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Genetic transformation in Nicotiana tabacum using pollen as a vector

Tangpremsri, W.

Kasetsart Journal, Natural Sciences 28(3): 463-470


Accession: 002851237

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Pollen grains were cultured on medium with 10.25% sucrose and 0.001% boric acid to investigate the potential use of pregerminated pollen as a vector for transformation with the kanamycin resistance gene (plasmid pLGVneo1103). In all, 18 different electroporation treatments were tested for ability to encourage uptake of the plasmid gene into pregerminated pollen grains. The best treatment (250 V/cm, 250 mu F and 2 or 4 pulses) produced 3.8% potentially transformed seedlings after pollination with the treated pollen and germination of the seeds obtained on medium with kanamycin sulfate.

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