective anthelmintics for treatment of fascioliasis and gastrointestinal parasitoses in sheep and cattle

Essington, M.E.; Tyler, D.D.; Wilson, G.V., 1995:
Fluometuron behavior in long-term tillage plots

Bogan, B.W.; Lamar, R.T.; Hammel, K.E., 1996:
Fluorene Oxidation In Vivo by Phanerochaete chrysosporium and In Vitro during Manganese Peroxidase-Dependent Lipid Peroxidation

D.S.haepdrijver, L.; Simoens, P.; Lauwers, H., 1996:
Fluorescein angiography of the canine retina

Argauer, R.; Shapiro, M., 1997:
Fluorescence and relative activities of stilbene optical brighteners as enhancers for the gypsy moth (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) baculovirus

Stuczynska, E.; Stuczynska, J., 1994:
Fluorescence as a diagnostic feature of Lolium perenne varieties

Borg-von Zepelin, M.; Wagner, T., 1995:
Fluorescence assay for the detection of adherent Candida yeasts to target cells in microtest plates

Mobed, J.J.; Hemmingsen, S.L.; Autry, J.L.; McGown, L.B., 1996:
Fluorescence characterization of IHSS humic substances: total luminescence spectra with absorbance correction

Pinto, M.; Riquelme, A.; Martinez, J.P.; Silva, H., 1995:
Fluorescence excursions induced by CO2 removal in different cultivars of bean Phaseolus vulgaris L

Sinkovic, T.; Batic, F.; Javornik, B., 1995:
Fluorescence in situ hybridization - a tool for detecting interspecies hybrids in plants

Nishino, H.; Herath, J.F.; Jenkins, R.B.; Sommer, S.S., 1995:
Fluorescence in situ hybridization for rapid differentiation of zygosity in transgenic mice

Xie, Y.; Muller, W.A., 1996:
Fluorescence in situ hybridization mapping of the mouse platelet endothelial cell adhesion molecule-1 (PECAM1) to mouse chromosome 6, region F3-G1

Madon, M.; Clyde, M.M.; Cheah, S.C., 1996:
Fluorescence in situ hybridization of rRNA probe to Elaeis guineensis (tenera) chromosomes

Amenda, R.; Matschke, J., 1997:
Fluorescence measurements to determine internal quality

Fedenko, V.S.; Struzhko, V.S., 1994:
Fluorescence parameters of the grain as marker traits of high-tryptophan maize genotypes

Conteas, C.N.; Sowerby, T.; Berlin, G.W.; Dahlan, F.; Nguyen, A.; Porschen, R.; Donovan, J.; LaRiviere, M.; Orenstein, J.M., 1996:
Fluorescence techniques for diagnosing intestinal microsporidiosis in stool, enteric fluid, and biopsy specimens from acquired immunodeficiency syndrome patients with chronic diarrhea

Fedenko, V.S.; Struzhko, V.S.; Tikhomirov, A.Y., 1997:
Fluorescence test for selection of high-tryptophan genotypes of maize

Asami, T.; Tao, L.; Yamamoto, S.; Robertson, M.; Min, Y.K.; Murofushi, N.; Yoshida, S., 1997:
Fluorescence-labeled abscisic acid possessing abscisic acid-like activity in barley aleurone protoplasts

Moscone, E.A.; Lambrou, M.; Ehrendorfer, F., 1996:
Fluorescent chromosome banding in the cultivated species of Capsicum (Solanaceae)

Johri, B.N.; Rao, C.V.S.; Reeta Goel, 1997:
Fluorescent pseudomonads in plant disease management

Phansiri, S.; Miyake, H.; Taniguchi, T., 1994:
Fluorescent staining of the nucleus of plant protoplasts

Grassano, L.; Petti, S., 1996:
Fluoridated milk in the prevention of dental caries: for and against

Palaniappan, S.; Annandurai, K.; Raja, S.M., 1995:
Fluoride accumulation and toxicity

Chlubek, D.; Nocen, I.; Dabkowska, E.; Zyluk, B.; Machoy, Z.; Kwiatkowska, B., 1996:
Fluoride accumulation in human skulls in relation to chronological age

Barlattani, M.; Ferrandi, L.; Fiocchi, G.; Portaro, N.; Triolo, L.; Zappa, G., 1995:
Fluoride and lead environmental dispersion from a ceramic factory in the Emilia Romagna region

Lahti, S.M.; Uusitalo, U.; Feskens, E.; Haw, U.; Tuomilehto, J.; Luoma, H., 1995:
Fluoride and sugar intake among adults and youth in Mauritius: preliminary results

Takeuchi, K.; Nakagaki, H.; Toyama, Y.; Kimata, N.; Ito, F.; Robinson, C.; Weatherell, J.A.; St-osser, L.; Künzel, W., 1996 :
Fluoride concentrations and distribution in premolars of children from low and optimal fluoride areas

Chan, J.T.; Koh, S.H., 1996:
Fluoride content in caffeinated, decaffeinated and herbal teas

Pires, M.A.F.; Dantas, E.S.K.; Munita, C.S., 1996:
Fluoride content of some teas consumed in Sao Paulo

Burgstahler, A.W.; Robinson, M.A., 1997:
Fluoride in California wines and raisins

Czarnowski, W.; Wrzesniowska, K.; Krechniak, J., 1997:
Fluoride in drinking water and human urine in Northern and Central Poland

Czarnowski, W.; Stolarska, K.; Brzezinska, B.; Krechniak, J., 1996:
Fluoride in urine, hair and nails of phosphate fertilizer workers

Narita, A.; Nakamura, Y.; Shigematsu, A.; Yu, M.H., 1996:
Fluoride inhibition of thymidine incorporation into DNA in mung bean seedlings

Samal, U.N.; Naik, B.N., 1995:
Fluoride levels in milk and blood serum of cattle

Morrell, J.J.; Love, C.S., 1995:
Fluoride movement through Douglas-fir and hem-fir lumber following dipping in potassium/ammonium bifluoride

Samal, U.N.; Barik, B.N., 1995:
Fluoride retention by urine and dung of cattle

Simard, R.R.; Lafrance, P., 1996:
Fluoride sorption and desorption indices in Quebec soils

Luther, S.M.; Poulsen, L.; Dudas, M.J.; Rutherford, P.M., 1996:
Fluoride sorption and mineral stability in an Alberta soil interacting with phosphogypsum leachate

Libanati, C.; Lau, K.H.W.lliam; Baylink, D., 1996:
Fluoride therapy for osteoporosis

Chinoy, N.J.; Shukla, S.; Walimbe, A.S.; Bhattacharya, S., 1997:
Fluoride toxicity on rat testis and cauda epididymal tissue components and its reversal

Migheli, Q.; Concaro, G.; Mallarino, A.; Gullino, M.L., 1995:
Fluorides of industrial origin and their effect on cultivated and spontaneous plants

Eyletters, M.; Bourrie, B., 1996:
Fluorimetry. A tool for studying nutrient deficiencies of the grapevine and determining the effects of fertilizer application

Cerklewski, F.L., 1997:

Zakrzewska, H., 1995:
Fluorine and fluorine compounds in the natural environment and in food

Okorkov, V.V.; Abdrakhmanov, M.A., 1994:
Fluorine content in soil and plants under application of chemicals in the steppe zone of Kazakhstan

Karblane, H., 1995:
Fluorine in soil and plants

Alne, J.I., 1995:
Fluorine in the bone tissue of minke whales

Twigg, L.E.; King, D.R.; Bowen, L.H.; Wright, G.R.; Eason, C.T., 1996:
Fluoroacetate content of some species of the toxic Australian plant genus, Gastrolobium, and its environmental persistence

Thomas, C.A.; Garner, D.L.; DeJarnette, J.M.; Marshall, C.E., 1997:
Fluorometric assessments of acrosomal integrity and viability in cryopreserved bovine spermatozoa

Hashimoto, T.; Miyazaki, T.; Kokubo, Y.; Suzuki, S.; Nakazawa, H., 1995:
Fluorometric determination of progesterone in beef by HPLC

Hashimoto, T.; Sasamoto, T.; Miyazaki, T.; Kokubo, Y.; Nakazawa, H., 1995:
Fluorometric determination of salbutamol in meat by HPLC with solid-phase extraction

Kodentsova, V.M.; Vrzhesinskaya, O.A.; Spirichev, V.B., 1995:
Fluorometric riboflavin titration in plasma by riboflavin-binding apoprotein as a method for vitamin B2 status assessment

Smith, T., 1996:
Fluorophos boosts quality assurance determinations

Fernandez, H.; Martin, R.; Thibaut, J., 1996:
Fluoroquinolone resistance in Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli isolated from domestic animals

Cao, J.; Bai, X.; Zhao, Y.; Liu, J.; Zhou, D.; Fang, S.; Jia, M.; Wu, J., 1996:
Fluorosis induced by drinking brick tea

Duffull, S.B.; Begg, E.J.; Ilett, K.F., 1996:
Fluoxetine distribution in human milk

Charveriat, G.; Cambon, B., 1996:
Fluquinconazole. Cereal fungicide

Meyers, L.L.; Russelle, M.P.; Lamb, J.F.S., 1996:
Fluridone reveals root elongation differences among alfalfa germplasms

Snel, M.; Banks, G.; Mulqueen, P.J.; Davies, J.; Paterson, E.A., 1995:
Fluroxypyr butoxy-1-methylethyl ester; new formulation opportunities

Johnson, B.D.; Hall, J.C., 1996:
Fluroxypyr- and triclopyr-specific enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays: development and quantification in soil and water

Jequel, M., 1995:
Flurprimidol, growth retardant for ornamental crops

Catalano L.R.; Sirhan A.L.; Munoz M.B.; Manterola B.H., 1995:
Flushing of Precoce ewes. 1. Effect of diets with different energy levels on some reproductive traits

Catalano L.R.; Sirhan A.L.; Recabarren M.S.; Munoz M.B.; Manterola B.H., 1995:
Flushing of Precoce ewes. 2. Effect of energy and protein levels on insulin, FSH and urea plasma concentrations

Reed, B.E.; Carriere, P.C.; Moore, R., 1996:
Flushing of a Pb(II) contaminated soil using HCl, EDTA, and CaCl2

Pinto da Silva, R.C.; Mendes de Oliveira, J., 1997:
Flushing, cryopreservation and bovine transfer at field conditions

Masaba, D.M.; King' ori, P.N., 1995:
Flutriafol, a ground applied fungicide for the control of coffee leaf rust (Hemileia vastatrix Berk et Br.) in Kenya

Sanford, M.T., 1995 :
Fluvalinate - use it right or lose it

Currie, R.W., 1995:
Fluvalinate Queentabs: efficacy against the varroa mite and impact on honey bee queen performance

Schmidt, J.O.; Martin, J.H., 1996:
Fluvalinate strips (Apistan) in swarm traps are not repellent to honey bee swarms

Debernard, S.; Rossignol, F.; Couillaud, F., 1994:
Fluvastatin, an inhibitor of HMG-CoA reductase, inhibits the synthesis of juvenile hormone

Krauss, S.; Lascelles, C.V.; Zammit, V.A.; Quant, P.A., 1996:
Flux control exerted by overt carnitine palmitoyltransferase over palmitoyl-CoA oxidation and ketogenesis is lower in suckling than in adult rats

Ampe, F.; Lindley, N.D., 1996:
Flux limitations in the ortho pathway of benzoate degradation of Alcaligenes eutrophus: metabolite overflow and induction of the meta pathway at high substrate concentrations

Granat, L.; Rondon, A.; Johansson, C.; Janson, R., 1997:
Flux of NOx between atmosphere and vegetation - parameterisation of surface resistance/emission

Bilski, J.J.; Alva, A.K.; Sajwan, K.S., 1995:
Fly ash

Hermann, J., 1996:
Fly ash as boron source to plants

Greening, J., 1995:
Fly control in food establishments

Holbjerg, A., 1996:
Fly repellents and growth of cattle on grass

Hojberg, A., 1995:
Fly repellents and weight gain of heifers on pasture. Report of a trial with Flusa pour-on in Vildmose

Hojbjerg, A., 1997:
Fly repellents for cattle on pasture

Ghosh, T.K.; Hajra, K.K.; Bhattacharyya, P.K.; Khatua, D.C., 1996:
Fly-ash - a new carrier material for Rhizobium inoculants of tree legumes

Sahi, A.N.; Singh, R.N., 1996:
Fly-ash induced chromosomal aberrations in Allium cepa

Flybase-Consortium, 1997:
FlyBase: a Drosophila database

Flybase-Consortium, 1996:
FlyBase: the Drosophila database

Hedges, S., 1996:
Flying rats & mice. How to shoot them down

David, G.P.; Winterbottom, A.J., 1996:
Flying scapula in a red deer (Cervus elaphus)

Eaton, J., 1996:
Flying the flag for subsidies - prospects for airline deregulation in Europe

Adlington, D.; Randolph, S.E.; Rogers, D.J., 1996:
Flying to feed or flying to mate: gender differences in the flight activity of tsetse (Glossina palpalis)

Heath, A.C.G.; Bishop, D.M., 1995:
Flystrike in New Zealand

Netherwood, T.; Wood, J.L.; Townsend, H.G.; Mumford, J.A.; Chanter, N., 1996:
Foal diarrhoea between 1991 and 1994 in the United Kingdom associated with Clostridium perfringens, rotavirus, Strongyloides westeri and Cryptosporidium spp

Dzyubenko, N.I.; Kharchenko, Y.V., 1995:
Foam-producing capacity of fodder from different lucerne species in relation to breeding for reduced content of foaming agents

Kumar, R.; Shukla, N.P.; Sanyal, P., 1994:
Foaming phenomenon and its control in cane sugar industry

Viraben, R.; Aquilina, C.; Brousset, P.; Bazex, J., 1996:
Focal epithelial hyperplasia (Heck disease) associated with AIDS

Sanguino, J.C.; Rodrigues, B.; Baptista, A.; Quina, M., 1996:
Focal lesion of African histoplasmosis presenting as a malignant gastric ulcer

Lainesse, M.F.; Taylor, S.M.; Myers, S.L.; Haines, D.; Fowler, J.D., 1996:
Focal myasthenia gravis as a paraneoplastic syndrome of canine thymoma: improvement following thymectomy

Newell, E., 1995:
Foci of onchocerciasis in Burundi: their extent and the population at risk

Kurzinger, E.; Schipulle, H.P.; Winckler, G.; Eger, H.; Schwedersky, T.; Greijn, H., 1996:
Focus on desertification

MacDougall, D.S., 1997:
Focus on fungal infections

Anonymous, 1997:
Focus on marine resources may lead to reforms

Collinge, K. et al., 1997:
Focus on stadia

Edwards, M., 1996:
Focus on the sugar terminal

Mizier, M.O., 1995:
Focus on hygiene to the detriment of safety.

Osborne, J.L., 1996:
Focusing on bumble bees

Eade, D.; Williams, S., 1995:
Focusing on people

Lafeuillade, A.; Poggi, C.; Sayada, C.; Pellegrino, P.; Profizi, N., 1997:
Focusing on the second phase of plasma HIV-1 RNA clearance

Kozowski, S.; Swedrzynski, A., 1996:
Fodder and landscape aspects of herbaceous meadows

Mohamed Saleem, M.A.; Kaufmann, R.R. von, 1995:
Fodder bank: improving the nutrition of cattle in the subhumid zone of West Africa

Wojtasik, J.; Soroka, T.; Matras, J.; Wojcik, S., 1994:
Fodder beet and sweet lupin seeds as feeds for dairy cows

Wyss, U., 1996:
Fodder conservation: quality is the most important factor

Ivanovski, R.P.; Mihajlovski, M.; Kostov, T., 1995:
Fodder crop seed production and quality of seed produced in the Republic of Macedonia

Nommsalu, H.; Meripold, H.; Metlitskaja, J.; Raig, H., 1996:
Fodder galega (Galega orientalis Lam.): a promising new leguminous forage plant

Hernandez, S.; Benavides, J., 1995:
Fodder potential of woody species from the secondary forest of El Peten, Guatemala

Akyeampong, E.; Dzowela, B.H., 1996:
Fodder production from associations of leguminous shrubs and grasses on contour bunds in the highlands of Burundi

Chellaiah, N.; Ernest, J., 1994:
Fodder production of cereal legume mixture

Volokh, P.V., 1994:
Fodder production on reclaimed land

Ernst, P., 1995:
Fodder production, animal output and nutrient balance of permanent grassland under differentiated nitrogen application and grazing

Banwari Lal, 1995:
Fodder resources development for waterlogged rangelands

Reiad, M.S.; E.H.keem, M.S.; Hammada, M.A.; Abd Alla, S.O.M., 1995:
Fodder sorghum yield and its components as affected by nitrogen and organic manure fertilization rates under Siwa Oasis conditions

Yatsko, N.A.; Khitrynau, G.M.; Kuznechyk, V.I.; Lekarau, V.I.; Targashyna, V.N., 1994:
Fodder yeast autolysate in diets for male milk-fed calves

Mohammad, D.; Hussain, A.; Khan, S.; Riaz, S.; Bhatti, M.B., 1995:
Fodder yield and quality potential of forage maize cultivars under rainfed conditions

Uddin, M.K.; Mahbub, A.S.M.; Alam, M.J.; Hoque, A.K.M.Z., 1994:
Fodder yield and root yield of sweet potato as affected by different dates of vine cutting and varieties

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Fodder yielding ability of oat cultivars in black soils of north Karnataka under rainfed situation

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