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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2850

Chapter 2850 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Scott, C. V., 1995: Gender and development: rethinking modernization and dependency theory

Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849001

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Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849007

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Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849018

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Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849020

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Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849031

Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849032

Nowak, M.; Speare, R.; Crawford, D., 1996: Gender differences in adolescent weight and shape-related beliefs and behaviours

Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849034

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Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849040

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Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849046

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Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849052

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Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849085

Udry, C., 1996: Gender, agricultural production, and the theory of the household

Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849087

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Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849104

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Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849113

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Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849121

Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849122

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Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849135

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Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849159

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Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849169

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Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849172

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Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849177

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Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849197

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Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849231

Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849232

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Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849240

Section 3, Chapter 2850, Accession 002849241

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