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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2846

Chapter 2846 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Section 3, Chapter 2846, Accession 002845032

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Section 3, Chapter 2846, Accession 002845094

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Section 3, Chapter 2846, Accession 002845105

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Section 3, Chapter 2846, Accession 002845118

Section 3, Chapter 2846, Accession 002845119

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Section 3, Chapter 2846, Accession 002845179

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Section 3, Chapter 2846, Accession 002845203

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Hayakawa, Yasuo, 1996: Formation and utilization of grasslands in Iwate Prefecture

Section 3, Chapter 2846, Accession 002845897

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Section 3, Chapter 2846, Accession 002845905

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Section 3, Chapter 2846, Accession 002845922

Section 3, Chapter 2846, Accession 002845923

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Section 3, Chapter 2846, Accession 002845947

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Section 3, Chapter 2846, Accession 002845950

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Mikhailov, O. M., 1995: Formation of labour market and rural employment

Section 3, Chapter 2846, Accession 002845957

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Section 3, Chapter 2846, Accession 002845966

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Fujikawa, S.; Takabe, K., 1996: Formation of multiplex lamellae by equilibrium slow freezing of cortical parenchyma cells of mulberry and its possible relationship to freezing tolerance

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Pan YiLou; Wang ZhiYuan; Wu HanZhang, 1996: Formation of nit mutants from MBC resistant and sensitive isolates of Fusarium moniliforme

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Section 3, Chapter 2846, Accession 002845976

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Section 3, Chapter 2846, Accession 002845980

Kolonay, Jf Jr; Maier, Rj, 1997: Formation of pH and potential gradients by the reconstituted Azotobacter vinelandii cytochrome bd respiratory protection oxidase

Laurila, J.; Laakso, I.; Valkonen, J. P. T.; Hiltunen, R.; Pehu, E., 1996: Formation of parental-type and novel glycoalkaloids in somatic hybrids between Solanum brevidens and S. tuberosum

Smith, E. A.; Macfarlane, G. T., 1997: Formation of phenolic and indolic compounds by anaerobic bacteria in the human large intestine

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Schaad, M. C.; Jensen, P. E.; Carrington, J. C., 1997: Formation of plant RNA virus replication complexes on membranes: role of an endoplasmic reticulum-targeted viral protein

Section 3, Chapter 2846, Accession 002845986

Lockey, Timothy D.; Ourth, Donald D., 1996: Formation of pores in Escherichia coli cell membranes by a cecropin isolated from hemolymph of Heliothis virescens larvae

Kerbauy, Gilberto Barbante; Estelita, Marie Emilia Maranhao, 1996: Formation of protocorm-like bodies from sliced root apexes of Clowesia warscewiczii

Hillis, W. E., 1996: Formation of robinetin crystals in vessels of Intsia species

Schmidt, W; Bartels, M., 1996: Formation of root epidermal transfer cells in Plantago

Section 3, Chapter 2846, Accession 002845991

Marignani, P. A.; Sebaldt, R. J., 1995: Formation of second messenger diradylglycerol in murine peritoneal macrophages is altered after in vivo (n-3) polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation

Pavle, M., 1993: Formation of seed units based on vegetation community

McEwen, B.; Seyyedi, M.; Younis, S.; Sundqvist, C., 1996: Formation of short-wavelength chlorophyll(ide) after brief irradiation is correlated with the occurrence of protochlorophyll(ide)636-642 in dark-grown epi- and hypocotyls of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)

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Pothuluri, Jv; Evans, Fe; Heinze, Tm; Cerniglia, Ce, 1996: Formation of sulfate and glucoside conjugates of benzopyrene by Cunninghamella elegans

Lee JaeHong; Lee DuHyung, 1995: Formation of teleomorph of Rhizoctonia solani AG 2-2(IV) isolated from zoysiagrass

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